Mark Sanchez on Reggie Bush: "Sometimes . . . kids want to take"

In a Tuesday appearance on The Jim Rome Show, former USC (and current New York Jets) quarterback Mark Sanchez spoke about the sanctions recently imposed on the Trojans arising from the acceptance of money and other things of value by former tailback Reggie Bush.

Jim Rome asked Sanchez whether he’s personally disappointed by the choices Bush made and the position he put the program in.  And here’s what Sanchez said.

“You know it’s tough.  And nobody wants to say anything bad about a teammate or anything.  And I think Reggie’s a heck of a player and I know he’s a good guy.  It was a tough position for him. . . . 

“It’s really tough,” Sanchez added after making sure he pointed out that Sanchez was only a freshman at the time.  “You’re young kids.  You’re really a kid.  Sometimes when things are laid out in front of you like that, kids want to take.  And it’s really hard for them to say no.  And you’ve just got to be smart and put the program first.”

It’s a far cry from a stinging indictment of Bush, but at a time when pretty much everyone who has ever worn the school’s colors has clamped hands on their eyes, ears, and/or mouths, it’s refreshing for Sanchez to acknowledge what anyone not connected to the program already has realized.

Reggie wanted to take.  And he took.  And now the Trojans will be paying the price.

And hopefully the Heisman Trophy Trust will take Reggie’s 2005 version of the award.  And hopefully when Vince Young opens the box he won’t think it’s half a set of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.

45 responses to “Mark Sanchez on Reggie Bush: "Sometimes . . . kids want to take"

  1. how you manage to take something as valuable as sanchez’s comments on the situation and turn it into this article is beyond me…i agree bush should be punished, the heisman should be taken from him but is the shot at vince young really necessary

  2. I want to take also.
    Somebody give me a damm $700,000 house and a tricked-out Cadillac – NOW!!
    The NCAA has been making way too much money off of ItalianArmyGuy – I need some for me

  3. As if Sanchez or any other high profile player at any college hasn’t received money or benefits for playing. These kids make these colleges tons of money, why can’t they get some?

  4. I think the far more damning thing about USC isn’t the money,
    but all the steroids WHICh ARE OBVIOUSLY being used by “the program”.

  5. Why do you keep saying that? Why would Vince Young get the Heisman? If anything, wouldn’t they have to revote? Maybe if Reggie wasn’t eligible, voters would have voted for Leinart. I don’t think they’ll take Reggie’s Heisman, but if they do, there’d have to be a revote.

  6. NCAA is a joke. This man nothing wrong on the field so how his trophy should be off limits. Did that house he received win him the trophy? Oh and one more thing. Why are we listening to Mark Sanchez? He was acussed of sexual assault. But i guess receiving a house is much worse.

  7. So Mark….What age do you learn RIGHT from WRONG. And where were his nannies.
    If he had gone to another school, would there have been some kind of buffer to protect him. Damn right there would have been. And that’s why usc got what they deserved. Just look at the list of self intitled egotists that evolved from this bastion of higher learning.
    And of the two people most responsible for guiding these kids, one went to NFL riches, and the other, the A.D. still represents this fine institution.

  8. Man Florio, you’re really reaching here…
    US what? C?
    Christ college ball is boring.
    And hypocritical.
    ALL big schools cheat their ever-loving asses off.
    So do the student athletes.
    And the world keeps spinning… today.

  9. At least Vince won’t have to accept the award in jail, or at a work farm or something. Barely.

  10. The bitterness runs deep with you Florio. Want to spit anymore hate at youth making a WHOLE LOT MORE THEN YOU!!!

  11. As a UW alumni from the Don James era, all I can do is groan and wonder why the NCAA only seems to investigate Pac-10 schools. Football schools in the South, like Miami, Texas and LSU, are famous for the booster perks. Yet somehow, they never get investigated. Hmmm. Wonder why that is… Oh wait, I know. Because the NCAA is making billions of dollars off these programs, and that money would evaporate if they actually got serious about students not taking money/gifts. You’d have no college athletes left, none of the top recruits.
    The NCAA exudes the worst sort of hypocrisy, and it’s really foul. It’s okay to make billions of these kids every year, without even providing them with health insurance or any kind of compensation, and then send them on their way when they don’t get drafted. The kids that don’t hack it in the football programs are sent packing, often without a degree. Yet, isn’t that the whole point of the NCAA? To make sure the kids at least get an education? The NCAA has totally failed at that, and any pretense to the contrary is laughable and absurd. The NCAA only cares about exploiting these kids for as much money as possible.

