Chris Johnson: "I can't play for $550,000"

Titans running back Chris Johnson is one of the best players in the NFL, and he can’t stand the fact that he isn’t paid like one of the best players in the NFL.

I can’t play for $550,000,” Johnson told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, referring to what he’s scheduled to make this season. “The money that I am playing for, I am getting paid less than the [other] starting 11 [players on the Titans’ offense] and I’m one of the lowest paid starting running backs in the league.”

Johnson, who has three more years on the five-year, $12 million deal he signed after the Titans drafted him in 2008, said he’ll hold out of training camp if he has to.

“Right now, I am not sure what is going to happen,” Johnson said. “I just hope they pay me, but I don’t know.”

The Titans don’t seem inclined to give Johnson a new deal, noting that they’ve still got Johnson locked up for three more years, and that the “30 percent rule” would make it tough for them to dramatically increase Johnson’s salary. And the Titans have a lot of leverage if Johnson holds out, because if Johnson doesn’t report within 30 days of the start of the regular season, he could lose a year of credit toward free agency.

The truth is, if the Titans refuse to play ball with Johnson, he ultimately will play for $550,000. And if he gets fined for holding out, he’ll play for even less than that.

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  1. That or he can holdout and ruin the Titans entire season. The guy only accounted for 2000 rushing yards last year… The Titans are a 5-11 team without Johnson.

  2. Seriously, pay the man. If he underplayed his contract, he’d be cut. He’s (WELL) overplayed his contract. Pay the man.

  3. I don’t see any reason a running back like johnson would play for 500k. Just say you are going to retire. If CJ stays out a whole season- then next offseason there will be a line of teams offering draft picks and anything else for a trade. If not during this season
    Staying out a year wouldn’t hurt his earning either- He would be like the elusive barry sanders-
    If CJ’s agent allows this man to play at all this season for 500k- he is doing a pathetic job.

  4. This is such a tough situation for both sides. They both have a point.
    CJ is one of the best players in the league. He deserves more that $550,000. But, at the same time, it’s only the third year of a 5-year deal. New deals typically aren’t handed out in these situations. And he already got all that guaranteed money up front from his original contract..

  5. Didn’t this guy get a signing bonus? He’s only getting 550 this year, but he got cash up front, too. They never mention that when they start complaining about what they’re getting now.

  6. Look’s like he’s going to have to retire and not make a half mill a year to do something not nearly as fun… Since he claims he can’t play for that price…

  7. 550k doesn’t buy a nice enough fish tank I guess.
    Suck it Chris, hope you dont show for camp and you get fined and have to pay your fines on your credit card.

  8. I agree with the player on this one. I don’t care how many years he has left on his contract, you don’t pay the best RB in the game that much money. He is better off sitting a year and saving the body.

  9. MDS: “The truth is, if the Titans refuse to play ball with Johnson, he ultimately will play for $550,000. And if he gets fined for holding out, he’ll play for even less than that.”
    REALLY ??? Who else are the Titans gonna use at RB – Javon Ringer ???? HAHAHAHAHAHA he had all of 8 carries last year. Good luck with that.
    Actually, I think Johnson holds ALL the cards here, and that the Titans will cave in early August with a 5-6 year deal/extension with a HUGE signing bonus. They have to. Imagine the lost ticket revenue, luxury box revenue, etc., if he isn’t there ??? Plus Titans fans will revolt.
    Imagine defenses blitzing Vince Young on every play when they know the Titans have absolutely NO option at RB ! Look out Vince !!!
    CJ holds ALLLLL the cards here.

  10. Wow, cry a little more please for making a cool half-mil. Hey Chris…you signed the contract, now be a man and live up to it.

  11. Then you should’ve held out for more money on your rookie deal. These guys are out of freaking control!!! Still 3 years left on his deal for the love of god!

  12. My boss’s boss’s boss’s boss doesn’t even make $550k. He is friends with Fat Albert, I’m sure he can get a loan until he gets a new contract.

  13. half a mill? that is BS. Canada would match that pocket change. After the lockout, we are going to be force feed that watered down game next year anyway so we might as well see some players. Call their bluff.

  14. Ricky proved skipping a season keeps tread on the tires. Johnson should absolutely hold out as long as he can. I would do the same thing in his shoes… running backs have such a short shelf life anyway, and he’s going to piss away one of his prime years risking his neck for half a million? No way. The Titans should pay him like the pillar of the offense that he is. If they think they can float with just Vince Young doing his thing, they’re delusional and screwed.

  15. The hell you can’t, Chris.
    Whom else will the Titans use? Their passing game, which improved after Young took over

  16. I don’t know who the bigger idiot is:
    1. The commenters chiming in with their mindumbingly moronic logic like “Shut up Chris, you whiny baby! I make only $35K at my job as a clerk, so you should be happy to make $550K doing a job that’s actually fun. What a typical spoiled athlete!”
    2. Michael David Smith with his “The truth is, if the Titans want to, Johnson will play for $550K and he will like it, and if he holds out, he’ll get even less than that.”
    Oh, is that so, tough guy? What, are you part of the Titans management team now or something?
    I also agree with the previous poster who mentioned that Johnson is very conveniently ignoring the signing bonus he got when he signed that 5yr $12mill deal.

  17. When it gets right down to it, he’s right. He can’t play for that, since he has outplayed his contract. All of you who say he made a deal and should honor it, have no idea how it feels to have unproven rookies walk through the door and instantly make 20 times what you make as a bona fide star. How is that right? I can’t get with management on this, because they are taking advantage, while not even batting an eye when signing a highly touted, yet unproven rookie. I understand his position and so would you if you put yourself in his shoes for just a second.

  18. How about the up-front cash he got on his deal? It cant be overlooked and it makes his annual salary much more than $550k. How convenient he forgets all about that.

  19. no one is making him play for $550k. he should just retire if he doesnt want to play for that amount.

  20. He should retire, he can make that money just in endorsements even retired. The titans are cheap bastards always have been always will. he can probably make that much playing in the UFL or CFL. The free agency credit really doesn’t matter because they have him locked up for 3 more years and then they’ll franchise him a couple of years by the time he’s truly a free agent he’ll be close to thirty and then they’ll still not pay him, saying he’s lost a step or has too many carries or he’s too close to 30 to give a long term contract to. RB’s like him that over produce from their draft position really get screwed in this league especially when they get drafted by cheap bastards. His only viable option is to hold out all season and even next season until they come to the table and that won’t happen until the fans stop buying tickets from frustration otherwise they know they got him by the balls and will ride him like seabiscuit until he’s worn out and they can toss him aside like an old sawblade, chuckling At how they got all his top years for walk on player money.

  21. # Signing Bonus: $250,000
    # Year 1 Roster Bonus (earned 5 days after execution of deal): $875,000
    # Year 1 Salary: $295,000
    # Option Bonus (to be exercised in Year 2 to add Year 5 to contract): $3,860,000
    # One-time Incentive (backed up by paragraph five guarantees to ensure it’s earned): $1,605,000
    # TOTAL: $6,885,000

  22. haha I like all these people telling him to “be a man”
    how bout this, “be a smart man”
    he looks around the league and sees all these scrubs making more money then him, why wouldn’t he hold out? sure he’s giving up money, but he’s also giving up a chance of getting hurt. this isn’t a game to these guys, they’re trying to get paid as much as they can because I don’t think they can fall back on his law degrees when they retire.
    it’s just business.

