Albert Haynesworth officially is a no-show

As expected, Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has failed to show up for the start of a mandatory minicamp.

Larry Weisman, the team’s Editorial Director, reports via Twitter that Haynesworth didn’t attend a 6:30 a.m. ET physical.

Meanwhile, questions linger regarding the potential financial consequences.  Some (including Haynesworth’s camp) think that the Redskins may only fine him the CBA-authorized amount that falls in the range of $10,000.  Others think that a portion of the 2010 allocation from his $5 million initial signing bonus can be pursued.  Still others think that the conversion of his $21 million April 1 roster bonus into a bonus that operates like a signing bonus, with allocations spread out over multiple years, makes the payment subject to partial forfeiture.

We’re trying to get to the bottom of this one.  So keep checking back.

Then again, you’ll be checking back anyway.  What else are you gonna do?  Work?

29 responses to “Albert Haynesworth officially is a no-show

  1. I sure as hell ain’t going to watch the World Cup, and thats all they are showing right now over here in the Middle East

  2. I’d tell him I was coming for it (the $) even if I couldn’t get it. Maybe induce the “pucker” factor. All he cares about is green.

  3. “Then again, you’ll be checking back anyway. What else are you gonna do? Work?”
    Real clever Florio, I hate to admit it but you’re right!

  4. I thought he was excused from practice until the redskins re-install the 4 -3.
    He’s probably ‘chillin” on his yacht .

  5. This guy Albert Not-what-he’s-worth is a great example of star players that once they get the contract they get lazy and don’t want to comply. This guy does not love the sport he is just in it for the benjamins “Point Blank” I mean seriously you just got cut a check for 21 million or something like that. How about play in the system and then complain about it next year.. or something. If I were the skins I would not trade him at all what so ever he would rot on the roster and I would make sure his career (pathetic at most) would be over and he would never don another jersey again in his life except an orange jump suit for doing something stupid as he always does.

  6. The funniest thing I’ve heard is his wanting a trade…who’d want that lazya$$ pig…let alone pay him any money.

  7. Most of us have mastered the art of commenting and checking on this website while doing work. It’s a skill Florio.

  8. He is probably sitting at Mcdonalds with Jamarcus laughing his butt of about how he screwed people out of money. What a bunch of sorry pieces of crap. Besides, who the hell does he think he is, the coach? Maybe he needs to replace shanahan or or, better yet, rex or buddy ryan and put in “his” system and see how many games he wins. Or, more likely, he don’t give a damn about winning games, just wants to draw the money. Competitor my ass

  9. this guy needs to work like the rest of us…who get paid weekly, i bet he would be there than….

  10. I’m glad the Bucs didn’t sign him.
    I’m still mystified they wanted him in the first place. Not a good sign that they were stupid enough to want to go after him in the first place. I’m glad he’s the Redskins’ problem now.

  11. Did they check Dunkin Donuts? He may have gotten lost on his way in and took refuge there.

  12. Nice jab, Florio!
    The whiners deserved that one! They sit and complain about the topics and the bias, but they keep coming back!
    What’s that definition of “stupid” again?

  13. Florio — please do a piece that explores the legal options for the Redskins. I am just apalled that this guy can be paid/demand (or at least guaranteed) 20 million large and then not show up for mandatory sessions just because he does not like the defensive scheme being installed by the coaching staff. What employee has that kind of power? Haynesworth needs to grow up. Haynesworth has managed to get me to do the one thing that I swore I would never do — jump on Snyder’s bandwagon.

  14. You can be blasé about a lot of things, Florio…but not about Titanic(or Albert Haynesworthless)

  15. “I thought he was excused from practice until the redskins re-install the 4 -3. He’s probably ‘chillin” on his yacht . ”
    I think you are correct sir, and the name of his yacht…..
    “Dannys Loot”

  16. Biggest waste of skin in the NFL…..
    I hope he never plays a down in the league again….

  17. They structured his deal wrong. Most NFL observers knew that he was playing for a deal. Playing hard for a deal. He was a slouch for the first part of his career, then, something amazing happened. His agent said, “Look at you, man. You are huge. You are powerful. Nobody can stop you. Do you wanna get us…umm, I mean you paid. I mean REALLY paid? You need to play hard. Balls out for these two years. Then, it will happen. Tennessee may franchise you after this year, but after that they won’t be able to afford it. They’ll HAVE to let you go…or sign you to a big deal. If you don’t get a deal there you will definitely get one somewhere. Get that deal and I don’t care WHAT you do after that.
    And he listened. And he obeyed.
    The bad thing is, he is going to mess things up for some great NFL player or player to be. Some person that just didn’t get it his first couple of years in the league. He’d been good, but not great. Finally that guy looks, not at his agent, but in the mirror, ala Ray Lewis, and says, “What am I doing? I’m better than this. I am better than the man I face week in and week out. I WILL BE BETTER FROM NOW ON. And BOOM an NFL great is made. And, come contract time they are going to bring up the first couple of years he was in the league not playing up to his true potential. Whe rumblings of, “Where was THIS guy 2 years ago? If we pay him he is just going to revert back to his old ways.” We are not going to have another Haynesworth, because we saw after we paid him what Haynes was Worth and that was nothing. Free agency has always been a huge gamble. “A football coach once said, “Three things can happen when you throw the football, and two of them are bad”. The same thing can be said about free agency. NFL players present and future should thank Haynesworth for messing it up for all of them.

  18. Fat Albert isn’t going anywhere!! Now you can sit your large buttocks wherever you want and we don’t want you to come in…stay home. Oh yeah…know that $21M? We’re coming after that (from a 3-4…beeatch). Hail!

  19. What a P.O.S. This hurts all the other players out there looking for big money contracts who deserve it.

  20. Dan Snyder is a vindictive little prick. Look at what he did to Coles years ago. AH is going to feel the wrath of one of the biggest assholes in sports.
    AH was complaining that he won’t get his stats in a 3-4. I wonder how he will get his stats when money bags continues to pay him in order to not allow him to see the light of day.
    You just ruined your career AH. Kiss the HOF good bye dumbass (not that you ever really cared about being a great player).

  21. I’ll take Fat, Lazy D-linemen who don’t realize how much $ they are making for $1000 please Alex.

  22. how much are you worth? Exactly what someone is willing to pay you.Sorry Danny-Boy. Dumbass
    Meanwhile, the coach and GM should give him a little Belichick-tosses-Ty Law-then-tosses-another-and-another until they get the message…….dump him early and rapidly before the cancer spreads.

  23. What a worthless POS baby. As a Cowboys fan I obviously do not like the Redskins, but, I hope they are able to get most of their money back and unload him. And hope they learn a lesson about guarantying money to players that have shown to be POS’s in the past.

  24. AlphaQ: Do you really think Fat Albert cares? He already has most of his contract already paid. He pretty much stole a lot of Snyder’s money. I blame Snyder for giving him this contract, even though there were so many red flags out there that said this was a bad deal.

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