Bengals open contract talks with Johnathan Joseph

J. Joseph.jpgDespite rumors to the contrary, NFL teams are indeed allowed to proactively approach their young players for contract extensions this offseason.

Cincinnati made two proposals to fourth-year cornerback Johnathan Joseph in the last week.  Joseph isn’t even publicly complaining about them!

“It shows positive signs,” Joseph told ESPN’s James Walker.  “It’s one of
those things that hopefully we can get it done. But if not, I’m here
for the rest of this season and I’m focused on this season. I’m not that
worried about it, but it’s one of those things you’d like to get behind

In Joseph and Leon Hall, the Bengals arguably have the best young cornerback duo in the league.  They are certainly the most affordable, due to make $2.5 million combined this year.

26 responses to “Bengals open contract talks with Johnathan Joseph

  1. Make it happen Mikey, then move right into re-upping Hall. Don’t low ball ’em either Mikey, they make the pass rush so much more dangerous, just fork out the dough.
    That said, being focused on this season alone becomes realistically unlikely when a guy feels like he’s not getting the respect they deserve in negotiations. The Browns (family) are two things though, one is chintsy, and the other is loyal, so I don’t know which one wins out here, both are high draft picks, drafted by Cincy, and have been great in all aspects (save for Hall’s DUI). Obviously I hope for the latter, some reasonable offers and at least one signing before the season starts.

  2. I hope they get this deal done and then sign Hall next year.
    Back to back Bengals articles, and they are both moderatly positive?? I dont know how I feel about this, I am so used to the hate!!

  3. The need to lock up JJo and Leon Hall. Period. Signing Adam Jones is starting to look like the smart way to go now….just in case.
    However, the Who Dey Armada still has depth in the secondary, but to NOT keep one of THEE best corner tandems together that had 6 picks apiece would be a mistake.

  4. Is it possible that Mike Brown is actually changing for the better?!?!?! He’s like the white Obama…

  5. Good! The guy has really blossomed into a good player over his four years and has steadily improved each year. He should have made the Pro Bowl last season.

  6. “Arguably” the best duo? I guess you’re correct that you could “argue” that they are better than the Revis/Cromartie duo. However, at the same time, you will certainly lose that argument. Affordable I’ll give you.

  7. @brick Pride ‘”Arguably” the best duo? I guess you’re correct that you could “argue” that they are better than the Revis/Cromartie duo. However, at the same time, you will certainly lose that argument. Affordable I’ll give you”
    Hall and J-JO combined 12 picks… revis/cromartie combined 9.. they had half the tackles that Hall and J-Jo had, I will give you this, Revis is probably the best Corner in the league, when Joseph is on a bye week.. Case in point, Joseph and Hall are arguably the best Corner duo in the league..

  8. @Brick-Pride
    Sure Revis is fine, i’d have to disagree that Cromartie is anything special. Sure he had one decent season 3 years ago, since then he has been mediocre to average and he hasnt even played a snap with the Jets. Add to it Revis might not even be with the Jets by seasons open, the two sides are about 10 Million/season apart

  9. Odell- you hit it right on the head buddy.
    Brick-Pride….Cromarte can’t even cover his child support payments, let any of the better recievers in the league. PLUS they haven’t played a down together. Can you send me some of whatever you’re smoking? must be some good ish.
    If you want I can try and pull the article from last season that highlight what they did through 3/4 the season- as a “TANDEM” they are top 2 at worst, #1 if you check the stats….
    kick rocks nerd

  10. @Brick-Pride
    Have you ever even seen a Bengals game the past 2 years, or do you rely on sports center highlights for your football knowledge? I saw Hall and Joseph ROUTINELY shut guys down and they added six picks a piece cuz QBs had to choose one to throw at. Revis is the best corner out there, I’ll admit. But cromartie is wayyy overrated and not on their level. Also, if Hall and J Jo played in NY or Dallas, you would be lead to believe that they were Neon Deion and Rod Woodson.

  11. Woah, why isn’t he talking about being disrespected or lied to like all the other players who are looking for a contract?
    There are no distractions with this bengals team this year. How bout you, Jets, Pats, Steelers?