  23. yea.. i would hate to make 20,000 bi weekly for playing a game i love..
    .. wait a minute.. currently I PAY to play!!
    why didn’t he just buy a fast food franchise when he got his signing bonus? that would of been easy money!!
    Ochocinco wanted more money.. realized he couldn’t get it and had to settle for what he agreed to get in the first place.. so he found a way to make money during the offseason!! now CJ does have the voice of a … … special person..
    So maybe he can just suck it up untill his contract is up.. btw CJ.. superbowl winners get more then $83,000 this year.. and if your so good.. then get there.. win it.. and i’m sure superbowl MVP will be a bargaining chip come negotiation time..
    blounte is looking like a good fantasy option

  24. This is why rich people need PR consultants.
    He doesn’t even know he’s rich. I once heard an NBA player interviewed and it was clear he believed taxi drivers and waitresses made $200k a year.
    Just out of touch.

  25. Nobody without talent runs for 2000 yards, and he’s not in a position to play until he collects on Social Security like Brett Favre. Pay the man.

  26. Do players request to be paid LESS MONEY when they perform poorly? If not, he should honor his contract and get over it. After all, it is HIS SIGNATURE on the contract, no?

  27. Gotta side with Johnson on this one. What if he goes out there for $550k and tears his ACL, MCL, and PCL in week 3? What if that’s a career-ender? The Titans will cut him with a small injury settlement. The guy rushed for over 2,000 yards last season. He deserves to make at least decent starting RB money.

  28. I love all the “he is under contract douches” The contract was forced upon him due to the draft slotting system, and if you were half as good at anything you would be crying too, to get paid. He could have just as easily gotten injured and got cut from the precious contract and gotten a weak injury settlement. 550k is nothing compared to what the owners rake in every year. Guess what you are getting ripped off at your job too, and that happy to have a job attitude keeps us all underpaid.

  29. A lot of people claim that a player still get’s paid if he under plays a contract so there is risk to both sides. Not true. As was mentioned by forthelove earlier a player can be cut. These contracts are not guaranteed. I think just the signing bonus. So CJ has easily outplayed his contract. You would think the teams would stack incentives so these contracts would self adjust. So a player’s pay goes up with performance. I’m not a cap wizard but I think the drawback is if too many players hit incentives it could put a team over the cap in a cap year which leads to cap penaltys. I feel for both sides, but on this I side with CJ. If money is a problem then a lesser player needs to be cut to make room.

  30. You have to consider the position. Running backs burn out a lot faster than most positions. A lot of them leave their best games in college. Absolutely Johnson should get about 10 times what he is scheduled to earn. He does most of his work on his own. When he is 27 with broken knees, the linemen and the quarterback will just be entering the prime of their careers.

  31. Pay the man. You don’t want like 80% of your total offense to be disgruntled. I don’t care if he signed a contract.

  32. Out of the first 14 responses, only 2-3 decided to go after Chris Johnson. I thought it’d be worse, but there’s enough people who don’t seem or don’t want to grasp Johnson’s perspective:
    You have to side with the player on this one. RB’s who carry the ball for over 2000 yards are at very, VERY serious risk of injury if they continue to handle that workload.
    If you add in his signing bonus to his yearly base salary, he “made” $1.785 mil last year, which was the 21st highest on his team. 21st highest. That’s fine for a rookie playing the 2nd year of his contract, but if he’s 27 years old and still averaging over 1800 total yards, Justin Gage and Rob Bironas should NOT be making more money than him
    Johnson just had one of the greatest seasons ever by a running back and the team invested their entire offense in utilizing his abilities. One awkward tackle and he might never be the same. Why should he quietly accept the 20th highest salary on his own team?
    At this pace, Johnson will have produced over 8,000 total yards by the time his 5-year contract expires. Look around the NFL! Nobody will justify a Shaun Alexander/LaDanian Tomlinson style contract anymore!

  33. Normally I think these players complaining about new contracts is bullshit, but RB is a position that he could get very easily injured at and I dont think that money is worth the chance of him getting hurt. Even if he had to sit out for the remainder of his contract he could still have an opportunity to get a big check down the road.

    List of Titans salaries and cap hits 2009
    1. Bullock
    2. Vanden Bosch
    3. Collins
    4. Hope
    5. Roos
    6. David Thornton
    7. V Young
    8. Jake Scott
    9. Bo Scaife
    10. Nick Harper
    11. Courtland Finnegan
    12. Kevon Kearse
    13. JUSTIN GAGE 28 catches 383 yards for twice the annual money as Chris Johnson. Is it worth mentioning that CJ caught 22 more passes for 120 additional yards than Gage?
    15. Kevin Mawae
    16. Ryan Fowler
    17. David Steart
    18. ROB BIRONAS ($3 mil cap total)
    19. Vincent Fuller
    20. Michael Griffin
    21. CHRIS JOHNSON ($ 1.785 mil cap total)

  35. At least he can count (12 players on offense?)……no wait he can’t. They probably gave him $100,000 in singles and he thinks it’s $550,000 lol!

  36. You guys gotta quit comparing what you make to what he makes to mock him.
    The fact is he’s worth more than that based on the revenue the players bring in.

  37. Good businessmen break contracts all the time when they gain more leverage. Good companies do the same. According to CJ’s contract he has two options right now. Play and get paid what his contract says or don’t play and don’t get paid. If he chooses to not play then the Titans will have two options, either let him not play and not pay him or pay him enough money that he will want to play. Ultimately both parties should and will do what they believe to be in their best interests.

  38. Johnson’s not playing for $550,000. He’s playing for $550,000 regular salary plus any built-in incentive plus the big bonus he received as a first-round pick.
    Stop whining.

  39. The way they ran him last year, he will be lucky to retain his explosiveness over the next 3 seasons before he gets that massive 2nd contract. This is a situation where I actually agree with the player. Obviously these guys are far overpaid (no one is going to dispute that) but Johnson is the league’s best RB (1a to AP’s 1b); yet, he is being paid less than some backups. The average NFL career is short, but it is even shorter for RBs (especially backs his size) so it makes sense to try and get as much as possible at this point, because everyone knows that the Titans are going to get as much out of him as they can whether or not it has a negative impact on the long term future of his career.