  12. way to take it out of context, florio. but you tricked me into reading a useless quote; so for that, i give you credit

  13. You revel in Calcaterra’s sarcastic twitter comment about college players not being paid, yet you hope a guy’s trophy gets taken away for taking payment. Don’t be such a hypocrite.

  14. Almost had a decent article untill that lame arse attempt at wit with the Rockem sockem comment

  15. I can’t believe we’ve reached a point where Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots requires a YouTube link for clarification. God I’m getting old…

  16. He is doing everything he can to support his friend while not saying what he’s really thinking: NCAA football is a big money business, and the primary product (the players) is criticized if they take any of that money, or seek advise from someone. We all live under this fantasy blinder in which there is such a thing as amateur sports. The schools make millions. The NCAA gets rich. Coaches get paid millions. The players get exploited and then sent off to try to make a NFL team. If they don’t they might have a degree, and then they can go on with their lives fantasizing about their glory days. Ten years later they will say to themselves, “if only someone had told me what was really going on…” and then either wished they had taken class seriously or found a way to get into the NFL. Create a playoff system, we admit it even more…

  17. He can always use Kim K’s ass for a hat. Not a bad consolation prize.
    Then again, he’s a football player. That’s not just what he does, it’s who he is. And now, as a football player, he’s a pariah, soiled goods. “Hey, Kobe, errrrrr, Reggie, how does my ass taste?”
    Petey Carroll, Reggie Bush and OJ Simpson: the Mt. Rushmore of bad USC Trojans. Wow, how the mighty have fallen.

  18. In analogous news, Barry Bonds on Mark McGwire: “Sometimes…guys want to juice.”

  19. considering all the money and attention that reggie bush brought to that program by himself, the sanctions are a small price to pay.
    and i’m willing to bet that knowing what they know now, usc would do it all over again.

  20. Playing in the largest media market Mark Sanchez will need to be smarter about the situations he puts himself in.
    I would think with all the sh-t swirling about USC he would have known that on a nationally syndicated show as Jim Rome ( hello Chrissy Everett) that questions like that will occur.
    Smarten up and limit your exposure otherwise Sanchez will become media fodder.

  21. I can’t stand college football. It’s only good use is to continue to be the NFLs FREE farm system. It’s corrupt, boring, and does not have a playoff system. A playoff system wouldn’t work because then the team that deserved to be the champion would become the champion instead of the team they hand pick to be the champion. I like that my main man Reggie gets all this blame. It makes him even more relevant when the intent of the blame is to achieve the opposite. Reggie is a very rich, very popular, NFL World Champion. The Saints had never even played in a championship game before he was a Saint. Now they’ve played in 2 and won a Super Bowl. He’s the man. Mike Fliorio cookie, you are still a hater…ha ha…i laugh in your goofy face…Geaux Saints!!

  22. Typical Saints-hating Florio.
    Take the Heisman trophy from a guy like RB, who has been basically nothing but a generally well-behaved team player for the last 4 years and give it to a suicidal, sexually disoriented, nutjob like VY.
    Great idea.

  23. DARKTHRONE says:
    June 16, 2010 12:53 AM
    Man Florio, you’re really reaching here… US what? C? Christ college ball is boring. And hypocritical. ALL big schools cheat their ever-loving asses off. So do the student athletes. And the world keeps spinning… today. PA
    DARKTHRONE, I tend to think the same thing about pro football. Most of the pro athletes cheat, and it’s very vanilla football, which makes it pretty boring compared to the college game.
    And no, not all big schools cheat. When was the last time there was anything about cheating coming out of Penn State or Texas, for example?

  24. Ok, honestly, this story has been beaten to death but I’m going to say it like this. Of course the kid is going to take. Most of the kids that receive scholarships to major programs come from very poor neighborhoods. And really, let’s be straight here, going to college to play football does not mean or guarantee millions of dollars and becoming a pro. These kids make these colleges and the NCAA millions upon millions of dollars and if they get hurt the only thing they come out of it with is an education that doesn’t even guarantee anything close to what they helped the school make. Hell now a days, that education won’t even guarantee you a job.
    So if the kid took some money, so what. He didn’t take any PED’s to gain any advantage he just took some money and got his family out of the ghetto. He still busted his behind on the football. He still outplayed the other players around him. The money he took did not in anyway give him an advantage out on the field.
    And Florio, you want to talk about his Heisman and his “integrity”, how about we talk about the integrity of the NCAA and colleges these kids go to.

  25. “Football schools in the South, like Miami, Texas and LSU, are famous for the booster perks. Yet somehow, they never get investigated.”
    ECS – Brougham Boys 74: Miami got nailed by the NCAA in 1995.

