Bucs ink another draft pick

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have spent some more money.  Of course, when it comes to their rookies, they essentially have to. 

The latest check made payable to a first-year player will be made out to Brent Bowden, a punter picked in round six. 

The Bucs also cut receiver Mark Bradley, a receiver claimed off waivers from the Chiefs in December 2009.  Five years ago, Bradley was a second-round draft pick of the Bears.

3 responses to “Bucs ink another draft pick

  1. I side with the players on this one. i once met charles mann outside then rich stadium before a bills vs redskins game. he was limping badly and showed us a hole drilled in his huge finger nail to drain fluid so he could bend it without being in great pain and this was like 13 games into the season. he said at that point in the season everyone is busted up and that he was not even that bad compared to some other guys. besides do we need two more meaningless games at the seasons end? id love the season extended but i think its just not physically possible for these guys. GO BILLS!

  2. As long as Tampa Bay didn’t give Bowden an incentive bonus based on number of times he punts this year, the Glazers will continue to keep their costs down despite this signing.

  3. Wrong post big guy.
    Anyway, as much as I despise taking a punter in the draft at any point, this was a good pickup. Our punting situation, which we did A LOT last year, was putrid, much like everything else.

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