  40. For those of you that think he can retire or holdout for the entire season… a year from now he will still be in the same situation. The clock stops on the contract if the player doesn’t report, so he would still owe the Titans 3 years. However, instead of playing for $550,000 this year and being a year closer to free agency he would actually have spent the year not playing and actually owing the Titans money (fines for not reporting).
    Yes, Chris Johnson has outplayed his current contract, but he isn’t likely to get to get a new contract with 3 years remaining on it. Considering that the Titans aren’t serious contenders a holdout isn’t likely that great of a threat to them and sitting out the entire year would actually hurt Johnson more than help him. He would lose a season of credit, he would lose his football conditioning and timing, and he would reduce the likelyhood that Titans or any other team would reward him with the type of big money upfront contract he is looking for if he demonstrates an outright defiance to honor a contract.
    I understand where Johnson is coming from and I don’t blame him for not wanting to play for $550,000 (not that it isnt good money but his value far exceeds that), but in this situation the Titans have the leverage (at least for now – this time next season that changes).

  41. Yeah Chris Johnson, stop whining! And Bud Adams, stop acting like an asshole and charging for tickets! What do you jerks think this is, a business? You’re doing this all for fun!
    Seriously guys, get over it.

  42. He should stop bitching. In every office in America, there is someone making more money than someone else. Imagine if I walked in and said… “I can’t do my job for my salary.. Bob is making more. So is Sally.” They’d laugh me right out of there. You signed a contract – you need to stick to it. Giving new deals to these guys is making the contract process irrelevant.
    I get that he doesn’t want to get hurt making 550K, but that’s the risk you take. They have him by the balls either way. Man up, honor your contract, earn the big pay off by showing that one year isn’t a fluke.

  43. I’m going to agree with Chris Johnson on this one. Running backs only have a shelf life up until about age 28-29. If he had a Robert Edwards injury as a rookie and his career was over do any of you think the Titans would have kept up their end of the 5 year contract? No, he’d have been cut

  44. “Guess what you are getting ripped off at your job too, and that happy to have a job attitude keeps us all underpaid.”
    Perhaps. But I’m returning the favor by scouring when I’m supposed to be working.
    I understand those of you siding with CJ – I’m sure I’d want more $$ if I were in his position. But I’m not. And it’s hard to read a headline like this and not get a little turned off.

  45. It’s such BS.
    Players who don’t live up to their contract get to keep their money. 95% of the time, it’s the player who is getting overpaid rather than underpaid.
    Chris Johnson is being underpaid. But that’s life – no one forced him to sign that original contract.
    If the Titans give him some big signing bonus, and then he has a horrible season and ends up being overpaid, you think he’ll return the money? Not in a thousand years.
    How about this: Give him a signing bonus on condition he runs for at least 1750 yards. Then it’s fair for everyone. I’ll bet you Chris Johnson won’t agree to that b/c he’s just an egotistical prima dona who doesn’t even understand his arguments about his being underpaid.

  46. Until teams can go after under-preforming busts and assholes like Jamarcus Russell and Albert Haynesworth to get their money back then players that are outperforming their contract should have to honor the contract they signed.
    Hey Chris Johnson, go get your money from Jamarcus Russell.

  47. I gotta agree with Chris Johnson on this. If he played any other position other than RB I’d say he should shut up and play. Unfortunately, the way he is going to be used this year and in the future he will be used up in 3 years. Even then if he has something left the Titans will just franchise him to death so he will never see another long term big-money contract unless he forces something. We forget that RB shelf life seems to get smaller every season.

  48. If he decides to hold-out, he’ll get his money. When you’re the team’s best player, the team isn’t likely to stick to their guns. I rarely side with the players but he is playing for less than he’s worth – contract or not. It worked for Emmitt Smith and will for any team that thinks it can make the playoffs.
    Personally, I despise anything Bud Adams is associated with so I hope he takes them for so much money that it puts them in a salary cap bind in a few years.

  49. Good luck getting production out of him. I’d become a 500 yard rusher for the year overnight, run out of bounds every chance and do my best to get benched and preserve my body from the hits.

  50. Attention Chris Johnson:
    Here’s an idea — sue the agent who negotiated your original deal for malpractice. The only way the lunacy (in both directions) of the current salary setup will ever get fixed is if the agents stop getting more positive cash flow each time they renegotiate a long-term contract long before it’s over. If they have a little “skin in the game” in the form of potential professional negligence liability, maybe they’ll start to act a little more responsibly at all points in the transaction.

  51. He got a 7 million signing bonus, why do these athletes forget those so quickly? They didn’t pay you that signing bonus for one year CJ! You have to factor that in your salary too.

  52. The dude got a couple mil to just sign his name. So, who gives a damn what he makes base salary wise? He most likely has incentives in his contract that will up his wage. Suck it up, CJ, and understand that you are extremely fortunate to get paid 12 mil over 5 years to play a game, unlike 99.9% of the rest of humanity

  53. I understand the honorable thing to do is for Chris to play under the contract he signed, but don’t we as fans and everyday people try to get the most money for the jobs that we do everyday? When we feel underpaid and overworked don’t we feel it’s in our best interest to ask for a raise in salary? I’ll never make as much money as Chris Johnson will in a season even if he’s only making $550,000, but it seems to me that the money that he brings in to that team and to the NFL he should be the highest paid running back in the league.

  54. Too bad he looks like Lil Jon & Lil Wayne’s lovechild after it was set on fire.
    Also he talks like a 3rd grader with downs syndrome.
    Maybe he could make big $ in endorsements.
    But he is such a thug no legitimate company wants anything to do with him & his gold teeth.

  55. 5 year contract at $12 million.
    My math might be off but it seems like he is playing for $2.4 million.
    Too many players bitch about front loaded contracts not paying enough at the end.

  56. They WILL pay him because they need to. If I were a player of his caliber, there is no way I would play for 550k. If he blows out his knee (Leon Washington) before he signs a new deal, he will never play again. This guy plays football. That is what he does. You people keep saying that you can support a family on 550k. Of course, you can. Unfortunately, if CJ blows out his knee, he never makes that money again. If you were making 550k a year at your office job, no matter how many legs you blow out, you could still do it for the rest of your life.
    For everyone saying “you signed the contract”, it was a rookie contract stipulated on the position he was drafted. Of course he signed it, but he wasn’t going to get more. It is solely based on where and when you are drafted. You are paid based on that with your rookie deal.
    Injury happens far too often to these players, especially explosive, dynamic players like Johnson. Hold out. They will pay you. They have to.

  57. The Lord says: June 16, 2010 10:18 PM Cut him. I will play for $150k and the Titans can pocket the rest.
    You probably haven’t been hit since you found out your girlfriend was doing your stepfather, loser. Still, I’m not saying Johnson shouldn’t get paid. He’s just not being completely honest when he claims he’s only getting 550k.

  58. The 30% rule doesn’t necessarily mess up the Titans and CJ coming to an agreement. The solution is simple, do what the Eagles did with McNabb (not trade him, I mean before that). You sign him to an “extension” that doesn’t extend his contract, simply gives him a bonus for this year. Not everything he wants, but enough to show that they’re willing to negotiate in good faith with him. Then, after the new cba is signed, they’re free to tear up the contract and give him a new one. This way, they keep CJ happy and get him into training camp, while not leaving themselves on the hook for a huge guaranteed contract if there’s a lock out next season. Personally, I think all of this 30% rule talk is just a ruse. They don’t want to give him an extension right now. If Bud “cheapskate” Adams has his way, the Titans will run CJ into the ground while he plays out his rookie contract, and then dump him after he’s been used and beaten up because they leaned so heavily on him. At a salary of $550,000 this year, he should sit out. Sure, he loses half a million now, but he preserves his health and likely extends his productive years for when he’s getting paid a salary comparable with what other top RBs are getting.