  26. @ampats smarten up? you think his comments are going to cause some harm to him, or the jets?
    he basically said there’s a lot of temptation for college football players, and some of them can’t resist. wow! that is shocking, and something no one could have ever dreamed..

  27. If they take Bush’s Heisman and give it to Young, it will be a bigger joke than the Heisman has already become. They should have him vacate it and have no winner, or do a revote.

  28. Now did Jim Rome ask it like this?
    Rome: Sanchize….are you…..personally sad by the….. mind choice………. of the Bushman?
    Answer: Um, what?
    Rome: Ha-larious
    Rome: Fax just in, Rome

  29. “s a UW alumni from the Don James era, all I can do is groan and wonder why the NCAA only seems to investigate Pac-10 schools. Football schools in the South, like Miami, Texas and LSU, are famous for the booster perks. Yet somehow, they never get investigated. Hmmm. Wonder why that is… Oh wait, I know. Because the NCAA is making billions of dollars off these programs, and that money would evaporate if they actually got serious about students not taking money/gifts. ”
    Yes, because USC hasn’t helped make a dime for the NCAA….

  30. Sanchize will be a bust like most other players that came out of USC, Bush being on of them (Bust=Not living up to expectations/ draft status).

  31. @ ECS – Brougham Boys 74
    Miami was investigated and put on probation back in the mid 90s if I am not mistaken.

  32. What he is really saying is “kids in his position take…but Reggie took too much and blew it for the other athletes at USC”
    What Florio is revealing is that he hates Reggie…..BOTTOM LINE – The Heisman Comm will not take the trophy from him! Print it!
    How’s USM doing…did tey get to the College World Series…Whats the latest on Brett Favre and his farm…were are all waiting.
    IN OTHER NEWS: Adrian Peterson did not attend OTS’s because he was attending a High School camp learning how not to fumble!!!

  33. The Heisman trophy is given to the best football player of that year and once it has been awarded it SHOULD NOT be taken away. I don’t care what transpires in the future. I think that people should remember what the trophy is for and not get all caught up in politics.

  34. If they give Reggie’s Heisman to VY, is it merely a coincidence that that guy was just cited for a fight in a strip club? There are three major categories of infractions with the NCAA: PED use, off field problems with the law, and accepting payments from boosters or agents. Of the three, it seems the 3rd is the less serious indictment of character. It in no way improves performance on the field, which the Heisman rewards.

  35. your bitterness towards s reggie is hilarious. did he nail ms. florio and make her squirt like a fire hose or something.obviouly you have not beeen able to make that happen. i guess thats why hes got the kardashian ho

  36. Florio,
    Get over it. Reggie Bush will not “give” back his Heisman Trophy. First off, it is very unlikely that he will he asked to give it back and secondly, and more importantly, if asked he will simply say, “I lost it or come and get it.” He will never let them inside his house. The Heisman is his, they can take the recognition away from him, but not the trophy.
    Is Reggie Bush the second coming, no. Has he helped the Saints to two NFC Championship Games and one Super Bowl win, yes. Is he worth $8 million per year? I don’t know. How much is a Super Bowl win worth to a franchise, because without Reggie Bush the Saints would never have risen to the heights they have attained, they never would have received mostly positive media analysis (Ex, Mike Florio and Skip Bayless….), they never would have attracted the quality free agents they have amassed the last few years and they never would have won a Super Bowl.
    I don’t like USC, never have, never will, but the former coach and the administration of the athletic department are to blame for their current predicament. There was way more “corruption” at USC than simply Reggie Bush getting a rent free house for his family.

  37. @ECS
    In response to your claims that southern schools are never investigated:
    Bama just got off their suspension a few years ago. Miami had a big discipline problem in the 90’s. Big sanctions like postseason bans are rare because of the buffers put in place to distance a school from liability, but USC definately had this one coming. Don’t try to insinuatte that there is any harsher eye being focussed on the Pac-1. Well I guess Pac-Zero now that no appearances for the Trojans in Postseason play.

  38. What some of you fail to recognize is the fact that Reggie Bush, by his own actions, made himself and his whole team ineligible by cheating. Since he was ineligible everything he did on the field is now vacated… all the yards, touchdowns, etc., etc. All of the wins are vacated as well because they were using an illegal player. That is how the system works.
    I laugh when I hear the same argument about star players deserving to get paid some of the profit when it comes to the university draw. Sorry, it doesn’t, nor should it ever work that way. If the kid is good enough, he’ll make money in the pros. If he is not, he gets a free education, room, and board and that is worth quite a bit of cash these days.

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