Mark Sanchez talks Broadway

Once upon a time, the Jets had a quarterback nicknamed Broadway Joe.  Now, they have a quarterback who likes to go to Broadway shows.

As we pointed out Sunday night, Mark Sanchez made a cameo at the Tony Awards, as something other than a turkey jerky-eating seat filler.

On Monday, he spoke about the experience at a post-practice press conference.  “[It was] so much fun,” Sanchez said in comments distributed by the team.  “A professor of mine of USC, Dr. Susan Evans, was big into Broadway and we used to go plays and shows out there at the Pantages and the Ahmanson Theater.  Then, when I came out here, she was on me about making sure I take advantage of being close to the city and going to the theater.

“I saw probably eight or nine shows, plays and musicals.  I presented for Memphis last night, and they won the Tony for Best Musical, so I’m so excited for them.  I saw it two or three times. I took [tight end Dustin] Keller to see it.  He loved it.  A bunch of guys on the team have seen it now so we’re really happy for them.”

In addition to Memphis, Sanchez recommends the following shows:  In the Heights, Rock of Ages, Fences, Fela, Wicked, and Jersey Boys.

Sanchez also addressed matters more closely related to football.  Here’s a summary:

He called his ability to participate in Monday’s minicamp practices “a big victory, a moral victory for me” in the process of rehabbing a knee that was surgically repaired in the offseason.  He also said he’s not hesitating in any way regarding the knee when on the field.

As to the Darrelle Revis contract conundrum, Sanchez has no concerns.  “We practice with whomever shows up, and that’s no knock on Revis,” Sanchez said.  “He has to do what’s right for him and we all have to do what’s best for the team.”

Sanchez also addressed the “Super Bowl or bust” vibe that has overtaken the team.  “I felt that way last year, so I think it should be that way,” Sanchez said.  “That should be our expectation.  That’s our goal and we’re going to try and meet it.  We’ll be well-prepared, we’ll work really hard, and we’re smarter this season.  That’s the most important thing, personally, because we came up just short last year.  There were plenty of mistakes in the AFC Championship game, but there were mistakes midway through the season that lost us game — my mistakes.  [Then] we might have a playoff game at home, instead of being on the road, and it could change things.  That’s where we have to be smarter [and] work smarter, so that when we’re in that championship game, we’re ready to go.”

And in addition to declaring receiver Braylon Edwards’ beard to be “nasty,” Sanchez again addressed another “nasty” situation — the penalties recently imposed against USC.  To his credit, Sanchez has amended his comments from last week, in which he said he wasn’t at the school when the violations occurred.

“It’s really hard for the guys that are there now. I just feel bad for them,” Sanchez said.  “The allegations and the punishment was from when I just got there, so it’s hard to say.”

But since no one else seemed to notice the discrepancy in his remarks from Thursday, he must have been convincing.  Which means that maybe he’ll eventually be able to star in a Broadway production.

Hey, we knew that if we kept typing stuff from the transcript we’d eventually find a way to tie it all together.

26 responses to “Mark Sanchez talks Broadway

  1. Just when we have you pegged as a dumb redneck for trashing the World Cup you go all metro on us with Broadway. Make up your mind Florio, no one likes a complex personality.

  2. The only acceptable musicals are The Wizard of Oz and Grease, and any Mel Brooks creations. Otherwise: pixie dust.

  3. You think he’s gay? He’s had more/better women than every loser PFT poster that calls him gay combined.
    Which means, even if he’s gay, he’s still had it better than you homophobic tools. Thanks for playing!
    Have another brat off the grills, losers.

  4. (from The Simpsons, early 1990’s):
    (observing a stage show from the balcony)
    Mr. Burns: (disgusted tone) Far too much dancing, not nearly enough prancing!
    Mr. Smithers: (disgusted tone) A little mincing would be nice!

  5. He had to have been banging his professor. Good for him. At least it was consentual.

  6. last week–> florio tries tying sanchez to the USC debacle and sexual assault
    this week–> florio loves sanchez because he also enjoys broadway shows
    next week–> florio hates sanchez because he admits to enjoying the world cup

  7. First hot dogs on the sidelines and now Broadway musicals? His teammates better look out in the shower or else they might get Sanchized!

  8. Yeah…
    You Jets fans…just keep up your bashing of Eric Mangini. Like HE’S still your biggest problem…and not your current QB, who sucks.

  9. People like what people like, but you can’t tell me this guy isn’t catching “hell” in the locker room!!!!!!
    SAME OL’ JESTS!!!!! It’s in their DNA.

  10. The gay-dar alarm is deafening right now. I’m sure Keller really appreciates Sanchez spouting off to world about thier dates to the Broadway musicals.

  11. # SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK says: June 15, 2010 1:08 AM
    (from The Simpsons, early 1990’s):
    (observing a stage show from the balcony)
    Mr. Burns: (disgusted tone) Far too much dancing, not nearly enough prancing!
    Mr. Smithers: (disgusted tone) A little mincing would be nice!
    You beat me to the simpsons reference.

  12. This reminds me of when Joey Harrington “came out” and said he liked caviar and playing the piano.

  13. now boys, it wouldn’t matter to me but i don’t think he’s gay- i think he’s open to more atypical manly things because he’s just major comfy in his own skin due to one or more of the following: extremis maximus handsomeness, being a cali boy, at least semi-intelligence (especially when compared with other ‘duh’ speaking athletes).

  14. Who’s more gay?
    Sanchez for attending the Tony Awards?
    Or Florio for apparently watching them on TV instead of the NBA Finals?

  15. Enjoying a show on Broadway does not equal fornicating with men. Go back to watching 2 and a half men you half wits.

  16. People can bash Sanchez if they want, but there’s nothing wrong with an articulate person enjoying some culture. That’s a bit more than can be said for some of the people posting on here – some comments are just plain stupid.

  17. damn, can we keep the QB away from Broadway shows? I want my QB hunting wild boar not prancing around NYC.
    for the first time perhaps the last I agree with both Joke and 305

  18. Good for Mark Sanchez. He’s a New Yorker now and Broadway is a huge part of the NYC economy. All football players aren’t knuckle dragging neanderthals, and everyone who loves a Broadway show isn’t a pixie tossing Nancy. Except for Florio. He certainly is.

  19. @joey-pickleholder says:
    “Lovin’ th’m Jets!!!!! It’s in your DNA!
    Why yes, I do love a good comedy show.
    SAME OL’ JESTS!!!!! It’s in their DNA.

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