  59. “You dont like the deal? You shouldnt have signed the contract as a rookie. ”
    Exactly what choice did he have John? He was drafted, which means the rules of the league prevent him from seeking employment with any other team. The terms of his contract were pretty much slotted by the position he was drafted in, which means that no matter what he said or did he wasn’t getting any more money. So, his only choices were to sign that contract or not play in the NFL. If he had been free to go wherever he wanted and to negotiate to receive the best deal he could get from a team, then I would agree with you. He wasn’t allowed to do that, however. Also, it’s obvious now that he should have been drafted higher than he was, so now lesser players are making a lot more than their play deserves, and better players are making a lot less…all because the teams and their personnel people messed up. Given the way the system is skewed, I simply can’t agree that young players should just shut up and play, not when the problem stems from poor choices made by the franchises themselves.

  60. Good thing you’re not playing for 550k Chris. Everything should be all good then, right? Option bonus and signing bonus $$$ is not free money.

  61. Exactly. He’s playing for $2.4 million. Does he deserve more than that? Probably. But don’t say you’re playing for 550k when you’re making 2.4. It’s not the Titans fault if he spent all of his bonus and can’t figure out how to average 12 million over 5 years.

  62. So walk away from the game if you can’t play for the amount in your contract. I’m sure you can find employment with the PhD you earned in particle physics – oh, wait!

  63. On second thought, give him a new contract. But give him no signing bonus /guaranteed money this time. If he gets hurt he’ll only have the money he got yearly after they cut him.

  64. He’s right. The Titans know his value. Pretending otherwise is an insult to anyone who has a functioning brain.

  65. This is stupid if you’re working at a job and everyone doing your job quits and you become the best at your job, would you continue to work for your existing salary or would you try to use your experience and past credentials as a bargaining chip to get a raise? Just cause he makes more than you do doesnt mean he’s exempt from the same ideals found in every human being. If you have a valid reason to be paid more, do your best to make that happen. If you need to get the most money out of your job to ensure once you cant do that job anymore you are taken care of, do it. Its amazing to me how many of you would sell your soul for what someone else makes when you would have the chance to make 6 to 7 times more just by asking.

  66. For those that believe he should just play out his contract, peep this. If he was a player that signed a huge free agent contract for say 5-years and after 2 years he was severely under performing, you don’t think the team would ask him(in so many words) to restructure that contract or possibly get cut?! For real? You don’t believe that?! Get real ya’ll! Ain’t no such thing as five year or 7 year or whatever year long term contract you wanna come up with. These guys get evaluated each year and if they don’t show that they are worth the money, see ya! Why ask these players to lock themselves into these deals when these owners will drop them in a hot second if they think the player is not worth the “caish”. Some of ya’ll just don’t make sense. These players have a limited window to earn big money in pro football. Especially a running back! Get yours Johnson, hold out dog! Don’t come back til at least week 3! My Steelers got you in week 2…

  67. Pay the man!!!!! He rushed for over 2000 yards last year so he clearly deserved to have a new deal. Look, running backs generally don’t play for a long period of time in their career, so they should get as much money as they can. Look at what they put their bodies through every year. He is one of the top 2 backs in the league, and the Titans should tear up his old contract and give him his money..

  68. Well Mexi, how many of us can tell our boss that we aren’t coming to work unless they pay us more money? That isn’t how the real world works. They would tell you F off and hire somebody else. I don’t feel sorry for people making millions of dollars to play a game. Don’t sign long term deals if you want huge pay days every year. He signed a 12 million dollar deal and already has received more than 60% of that money and wants more. Sit at home and make nothing for all I care.

  69. Ron, why on earth should they do that? That is insane management of a team to just tear up a contract and start from scratch – the Titans lost the last two years of Steve McNair’s career there because they had big roster issues and no wiggle room under the cap to fix them; it took the rest of the decade before they solved the majority of their roster issues. Letting Chris Johnson bully them into tearing up his deal is wrong.

  70. I don’t undersande why everyone get mad at players for holding out. they make millions but that money has to last them a lifetime. they only play an average of 5-7yrs in the league if it’s even that high. there is no pension. look at the players from the 70’s. half the steelers died in their 50’s and broke. plus think about the revenue they generate. that money goes in the owners pocket. if you guys wanna get pissed at someone get pissed at haynesworth and jamarcus russell.

  71. Hey Ron–
    Do you understand what kind of precedent that sets in the NFL? Every dude in the league who thinks they had a great year in their 2nd year is going to want their rookie contract ripped up with 3 years remaining!!!
    Chris Johnson has already banked about $8 million and don’t listen to his crap about $500K, dude will make $2 million this season if he performs like EVERYONE expects. Problem is, dude has the intelligence of a bar stool and has probably already spent the $8 million on tattoos, cars, clothes, gold teeth, etc. and needs more money.

  72. “how many of us can tell our boss that we aren’t coming to work unless they pay us more money?”
    HA HA- I have actually done this a couple times and doubled my salary the first time i did it- it is called using leverage. It is unfortunate that so many don’t realize that contracts are never written in stone- if it doesnt make economic sense- a contract is meant to be broken.
    And for those saying- good luck- go get a job for 5.50 per hour—- this guy could go to the CFL really easy and make 3+ million a year- the titans are just being super cheap.
    When the niners had Frank Gore put up a couple monster seasons, the niners took care of him and gave him a raise even though he had a few years left on his deal…. that is what DECENT organizations do.
    CJ sells tickets- just watch the whining titan fan will be making if CJ is not out on opening day- without CJ playing a full season, the titans have no shot at the pkayoffs this season- NONE!

  73. Hold out brother…they WILL pay you.
    You might lose some dough, but it will be worth it in the long run.
    Think Emmitt Smith, when the Cowboys started 0-2!

  74. I have to agree with Johnson.
    If he sucked they would cut him. If he did great he should get a raise.
    This sends a message to the rest of the team that there is no point in excelling beyond all expectations early in your contract.

  75. It should be very simple. If a player underplays their contract, they get cut… If a player overplays their contract, they should get rewarded. The guy HAD to sign a 5 or 6 year deal as a rookie. He HAD to sign a smaller deal based on his draft position. So, in turn, he HAD to prove he was worth a better draft slot and more money, and he has done that by extreme measures. Just freakin pay him and move on….

