Seattle "maintains" interest in Marshawn Lynch, who is expected at Bills practice

Thumbnail image for NFL_lynch2_250.jpgMarshawn Lynch’s long awaited return to Bills practice is expected to happen on Tuesday, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.  But how long will he stay in town?

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reported on Tuesday that Seattle has “maintained” interest in Lynch throughout the offseason, even when LenDale White was on the roster.  J-La also believes Seattle would give up a fourth-round pick for the running back.

If that’s true, the Bills should just deal Lynch and get it over with.  They certainly aren’t going to do any better in a trade.

8 responses to “Seattle "maintains" interest in Marshawn Lynch, who is expected at Bills practice

  1. Do you guys begin each morning by watching NFL Live and NFL Total Access from the day before and then posting every story you can get out of them?

  2. I hope Marshawn can go to a better team! I love Lynch and I like the Bills but Bills O-line just sucks!! I hope he moves to the Seahawks, help them get better!!

  3. F*** the pick. Keep LYNCH. If he’s traded, it will be regretted when Jackson can’t handle being the bruiser. Jackson had 1 DECENT year. He broke 100 yards 2 times. Vs the Bucs, Vs the Colts. He had TWO yards against Carolina. That matches the total amount of rushing touchdowns he had last year….TWO. In 8 of 16 games he didn’t even break 50 yards rushing. In 12 of 16 games he didn’t break 75. Lynch and Jackson both have 4 years experience. Lynch has 17 career rushing touchdowns to Jackson’s 5. With the limited time Lynch saw last year he still had 2 rushing touchdowns.

  4. Gregg it looks like you missed Vic Carucci’s article on June 7th
    In it hey clear states that Gailey wants Lynch to get on board.
    In other words Lynch is being made an example of to show the rest of the team you will do what we ask you to do and not what you want to do.
    Nix was with the Bills last year when it was the opposite way with Jauron, which turned out to be a disaster.
    Also, after showing up to facilities last week and not speaking to Gailey he is obviously bent and even was quoted after one practice saying that Lynch’s actions were strained.
    The only two possible places Lynch will be playing football on opening day of the regular season is at Ralph Wilson Stadium or on his living couch via his video game system as trading Lynch at all will undermine the discipline and structure they are trying to instill into the team.

  5. The thing about Lynch is he’s more of a glorified FB than a RB – even in his brief highlights with the Bills, he wasn’t really a cut-on-a-dime guy with a huge skill set.
    Who cares if he’s missing OTAs – Spiller and Jackson can carry the skill-load. Even when he does show up, Lynch won’t be doing much more than taking a handoff and running into a wall anyway.
    How long can “Beast Mode” really last in the NFL with that rushing style of power/try to run over/carry people five-ten yards?

  6. Don’t trade Lynch. He is a bruiser, and is needed precisely because the O-line stinks. Lynch and Spiller make a good combo.

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