Brady, Manning contracts still linger

As more and more teams blame their reluctance to do long-term deals on the uncertainty surrounding the labor situation, we continue to wonder why teams would decline to do fair deals with core players and then worry about the nuances of the new rules when it comes to signing backups and assorted slappies.

When it comes to players like Pats quarterback Tom Brady and Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, the teams simply shouldn’t be hiding behind the CBA uncertainties.

For more on the contractual situations involving both players, we give you another dose of PFTV.


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  1. Here is a reason, Bellicheat first needs to sign his AV expert before he can start to think about the effectiveness and thus the money he will be paying Tom Brady.

  2. If I am a company trying to push around the union. Why would I pay huge sums of money until the issue is resolved. It like giving money to the enemies camp.

  3. IF both teams really want to wait until the new deal is worked out so they know how these two monster contracts would impact their over all team (new salary cap?), can they buy big insurance policies on the respective QB so if he gets hurt w/o a long term deal he’ll still make a huge chunk of change? Would that count AGAINST the cap or maybe just the premium count? Could be a win/win providing potential long term/large compensation in the event of injury, but also allow the teams to see how things shake out.

  4. rovibe -> correction
    Vikes lose in playoff again, can’t get new stadium deal both Brady and Manning beg to come to sunny LA.

  5. Makes sense for both teams to wait until the new CBA is ratified before giving either one an extension. If either team guesses wrong on what the new cap will be and gives their QB a new contract now, they could put themselves in cap hell and be forced to cut important players. The Colts and patriots have managed the cap as well as anybody in the NFL the last ten or twelve years. They’re not going to suddenly get away from the business philosophy that has made them two of the best teams in the NFL during the salary cap era.

  6. Both these guys need to hold out after all they have done for their teams…. shame on the front offices. I guess they dont want to win anymore. Yeah ok!!! NOT!!

  7. Brady is a good QB, but I think any QB who is somewhat competent can run Billicheks offense. I think Brady getting hurt and Cassel coming in and winning 11 games shows it’s more of a system than anything. Cassel goes to KC and is a complete disaster. Brady’s good, but I think he’s benefited from a great coach (not to mention a few years of cheating)…

  8. 2 first round picks on a 33 year old QB who has recently had knee surgery and will command a huge contract? As a Patriots fan, I find this hard to believe.
    What you are forgetting about Bledsoe is that he was drafted by someone who was long gone. Belichick installed his guy for the reason mentioned, but this isn’t a-typical for a team. Tom Brady is bill belichick’s QB. I’d be shocked to see him walking in 2011.

  9. Mr. Florio, there is much more to this than merely the CBA. The economy is in a shamble with Bernake recently talking about a “double dip recession”. Beyond the mainstream shills, forecasters claim a complete worldwide economic collapse is very possible. The Gulf is belching toxin by the millions of gallons a day.
    The owners are circling their financial wagons, and are doing so wisely. Guaranteeing Manning or Brady tens of millions at this juncture would be foolish. They can just as easily address this in 2011 with perhaps a much clearer view of all the potentially damaging economic variables.

  10. The problem with Bradys contract is the 30% rule. In order to make him a top paid QB, the Patriots would need to shell out 100 million in a bonus.
    Look, that’s alot of dough, I don’t care who you are.

  11. @Tim’s_Mom says:
    Let the Brady hatin’ begin in 3….2….1
    You don’t understand – we all LOVE Brady. He is going to look fantastic in the Silver and Black this year. Those Raider fans in the Black Hole are going to go nuts for him
    @JimmySmith – you may well be the smartest poster in the history of PFT – well spoken

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