  76. To all of those who say the Titans are nothing without him, well they were 8 and 8 and missed the playoffs with him. And there are two very practical reasons not to pay him: 1) it sets a very bad precedent in that you are willing to open up any contract at any time just because a player feels he has outplayed his contract. So, on what basis are you going to say no to every other player? Think about that you fools. You want anarchy on your football team. Start tearing up contracts earlier than others will and see what it does. And 2) he can only get a 30% increase over his base anyway so how much more can they really pay him? Certainly not anything close to what he wants to be paid.
    Beisdes, they hold all the cards. And there is nothign wrong with them holding the cards. Did Haynesworth give them any credit when he became a free agent? No, they only helped him resurrect his career, stood by him when he needed friends the most and then stiffed them in walking to the Skins (not a bad deal for the Titans after all, mind you!). Will CJ be loyal when his contract comes up? Hardly. Will he whine halfway through that one for some reason? Probably. So they can’t win – they only win by playing this out – forcing him to play at least one more year (he is not sitting and losing a year of free agency eligibility – because by 2014 he’ll just be another washed out back looking for work just like Shaun Alexander, Fast Willie Parker et al) and then trying to negotiate an extension once a new CBA is signed.
    That’s the reality. And anyone else who would approach it differently is fooling themselves. As for CJ, he’s getting bad, bad advice. Every time he opens his mouth he is lowering what he can get from any team (aside from the Raiders and Skins). He needs to understand that every day in the NFL is audition day and the owners are watching. If he plays nice he will be rewarded. If he plays it out as he is – portraying himself as selfish, egocentric, unappreciative, not focused on winning – he is sending a big message to everyone. And it is basically saying “avoid me. I’m cancer!”.

  77. It never ceases to amaze me when people say “you signed the contract live up to it”
    1) The Titans can cut him at ANY time, no questions asked.
    2) If he gets a serious injury at ANY time do you think the Titans, or any organization for that matter, is gonna pay him the same value he created?
    3) If YOU were severely underpaid are you YOU gonna just “suck it up” and do your job because you accepted the job or are you gonna start looking for a new job or ask for a raise?
    You people need to shut the f up with that high and mighty bull crap. The NFL is a BUSINESS and not a bunch of wanna be athletes sitting on the couch playing Madden. EVERYBODY deserves to be paid what they are worth especially when they are lining another person’s pocket. And if YOU are dumb enough to work your ass off, creating value for someone else and not get paid what you are worth then don’t project your idiocy on to someone else. You people are pathetic!

  78. If you don’t want to pay the man, don’t use him so often. Don’t minimize the role of the other RB, Lendale White. Don’t become a running team that relies on him getting 2,000 yards.
    Simple, really. You use it, you pay for it.

  79. this is the Leon Johnson fallout, more and more players now want to get paid rather than risking what happen to Leon… Titans have to pay and should.

  80. Theologes52 says:
    June 16, 2010 10:08 PM
    He got a 7 million signing bonus, why do these athletes forget those so quickly? They didn’t pay you that signing bonus for one year CJ! You have to factor that in your salary too.
    It is forgotten so quickly because it is gone …already. Out of sight, out of mind!
    Nice grill, huh?

  81. If the Titans give him a big contract now, they have to do it with a huge signing bonus (because of the 30% rule due to there being no cap this year). So, if they give him a huge signing bonus and he’s only going to make 30% more than 550K next year (that’s $715K, if you’re counting), then they’ll be right back in the same boat with Chris not wanting to play for that little bit of money, even if they gave him $20M as a signing bonus.
    The best thing for them to do is just wait until there is a CBA to give him a long-term contract. In the meantime, rework his contract to pay him more this year (i.e. as in a signing bonus) and then get a good contract signed next year when there is a CBA.

  82. Some of you people are so f’ing stupid. He wasn’t a high first round pick. He was a second round pick. What leverage does a second round pick have to hold out with? Good grief. Morons. Those picks have extremely small leeway for negotiation. So maybe he could have gotten a little more. You don’t think he’d want to hold out if he had say….600,000?

  83. This makes me sick! I can never go to my boss and tell them that I refuse to work unless I get paid more money. You know what I would see….the front door. Athletes are so selfish, how can they be role models if they complain about how much money they make. Give me a break! You cannot play for $550,000 for 7 months? I get $60,000 for a year and probably do a ton more work than football players. I wish Chris Johnson was here right now, I would tell that to his face.

  84. You cant blame Johnson, he has outperformed his contract. No one, other then some here in NC, saw this kid as anything other then the next great return man, and he has shown he is the best RB in the league right now. SPEED kills, especially with the lateral moves he can make too.
    Owners, you all can suck it. Pay this guy. And I am a Panthers fan. Titans, you dont seem to have a problem overpaying for underperformance, so why not give the best performer on your team the money he deserves while his body is still good and his mind is with the Titans, not against them. How would you feel if you were the start Offensive playmaker, and your making less money then the oafs that stand in front of you and move all of 20 feet over the course of a play.

  85. I can’t bear to read this garbage. This is why these athletes are raping people, can’t read at a third grade level, etc. We give them too much money – and no incentive to be a decent human being. If we rework a contract every time a player feels like they are worth more money… than we are just making contracts irrelevant. Why sign anyone to a deal if they can bitch and moan for a new one every time they have a good season?

  86. “I can never go to my boss and tell them that I refuse to work unless I get paid more money. You know what I would see….the front door.”
    A lot of people can, and do. If you have a very unique set of skills, are the best at what you do, and are in demand, you can demand more money.
    Oh, and if you realize that your company has built their entire operation around you, and are asking you to work 60 hour work weeks when you were hired to work 40, you ask for more money.
    This is one of those cases.
    That team goes 2-14 without CJ. Safe to say he got an extra 10,000 fans into the last 4 home games that otherwise would have not shown up? If so, let’s say…
    10,000 x 4 games = 40,000 visits
    40,000 x ($10 parking + $15 food and beverage)
    That right there, a conservative estimate, is $1 million. Give the man at least that, since you would have seen none of that without his effort.
    Who told you CJ was worth a fortune? Well, the Titans did by the way they used him.

  87. this is the type of guy that will be bankrupt 5 years into his career. nfl players are idiots.

  88. For all of you “HONOR YOUR CONTRACT” people, why were you not defending Jamarcus Russell when he got cut. He still had years left on his contract. So what if he underperformed. According to your logic, the Raiders should have honored his contract and continued to pay him for being terrible.

  89. Oh for God’s sake people… He’s a great back, yes – should they pay him more? Maybe. Should he try to get more? Why not – this is America, right? Go for it, Chris – just be careful you don’t screw it up.
    But please, PLEASE stop whining about not being paid, and you people here stop saying “pay the man!”
    He’s been paid – plenty.
    As a few of the smarter folks here have pointed out, but most of you seem to be missing:
    He signed a 5 year contract for 12 million. Over the life of the contract, that is 2.4 mill per year. The fact that most of it was up front doesn’t change the math.
    Is 2.4 mill enough? I don’t know – but THAT is the relative number here – not $550,000.

