Mankins rips Patriots for mistreatment

On a day where many restricted free agents let bygones be bygones, Patriots guard Logan Mankins got personal with his employer.

The Pro Bowler doesn’t plan to sign his restricted free agent tender, and he wants to be traded because he says the Patriots haven’t been upfront with him.

“After the 2008 season, me and my agent approached the Patriots about an
extension and I was told that Mr. Kraft did not want to do an extension
because of the [uncertain collective bargaining agreement],” Mankins told Mike Reiss of “I was asked to play ’09 out, and that they would address contract
after the uncapped year. I’m a team player, I took them at word, and I
felt I played out an undervalued contract.”

The Patriots hate having their dirty laundry aired publicly, especially by players.  This is a bold step Mankins felt necessary after he says the team wasn’t truthful.

“Right now, this is about principle with me and keeping your word and
how you treat people. This is what I thought the foundation of the
Patriots was built on,” Mankins said.  “Apparently, I was wrong. Growing up, I was taught
a man’s word is his bond. Obviously this isn’t the case with the

Ouch.  This one could take a while.

94 responses to “Mankins rips Patriots for mistreatment

  1. There are gonna be lots of sack punches coming over in Foxborough.
    Beware OTA attendees no sack is safe from the Mankins Punch!!!

  2. Whether he’s right or wrong, he will regret letting his emotions get the best of him.
    Poor judgement.
    He should’ve listened to Don Corleone, ” it’s not personal, it’s business.”

  3. I’m confused. It says “they would address contract after the uncapped year”. It’s not yet after the uncapped year.

  4. He’s a team player for playing out the contract HE signed? Give me a break. Want a medal for paying your taxes too?

  5. These guys need to realize the only thing that is bonding when millions of dollars are on the line is a signature on the dotted line.

  6. “I was asked to play ’09 out, and that they would address contract after the uncapped year.”
    Umm, Logan, uncapped year hasn’t happened yet buddy. You’re either completely stupid….. or completely stupid.

  7. Ha ha…..Man’s word is his bond…Hello, you’re dealing with an owner who threatened to move his team to Hartford, Conn. if he didn’t get the new stadium he wanted in Mass. He went as far as having a press conference in Conn., complete with a mock stadium, either Mankins is incredibly nieve or just plain stupid….

  8. $44 million offer as a restricted…and he’s mistreated???
    So, what happens when labor contract is reached..and the owners hardline the players??? NFL players need to grab best offer they can.
    One year from now..IF there is a cap…will be lower & teams like jets/Raiders screwed.

  9. all you got in this world is your ” ” and your word- al pacino
    and kraft and belicheck aint got either of them
    18-1 , the karma continues…

  10. I’m confused. It says “they would address contract after the uncapped year”. It’s not yet after the uncapped year.

  11. YEAH! Patriots crumbling. Belichick’s a cheater. Big Ben did nothing wrong……..he’s the pride of the Steelers!

  12. Good! Trade him to someone like the Lions, or the Browns. Let him see what it’s like at the bottom of the barrel.

  13. What about the word that YOU as a player agreed to when you signed your contract and agreed to abide by that and the union negotiated CBA that YOUR players’ union, of which you are apart of, ratified? This is a deal that you agreed to and now don’t like. Played under an under-valued contract did you? You agreed to it and should have played it without trying to get a new on since THAT was YOUR word…just saying since you brought it up. Yup, the PATS are mistreating you, like when they chose you, a nobody from Fresno State in the first round, a pick that had everyone questioning thier logic and choice. You’ve played well but you ain’t no John Hannah.

  14. Everyone that hates the Glorious Patriots all together now….”see, they don’t take care of their own players!”……..But before you Skinned Knee Sallys’ get going, look around. It’s the state of the league. He’s a good player and I’d hate to so him go. But his contract is up at the wrong time.

