Expanded season could include D-league, won't arrive until 2012 at earliest

The possibility of an “enhanced” 18-game NFL regular season will likely create other changes to the league’s structure.

One possibility, according to Packers President Mark Murphy, would be the start of a developmental league.  A minor league (the UFL?) would theoretically help replace the two lost preseason games as a method to improve young players.

Murphy also says — via Bob Glauber’s busy Twitter account — that the league could consider returning to old injured reserve rules, in which players weren’t automatically ruled out for the season.

It’s interesting that the push for the new season is such a priority to the owners, but nothing will change before 2012.   Murphy also confirmed the NFL would not create an 18-game regular season without an agreement from the NFLPA.

Yeah, this could take a while.

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  1. There are not enough decent quarterbacks on the Earth to expand the season. This would mean each team would have to have TWO serviceable quarterbacks. Like the old days of Johnny Unitis and Earl Morral.

  2. keep to 16 games. by the end of it, everyone is tired of the season, especially the ones who are losing (im a browns fan).

  3. pwndabear says: June 16, 2010 1:43 PM keep to 16 games. by the end of it, everyone is tired of the season, especially the ones who are losing (im a browns fan).
    1990- Patriots 1-15, 1991- Colts 1-15. The turnaround seems to happen eventually for everyone.

  4. The NFL and UFL have been in negotiations of buyout or at least having the NFL invest in the league already.
    I say go to 18 games now. Screw the pre-season games. 2 of them are complete jokes as it stands now anyway.

  5. The Superbowl will consist of 2 teams that were simply lucky enough to survive the season.

  6. Goodell is trying to destroy football in the name of the almighty dollar. This guy is a fool. 18 games is too long. Teams rarely make it through 16 games with the roster intact. With 18 games we will end up being forced to watch a Superbowl played by 2nd and 3rd string players. The NFL is without question the biggest sport in America, but it will NEVER be the biggest sport in the world just look at all the World Cup craziness this month.
    If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. F@@K YOU RODGER GOODELL.

  7. If my nfl team had a its own unique minor team in the offseason, then that would be awesome. There are no games on between Feb and August and that is rediculous.

  8. Leave it the way it is for pete’s sake. 16 games is enough. The players will start to need steroids just to last that long.

  9. if they make the decision to increase the regular season they will have to increase both the salary cap and the # of players allowed for each team..
    Players are already gettin used up before they are 30, HUMAN bodies can’t withstand the abusee that these guys get. Injuries play such a large roll in this league already.
    Ta hell with 2 quarterbacks! Teams will need a decent back up at every position to handle a full 18 game schedule ( 20 + ) for teams that dont suck
    cause lets be honest. this is for TV ratings and advertising sales only.

  10. NYMets says:
    June 16, 2010 1:43 PM
    There are not enough decent quarterbacks on the Earth to expand the season. This would mean each team would have to have TWO serviceable quarterbacks. Like the old days of Johnny Unitis and Earl Morral.
    That’s your reasoning for not expanding the season? There are plenty of decent QB’s on EARTH, same with LB’s, RB’s, WR’s, etc., there is a limited number of ALL-STARS though. Regardless, they can still play which makes one team comparable to the Lions and another to the Colts. Anyway, WTF are you talking about?!

  11. Each team would then need two serviceable quarterbacks……….Like Sonny Jurgensen and Billy Kilmer

  12. i can’t get enough pro football, but the playoff teams are already dinged up as it is after a 16 game regular season…

  13. jj jones says: June 16, 2010 2:22 PM The NFDL could develop some stars like the NBDL. You know…like what’s his face?
    And that guy, and who forget what do you call him?

  14. 1. Don’t count on the United Pastel League benefitting because of this. They’ve been playing both sides of the fence. On one hand, they want to be a developmental league, on the other, they want to be a “major” football league without paying “major league” dollars, and be the fallback for the players on a lockout. Some delusional players think the United Pastel League is leverage, which is laughable.
    2. If the NFL expanded the season to 18 games, they could if they wanted to have each team play home and away in their division, and then alternate home and away with each team in the conference, leaving interconference matchups only for preseason, Super Bowl, and Pro Bowl. The the schedules are more “balanced” and sucky teams are no longer rewarded with easier schedules.
    3. Will this D-League be like the NBA, where there is NOT a developmental team for each major team? I don’t think it’s wise to share players among rival divisional teams. If they were to go that route, they could have a ton of programming on NFL Network in the summer months. They should have a shortened season just to keep players fit and to evaluate them. Maybe a Milwaukee team for the Packers, an Albuquerque team for the Cardinals, etc.
    4. Any extra teams most surely would share with a college team, and more surely would need artificial turf or the college team will never allow them on the field. Hope the NFL looks at modern technologies like GeoTurfUSA which is much cooler than the rubber-filled fields used now.

