Chris Johnson: Titans are "not offering me nothing"

C. Johnson4.jpgCJ2K wishes he had it as good as Darrelle Revis when it comes to contract talks.

“Just got off the phone with my agent and its not good news,” Chris Johnson tweeted. [We’ve strategically added letters for clarity.]  “I’m feeling like [Darrelle Revis] right now at least dey offering him something dey not offering me nothing.”

The Titans running back embarked on a holdout that includes no easy solution, unless Tennessee becomes willing to give Johnson a short-term bump to tide him over.  We suspect the team won’t entertain any new contract for a third-year player.

Its like how u expect your players to give they all
and put their bodies on the line when you not willing to give them what
they deserve,” Johnson said.  “
How do you want a player to honor their contract but the
team don’t have to honor it. If you don’t want to pay a player early don’t cut a
player early.”

Johnson’s tweets have become a target in our comments for their spelling and grammar, but his logic is crystal clear in this case. 

(And let’s be honest: The spelling in most comments isn’t any better.   Not to mention my posts.)

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  1. Because you are still playing under your rookie deal you goon. Ownership rarely if ever terminates a rookie deal early even though most first round picks are busts, so players shouldnt be jumping out either.

  2. “Chris Johnson: Titans are “not offering me nothing””
    So they are offering him something?

  3. “Johnson’s tweets have become a target in our comments for their spelling and grammar, but his logic is crystal clear in this case. ”
    My comments aren’t being read by anyone that matters (no offense fellow PFT people). CJ is in the public and how intelligent he is goes a long way of how much sympathy he gets. If he wants to be taken seriously he should act like a professional regardless of what his profession is.

  4. It is funny how much players cry about deserving when they play well, but nobody ever heard Jamarcus Russell pay anything back because he didn’t deserve his pay. I wonder if Chris Johnson is going to make Vince Young pay back some of his salary, I am sure they could have gotten that 50 passer rating from other players for cheaper.

  5. Forget the possibility that he may hold out. It’s his grammer, spelling, and love of the double-negative that makes me want to not draft him #1 in fantasy drafts this year.

  6. While I have refused to join twitter to date I feel like joining just to tell this greedly little a-hole what I think of him. What a scumbag.

  7. Kudos Rosenthal. I appreciate that you at least call yourself out. Granted, Chris Johnson is much worse than you ever have been.

  8. “not offering me nothing” – does that mean the Titans are offering him something, since they are not offering him…nothing?
    Chris Johnson…so fast, he evades grammar.

  9. “Johnson’s tweets have become a target in our comments for their spelling and grammar…

    We call them internet Gangstas…….

  10. He still needs Rosetta Stone English edition.
    Did the O-line ask for or get a raise? Did he get his yards last year on his own? What happens when he goes to a team that has a real QB who can throw the ball and he doesn’t have to be relied on every play? Can he reproduce the yards he got last year?
    Nope, they didn’t ask for a raise. Nope, he didn’t get the yards on his own. He won’t be relied upon to carry the load if he had a real QB. He’ll never get close to the 2k mark again.
    Let him sit and sulk. After the floods in this town and the recession, Johnson should be glad he’s not at McDonalds flipping burgers. Who cares about the bum?!

  11. “dey not ofering me nothing”
    Then that means they are in fact ofering him something correct? If there is not an offer of nothing then there must be an offer of something.

  12. Yeh, well Johnson does get paid to write and neither do the posters here. You do.

  13. Is this a double-negative? By “not” offering “nothing”, does that indeed imply that he is in fact being “offered” “something”? I am bemused and would like answers CJ-2K!

  14. cue everyone making comments about how “not offering me nothing” would actually mean that they are offering him something…..lame

  15. Not offering nothing…
    So they are offering you something? (double negative = a positive statement.)

  16. This is why you dont take CJ number 1 in fantasy, who knows that is going to happen with him. Titans have history of not giving up the money and losing players.