  15. Hey Logan.. how about the Patriots giving you first round money.. when no one projected you to be higher then a 3rd round pick?? thanks for the loyalty redneck.. see ya later.. good luck with your next team

  16. Woody, as in Damien “I don’t know how to long snap so I’ll get beat out by a 5th round draft choice who ends up being better so that I don’t get offered a contract so I’ll go and take Detriot’s money and then play like crap there too” Woody? That Woody? Now THAT’s a great person to ask. Call him, he’s on Sirius NFL lining up his next gig for when a team won’t pay him for underperforming. Why not ask Koppen and Neal and Andruzzi, guys that played and got rewarded?

  17. @Chris
    Are you really that stupid that you think this is a Pats specific problem ? Every single team in the league has RFAs making the same complaints. The teams can’t do much because of the uncapped year restrictions and uncertainly as to the size of future caps, and virtually none of the almost 300 RFAs this year have received new contracts.
    You and the rest of the people slamming any team for not re-signing RFAs this year need to get a clue. Its the players own fault for electing an idiot to run the union who had no real concept of how the uncapped year would effect contracts and salaries.
    Had Troy Vincent been elected I suspect there would already be a new CBA or at least substantial progress made towards it.

  18. I wonder what The Broncos/Chiefs/Raiders would give for Mankins, because I don’t see the Patriots paying $8 million a year for a Guard. I could be wrong, but I just don’t see it.
    Also, the players better get their backsides in gear and get a new CBA in place, because this drama is going to play out year after year. The players simply aren’t winning the way things are.

  19. He’s just upset he was drafted after they filmed the Visa Commercial with Tom Brady and the linemen.

  20. Mankins is not a complainer, so his comments will hurt, bad. That said, the agent is trying to match the Evans contract, which was preposterous. Mankins was a first rounder. If they can get a first and a third for him in next year’s draft the Pats will do it– trouble is, Mankins has damaged his own trade value with this outburst. Keep it out of the papers bro,- oops too late.

  21. Logan, you’re one of the best Guards in football. That’s why you were tendered at the maximum 1st and 3rd round tender. If the Pats were going to trade you, it wouldn’t be for less than that, and if a team was willing to give that up for you while giving you more than the ~45 million/7 year deal the Pats offered you, they would have done so.

  22. These players need a reality check. Have they heard the world economy is on the brink of collapse? This is exactly the wrong time to start a pissing match. Take a decent offer and get the money in your hands asap.
    By his own words Kraft has broken no promise to him. Time for Logan to be a Raider. Does Al have any #1s left to trade?
    Kraft built the stadium with private money stupid. He just wanted the state to put in some decent roads.

  23. Oh boy, time to call ampats for DAMAGE CONTROL!!
    How dare he call out that cheap (oops, meant to say cheat) owner and FO? The nerve…. 😉

  24. He just learning that The Cheats cant be taken for their word ? Dude. They use you, lie to you and spit you out. BB’s gig is transparent.

  25. Hey Mankins – can’t trust those New England boys, you know? LOL
    Ever heard the term “cheatriots”? Just talk to Teddy Johnson about his concussions – he’ll tell you all about the organization’s level of ethics.
    Or talk to Vincent Shenoca, about Belicheat’s “alleged” 20 year affair with his wife
    These are names that the average Patsie’s fan on this website would not like to discuss
    Get out of town as fast as you can – Al Davis will give you the money, and you can enjoy that laid back west coast lifestyle

  26. Bottom line is that the Pats pay very good money to the players they look at as core players. Moss, Wilfork and Bodden all got excellent deals that pay real money and aren’t backloaded with unrealistic garbage. Brady will get one too. That being said, $7.5mm for a guard is just too much. I’m not going to sit here and say the OL will be better off without him, because he’s been an excellent player, but one thing the Pats do is develop OL and we have a number of young guys looking for this opportunity.
    Too bad Mankins had to fly off the handle and make himself look like a fool. If $44mm is an insult to him, he needs to get his head out of his ass.

  27. Mistreatment: $3+ Million tender?, $45 Million contract offer? Sit out the year and see if McDonald’s is hiring………loser.

