Haynesworth to skip mandatory minicamp, wants trade

Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has been a no-show for nearly all offseason workouts, but not until now has his absence been truly consequential.

With Washington beginning its June mandatory minicamp on Wednesday, Haynesworth’s agent has announced that his client will not be in attendance.
“The Redskins are trying to establish a new regime with new schemes at Redskins Park, and it is not an organization that Albert would have ever been attracted to just a short year ago — regardless of the money,” agent Chad Speck told the Washington Post.  “He has made it clear to me that he does not want to play for the Washington Redskins.
“This situation will be a distraction to the Redskins and to Albert and his teammates,” added Speck.  “I am certain Mike Shanahan and Bruce [Allen] want to get the most out of their first year and it’s probably in everyone’s best interests for the Redskins to make a deal and trade Albert.”
The team will reserve comment until minicamp begins Wednesday.  Haynesworth has long been unhappy with the Redskins’ switch to a 3-4 defense, which would require him to tie up blockers as opposed to blow past them.  His absence from a mandatory offseason camp, for which Haynesworth risks fines, may indicate that the Pro Bowl defensive tackle is also willing to sit out training camp.
According to Jason Reid of the Post, the Redskins “have had talks with clubs interested in acquiring Haynesworth,” despite the team’s claims to the contrary.  It’s unclear if those talks have continued since April’s NFL draft.

61 responses to “Haynesworth to skip mandatory minicamp, wants trade

  1. Give them back a ton of money and tear up the contract. The cost is too high for other teams to take on and I doubt that the Skins will bear any cost should he be traded.

  2. As great as a player Haynesworth can be ,who needs his BS and waste their “cap dollars” on him.
    I’m glad he doesn’t play for the Pats !

  3. Pretty sure Florio mentioned something about the two sides playing chicken.
    It appears Haynseworth lost.

  4. Talk about a big baby, wow. I don’t want to play nose tackle for millions of dollars, waaaaaaaaaaa.

  5. Snyder, you bought him… now you own him.
    Trade his ass to the CFL.

  6. Haynesworth is a little crybaby. Grow a set, Albert! You sure liked that huge signing bonus you received last year, didn’t you? The Dolphins best defensive lineman last year and former Haynesworth Titans teamate, Randy Starks was asked to switch to the nose this season and what was his response, “I do whatever the team wants me to if it’s going to help us win more games.”

  7. Suck it the f up and play. This guy is a perfect example of why America is melting around us and the average person is too stupid or tied up with only themselves to get it. He is such a true POS.

  8. Well I guess that means his career is over, NO ONE BURNS THE REDSKINS like this, enjoy your money fatboy, there wont be a trade, take that to the bank, consider yourself retired and expect to be sued until you cannot breath and are living out of your car.

  9. Fat Albert has way too much class to play for only $100 million
    You need to start talking REAL money, Snyder – cheap-a$$ piece of garbage


  11. This idiot is one of the biggest crybabies in the game. Damn, Snyder ! What were you thinking ? Wait, we already know…..

  12. Screw that loser. I’m not even a Redskins fan, but when are these prima donna players (not all) going to realize that they are EMPLOYEES, and they don’t control what they get to do and not do within the confines of their contracts? They do what they are told, and if they don’t like that, then they need to pony up the bucks and buy a team themselves so that they can make their own rules. If Fat Albert doesn’t show up, I hope the Redskins file and grievance and demand a huge portion of his signing bonus be returned to them in exchange for releasing that a$$ wipe.

  13. Mike and Bruce;
    Make the fat hunk shit stay and sit on the bench or play the position. What a complete loser. He wants to be compared to the great Reggie White….. Yea that is going to happen, what a piece of wasted flesh…….. Laziness now has a new face…….
    TO reincarnated…. FAT ALBERT HASNOWORTH

  14. Problem there is….. Who in their right mind wants to take on that damn contract + give up a high or even mid draft selection for a guy with no heart.

  15. The guy made it very clear before he was traded that he does not want to play for a 3-4 team. He has made it more then clear that Washington is just chewing up time and that he is not playing there. You move on if your Washington and get what you can for him.

  16. Isn’t this the *man* that said he would do anything to win, when he signed that contract? Sounds a little hypocritical to me.
    Speaking of hypocritical, if Snyder won’t let fans out of their ticket contracts, MR. A(in’t-done-shiit)Haynesworth needs to be held accountable for said contract.
    Just sayin

  17. And Cerrato strikes one last devastating blow.
    Thanks bug eyes!
    Trade this giant fat turd and hopefully the scent left behind won’t linger for too long.