  17. The guaranteed money is the protection. A $17 mil signing bonus (or $15 or $25 or whatever – but let’s say $17 is a good signing bonus for a top end player, non-QB) is what you get for your potential and past performance. After that, you earn the rest of your money.
    Seems like a pretty simple concept to me. That’s the money you get to “feed yo kidz”. The rest you have to actually earn by showing up and performing. If they made football contracts guaranteed, you know how many guys would just quit after signing the big payday? A lot more than the amount who already do.

  18. CJ it could be worse. At least you aren’t getting offered nothing.
    If they aren’t offering him nothing what exactly are they offering?

  19. Judging by Chris Johnson’s poor grasp of the English language, I’d say he and Trips Right, 68 Slant, D Slant must be related.

  20. “How do you want a player to honor their contract but the team don’t have to honor it. If you don’t want to pay a player early don’t cut a player early.”
    Done! The team hereby agrees to fully honor the contract Chris Johnson signed two years ago. The team agrees to pay Chris Johnson his entire base salary for the next three years. The team agrees not to cut Chris Johnson in the next three years.
    There, feel better Chris? Didn’t think so…

  21. ECU is known for academics………Bud Adams, you really don’t have a choice. What are you going to do a rb? Bring back Eddy George.Just pay the guy and be done with it. Or, go flip off some Bills fans

  22. (And let’s be honest: The spelling in most comments isn’t any better. Not to mention my posts.)

  23. Re-negotiating contracts with 3 freaking years left on them is downright ridiculous. I’m sorry. These athletes are out of control and it is really going to set a dangerous precedent if the Titans and/or Jets cave in to what Chris Johnson and Darelle Revis are asking for. They are under contract for 3 more damn years!

  24. Dis mo $ una da buckey seat w/ @MikeSimsWalker da fo shu waklak n da [Jeezy voice] I da be toppin da muffin fo u luva boyz @MikeSimsWalker strait up luvin u RT RT RT luv how we be keepin da dow low wit da long luv. mmmmya smh homey

  25. It makes you wonder if these athletes even attended classes while playing in college. I find it amazing how ignorant these supposedly educated people act. I think the NCAA needs to crack down on these schools and really see what is going on. There is no excuses as to why they leave these $100,000 per semester schools and they come out just as ignorant as when they came in.

  26. Ok, I’ll take a run at the ‘logic’ that you state is crystal clear.
    “dey not offering me nothing”
    So, using simple logic if the team is not offering nothing then they are offering something. Double negative.
    The team may not be offering what Johnson wants. In fact the team may have made no offer at all and expect Johnson to be in camp as a signed player.
    So, he either reports or he sits out the season (and the likely 2011 lockout) and comes back in 2012 to an existing contract. If the player doesn’t report at least by game 10 of the season he gets no credit for the season and the contract is extended another year. Chris Johnson will be playing in 2012 for what he could have made in 2010 and the team will have no duty to give him any more money two years from now.
    Or to put it in terms I use with my kids when they start to pout and whine “suck it up, princess”. He won’t win this battle.

  27. I’m not sure, but it sounds like they are offering him something. nice double negative, CJ.

  28. If they are in fact “not offering him nothing” then they are in fact offering him something.
    See, that is a double negative. Apparently they don’t teach that in the college he went to. Or the high school. Or the elementary school.

  29. Either play for the contract you signed or take a hike CHUMP.
    Do the JaFATTEST Russell’s of the world give any money back when they UNDERPERFORM their contracts?

  30. They should offer him some grammar en English lessons, for a start…..the balls on this guy

  31. Not only is his spelling atrocious, so is his grammar. Unless he means that the team actually IS offering him something.
    And if that wasn’t bad enough, so is his logic. While I sympathize and feel that he should get some money ASAP, his “argument” about not honoring contracts is completely bogus. The Titans ARE honoring his contract. He’s asking them to NOT honor it.
    Now the Titans probably should listen to him and find some way to keep him happy. If they have any sense at all, they want him happy, performing, and around for many more years to come. They aren’t going to get any of those without coughing up some dough. And there is the personal side of “honor” as well. It’s definitely the honorable thing to do to pay him, and they should do it. But that’s not honoring the contract.
    If he wants them to “honor his contract”, he needs to just shut up and show up at training camp. He doesn’t want them to do that. Neither, actually, do I. But logic is not on his side here.