  28. And the battle for Mankins between the Chiefs and Broncos shall now begin. Either way, he reunites with approx. 15 former teammates in either place.

  29. Crying to the media is lame. I thought YOU were above THAT, Logan. 🙁
    You’re right Benh999, they didn’t break their word since they did indeed have an offer on the table. He must mean they broke their word because they didn’t offer him Evans level money. It’s quite ingenuous of him to make that comment in that case.

  30. As many have pointed out–it’s not after the uncapped year yet. & even if it was, he claims the Pats said that they would address the contract. Well, it’s been addressed. So either sign it or shut up.
    I thought O’linemen were supposed to be the smartest players.

  31. You mean to tell me the Partriots are liars also, in addition to being cheaters? Who knew?

  32. Mankins is getting bad advice and wants more money than he’s worth for the position he plays. If he wants to shoot his way out of town, fine. They’ll just bring in another big body to replace him. It’s a business, and in businesss, successful businesses sometimes play hardball. Get used to it.

  33. It’s all been downhill since the loss at the SuperBowl, and there’s still a long way down.

  34. Hey Logan – they did address your contract. They made you an offer. It is for a lot of money. You just think you are worth more. And that is fine too. But stop with this act that the patriots are mistreating you or that they lied. Unless they promised to pay you a certain amount, which i doubt happened, they did exactly what they said they would.

  35. Mankins told Mike Reiss of “I was asked to play ’09 out, and that they would address contract after the uncapped year…”
    If i’m not mistaken, isn’t this season “the uncapped year”?

  36. Sad to see this. Seems like a decent fellow.
    But these guys lose me when they go postal like that in an economy like this.
    And when I think back to the Giants Super Bowl I wonder what he could make as a turnstyle.
    But Dr. Z. loves him.

  37. Logan, where specifically did the Patriots not keep their word? Because it’s not quite as high as the Evans contract? The Evans contract is not relevant to anything here.

  38. You could get the Jests to overpay him and then claim they are going to win the next three super bowls.

  39. Solid move Logan you jerkoff.
    You’re disposable. The gentleman who writes your check is not and if there were another gentleman out there who felt you were worth a 1st and 3rd round draft pick plus all the money you desire, they would have stepped up and offered over the last few months. The Patriots showed how valuable you are to them by slapping you with that tender offer. Don’t bite the hands that have fed you your whole career. You’ll learn the hard way now. Good luck!

  40. Trade him to Buffalo for their 1st, that would give the Pats 2 picks in the top 5 of the 1st round in 2011 with Oakland’s pick.

  41. The collective bargaining agreement screwed him over, not the Patriots. He lost his leverage, same as all the other RFAs who would have been UFAs if we were working under a new CBA. So in part he can blame the Patriots ALONG WITH EVERY OTHER NFL TEAM and with his OWN PLAYER”S ASSOCIATION!
    He also from his own comments doesn’t appear to understand that the UPCOMING year is the one uncapped. Not the sharpest pencil in the pencilbox, for sure.

  42. Chris in SD, if the Pats hadn’t chosen him, the Niners said they would have with the very next pick. So, I don’t think the Pats reached on him, in fact I believe he was the best guard in the draft.

  43. All those people saying that he signed his contract, so what about his word, are clearly not paying attention. If the Pats didn’t want Mankins, they’d cut him, regardless of the fact that THEY signed a contract with HIM too. I’m not siding with the player per se, I’m just saying that neither side has to honor a contract in the NFL. So please stop with the “the player signed a contract” as some big argument.

  44. Mistreating him?
    He’s been offered:
    7yrs/$45m for Fook sake.
    Trade his ass to Kansas.
    Nowhere near as good as Evans, Hutchinson and the best.
    Neal is the better Guard, if only he could stay healthy.

  45. Wow, funny how fast these poser fans turn on their own. No wonder they are now just considered the middle of the pack.
    But hey, the good news is that they can fall further still! Love the look on Shady Bradys twisted face every time he loses *priceless*

  46. Shut up and play. You’re a guard, not a tackle or a center. Play out your contract and stop bitchin’ It’s the player’s union fault that you’re not a UFA.