  90. dsp1899 says:
    June 17, 2010 8:25 AM
    This makes me sick! I can never go to my boss and tell them that I refuse to work unless I get paid more money. You know what I would see….the front door. Athletes are so selfish, how can they be role models if they complain about how much money they make. Give me a break! You cannot play for $550,000 for 7 months? I get $60,000 for a year and probably do a ton more work than football players. I wish Chris Johnson was here right now, I would tell that to his face.
    You don’t have Chris Johnson’s talent or the small window of a career. I’m guessing you didn’t read all the comments that made these points. Running backs are done by 30, Brian Westbrook was great once and can barely find work. If he gets injured this year, his career is over. If you don’t like your job you can quit and find another job, he can’t quit the Titans and go work for another team. Plus he didn’t have a choice of where he worked, the Titans drafted him and he got a slotted contract.
    FOOTBALL IS NOT THE REAL WORLD!!!!!! Most of us work crappy jobs, some have leverage and some don’t. But if you just had an amazing year and produced a lot for your employer, you’d want to be paid more and if you didn’t then you’re a moron.

  91. Listen Chris Johnson. I make $125K a year and I am WAY more important to my business/team than you are. Be happy with the half million you make for playing a game. We all know that you are not only making $550K this year. Coupled with sponsorships and other income, I’m sure you are not hurting financially.

  92. Titans sort of put the pressure on the front office to get a deal done after they traded away their “experienced” but sucky depth. Yes, C. J. signed a rookie deal when he was expected to play like a rookie. He is now playing like an ALL PRO! What the Titans don’t want is to have him hold out, miss training camp, not be in football shape, as a result sustain an injury. Watch Vince Young suck at QB without a running game and the Titans will suck as a result. He’s earned it and should be paid. Especially in a non-cap year. Front load the bonus, put the rest on the back end under incentives, and pay the man.

  93. MadAsian… Does your job bring in millions of dollars each year from people coming to watch you work? Do they tailgate outside your business, wear shirts and ties with your name on it, have the MadAsian logo on their car, or draft you in Fantasy Office Work? The Answer is NO for all of the above. I think its great you are important for your company and make more than 3 school teachers, firefighters, or policemen combined. But let’s be honest. Not many people know who you are in the grand schemes of the business world. EVERYONE, who follows or watches the Titans, knows who Chris Johnson is. And for the record, Teachers, Police Officers, and Firefighters are all more important to their departments/school districts than you are to your company.

  94. Mad Asian, were you the only one in your company that brought in income last year? Because that is what Chris did.
    And, no offense, if that is all you make you can’t be that important. Reality check…

  95. Shall I wear my Mad Asian home jersey? Or the away one? Ah, yes, the throwback!
    Nice to see the Madden Curse didn’t impact Mad Asian, because he was on the cover…right?

  96. “Do players give back money when the perform poorly?”
    Nope, they get cut because the contract is not guaranteed.
    Do you and I get money back when the team stinks? Did Titans season ticket holders get money back when their team foundered?
    Did the Washington Wizards give back money when the star attraction was taken off the floor? Or do we offer refunds when Lebron James sits out? Do we get charged less when Kendrick starts, and more when Halladay starts?
    Why do you people care so much about the owners and their finances. They all are making money hand over fist.
    If your old man can’t pay his mortgage, is the Titans owner gonna give him the money? Call him and ask!

  97. Why does everyone seem to forget that Chris Johnson rushed for 2,006 yards last season and broke the NFL record for all purpose yards? Chris Johnson is the Go-to guy in this offense and he deserves a new contract more than anybody in the NFL does (including Revis). If the Titans want to see any more growth in Vince Young then they are going to have to make sure Johnson is back to help that process out. I say pay the man.

  98. They cannot sign him to a large deal without making the money available up front. The 30% rule is restricting this. So I would call CJ a moron for trying to force their hand. After watching Fat Albert show what guaranteed up front money does, I wouldn’t be so quick to hand cash out. I think I’d try to show him where signing a new deal doesn’t work well now…but after that, I’m done with him.
    MLB and NBA guarantee their contracts, but they don’t pay large signing bonuses from what I understand. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry. I just don’t hear so much about “signing bonuses” in those deals.

  99. Hard to take either side on this. Why even have contracts if both sides have no incentive to live up to them? It’s been repeated hundreds of times in all professional sports; a player is in his “contract” year and plays like it, then gets his reward (big contract) and flops the next year. Why? Simple human nature. There’s an easy solution to all of this– a play-for-pay compensation system, not unlike what a professional golfer or tennis player has to endure. The more you win, the more money you get. Simple as that. You want to see players giving “110%” on every play? I guarantee you’ll see effort if it affects their bank accounts. This applies to ALL professional sports– MLB, NBA, NHL, whatever. You’ll see the same intensity level on the field watching the Lions/Browns game as Saints/Colts. If you contend that a punter isn’t as important as a QB, then set a base salary by position and go from there. No salary cap experts needed, no re-negotiating with player X to pay player Y. No hold-outs, pouting, or complaining. You want to get paid? Get on the field and win.
    Of course it’s so simple that it would never be considered– too many people (can you say agents) would no longer be entitled to a piece of the pie.

  100. “You want to get paid? Get on the field and win.”
    2,006 yards. He can’t do better than that.
    Based on your solution he’d be forcing a trade, because his superhuman efforts only got him 8 wins due to the team stinking. No one would want to go to a bad team, and they’d never report to one that faced a losing season.
    I like the creativity, but it doesn’t work.
    The Titans put him in the position to be valuable enough to demand more money, so now they have to pay him. Or de-emphasize him. Right now, CJ IS the product down there, he’s what fans buy tickets and turn on TV’s to see.
    Maybe develop a QB so your .500 season isn’t depending on record-breaking seasons from 1 guy. They made a choice, just like the Raiders made a choice to pay JeMarcus Russell.
    That team goes 2-14 without CJ. So I’d say he should get what he can.
    Just sayin’.

  101. You tell me… would he trade his 2,006 yards for 5 more wins and a playoff bearth? Under such a plan, he (being a running back) would be well-compensated at the base salary he’d be getting. No one would be “forcing a trade”, they’d (the GM) would be figuring out how to improve the rest of the team. What’s so wrong about making it about winning? Why the fear of making about “teamwork”? If you are #2 on the depth-chart, isn’t that all you’re asking for? We’ve completely lost touch with the origins of the game itself. Very sad. Me, me, me.

  102. All you idiots that are saying “honor what you signed, it was your choice” type of crap are obviously super idiots. The NFL uses a slotting system, he had no choice… that was his contract, he had to sign it.
    Now he’s completely outplayed it and most teams would view it as an opportunity to lock up a young player at a (relatively) discount rate. Not the Titans.

  103. …And make no mistake about it– the owners and the league itself are not without blame. With the huge, shared revenue streams, wins and losses become less important than they would if your record determined how those streams were distributed. Players and management will give it their routine lip-service, but it hasn’t been truly about “winning” in the business of professional sports for decades, and even I admit, will never be again.