  32. “How do you want a player to honor their contract but the team don’t have to honor it. If you don’t want to pay a player early don’t cut a player early.”
    ive been waiting for a player to say this for so long and i agree 100% with CJ. He IS the best back in the league and deserves to be as such.

  33. Show up and play Cb like Deion. It is a much more valuable position, and with his speed, physical ability and agility, CJ could be just as good at Cb as he is at RB for a lot longer and a lot more money. See Tiki and Ronde Barber.

  34. The fact is- Chris johnsons speed is only going to be with him for maybe 3-5 more years if he is lucky. His real value is probably 6 million a year and he is making 500k for a season.
    At that rate, it only makes sense for him to show up the last 6 games of the season- and once he shows up, he should just fake an injury.
    I dont understand why Johnson isn’t making more of a stink- demand to be traded- say you arent interested unless you get 4 years for 24 million- That is VERY reasonable and MOST teams would bend over backwards to pay it.

  35. Couple points here.
    A) Isn’t he currently under a contract? YES
    B) If he had a bad year, was he going to return any money? NO
    C) Every time he opens his mouth its embarrasing. He makes Emmitt Smiff look like Dale Carnagie or Tony Robbins.
    In short, Titans should take a “F – you” approach, trade his intelligible a$$ and score a major windfall.
    OK, PC police, come get me……

  36. Chris Johnson needs to play out his deal and figure out like Mankins, Wayne, Revis, et al that the “old” days of getting cap-twisting contracts are coming to an end if they haven’t already done so – the league is in a market correction period.

  37. Good to see the old step n’ fetch is still being kept alive. Keep on tweeting you dumb SOB.

  38. This is BS. Not taking away any of the accomplishments of CJ and he is certainly worth more than he’s making in the grand scheme of the NFL, however, this is the business of the NFL. If CJ doesn’t like the way he’s being treated, then he needs to do his complaining to the NFLPA for the language they agreed upon in the CBA. The reality is that there are good things and bad things in the CBA for the both the players and the teams. This happens to be a special case…Most rookies coming in don’t outdo their contracts as much as CJ has. That said, CJ needs to get back to work and do his thing.
    The broader reality of this situation is that the CBA as we know it today has allowed both the NFL and the players to prosper beyond both of their imaginations and they need to sit down and get this thing ironed out for the good of the game before the fans get to the point of backing off their support….

  39. Why should they offer him anything he’s in the 3rd year of a 6 year contract they don’t have to offer him a thing till his current contract is up idk why ppl are so up in arms about this the titans have a 2000 yard rusher under contract right now at 550k thats a hell of a deal if I’ve ever seen one

  40. looks like cj went ofer his education.
    he should stay what he is good at, running with a ball. and stay out of the media and the negotiating room.

  41. I’d gladly take the “nothin” theys payin you. The nothin yo’s be gettin paid now be way mores than I’s be makin. Just sayin

  42. Like I said before….
    Comment Section = Internet Gangstas
    But in this case, I would call them Internet Geek Sqaud….
    This is how they bust nuts at night….Calling rich people out on grammer…even though we all still know what they’re saying…SMH

  43. You can rag on the guy’s grammar and intelligence, but think about it – who in this kid’s life, from the start through school and right up to now – ever impressed on him the importance of good language skills? Do you think he had any good role models for that? Do you think his high school & college coaches gave a damn about any of it?
    And now he’s getting paid millions, while we with our good grammar are the poor schmucks commenting on web sites.
    Johnson’s a symptom of what we prioritize in our society, and by “we” I’m including all of us. We’re all part of the disincentive to be anything but a talented physical athlete.