  47. “I was asked to play ’09 out, and that they would address contract after the uncapped year.”
    Okay so then what’s the farking problem? And notice how Gregggg completely missed this point as well? These guys are so professional, they will happily pretend a disgruntled player has a point as long as he’s a Patriot. Or a Cowboy.

  48. NFL players need to be more humble. The owners have more leverage on these matters and blasting the organization is just going to turn off other teams.

  49. @ItalianArmyGuy
    Hey, shit-for-brains, have you been to see your Doctor? You need to go see him as that terminal disease I told you that you were getting should be in full bloom right about now.
    The world will be a better place without you, you maggot.

  50. hey somefans we turn on Idiots that think they are better than they are and cry about it to the media, ship him out to the raiders or kc. he’ll not look as good as with this line………..44MIL and he’s pissed GOODBYE!!!!!!

  51. Wow…yea those damn Patriots really treated you bad buddy…..
    Let’s see…they offer you over 6 million a year for 7 years in one of the worst economies we have had in a very long time, and you are complaining? You are claiming to be mistreated?
    You sir are an asshole…..

  52. ItalianArmyGuy says:
    Ever heard the term “cheatriots”? Just talk to Teddy Johnson about his concussions – he’ll tell you all about the organization’s level of ethics.Or talk to Vincent Shenoca, about Belicheat’s “alleged” 20 year affair with his wifeThese are names that the average Patsie’s fan on this website would not like to discuss
    Get out of town as fast as you can – Al Davis will give you the money, and you can enjoy that laid back west coast lifestyle
    @ Franco’s butplug:
    It must be nice to be able to make stuff up like that, you’re a real class act. I’d be happy to discuss a few PROVEN facts with you:
    How about the Steelers rampant roiding that propelled them to 4 tainted titles:
    Or the unexcusable spousal abuse and womanizing:
    And lets top it off with a little weed:
    Don’t want to talk now? Didn’t think so. So go back to work at your gay Pittsburgh steel mill –!v=hJXFVmT8y3s&feature=related and quit trying to make your favorite band of losers look good by attempting to discredit the Greatest Team Of All Time; The New England Patriots.

  53. anyone notice that tannenbaum on the jets does the same thing to the players,don’t worry,i’ll get you next year.
    as i recall tannenbaum came out of the patriot’s organization.
    hey tannenbaum,have you said hi to leon washington lately?

  54. The Pats don’t pay O-lineman. They build them.
    This is the only post on this thread you need to read.

  55. Lets face it there is no lower club in the NFL then New England when it comes to the way they treat players.
    What New England has not yet figured out is they lucked on to a team of great players just like other NFL teams have done in the past and made the most of it.
    Just like the Niners they started to call it “the New England way”. As these great players have stopped playing New England is becoming just another team. Just look at how they treated Seymour, forget the trade part, call the man and let him know about it. Look at the simple one Tom Brady playing for New England for peanuts.
    New England will pay the rate or the players are going to play for another team. Just like the Niner way, looks like the New England way was nothing but a run of good luck and the GENUIS left the place with the great players.

  56. SomeFans, we’re fans of the Patriots. The names on the jersey’s come and go but the name/location stays the same.
    F Logan if he wants out.

  57. If the owners failed to meet one line item in the CBA that benefits the players, the union would be down their throat. Yet the players somehow feel that the provisions of the CBA that benefit the owners, shouldn’t apply to them.
    The Patriots, and all of the other teams, are completely within their rights to take full advantage of every clause contained in the agreement. If that means that some players are restricted free agents, rather than unrestricted free agents, or some players are franchise tagged, then the teams would be foolish not to take full advantage of that. The CBA as it’s written, is the reason that the NFL players make over $3billion a year in salaries. Sometimes you have to take the bad with the good. Mankins and the others are simply victims of bad timing…..but $44M really isn’t all that bad.