  104. He would trade it every time, but that’s not within his realm. He did the best he could, but for a lousy team. So you’d essentially penalize him for the failings of the GM.
    I do believe we’d see CJ forcing a trade, and rookies refusing to report, to bad teams.
    Why would anyone then want to play for a lousy team if there was no money in it (since it would be tied to wins)? It would not matter what they did, they could never significantly increase the wins – even a 2,000 yard rushing season for the ages didn’t get them to the playoffs.
    Wouldn’t this prevent a GM of a bad team from getting good players to make it a good team? It would become MLB, with only 4 teams capable of winning it all each season.
    If I am CJ I don’t want to have to depend on the rest of the team playing well for me to be financially rewarded for totaling 2,000 yards.
    I agree with your last point, but the Titans made it that way by making it all about him. They didn’t stress a team concept, they stressed one guy. And he delivered.
    If you want to change that way of thinking, great. But don’t punish a guy who had an amazing season because he had no QB and no defense and his team put it all on him.
    This is like saying the fans should only pay half price if their team loses the game.

  105. So if a team finds itself 2-9, it would have a clear incentive to throw the last 5 games and therefore save millions in player salaries.
    That would make for some bad TV.
    Though one could make the case that winning already is compensated for above and beyond salary, at least among the stars. You win, you get endorsements and commercials. So that dynamic is already there to some extent.

  106. I’m a huge raider fan, and I have to speak up for CJ. Do you posters understand NFL contracts? When Grant Hill signed for $94 Mil to play for Orlando, he got hurt and never played a full year, yet he received all $94 Mil. In the NFL, if the owner feels that you suck (see Jamarcus Russell), the remaining money on the precious contract you signed gets torn up by the owner. So spare me the he signed a contract excuse. In the NFL that doesn’t mean squat! If the contract you signed had to be lived up to by both player and owner, then I could agree, and say, well CJ, you signed a contract. But if he’s one of the best offensive players in the league (2009 AFC Offensive Player of the Year), he would have to be crazy to play for $550,000. Phillly quickly gave their new signal caller “starter” money to avoid this drama, but the Texans can’t figure this out? If Tennessee doesn’t want to pay him, we are giving McFadden $6 this year, and gave him $5 Mil last year, and he only chipped in with 357 years rushing and 245 receiving, while CJ the Beast had: 2006 rushing and 503 yards receiving. If McFadden is worth $6 Mil, CJ is worth at least $8 Mil, easy! I know it’s hard for us common people to imagine a billionaire and a millionaire arguing over our money, but in this instance and with McNeil and Jackson, I side with the millionaires.

  107. Funny but he’s still under contract so he should shut it. Yeah, he had a great year but there is no guarantee he’ll do it again. Proven backs get paid, not on year break out players.
    I think its only fair that if a player gets hurt and can’t play he should forfeit what he would make while he’s out since they can’t seem to honor their contracts. The players want it both ways. For some reason they feel like once their value goes up they should be compensated almost immediately or they’ll sit.

  108. Hold out Chris. Ask Gale Sayers.. it only takes one play to go from a lighting quick game changing back to someone tryin to make a comeback. There’s no loyalty in life or in football. I’d personally watch the Titans fall to a 5-11 team.. Fisher.. you better get your boss in gear and PAY THE MAN!!!

  109. Paranoid. You cannot “make” disgruntled players play. We’ve seen this time and time again.
    And ya know what? The player ALWAYS ends up getting the money. And the owner ALWAYS turns a profit.
    You know who loses? The fans.
    Look at T.O., he got paid. The Eagles didn’t have to give him a raise, so their bottom line was where they wanted it.
    And here we sit, with memories of the SB trophy that might have been.
    The fans are the only ones who lose. Why do you promote it?

  110. if it was his second contract i completely agree, three years left is too early to throw a b*tch. that being said, his rookie contract was something he had to sign. he holds all the cards and if the titans owner tries to flip him the double birds on this one, chris should sit out and watch the titans absolutely crumble, which they would without him. VY carrying them with those scrub receivers is an impossibility. so you need to max contract a guy who is the best in the league at his position, so what, be glad you have players of that caliber on your team. you don’t see the colts blue balling manning because of the “capless year” BS excuse.

  111. PackFaninPackLand says:
    June 16, 2010 8:38 PM
    MDS: “The truth is, if the Titans refuse to play ball with Johnson, he ultimately will play for $550,000. And if he gets fined for holding out, he’ll play for even less than that.” ——————– — REALLY ??? Who else are the Titans gonna use at RB – Javon Ringer ???? HAHAHAHAHAHA he had all of 8 carries last year. Good luck with that. Actually, I think Johnson holds ALL the cards here, and that the Titans will cave in early August with a 5-6 year deal/extension with a HUGE signing bonus. They have to. Imagine the lost ticket revenue, luxury box revenue, etc., if he isn’t there ??? Plus Titans fans will revolt. Imagine defenses blitzing Vince Young on every play when they know the Titans have absolutely NO option at RB ! Look out Vince !!! CJ holds ALLLLL the cards here.
    Agree with everything except the lost ticket revenue, lux box thing… The Titans will sell out regardless

  112. Thanks for making my point— in today’s world, the 2-9 team CAN tank it and get a better draft pick and still get an equal share of the shared revenue, no matter what they do (good or bad) the remainder of the season! The same 2-9 team would have all the more reason NOT to tank it in the alternate world– remember– that front office guy hoping to save millions in salaries would also be LOSING many more millions in the revenue-sharing process, which is the cash-cow of the league. Don’t think billionaires care about money all of a sudden? (we know most of them don’t give a rip about winning, that’s for sure) Plus, how do you convince the players to tank it for more than a quarter of the season left to play, at their expense?
    Re: who would want to play for a bad team argument, that exists today (see Peyton Manning) to an extent already. There’s enough turnover in the league from year to year now– what do you think GM/Coaches aren’t under a “win now” mandate already?
    MLB is the most-screwed up, and the reason it has four superpowers is because there is no salary cap and pretty much minimal revenue sharing, which like the NFL, would have to also be tied to wins.
    It could work in every professional sports league. Which is why it will never happen.

  113. Oh, so you want it to go league revshare based on wins…I missed that. Interesting.
    Coaches are often GM’s as well now, they can just put in a weak game plan. I know all this is extreme and unlikely, but we’re dealing with hypotheticals.
    I still think that could make this into the MLB. Whoever is good now will stay good, and this places an additional barrier to bad teams getting good.
    I don’t think it works in football. NBA maybe because one player can turn a franchise around.

  114. Mr. B., you missed the point – the Raiders paid that much to McFadden because they are stupid – they do nothing but waste money on “star” players and as a result NEVER have any competitive depth. This is what everyone who want the Titans to pay Johnson what he’s demanding don’t get – the Titans need to maintain balance and that requires NOT overpaying players.
    thoroughbred 30 – Johnson holds no cards because his contribution at the running game made ZERO difference until the Titans benched Kerry Collins, inserted Vince Young, and Vince Young threw the ball well – I don’t, for instance, recall any significant running plays by Johnson in the comeback win over Kurt Warner’s Cardinals; what I recall was Young directing a precise passing attack and scoring the last-second game-winner to Kenny Britt. It’s a passing league; establishing the run is a myth.
    Johnson needs to grow up and report to Titans camp.