  44. Seriously…how the HELL do these guys make it through high school let alone college with grammar this bad…Jesus Christ…have a little respect for yourselves…

  45. Let’s see…what is the incentive for the Titans to give him a new deal? ohhh that’s right. they “haven’t got none”

  46. I can understand both sides to this ‘contract’ agreement. Sign a contract, you honor it. Owners problem, do you really want to pay the full contract for Jamarcus? CJ’s problem, performing above your value plus you may not still be playing when the contract is up in order to get compensated for your past play. Let’s look at it as an every day business. You agree to work the way your employer wants you to. You don’t, your fired. You work better than the employer wants you to. You get a raise. Jamarcus got fired, CJ deserves a raise.

  47. i see CJ’s point. with grammar that bad, there’s no way he’s going to find a job after the NFL. so he needs all the money he can get, while he can get it.

  48. Should be complaining to the agent that locked him into a 6 year deal. If it was a 3 year deal, he would be all set, but he wouldn’t have gotten the large signing bonus that was spread over 6 years.
    Also, love the people saying he is the best back in NFL so pay him. Wasn’t that Adrian Peterson the year before? So when a guy finishes 1 year at the top, the NFL is supposed to redo the contract and pay unreal money?

  49. @damnitall……
    C’mon, man…….comparing these athletes to you and I is a mismatch. I ve been let with MUCH less in my pocket tham JaMarcus….

  50. “How do you want a player to honor their contract but the team don’t have to honor it. If you don’t want to pay a player early don’t cut a player early.”
    what is he talking about? players get guaranteed money for every contract – it just gets paid up front. The teams take a gamble and pay up front even if the player doesn’t pan out. It’s like all this money these guys get paid makes them short-sighted or forgetful.
    Teams can cut a contract, but they still had to pay out the guaranteed money. Players sign contracts, and routinely sit out before honoring the rest of the contract. I don’t see how this is any more fair to the teams than the players? The teams can’t make the players take *lower* contracts if they suck.
    and Chris Johnson’s grammar & spelling make me weep for the world. I mean I realize athletes get preferential treatment in college, but did this guy ever set foot in a classroom? I mean seriously?
    The athletes get dumber and dumber.

  51. “Johnson’s tweets have become a target in our comments for their spelling and grammar…..”
    That’s funny. Gregg’s PFT posts are a target for their spelling and grammar as well.
    Perhaps you should hold out for a raise, Gregg.

  52. Perhaps they should be offering some grammer lessons.
    This guy sounds like a moron. Welcome to the real world and see what you can earn with your pathetic skills.

  53. I have two questions:
    First, why is it that when a team doesn’t want to pay a player what he’s worth, it’s “business”, but when a player doesn’t want to work for less than what he’s worth, it’s “greed”? Why the double-standard? Owners can’t be greedy too? Seriously, when Titans fans buy tickets, who are 95% of them coming out to see? Justin Gage? LMAO
    Second question, and I honestly don’t know the answer: is it against the rules for a team to actively help negotiate endorsement deals for their players? If it could help offset the salary issue, wouldn’t it be worth it to keep a player like Johnson happy, especially if they can do it at no extra expense to themselves?

  54. Someone needs to tell CJ that what he is asking for isn’t possible this year.
    The current CBA has a rule. The 30% rule. He cannot receive a new contract that pays him mor than 30% of his existing salary. So with another CBA being worked on for next year (hopefully there is no lockout) he needs to wait until that is taken care of before he gets a new contract.
    CJ you idiot you did sign a contract. You on going onto year 3 of the 5 year deal. You either honor the contract or you don’t make any money. You want to renegotiate? Fine. But understand you can only get 30% more than want you are making now.
    This isn’t about the Titans being cheap. It is about the principle of the matter. No one renegotiates a 5 year deal after year 2. NO ONE.
    Not to mention you can’t get the amount you want anyway by rule. So stfu and play and try to renegotiate the next year. where your base salary would be higher. Otherwise sign an extension that would give you a big signing bonus and get some roster bonus put in as well because otherwise you can’t get more than 30%.