  58. ampats says: June 14, 2010 5:40 PM
    Trade him to Buffalo for their 1st, that would give the Pats 2 picks in the top 5 of the 1st round in 2011 with Oakland’s pick.
    Keep dreaming, asshole, keep dreaming.

  59. The Patriots are usually pretty good about evaluating their own talent and employ a specific philosophy, similar to that of the Eagles of promoting youth rather than holding on to players that they don’t see as essential to their success. That being said, it astounds me how men love to count other men’s money. That’s a girly trait, lol. Whatever he feels like he’s worth, he should be free to pursue it without scrutiny, just like anyone else can in their field of work.
    You’re worth what someone’s willing to pay you, and obviously, he thinks he’s worth more. Now, if he casts that line out there and hears crickets, having to take less than the Patriots have on the table, the joke’s on him in the end isn’t it? So where’s all the “Go get a job at McDonald’s,” and other nonsensical talk come from?
    The economy has nothing to do with these guys’ salary, but it tends to drive some tinge of jealousy among the losers who watch these men entertain us. The recession sure isn’t slowing down the salaries or budgets of Follywood excesses, so please stop tossing that argument out there when the owners make billions on the backs of these players’ collective efforts, or maybe some of you really do think scab football will be the same as long as they wear the uniform you root for.

  60. catsville says:
    “All those people saying that he signed his contract, so what about his word, are clearly not paying attention. If the Pats didn’t want Mankins, they’d cut him, regardless of the fact that THEY signed a contract with HIM too.”
    …Umm, the player is not under contract, boys and girls. That is what “free agent” means. It is his one-year contract tender that he refuses to sign. So, neither party is breaking a contract.
    And or all of you who say “Trade him to Buffalo!”, the Patriots cannot trade him unless he first signs his tender, so he will dictate to where he gets traded.
    That said, I doubt any team will give up anything much for him, considering that he has already rejected $6.5M + per annum! He may just have backed himself into a very black corner. If he holds out until November, he can get whatever the Pats new tender offer is minus the lost weekly salaries during his holdout. That ain’t much! Then, maybe there will be a 2011 season, maybe not. He may spend two years out of football before becoming the UFA he dreams of being. Good luck getting your $8M a year then, Einstein!

  61. .per Mankins “I was asked to play ’09 out, and that they would address contract after the uncapped year.”
    This is the uncapped year. Come back next offseason and whine.

  62. He said it himself “I was asked to play ’09 out, and that they would address contract after the uncapped year.”
    That’s next year Logan… sorry. Kraft kept his word. It’s not his fault you don’t know what year it is.

  63. “I was asked to play ’09 out, and that they would address contract after the uncapped year.”
    So what does that mean
    Play out ’09, take ’10 off, then address the contract after the uncapped year?
    Play out ’09, tender Mankins for ’10, then address the contract after the uncapped year.
    Why would anyone doubt the Patriot (and please speak into the hidden camera)
    Oh, I haven’t seen anywhere where Mankins was offered a $45 million contract.

  64. OK……BP.As soon as the Pats begin to have a drop in income, and the patriot “nation” begins to dissipate, I’m sure Kraft will be right there by your side, worrying about roads……….This is why he let the cheating that Belicheck perfected happen……..INCOME………….you get it yet………STUPID

  65. Catsville, you apparently aren’t paying attention. He stated that he went to the team about a raise last year WHILE UNDER CONTRACT to get a new deal because he was under paid. Then he said that he played on an under valued contract…those are the things that he signed up for that I,and I expect others are talking about with regard to not living up to his word. He can’t say that they aren’t living up to their word when he wasn’t living up to his by asking for a raise and then complaining about playing for what he was paid (in accordance with the contract that he and his agent negotiated and signed) especially after the team lived up to their promise and offered him a big contract. Additionally, he is not an FA but an RFA because the labor agreement, for which the players and the union worked for and ratified stipulates that status…he also agreed to that as part of his contract with an NFL team.

