T.J. Houshmandzadeh thinks Pete Carroll was wise to leave USC when he did

Seahawks receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who has from time to time said a few things that maybe in hindsight he shouldn’t have said, possibly has added another item to his list of foot-in-mouth moments.

Asked about the sanctions handed out last week by the NCAA to USC and former Trojans coach Pete Carroll’s decision to jump to the Seahawks, Houshmandzadeh tells TMZ that Carroll made the right decision.

“Yeah, of course,” Houshmandzadeh said.  “Get out when the house is burning.”

Houshmandzadeh speaks the truth.  But sometimes an NFL head coach doesn’t want the truth to be spoken by his players.  Or, for that matter, anyone else.

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  1. Get out while the house is burning? How about take precautions so you don’t start a fire? Wouldn’t that be a saner manra to follow? It works in life as well as in sport. And PS, don’t hold a match to that greasy ponytail he wears. Thing would flame up quicker than Ron Mexico herpes sore and more intense than Key West at fantasyfest.

  2. Problem is TJ, he jumped from one burning house to another. You stink, as so does your team.

  3. once again, reporting the obvious as if it were news…………..love this site!!!!!
    Standby while I think of more wise acre commentary

  4. freedom of speech…if carol is that much of a baby that he can’t handle the truth being spoken by his players than i doubt he’ll have any success this time around either

  5. Houzyomama is happy to speak to anyone who will listen. Shane he is down to talking to TMZ cause no one else listens anymore.

  6. Perhaps T.J. should have consulted with Pete to learn some better timing. You think he may regret leaving the Bengals when he did?

  7. I really hope Pete Carroll bombs with Seattle and I hope the reason is because the players decide not to work with him. I’m not even an USC fan but he deserves punishment for what happened at USC as much as Reggie Bush does. Unfortunately the worse that will happen is Bush losing his Heisman Trophy.

  8. Housh I used to love you when you were a Bengal. Now I am so glad that you arent a Bengal all you do is complain and whine. Good job of being a number one reciever, and nice top five performance last year. You suck!

  9. The Seahawks went after Carroll and offered him the job not the other way around-reading Florio he makes it sound like Carroll went to the Hawks and asked for job instead of how it really happened? Remember Florio you got upset with how the Hawks handled the Rooney Rule? So he left because the Seahawks gave him more money and the control over the roster like he wanted and with the investigations the timing was perfect.

  10. hes a cancer in locker room..he was when he was with the bengals and now with the seahawks

  11. Touraj, dude, you are the last person that should be considered the expert on when to “Jump ship/leave the burning house” right? Tough when things look different in the rear view mirror isn’t it? That said, Pete is a great ship jumper, and a great recruiter, and a great cheater too. Good enough to receive some relatively light penalties while his former employer wallows in the stink he created. Yea, great guy, can’t believe everyone doesn’t want to play for him.

  12. if what t.j. said isn’t true,then why now does carrol make the jump back to the nfl? he’s had plenty of offers at the height of his ncaa fame to make the switch but didn’t. and him knowing what was coming after all these years of investigating, he makes the switch now, i question it and t.j. should question it and so should anyone else.caroll will not succeed this time in the nfl either

  13. Dapollock says:
    June 14, 2010 2:31 PM
    And PS, don’t hold a match to that greasy ponytail he wears. Thing would flame up quicker than Ron Mexico herpes sore and more intense than Key West at fantasyfest.
    Or faster than Marilyn Manson at a Baptist revival.

  14. I don’t know much about Housh, but he seemed quiet in Cincy. Then he goes to Seattle and became a huge dick, and he didn’t produce at all last year! Keep yapping TJ, maybe you’ll end up at Top Pot at 3am as well

  15. if Pete Carroll is “the one who started the fire” then produce the proof. show us the evidence. did Pete offer anyone money? did he instigate this situation? did he pimp Bush out for his own personal gain? No.
    and what is all this talk of cheating? come on guys, everyone in sports cheats on some level. i’m not saying it’s okay, but you really shouldn’t be surprised by any of this.

  16. Poor Housh. You was a star in Cinci, now you are desperate for some attention. Hope you are happy.

  17. I would like to propose a movement that every time there is an article posted on this clown that no one comments. Hell don’t even click on it. If we ignore it then Flo wont have a reason to post it and then no one will listen to this idiot and he will go away.

  18. He is only speaking the truth this time but what he left out is that Pete helped start the fire before he left.
    I can’t stop thinking of Pete joking about his player breaking into a donut shop and stealing product. I realize it’s only a donut but it shows Pete doesn’t care about the rules when it comes to his players. He can cheat and steal and so can his players.

  19. LOL….. most of you sound like idiots on here. PC is a cheater? Seriously….. that is the best you have? If the NCAA wanted to look into Univ of Texas, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, etc….. they would find the same thing going on. Good friend of mine played baseball for a smaller college and he was getting extra benefits. Every 10yrs NCAA has to make it look like they are working. Dont forget Seahawks went after him not the other way around.

  20. Hey west coasters, is it true he left a slime trail all the way up the Pacific Coast Highway to Seattle?

  21. Douchemanzadeh is an idiot.
    That said, even though USC clearly violated rules, I don’t think Pete Carroll had anything to do with that. It’s not like Pete Carroll was making it happen or even condoning it.

  22. f the NCAA wanted to look into Univ of Texas, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, etc….. they would find the same thing going on.
    –Then why haven’t they been caught?!?!?

  23. Um, yeah. He knew exactly when to get out because he was responsible for most of the crap that went down, lol

  24. jibfest…. BECAUSE the NCAA doesn’t actively investigate these things. they have their blinders on because they make money in shady ways as well!! you think everyone who breaks a rule gets caught??!?!?

  25. Pete Carroll was not only smart to leave USC right away, but he is even smarter to get an undeserving and overpaid $7 million per year from a dumb owner like Paul Allen.
    Allen also owns the Portland Trail Blazers of the NBA and was stupid enough to have some of the highest payrolls in history to create a team that became infamously known as the “Jail Blazers”.

  26. TJ still doesn’t understand how good he had it in Cinncy. He was a big fish in a small bowl as the second wr but he wanted to be the man…..and he doesn’t realize that he doesn’t have those skills and it was (sad to say) ocho cinco that made TJ.

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