  55. # Tinbender says: June 15, 2010 3:31 PM
    I’d gladly take the “nothin” theys payin you. The nothin yo’s be gettin paid now be way mores than I’s be makin. Just sayin


  56. do the agents for these guys do PR stuff as well? you’d think so.
    was CJ out there helping all of the Tenn people with the flood a month or so back? he needed to be out there PR’ing it up and setting money aside.
    that would have helped misdirect some of the greed talk that is bound to him.

  57. His base salary may only be 550K, but his total compensation package averages almost 2.5M for each year of the contract. His 5yr deal was worth something like $12M at least, and he’s already received over half of it in just 2 years. Just so everybody knows this douche isn’t REALLY playing for only half a million per year…
    What does it matter anyway, no amount of money can compensate for being born with an IQ of 65.

  58. Johnson’s tweets have become a target in our comments for their spelling and grammar
    Of course it is… expect anything less when dog smelling white men are the people making the over whelming majority of the comments.
    trailor trash at it’s finest on this here website.
    People in tune with todays young people and society understand that tweeting/texting has it’s own unique way of words being spelled but why would dog smelling white men acknowledge that when it’s clear they rather ignore facts and act like their ancestors.

  59. Maybe he needs a few extra bucks after all the dental work he has had done?
    I wonder what Bill Cosby would say about this and his apparent lack of education (after attending university)

  60. To all you idiots who are crying about CJ being greedy or ungrateful or whatever my guess is that you are broke and working in a job that will never pay you much money. To fault a person who has a specific skill that is in demand for wanted to be paid properly is just anit-American and Communist. No one things he is being paid fairly that has a brain. Sure he is not hurting and could be worse off but if he blows a knee out in game 3 trying to win a game that his QB screwed up than he will have lots of struggles ahead both professionally and financially. There is a limit of coarse but he is WAY below what would be considered reasonable so shut your dang jealous mouths. Not to mention Revis is doing the same thing as are others because the uncapped year is stopping teams from making reasonable offers for long term contracts. He may have bad grammer and he may be talkin gettolicious but he isn’t wrong on this one.

  61. Hmm….ignorant means he speaks about something he isn’t familiar with.
    You are obviously ignorant with the definition of ignorance.
    Second +20 of you make the SAME joke? That is pretty sad, get original you dumbasses.
    Thirdly, it is TWITTER, NO ONE, no matter how intelligent spells correctly on twitter as you are limited to 140 characters.
    Takes no genius to see that dey is 1 less character than they.

  62. They ain’t even be offering me nuttin, how dey gone not be offering me at least sumthin?

  63. I bet he blew through the money they gave him on gaudy chains, cars and putting his clown friends on payroll.

  64. Tee Draper said
    “Of course it is… expect anything less when dog smelling white men are the people making the over whelming majority of the comments.
    trailor trash at it’s finest on this here website.
    People in tune with todays young people and society understand that tweeting/texting has it’s own unique way of words being spelled but why would dog smelling white men acknowledge that when it’s clear they rather ignore facts and act like their ancestors.”
    Yes, wordz (see? I get it.) are spelled different in texts/tweets but grammar still has to make sense.
    Well, it didn’t take to long for someone to bust out the race card.
    Has one person beside your self brought up race?
    What does that say about you?
    Do you know the color of any one that posted a comment?
    Or are you just making an assumption?
    Now wouldn’t that be racist, also?

  65. MillenSucks-
    No one is faulting him for wanting to get paid.
    He voluntarily signed a contract and he should honor it.
    No one sees JaMarcus Russel paying back that 39 million he heisted from the Raiders.
    Your ‘everybody on here is broke’ comment is pretty weak and only detracts from your argument.
    When CJ’s contract is up I hope he becomes the highest paid RB in the league and gets a 20 million dollar signing bonus – When his contract is up.

