Redskins teammates begin to tee off on Haynesworth

Though they’ve yet to go on the record, at least two of Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth’s teammates have begun the process of making their feelings known regarding Haynesworth’s decision not to show up for a mandatory minicamp, which comes on the heels of an offseason of decisions by Haynesworth not to show up for work.

As one player told Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan in D.C., “[Haynesworth] loves money and not football.  He is a great actor.  Actors get paid a lot of money.”

Another teammate was more concise, simply calling Haynesworth an “asshole.”

We suspect that it’ll only get more interesting once the players show up for the minicamp that opens tomorrow.

34 responses to “Redskins teammates begin to tee off on Haynesworth

  1. The Skins will unite around this fat pathetic debacle of a human being, enjoy sitting around on your ass Albert while grown men go out and do their jobs and make you look irrelevant.

  2. Whatever. As Jason Cole pointed out, anyone who stomps an opponent’s face is probably the most dedicated player out there.

  3. NAGASWAN?!?! Are you effing kidding me? THIS guy has shown nothing but selfishness, laziness, and the mentality of a 5 year old who can’t get his way!! I defended Albert for a little while as I thought the media was riding him too hard. HOWEVER, this is it!! The gloves are OFF! That fat, lazy m-effer is going to HEAR MAJOR ANGER coming out of D.C. tomorrow. The talk shows are going to go off. Every ex-Redskin and current Redskin worth his salt will come out against him. He will NEVER play in the NFL again!!!!!!!

  4. “Corey Edmondson suffered “severe injuries” that left him disabled after the accident that occurred on Dec. 13, Edmondson’s attorney, Jon Perry, said. Four days before the accident, Haynesworth received 30 days probation and was fined $1,000 in court fees after he reportedly was driving in excess of 100 mph on an Interstate highway. Law enforcement officials that responded to the accident did not cite Haynesworth.” – Jason Reid
    Why wasn’t it Haynesworth?

  5. “Whatever. As Jason Cole pointed out, anyone who stomps an opponent’s face is probably the most dedicated player out there.”
    Yeah, I’ve always said that the only thing holding Manning and Brady back from truly reaching their potential is that they don’t go around assaulting other players.

  6. AH is a complete an utterlyworthless greedy no account piece of garbage. There are no words to describe someone paid 32 million dollars and refuses to live up to his contract or word. I was one of the fools who said give the man the benefit of the doubt that money wouldnt change him. Count me as being sucker number one for falling for his BS at his intro news conference last year.

  7. Heynesworth should go to the Raiders. Were the owner takes care of its players. 4-3 defense with Seymour,Henderson,L.Houston(R) and give DT Tommy Kelly and a 3rd rd draft pick for 2012 to the Redskins will do.
    Once a Raider, 4ever a Raider.
    9-7 in 2010, 10-6 with Heynesworth, 11-5 with T.O.

  8. The best part of AH ran down the cheeks of his mothers ass and ended up as a brown stain on the sheet when she stood up !!!

  9. Ho wlong beofre Snyder fgives TO an 8 million dollar contract???
    Hahahahahaha–these idiots get what they deserve…Mr Six would do a better job running this team.

  10. Haha, this is classic… Fat Albert can give up the 3 side by side lockers lined with twinkies and his grease covered contract.

  11. as much as it sucks for the Redskins now .. we actually owe Fat Albert a huge THANK YOU! Because of your signing Cerrato has been fired, Shanahan has been hired and Danny Boy has been put to the back of the bus and not allowed to make anymore stupid free agent decisions.
    So for that us Redskins fans say THANK YOU Albert …… now take your fat ass to Oakland or the UFL where you belong.

  12. Danny’s minions are doing his dirty work again. Everyone who leaves the rRedskins never seem to do it on good terms. (Except Gibbs and Bugel).

  13. I have read that he just cannot take another year in the same locker room as D Hall, can you blame him. You belong in a 4-3, you are a Sports Car not a Truck. I love this guy, he sticks to his principals and does not care what they think. He is a great big Al Davis. Speaking of Al Davis Washington should give him a call.