  12. Odell
    Nice name, last we heard from you didn’t you punch a guy in the face in line at a waterpark?
    People who evaluate cornerbacks based on interceptions are people who don’t understand the game of football. A good CB gets a half dozen interceptions, a GREAT CB doesn’t get the ball thrown in his direction enough for him to get a half dozen shots at an INT. Leon Hall gets burned as much as just about any starting CB in the league. Joseph is an excellent CB but is most certainly a step below Revis.

  13. Imagine how much better JJO and Hall would be if they had a consistant pass rush.
    Cromartie sucks without a juiced-up Merriman rushing the QB.

  14. @js136202
    I dont think odell was evaluating the bengals corners by looking at the back of a football card. I stated in my post WHY they each had six picks. The opposing QBs have to throw the ball to somebody…right? You act like your football IQ is higher than somebody elses, just b/c you realize that picks dont make a great corner. WOW you are so smart dude. As for Hall getting toasted, I can count on one hand how many times he got burned in 2 years. So come down from your high and post again.

  15. This JJoe/Hall vs Revis/Cro argument will be a moot point by week 5 when Kyle Wilson replaces Cromartie. I personaly will take Hall/Joseph as a better group with Revis being the best individually.

  16. Revis > Joespeh > Hall > Cromartie…….. Joeseph/Hall > Revis/ Cromartie….. its pretty simple people

  17. Isn’t even publicly complaining about them? Hey Greg, ever heard of “research”? The Bengals have made very competitive offers to retain their proven veterans in the past several years. It’s lazy journalism and my high school journalism teacher would have given you an “F” for it.

  18. In my honest opinion I don’t see them being able to afford both of them, because you will have many contracts coming up to players who have played above expectations, particularly is the case with Cedric Benson.

  19. Not as good as Revis, but still a very good CB. Sign him now, while it’s relatively reasonable.

  20. There is no debate here, Hall & J-Jo are the best cornerback TANDEM in the league. All of you Jets fans pay attention to the word TANDEM. That means as a pair. I’ll definitely agree that Revis could be considered the best, individually, but Cromartie is just a joke. Good, but by no means great. But as a pair they don’t come any better than Hall & J-Jo. All of the analysts will tell you this as well as some of the best corners to ever play. Rod Woodson for one!

  21. @js136202
    “People who evaluate cornerbacks based on interceptions are people who don’t understand the game of football. ”
    I’d be surprised if you arnt basing your claim of best tandem on the fact that Cromartie had 10 picks in ’07, outside of that the dudes been a dud. Average CB/Outstanding CB vs Two Great CB’s

  22. get the deal done! jjo is a top 5 corner, has all-pro athleticism, and is flourishing along with the rest of the secondary under mike zimmer. if he is a free agent, he will be one of the most sought after players.
    as for the jets/revis fans, yes, revis is the best corner in the league…ARC isnt on the same level as him or jjo and leon.

  23. This team has alot of good young players that are getting better, so it is smart to try to lock up a cornerstone sooner rather than later. Some of the aging veterans and players at fungible positions like RB will not be given the long term contracts. The Bengals are grooming Bernard Scott, and you can always find more RBs in the draft who can contribute. The bellcow RB is a dying breed. Ocho will be gone in a year or two, and if the team keeps performing well (IF) then there won’t be as many high draft picks to waste money on.

  24. Man these Jets fans are really pumped about this extremely overrated team they have this year. All they did was go out and pay a bunch of washed up big names to come to town to get some attention. Nothing will come of it. Obviously Jets nation is falling already. Revis isn’t happy and they aren’t willing to pay him after they gave him head clinic after head clinic every time they talked about him last year. So Revis won’t be Revis island this year. He’ll fake illnesses all year to sit out until he gets paid. However, Mike Brown cannot afford both J-Jo and Hall. Yes they are the best TANDEM in the league. NO doubts about it. But they’re both going to want way too much money and we have way too many contract years coming up to pay them want they want/deserve. So I hope they wrap up J-Jo at least. That’s the one I’m worried about.

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