Marshawn Lynch denies requesting trade

Marshawn Lynch returned to Bills practice as expected Tuesday, and met with the Buffalo media for the first time this offseason.

Lynch denied ever requesting a trade, but didn’t say he wanted to be in Buffalo when asked.

“I’d like to play football, whether it’s here or whether it’s somewhere
else as long as I get to play football I’m feeling great,” Lynch said.

It remains to be seen if Lynch can carve out any time in Chan Gailey’s rush-based offense.  He told Gailey, “Let’s get this thing rolling. Well, he already had it rolling, but let me
come add my wheel to it.”

Perceived in Buffalo as a malcontent, Lynch said he’s only worried about getting a fair shake in the Bills building. 

“You can say that you don’t like me from a distance. Most people that
interact with me have a different feel. I take it with a grain of salt,” Lynch said.  (We’ve met Lynch and agree here.)

One of the funnier moments of the interview came when a reporter asked if Lynch was down to 215 pounds, like he said he hoped earlier in the offseason.

Lynch laughed and said, “Nah, I ain’t down to 215.  I’m comfortable.”  Pressed on how much he did weigh, Lynch just repeated, “I’m comfortable.”

Seattle could come calling, but it sounds like he’s comfortable enough to stay in Buffalo for the season.

15 responses to “Marshawn Lynch denies requesting trade

  1. STFU Marshawn!! If you didn’t request a trade, your actions surely indicated the wish to be traded!

  2. I’m tired of this guy.
    Average NFL career is 4.3 years. I expect nothing more for Lynch

  3. mama tried – you STFU, you dont not shat about shat. Marshawn is the best back for the Bills right now. I like CJ Spiller but he is unproven in the NFL and also Jackson is pretty good but Lynch is the beast in that town. I hope Lynch goest to the Seahawks to help them get better.

  4. Hello Marshawn Lynch. I surely would not mind having your ugly mug on my beloved Seahawks. But no douche-baggery, please.

  5. A bold prediction….if lynch gets more touches this season then spiller, buffalo gets close to a playoff spot. mark it down.

  6. Here is how the Bills carries will be split this year:
    First down Jackson
    Second down Lynch
    Third and long Spiller
    Punt and repeat.

  7. Only an idiot would rather live and work in Buffalo than Seattle esp. if you are playing football. Seattle is trying to build a program and Ralph Wilson is still trying to make up for insisting on starting Rob Johnson instead of Doug Flutie and then firing Wade Phillips when Johnson withered.

  8. A lot of hate for a rock solid player. Just turned 24 years old. Had over 1,000 yards his first two seasons and showed up late to the party in 2009.

  9. His other career as one of the cavemen on the Geico commercials could prove to be just as lucrative….

  10. Its very obvious that most of you people did not watch Spiller at Clemson. They definitely did not draft him to give him the ball in the backfield as a feature back. He can line up as a slot receiver and also run deep routes, so for the bills which lack a good option at #2 receiver, Spiller will be more valuable catching passes. This renders Lynch very important in the running game, so of course they won’t trade him for anything less than a second and if they do, it’s stupid. And as for all of you that won’t stop talking about how he’s a bad guy- get off the medias teet and start thinking for yourselves. Nobody has every said anything negative about him as a teammate and his questionable run-ins with the law are really nothing more than minor. The dude has mad skill and a good personality.

  11. ^lynch worth a 2nd rounder? PUHAHA.
    lets trade trent edwards for a 1st round pick too…stupid.

  12. 1st of all, why do fans get bent out of shape about a player missing OTA’s? they are VOLUNTARY..once again..VOLUNTARY. as long as a guy doesnt miss when he is supposed to, then nobody should have an issue with it.
    2nd, when the Seahawks offered a 3rd and Julius Jones (and yeah, they did offer that deal during the draft) the Bills should have jumped all over it. lets face it, that team needs to stockpile picks and bring in as much talent as possible

  13. @sdffa11
    I never said I thought he was worth that, I just said they shouldnt trade him for anything less than that. I was simply stating that it would be stupid to trade him unless they get a crazy offer.
    Its called deductive reasoning, stupid. Maybe give it a shot when you’re done being an internet tough guy.
    Next time don’t go out of your way to try to make somebody look foolish or you’ll just look like a tool.

  14. Pray4thebills: I’m with you on this one, Lynch is a great back with the ability to be one of the best! Spiller is a good back but an excellent receiver. Jackson is a good runner and a good receiver. The Bills would be smart to use the one, two, three punch, Jackson and Lynch used between 1st and 2nd down, then one of the two of them in the backfield with Spiller for 3rd down. There is so much that you can do with these three bad-ass rb’s! No matter who the QB may be I know that we will have a dynamic backfield!! Go Bills!!!!

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