  115. Hey Big Suede!
    “this guy could go to the CFL really easy and make 3+ million a year-”
    The entire team salary in the CFL is 4.2 million and they play with 12 players per side. He wouldnt even make the 2.4 million the titans will be paying him this year.
    To the commentors who talk about leverage, nice but first of all im sure you still go to work while requesting a raise. How much money did you guys get paid up front the day you were hired? Im sure you used your youth as your leverage so let us know how much it was.
    You and your kids, kids could live off of 12 million. You wouldnt even need to invest it(it would be a good idea but not neccesary), just live a normal life.

  116. Mike, lol, thanks for playing, but, the Raiders paid that much for McFadden because he was picked at No. 4. They paid that much to Russell because he was picked No. 1. It has nothing to do with “star” players because Russell nor McFadden can be considered star players in the pro ranks. So your explanation as to why the AP Offensive Player of the Year should be happy and pay for $550. If the Titans maintain the balance you seek, the coach will be fired, the GM will be fired, and you won’t even want to watch (if they are your team). As I said, it is about the type of contracts they have in football. If the team can sign you for 65 Mil over 6 years and dump you in year 3, and save 30 Mil, that’s not much of a contract, and with that kind of one-way dealing, CJ has to get paid now. He’s proven himself and outplayed his deal. You think it was all about Vince, huh? Well perhaps you’ll get a chance to see if Vince can do it alone, but I’m with CJ on this one, only because the team can void his remaining years without his consent.

  117. If Albert Haynesworth can get a $100 million contract for simply falling on people, then I assume that Chris should get paid. Then again, the redskins organization is dumb as dirt.

  118. BigSuede says:
    June 17, 2010 1:24 AM
    “how many of us can tell our boss that we aren’t coming to work unless they pay us more money?”
    HA HA- I have actually done this a couple times and doubled my salary the first time i did it- it is called using leverage. It is unfortunate that so many don’t realize that contracts are never written in stone- if it doesnt make economic sense- a contract is meant to be broken.
    And for those saying- good luck- go get a job for 5.50 per hour—- this guy could go to the CFL really easy and make 3+ million a year- the titans are just being super cheap.
    When the niners had Frank Gore put up a couple monster seasons, the niners took care of him and gave him a raise even though he had a few years left on his deal…. that is what DECENT organizations do.
    CJ sells tickets- just watch the whining titan fan will be making if CJ is not out on opening day- without CJ playing a full season, the titans have no shot at the pkayoffs this season- NONE!
    Uhm…you should know something;
    the CFL salary cap for 2010 was $4.2 million…per team. For the year.
    These guys play for the love of the game…not the bucks.
    It would hardly pay for the bling…

  119. mission says:
    June 17, 2010 3:59 PM
    All you idiots that are saying “honor what you signed, it was your choice” type of crap are obviously super idiots. The NFL uses a slotting system, he had no choice… that was his contract, he had to sign it.
    Now he’s completely outplayed it and most teams would view it as an opportunity to lock up a young player at a (relatively) discount rate. Not the Titans.
    You are correct! And for all the idiots who say “Pay the man!” should also realize that the slotting system is what gave $39 million to Jamarcus Russell.
    CJ should have been picked higher…too bad. Maybe he should have done better at college.

  120. forthelove says:
    June 16, 2010 8:25 PM
    Seriously, pay the man. If he underplayed his contract, he’d be cut. He’s (WELL) overplayed his contract. Pay the man.
    Great comment,
    All I can add to this is to point out that if an employee of almost any company goes well above and beyond expectation they are promoted, given rasies, keys to the executive washroom, etc. If you suck your fired. I agree pay him something fair. 550, 000 for that talent is wrong, and it can be fixed.

  121. Somebody needs to tell this little girl to put on his big boy diapers on and go to work. Otherwise, they can always just trade him to the Raiders and watch his career take a bigger dump than Albert Haynesworth the morning after Thanksgiving…

  122. The guy is severly underpaid for his profession. None of you idiots commenting are good enough at anything to get paid $550,000/year, much less play professional sports. If you actually made any money you wouldn’t be crying like little bitches.

  123. He’s right. With the hits and damage he’ll take, he’s better off not playing. RB have a very short shelf life.

  124. Oh, I agree its $2.4 million or so, not $550,000. But still not enough for the best RB in football.

  125. If he can’t play for that maybe he should retire and go work at McDonald’s……
    These idiots need to shut up about their contracts b/c they signed it.
    ….and for the ones whining about not being free agents…..thank your union!!

  126. He isn’t just playing for $550k, he got more upfront. They should have given him $1 upfront and the rest for this season. He wouldn’t know the difference. I bet you could give someone two fives and give him a ten and he would say the other guy got more money.

  127. I would like to borrow the phrase “mind-numbingly moronic” from an earlier comment, I think it perfectly describes the “honor the contract you signed” opinion.
    This is the NFL, which is essentially a mix between football and the WWF at this point. It’s entertainment. The media (and many of you) revere and treat these players like superstar celebrities. They are treated by ESPN and NFL Network like movie stars. Are you really suprised when they act similarly entitled?
    The “contracts” that they sign are nothing like the contracts that run our every day real world. To say that he shouldn’t get paid because he signed a contract is silly. Chris Johnson is an unstoppable force in the league, capable scoring every time he touches the ball. He is helping to redefine his position. There is about to be a new CBA. Nothing wrong with him trying to get paid now.

  128. Wow, this one generated some serious juice!!! I remember the Eagles trying to make TO like the 24th highest WR in the league… did that work out? At the time, TO was hands-down a top 5 WR in the NFL and CJ is hands-down a top 5 RB without any argument from anyone with a working medulla oblangata!!!! Emmitt held out cause he knew what he was worth, we went 0-2 and Jerry caved and “paid the man” but that’s Jerry and not that cheap-ass Bud Adams. That stupid-ass franchise deserves to come up one yard short in the only SB they’ll ever ever appear in!!!!!!

  129. Rather than chase the Titans for $35-40 million he should chase all of the first round draft busts from his draft class that have chashed cheques they haven’t earned. The rookie salary system is a joke!

  130. Oh, come on Titans!
    You have one of the best offensive lines right now, you have the best RB right now, you can have the best ground attack in the NFL if you want to.
    You can’t let the guy play for less of what some backup kickers make, this is getting ridiculous.
    Give him a 4y/40mil. contract, 12.5 guaranteed, the rest performance based and incentive loaded.
    A 2k rusher makes less than most of the special team guys, and you’re still askin’ whats wrong with pro sports?
    The completely unproportional and lunatic salaries.

  131. And I can’t live on $30,000 a year Chris. Sucks to be me, but I do my thing without complaining. Just shut the hell up, play out your contract you signed, and maybe you’ll get a better, yet WAY OVERPAID, deal when this contract is done.

  132. Look at it this way:
    CJ was hired for minimum wage and two years later he is running the whole damn place for the same minimum wage and new employees who work under him are coming into the business are making more money than he is. For get the $550,000. Look at the principle of the situation. Pay the man!

  133. its hard to play for 550,000 a year when you have 12 bentleys, 93 people in your entourage, closets full of cristal, 92,000 square foot house, solid gold grills among other bling….

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