Eagles sign third-round draft pick

The Philadelphia Eagles continue to get their rookies under contract.

The latest arrival is a guy who’ll surely give the equipment guys fits.  He’s defensive end Daniel Te’o-Neisham.

The third-round pick played college football at the University of Washington.

9 responses to “Eagles sign third-round draft pick

  1. Te’o-Nesheim… they’ve already got his name spelled correctly on his locker and jerseys…. you on the other hand…

  2. Is the Eagles new strategy to draft players several rounds early so they’re just happy to get a contract and agree to anything? Great, a 3rd rounder is signed who was staring at the ceiling during the draft because even he didn’t think he’d get picked.

  3. Tony Pauline (S.I.) had him graded as a 3rd/4th round pick. Seems as though their strategy was to draft a group of pass rushers, so far……………so good.

  4. Aren’t the rookie salaries slotted? I agree Banner does this once young talent develops, signing them to long term deals below market value, and that is ultimately a self-defeating tactic.
    I also happen to think this was a wasted pick. “High Motor” is code for “Can’t Play”.

  5. “”High Motor” is code for “Can’t Play”.
    really? that’s what they said about Trent Cole (an “undersized” 5th round pick) when he was drafted. Seems to have worked out ok for him.

  6. Undersized is not High Motor, which says Marc Spindler to me.
    Hey, I hope you are right. Believe me. But I would like a 280 lb guy opposite Cole and Graham. But maybe I am just a traditionalist. I am excited by an attacking defense.

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