  18. Then Albert should give back most of that jack and I am POSITIVE the skins will cut him.

  19. Actually his contract is very reasonable as the Skins had to fork over $20M last month to him and the remainder of his contract for this year is in the neighborhood of $3M…..I suspect the Skins haven’t had any takers becuz they’re hoping that they can get some trade value for him and plus other teams are quite skeptical of the baggage that Fat Albert would bring to their locker rooms.

  20. Problem with him is that no team will want to chance that he wants to play football. He is your problem, ‘skins

  21. if haynesworth wants a be a bitch and quit, then fine. just pay back the $21 million bonus you got this offseason. his agent just said “regardless of the money” so we’ll see if albert really feels that way if he’s presented with that option.
    im so happy my team didn’t sign him as a free agent last year.

  22. Haynesworth what a piece of crap. Guess what Fat Albert ? NO other team wants you. You are a walking example of raw greed and selfishness. I hope the Skins can go after some of the money they paid you up front.

  23. Unbelievable. Yet another great free agent signing for the Redskins. And their fans are still so dumb that every year they come on here and say they can’t wait for the redskins to get “player X” and that by doing so they are going to be amazing. How about this (talking to you Skins fans and media)- next time the Redskins sign a big-name free agent, don’t talk about it except to say “the Redskins still suck, and will continue to suck until they prove that they are improved by actually winning games.” This shit is so annoying, it’s like groundhog day (what do you know, the skins are now good because they have Donovan McNabb this year!)

  24. The coaching staff realizes that his fat a$$ is better used in tying up blockers because it can no longer blow past anyone.
    Of course Danny boy, the next Al Davis, will cave and start throwing dollars his way and change the defense to a 1-10 or whatever Throat Stomper wants.

  25. I’m surprised everyone seems to be against Haynesworth. You’d all be upset too if you were hired for your dream job, and told a year later the company took that job away from you and told you to do something else.
    That doesn’t change the fact however that he is still a fool for leaving Tennessee to begin with.

  26. What a loser…the whole team is committed to getting better, but you got this clown holding out cuz it’s not what he was told it was going to be. No sh*#!! Maybe he would be happier if they left it the way it was, and he could be a player on a 4-12 team again! What a moron, at 6’6″ he is by far the biggest baby I’ve seen!!
    He’s mad cuz they won’t let him play to his strengths!?! What are they?? He played in a 4-3 last year, the only “strength” I saw was him picking himself up off one knee after every other play! Or maybe his strength was getting carted off the field numerous times cuz he needed a break. What a joke.
    Hope they don’t trade him and tell his a*# to get to work and earn that $21 million. That’s just my opinion anyway…
    Maybe they’ll make a special uniform for him this year…a big diaper and one of those little hats with the propellar on it, then have him run out of the tunnel with the rest of the MEN on the TEAM!!!

  27. Haynesworth for Logan Mankins…straight up, make the deal Bruce!!!!!!!!!! Redskins get their new starting RG

  28. The NFL is a complete minor league circus. Thugs, murderers, rapists, DUI’s, you name it. Than you have a quarterback in Minnesota that is his own boss and a quarterback in Pitt. that plays on young college town girls and now fat Albert making millions and not earning it while thumbing hid rotten nose at the Redskins along with his weasel agent. Why people on this site think the NFL is God’s gift to America show total immaturity. The NFL sucks! Professional wrestling has more honor. Time to remove these dick heads before they ruin the sport for good. And that includes Goodall.

  29. Talk about a big baby, wow. I don’t want to play nose tackle for millions of dollars, waaaaaaaaaaa.
    Somebody posts that same comment every time a story like this comes up. Is it always Larry David?
    Anyway, even a Raider fan has to cringe a bit at the thought of having this guy on the roster. He requires a lot of attention.

  30. Well as much as I would like him to conform and play whatever the hell shanny tells him to play, I’m not surprised. The best thing the Skins could do to that fatass is leave him on the roster and have him forfeit most of his signing bonus by not showing up then cut him. What a doucher.

  31. oh my a front four of Houston, Haynesworth, Henderson, and Seymour…keep oin hating us, and according to the football genius Evan Silve, the Raiders would still finish DFL against the run.
    GO RAIDERS!!! Al call Bruce and make it happen.

