Ray McDonald was serving up nearly 100 miles per hour

Earlier today, a report emerged regarding the weekend arrest of 49ers defensive tackle Ray McDonald for suspicion of DUI.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports that McDonald attracted the attention of police by driving 94 miles per hour in a 65 mph zone.

McDonald practiced on Monday, and he apologized to his teammates.  “My intent is just to come out here and work hard and try to win ball
games this year,” McDonald said, per Barrows.  “And I don’t want this to be a distraction
for the fans, my family, my teammates.  That’s pretty much it.”

Well, Ray, we don’t want oil to be flowing uncontrollably into the Gulf of Mexico, either.  The difference is that we didn’t create the problem.  In your situation, the potential distraction flows from your own conduct, and claiming that you don’t want it to be a distraction doesn’t exactly fall into the category of “manning up.”

Are we being a little harsh?  Yes.  But every time someone gets behind the wheel of a car after drinking, the driver risks a Donte’ Stallworth-style outcome.  Since NFL players fall within the scope of our media jurisdiction, we’ll keep calling them out for putting innocent lives at risk, until they stop doing it.

26 responses to “Ray McDonald was serving up nearly 100 miles per hour

  1. Trade him to the Vikings, he will fit right in.
    Speed limit signs are mere suggestions in the state of Minnesota for the Vikings, they lead the league in speeding tickets exceeding 100 mph.

  2. Who really cares? As we know, America’s Pay-2-Play legal system benefits the man with the capital.
    Sit him down for two quartes and call it even.

  3. Big Ray better be careful, there is starting to become depth on that D. Bowman, Briggs, Brooks, Laboy, and Long can easily have him bumped off this roster. And it is pretty evident that Singletary does not f around with his guys.

  4. “I don’t want this to be a distraction for the fans, my family, my teammates. That’s pretty much it.”
    Too late. Enjoy Singletary’s wrath. You deserve it.

  5. It’s not exactly as rare as it should be to see people doing 90+ on CA freeways, particularly on any beginning with “I-“. The part that truly matters is if he was actually DUI.

  6. “until they stop doing it”
    Could you please tell this to the gang bangers and serial killer’s too.. I mean since you feel “calling them out” is in some way going to get them to ” stop doing it” to the point that you have vowed to “keep calling them out”

  7. Florio, I enjoy how you imply that anyone cares what you think. Your opinions are just something to argue with. No one gives them any more credence than they would to another fans. People come to your site because you nicely put all of the football news in one place, and because (despite your efforts to the contrary) we can read people’s comments. I am not saying the comments aren’t a draw, I am just saying that for you to think anyone cares about them is pretty arrogant.

  8. Next time I get caught breakin’ the law, I’ll bust out
    “I don’t want this to be a big deal, okay?”

  9. “The hill” in 49ers training area is going to become his arch nemesis very quickly.
    Should report on “the hill” Singletary built at the facility, read an article last year and it was a good read. Curious just how bad people who screw up get it.

  10. Curious how guys like “humboldt” and “DCNinerFan” have nothing to say. Quick to type insults about other teams but when the crap hits the fan with one of their own players they disappear.
    Just shows what kind of “fans” they are when they can’t show up when the going gets tough.

  11. Which seems more likely re. the phrase
    “Serving up nearly 100 miles per hour?”
    A) Florio sounds cool using it
    B) It’s the name of a 3 unit class–at McDonalds’
    Hamburger University–that teaches students
    to get 17% more fries through the fryer in the
    same amount of time.

  12. Hey Florio not sure if you heard but we elected this rich oil tycoon to be president twice (sort of). Him and his VP deregulated the entire oil industry and now we are paying the price.
    So yeah, we kind of did ask for this.

  13. You didn’t create the problem… But you are going to make sure to harp on it so it doesn’t go away!!!
    Leave the guy alone! He messed up, got busted and the people who sign his checks will take care of it.
    Why do so many athletes get in trouble? Because YOU and the rest of the MEDIA won’t stop following them like ticks looking for blood.
    I just want to see these guys play football… I don’t give a rats a$$ if they are model citizens or not.
    If they kill somebody, send them to jail. If they get busted doing the same things that 1000’s of us “normal” people do everyday, then let the system (whatever it may be) handle it. The MEDIA should not be the judge or the jury in any case.

  14. @nosferatu
    how is he a douche bag? ur a douche for saying douche.
    please tell me the meaning of that? what do u mean typical? please people, dont be so ignorant

  15. The reason you see Vikings players speeding is because they are running from the fat ugly Wisconsin women.

  16. @cballlv11:
    If he didnt want to be in the eye of the media he should have stayed out of it. Buuuuut obviously he had no regard for his team, fans or the LAW and did what he wanted too. Not like he was doing 75 in a 65 he was going 96, last time i checked that is 29 over the speed limit. Oh and he was drunk, go figure how those two went hand in hand.
    He has no class and is an idiot. Its funny how badly you forty-whinners can’t take any heat what so ever. So quick to have your little feelings hurt.
    I also didnt know that all the normal people in the world got trashed and drove around intoxicated while also breaking the speed limit by at least 25mph. Hope you never lose someone cause of a drunk driver buddy.

  17. Thank god the Raiders fans are here to be the moral guide for the rest of us. What would we ever do without them?

  18. Suspend him too. Then again Vincent Jackson is still a free man in the NFLs kangaroo court so maybe not.

  19. # JSpicoli says: June 14, 2010 9:02 PM
    Typical classless niner
    can you provide to us a little bit more insight and information on exactly what you mean?
    It doesn’t make any sense at all…… what other niners are in the news and being “classless”??
    I agree with you that Mr. McDonald is an idiot and should be punished accordingly but I don’t see any of the other players on the niners roster as “classless”.
    Please don’t be a typical Raider fan or Niner basher. Back up your statement with solid information please.

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