  14. Well, sucks for the Redskins.
    As long as he shows up, guys gonna get paid, for quite some time.

  15. No the Raiders do not need Haynesworth or TO… We’re trying to rebuild, not DESTROY the franchise…!!!

  16. My guess is that he ran into Corey Simon at a doughnut shop and they became best friends. I can’t think of many other D Linemen in recent history that quit so early after signing a contract beyond their rookie contract – without significant and legit/documented medical aliments to back up the fact that the ink on the contract is still drying but won’t dry because the crybaby tears dripping on the page won’t allow it. Funny how simon said he had some sort of arthritis that had been plaguing him for 8 yrs – funny that the team docs didn’t see a reason to fail his physical or that he mention to anyone that he apparently had subjective pain for years but failed to mention that. Maybe I should contact the Oxford English Dictionary to see if I can have “limp-wristed, sniffling, lazy, sloth whom feeds only on the currency and crushed dreams of those willing to invest in and put the neck out for said creature” and have this definition associated “Corey Simon,” “Albert Haynesworth,” and “JaMarcus Russell.”
    Word around the campfire is that a competitive league was supposed to start up to see who could be the biggest, laziest, crybaby, and doing the least amount for a contract that was the most disproportionate in terms of physical productivity and financial compensation including guaranteed money and approved endorsements. Unfortunately, this league never came to fruition as all 3 were disgruntled with terms of financial compensation details and decided to sit out as a form of protest.
    As far as Haynesworth goes, it is a sad situation that he finds himself in, only now realizing that the money in his recent contract apparently still fell short of being able to buy a country or island big enough to carry his ego and his baggage.

  17. Breaking News: Albert Haynesworth was just traded to British Petroleum for cash considerations and a lifetime supply of gasoline for Dan Snyder. He’ll be placed at the bottom of the gulf to permanently plug the oil leak.

  18. Heeheehee.
    I wonder if Haynesworth is vain enough to read this blog and the viewer hate mail?

  19. Little Daniel, Shanny and the skins fans deserve this.
    Only in Redskin land!
    Maybe AH just sees the true picture in Washington and decided he didn’t want any part of loserville?

  20. Dude Mike-in-Texass, the raiders have the perfect 3-4 scheme going right now.
    Wimbley – McClain – Howard – Scott/Groves
    Seymour – Kelly – Houston
    That is a pretty sick front 7.

  21. Come on everyone, go easy on the guy. He’s right: his talent is wasted in the system the are building in Washington. That said, he’s one of several dozen whiners in the league who aren’t happy about their 7 figure salaries. Get a clue guys: league minimum is still ten year’s salary for most Americans. The league need to impose a new salary system for all players so they stop seeing $5 million as a personal insult because they are better than some other guy who makes more. Of course, to do that and be fair, they need to open their books. I’m so tired of the Haynesworth/Revis/CJ/Mankins gripes who think money grows on trees and doesn’t come out of the pockets of their teammates. Yes, they are talented and deserve to reap the bulk of the wealth they create. That said, I would hope they get some perspective and figure out how little Joe the Plumber cares to hear about how hard it is to feed your kids on a $1 million per year.

  22. First off Haynesworth is a d-bag.
    That being said, maybe he is a symptom of a bigger problem all stemming out of the Titans.
    Lets see we of course have this lazy bastard here.
    Lendell White and his quick bounce out of Seattle after he shows up with a similar sense of entitlement to Albert’s, but with little invested the Seahawks could cut that loss quick.
    Steve McNair and his girlfriends and tragedy.
    Vince Young and his constant, never-ending stupidity.
    Might the other teams be cautious of taking any player who has spent sometime in Tenn?
    Just a thought, facts do speak pretty loud here.

  23. 1.regardless hes the best player on that defensive line…and the best player on the defense besides Fletcher…
    2.hes not doing anything different than what he did in tennessee… is not his fault the redskins overpaid him…thats washingtons gameplan
    4.You dont have a defense with out him in your new nose tackle relient defense…
    5.He does care about the media because he has been grossly overpaid…hes wiping the tears from his eyes with millions of dollars…
    6.I like the redskins but face it… the demise is nigh!

  24. Crush Tony Romo one time and they’ll all forget about the offseason antics…..he ain’t my favorite guy, but he’s not the only one to ever stay away in the offseason either.
    Shame on Snyder and Co. for continually signing guys like that. Since Jack Kent Cooke died this team hasn’t made one right move outside of bringing Gibbs back.

  25. Yeah… if they really said that, if they really MEANT that… I have a feeling they’d go on record.
    Simple fact is, this is media-made BS to try and get a story out of it.
    Media always trying to push their own agendas. If a player doesn’t bend over for them, they try to run them out of town.

  26. this is comical…LMFAO SUCKAS!!!!! At least Roy Williams is trying to improve/fit in so I give the man the credit there.
    Thats what happens we you go to a loser org…4skins problem the last 30 yrs…nobody cares.

  27. What makes anyone here think Oakland would want that worthless slob? They just got rid of one overpaid, out of shape player. Sorry Redskins, I think your stuck with this POS. I’d try suing to get some money back since he won’t show up. Cut your losses, this fatass is done in the NFL.

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