  32. rso, u are talking the skins. they get burnt constantly and likely dont have the guts to sue fat albert.
    and he is talking his trade value way down. they might as well just sit on his contract and when push comes to shove, refuse to pay a player who failed to report.

  33. So if it is regardless of money, that means he is willing to give it all up except for what he earned last year and will prorate any signing and other bonus’s
    Yeah didn’t think so.

  34. Let him hold out and sit out the season while he gets fined every week until the $41 million is recouped.

  35. I would like to see this story end with Haynsworth sitting out 10 weeks in protest only to come back in week 11 to get stomped by Andre Gurode… This guy needs a huge dose of karma..

  36. RedskinOne says: June 15, 2010 9:05 PM
    Well I guess that means his career is over, NO ONE BURNS THE REDSKINS like this
    Funniest thing I’ve read in weeks. Burning the redskins has become a time honored tradition among the NFL’s has-beens and one year wonders.

  37. This can work to Washington’s advantage. If Haynesworthless doesn’t show up the team doesn’t have to pay him the 3 million for the season. They can put him on the Inactive failed to show for camp list for the season. They can then go after him in Court to recoup some/most/all of the 20 million bonus.
    And Poo Flinging Monkey. Haynseworthless can’t play in the CFL. The salary cap for each team is only 4.2 million per team per season. The highest paid player on the team is the starting QB who usually only makes about 400k a season.

  38. What an IDIOT! The Redskins should put him n the reserve – Did Not report list and let him sit for the duration of his contract so he’ll be too old for any team to go after him. This demonstrates the arrogance and stupidity of these athletes.

  39. What did this DOUSCHE say in his press conference? “Albert will not be remembered as a bust”…Yeah right! BUSTED ASS Fatboy…Good luck you dick!

  40. hey big mike…the real question is…who does want to play for this loser org? LMFAO.

  41. before taking the time to make dumbass comments, why don’t you take the time to realize the actual football elements of the situation. This is what the site is made for. When Fat albert signed with the skins it was to be a 4-3 dt, not a 3-4 nt. guys that know the game, knows the difference. your best bet is to trade him, because he is not a 3-4 nt. when you hire a coach, you have to take your roster into consideration. yeah they screwed up by giving him the money, but if they keep him and try to make him play a position that is not something he is capable of doing, they will certainly waste their money. when you are looking for a wife that cooks you dinner and washes your clothes, but you settle for the hot one that doesn’t do shit, you notice your lost only after it cost u deeply. shanahan is that hot wife. You can say that they are professionals and they get paid to play the game, but what happens to a coach that constantly has players playing that don’t understand their position or simply can’t play the position?

  42. Of course Danny boy, the next Al Davis,
    Snyder doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Davis. Despite the past 7 years, Davis still has a legacy which includes helping with the merger of the AFL and NFL, the hiring of the first minority head coach (Tom Flores), the first African American head coach in the modern era (Art Shell), as well as the first female executive in Amy Trask. He was a great coach, a great owner, as well as a great business man. Sure he’s had a rough 7 years, but there’s optimism in Oaktown. Snyder couldn’t begin to dream to have a legacy like Davis’ in the NFL.

  43. Lil’ Dan, swallow your pride and call up Mr. Al Davis.
    He’ll teach you and your lawyers how to go after Fat Albert AND his Piece of Shit Agent.

  44. That stupid Mike Shanahan, first he makes Cutler leave, then Marshall, now Hanesworth….am I doing the blame game right?

  45. so tell the POS, “give me back dannyboys money, and we will seriously consider it. Oh… and my attorney is great with breach of contract lawsuits”
    I bet someone in the UFL would hire his punk ass

  46. Shocker. Unbelievable that Snyder’s dumbass didn’t see this coming.

  47. Give back the 20 mil and they will trade you by the end of the week. Shoot, if you give back the money, I’m sure they will find it in their hearts to release your fat ass.

  48. simple capitalism-you do the work, then you get paid. If you get the money first, you’re very likely not as motivated. you, me, we’re all like that.
    but when you own a billion dollar franchise, you are supposed to know these things and run you business accordingly.F$%#@ idiot Snyder. now you really did it. Especially given the idea that this was never a Jerry Rice, peyton Manning work-ethic type guy. Damn, Snyder. What was you thinking?

  49. This situation will be a distraction to Albert? Seriously, did he just say that?

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