  66. @tj.52 – you sure got me – the Steelers did some ‘roids in the 70’s? I never knew!
    Our players have beaten women and smoked weed? Shocking!
    Of course the one difference – I don’t look at them as heroes and idols – Steeler players have all been tragically fallible human beings, each in their own way. Some I still like (example – Mean Joe Greene), some I dislike (example – Bradshaw – total a$$ clown). Some I could care less about (example – I find Merrill Hoge to be a bit of a boorish broadcaster). Some current Steelers I wish they would cut their future losses from and move on (Roethlisberger – for obvious reasons; Mewelde Moore – the next time he trips behind the line of scrimmage on a 3rd-and-1 will be about 10 times too many).
    And when you are ready to admit the same about your “Greatest of all time” Patsies, then we will be seeing eye-to-eye

  67. ” …I haven’t seen anywhere where Mankins was offered a $45 million contract.”
    You are correct:
    The Boston Globe says that their offer was a 5 year deal worth approximately $7 million per season and would place the two-time Pro Bowler comfortably among the top five paid guards in the NFL…
    so it is a 35-million dollar contract, and far too insulting, being only paid like a top 5 player at his position.
    Go work on a shrimpin’ boat in the gulf, Logan, and tell us how insulted you are by 35 million

  68. Great job in SB42. I was surprised to see you showed up the following week in Hawaii for the ProBowl.

  69. “Pats made big offer, have dropped tender”
    “The sides have been at an impasse for some time. The Patriots’ last offer, which has has been on the table for “a significant period of time”, was a five-year deal worth approximately $7 million per season and would place the two-time Pro Bowler comfortably among the top five paid guards in the NFL, according to a league source.”

  70. Amazing the lmited knowledge of people who post.
    TC coat, Tannenbaum hails from Massachusetts, not everyone who lives in Mass works for the Pats . Wrong fact,never worked for NE. Try not to make yourself look uninformed on future posts.
    stupid post that makes no sense. Maybe you meant your paper champion the Jests since their players under contract for several more years are complaining as if they have won anything.
    just another dumb Raiders fan. How many games in the past 7 years has your team averaged in wins ? Answer 4 games a season, Raiders top 5 draft team every year.
    Raider Nation= Republic of Zimbabwe
    try veal,
    try learning facts because you make yourself look stupid by your posts. The roads is all the State of Mass did to help in building the privately financed stadium that also did not charge PSL’s but then again anyone who hero worships IAG isn’t too bright.
    If any of you jealous morons want to attack the TEAM OF THE DECADE try posting some facts.

  71. I wonder if Tom Brady lets his kids play together? I wonder if he even sees his other kid?

  72. BelichickIsGod, obviously we do not all the details of the 5 year, $35 million contract. No doubt he is comparing his offer to Jahri Evan. You would. If you were Logan Mankins, would you accept the contract if you didn’t think it was in line with the contract Evans got? I wouldn’t.

  73. Mistreated?
    If you want to see Mankins mistreated watch the Giant’s defensive linemen bitch slapping him for 3 hours back in Jan. ’08. That’s mistreatment!
    Has it occurred to anybody that the Pats just might not really want Mankins all that badly? They’re probably laughing their asses off that he screwed himself and will play the season for 1.5. What an arrogant dumbass! Better yet, sit out the year and make ZERO!

  74. ampats: Pats fans like you became smug over the past 9 years or so, due to the success your team HAD.
    Now things are changing.
    Ask your dad, if you know who he is, how great the Pats were BEFORE the cameras and the one sided officiating turned things around.
    We’re talking decades of futility, buddy, decades.
    We’ll see how vocal you are now that your team is headed straight for the dumpster.

  75. joetoronto – how are things changing? The cameras? Like everyone else you’re ignorant of the rules. The one-sided officiating? There was never such a thing. We’re talking 30 winning seasons BEFORE finally getting the Superbowl they’d deserved since 1976. Like ampats said, try posting some facts first.

  76. geo1113 – oh yes you would. Mankins needs to accept the 5 years at $35 million – that’s in line with his objective value. That Jahri Evan deal was inflated.

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