Gates up first for payday in San Diego

A. Gates.jpgMarcus McNeill and Vincent Jackson won’t push their way to the front of the line for a new contract in San Diego.

Antonio Gates is likely to be targeted for a new contract before McNeill, according to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune.  Jackson, set to be suspended to open the year, appears to be third in line.

Here’s another bucket of cold water for McNeill and Jackson: San Diego hasn’t started contract talks with Gates yet. 

McNeill and Jackson ultimately look like the thorniest restricted free agent situations in the league.  The players won’t receive new long-term contracts, but their holdout threats are more legitimate than most. 

Meanwhile, the Chargers really don’t want to start Tra Thomas at left tackle, with Malcom Floyd at Philips Rivers’ top target, no matter what they say.

Acee raises the possibility of a short-term pay bump for both players, which makes a lot of sense to us as a band-aid until the collective bargaining agreement is worked out.

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  1. Peter King:
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  2. you dont let this guy get anywhere near the free agent market. you lock his touchdown scoring ass up for a LONG time and make sure he stays happy.

  3. AJ Smith will quit his profession before he loses a staredown with a couple of players and their agents….especially one who’s been arrested for 2 DUI’s, had his car impounded on the morning of the playoff game vs the Jets and needed Phillip Rivers to come pick him up and give him a ride to the game, and will be suspended for 2-4 games by the NFL. There is no way in hell McNeill and Jackson are getting new deals, and ultimately they can thank their own union for that. They have the WRONG G.M. to play a game of chicken with. AJ Smith’s ego can barely fit in Qualcomm Stadium.
    Just sign your damn 1 year contracts for over $3 million and play football for the love of god. If you don’t like it, take it up with the NFLPA.

  4. most deserving, been there the longest of those seeking a new contract…its pretty much a no-brainer

  5. This is just the first of many potential casualties of the uncapped year and looming possible strike. Neither side is right or wrong.

  6. Gates has proven his value on the field and off the field… hes classier than LT ever was or will be… never doin any lame dance and stuff, guy does his job and keeps to himself.. in my opinion hes THE REAL OCHO-CINCO

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