  15. Why bother? These guys are already overpaid for 16 games, make them play 18 and give us fans what we want. We don’t want to see a bunch of bums play 2 games, might as well keep it 4 preseason games.

  16. “Hold on, coach. You expect me to play two more games on the season? Are you kidding? I’ll need at least ten million more dollars. At the very least.”
    ~Michael Crabtree/Chris Johnson/You get the picture
    as for the developmental league, i like it. just think of how much money jamarcus wouldnt have. unless he actually developed into a QB (not an OT). if they do it then they would need to start taking high school kids. you cant have a 25 year old rookie RB in the nfl whos already been beaten up for 3 years. plus it could give some desolate place like mississippi a football team to root for that isnt ole miss. hopefully the world doesnt end in 2012 (teehee) so we can see it happen

  17. Make it like Soccer, the 2 worst NFL Teams every couple years drop into the D-League and the 2 best D-League Teams move up.

  18. The developmental farm football teams like the MLB may have some merit. Each team would provide for their farm networks. The farm teams could have spring seasons to play triple-A football but, players should be limited in participating in both farm and NFL seasons too save any undue wear-and-tear.


  20. Maybe if they raise the roster limit to 60 and/or do away with game day inactives (why the hell do they do that, anyway?) Players might go along with it. 4 preseason games are too many.

  21. As always people overreact. If anything this helps the players because all of a sudden the demand for the 2nd and 3rd teir guys will increase and so will their pay. Besides injuries suck but some of the greatest players to every play the game would have never gotten a chance without them.
    Obviously, Tom Brady should be at the top of the list.
    But guys who have excelled so far like Pierre Garcon, Justin Tuck, Phillip Rivers, Joe Flacco, David Harris, Jim Leonhard, Jamal Charles, Early Doucett, Larry Johnson, Steven Jackson, Adalius Thomas and the list goes on. These are all guys who got their big break or got their break earlier than expected because a guy in front of them went down with an injury. If Drew Brees never gets hurt, he probably stays a Charger and who knows where Rivers ends up and what happens to his career. If Jonathan Vilma doesnt get injuried David Harris probably never sees the field in NY. If Anthony Gonzalez and Marvin Harrison (before his release) were healthy, Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie dont have nearly as large of an impact as they did last year.
    If anything teams who throw away draft picks and are poor at scouting are the teams that will need to worry. Those teams like the Steelers, Ravens, Patriots, Eagles, and so forth who consistantly draft well will do just fine.

  22. If you do not expand to 18 games then do not force me (as a season ticket holder) to purchase the two lame home pre season games as part of a package. As it is, the package consists of 10 games, 8 regular season, 2 pre season.
    You have to pay full price for all 10 games.

  23. 18 games is too many. 2 pre-season is too few.
    My genius idea. 3 pre-season games and 17 regular season games. Each team would play pre-season game at home, one away, and one at a neutral site in a smaller market. Each team would have 8 regular season home games, 8 away games, and one game at a neutral site in a larger market (LA, Toronto, London, Mexico City, Hong Kong, etc).
    Teams would no longer have to lose a home game to play in London, Toronto, or anywhere else, it would help the NFL’s international market, and the schedule wouldn’t be too long, or too short, but just right.

  24. Add another bye week!!! The NFL gets their longer season, teams still play 16 games, records can stay somewhat consistent, and we get healthier starters on the field!! And this talk of a d-league? Why would it have to cut into the pre-season? How ’bout a spring league?

  25. Dennis Justice says: June 16, 2010 2:49 PM
    1. The the schedules are more “balanced” and sucky teams are no longer rewarded with easier schedules.
    You’ve been listening to those idiots at Around The Horn too much. Do you know what the difference is in schedules in a division — 2 games. That’s right, 2 games. With that exception, every team is a division plays the SAME EXACT schedule.
    Taking away the games against the other conference is stupid. It’s fun to watch games against the other conference and reducing the schedule to 1 TOTAL game would be stupid (You must have missed the part where the D-League would be the “preseason” and that’s NOT the same thing. There WON’T be ANY other games against the other conference and the Pro Bowl ISN’T the same thing as a game). The Jets and the Giants play in preseason except when they play during the season when their rotation comes around and THAT would be taken away completely unless you want to watch the New York Jets D-League vs the New York Giants D-League.

  26. QJ1984 says: June 16, 2010 3:41 PM As always Obviously, Tom Brady should be at the top of
    Except that the guys that you named were almost all the beneficiary of an EARLY SEASON or PRESEASON injury. Not the same thing….
    While my idea may seem crazy, how about a split season with a 2 month game between the first half and the second half to give everyone time to heal and the second half could finish on the same dates as it usually does and you move the draft earlier. 🙂

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