  66. Tee Draper,
    There is an old saying “he who smelt it, dealt it”. Are some of the comments people make on this site racist? Yes. Does that include yours? Yes.
    As for CJ, this isn’t about his grammar, or his greed or the Titan’s greed. It’s about his contract, which remains valid. He can carp and complain all he wants. He is 2 years into a 5 year deal. He’s not getting a crack at another deal until he has done at least 3 years, if not 4.
    He knew the rules of the game going in. He knew the risks going in. He chose to play RB, a position of increasing “churn” as teams realize the role is far more replaceable than it once was (everyone can thank Shanahan for that). He chose to sign a five year deal instead of a four year deal. He didn’t get much choice to drive up the guaranteed money and total money because he would have been slotted after the draft but he could have held out originally for more incentives, even if they seemed unobtainable at the time (similar to Brady Quinn’s deal).
    This is the deal he signed. And now he has to live with it. What is clear is he is not helping himself right now. He’s basically saying “look at me, I’m cancer!” Does anyone think he will be any less a disturbance if he signs for bigger dollars? Every time he opens his mouth or tweets or blogs or whatever the heck he is doing, he is putting out a big billboard that is basically saying “don’t pay me”. The more he rants, the less he will get paid. Even the Titans will tire of the act and they will use and abuse him for the next three years so that there is nothing left on those treads and they will discard him like yesterday’s trash.
    But if he puts in his time, he may get a decent three year extension with bigger money upfront. He has to learn he is not holding all the cards here. He has a pair of fours and he’s trying to go all in. He’ll lose.

  67. @ steely devil hab, whats with the bill cosby references? isn`t past your bedtime or is glen beck not over yet?

  68. “not offering me nothing”
    Chris…you are an amazing talent. But you’re also an idiot.

  69. More displayes of girliness on this site counting other men’s money or even discussing another man’s money. You’re worth what somebody else will pay you in this free market based on capitalism, last time I checked. But yeah, let’s compare him to a $60,000 a year worker who can be easily replaced by somebody else who can do the same job. Yes, let’s make that comparison, Get over yourselves and your jealousy. If you want to bitch about the “real world” 24/7, why are you watching? I’m so sick of that nonsense….stop projecting the struggles you might be facing with another person’s better station in life. Jealousy like that is truly a gay ass trait.
    He over-performed his contract and has every right to want more, especially since an RB’s career and effectiveness will always be short, relative to other positions in football.
    So according to all you, “stick to the contract you signed” dummies, the only running backs that should get big money is a guy with a great college career because you do realize a signed rookie has no out until he’s played 6 NFL seasons….average NFL RB career span, 3.5. Think about that and stop whining by defending billionaires from rewarding the star players responsible for driving revenue for the NFL.

  70. First off I own C.J in my keeper league and I am a big fan and I also want him to play ( except week 1. Good point I think it was raiderbob) however:
    He signed a contract and he needs to honor it, just like the Titans are doing.
    To the clowns that say he over performed his contract so he should get paid more. Doctors do that everyday, and they save lives!! Do you guys not get it, its a game, and yes he can be replaced, especially at running back.
    I will also say this C.J could argue that the X he signed with on his contract was not his signature. And I like this guy, damn.

  71. @ teedraper
    The fact that you twitter and text messages have influenced kids of any race to be so dumb is the problem. White kids, Asian kids, Hispanic kids and yes even Black kids all talk like this and it is terrible.

  72. He was offered some more gold teeth and turned it down, due to already having a mouth full of them. Gross.

  73. I went to ECU, I’m proud to have such a great football player as an ECU grad, but also embarrassed everytime I hear him open his mouth. The majority of ECU grads have a much better command of the English language.

  74. Not offering me nothing? That means they’re offering him something, right!? Did anyone else catch that? I did! I caught that.

  75. polishkingski says:
    June 15, 2010 9:04 PM
    @ steely devil hab, whats with the bill cosby references? isn`t past your bedtime or is glen beck not over yet?
    From Bill Cosby to Glen Beck….you put that together all by yourself or you have a team of like minded geniuses all working on it?
    It’s OK, I know – it isn’t your fault. You just don’t know any better…

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