Harvey Unga heads to the supplemental draft

With the folks at Brigham Young giving the team’s all-time leading rusher the boot due to allegations of premarital sex, the team’s all-time leading rusher will be opting instead for the NFL.

A league source tells us that Harvey Unga will enter the July supplemental draft.  He has generated 3,455 yards on the ground at the college level, averaging 4.9 yards per carry.

The supplemental draft unfolds like a silent auction, with teams submitting at the start of each “round” the name of any player they’d like to select.  Priority is pre-determined based on 2009 records.  Any team that obtains a player via the supplemental draft sacrifices the corresponding draft pick from the following year’s entry draft.

18 responses to “Harvey Unga heads to the supplemental draft

  1. If a dude can’t have sex *before* he gets married, when is he gonna have it….*after* he gets married? This is America, we’ll have no such nonsense!

  2. I wonder exactly how the college would prove those allegations? And if they are just allegations, how does an administration have the right to give him the boot?

  3. Harvey: “Don’t worry baby I will promise to marry you *WINK*”
    Girl: “Okay because right now I am on the pill *WINK*”

  4. I alwayys thought you had to have sex before getting married. Once you say I do they stop puttinnng out

  5. Thank goodness Jim McMahon followed the same rules while he was at BYU among many many others.

  6. Maybe he should transfer — like to UCLA.
    He’d have no problem getting laid there. And no one would care.

  7. A productive BYU player up for grabs? Big Red just wet himself. He’ll be in Philly soon.

  8. these friggin Mormon’s are bat-crazy – kick out a kid who actually wants to stay in school for having sex with his long time girlfriend, while one of their active parishioners, Glenn Beck, delights in unmercifully mocking a little black girl because of who her daddy is. They should all pull their magic underwear over their heads and keep it there IMO.

  9. Outside of Utah, the line where character becomes a concern is drawn at more than 3 kids by 3 different mothers, in 3 different states, before your draft year. Wide receivers and cornerbacks get 4, because of the positions they play.

  10. Why did you shorten his name here? Isn’t he really “Harvey Unga-bunga-binga-bonga-unga-bunga-bungggggaaaa?”

  11. Shut up people. He knew he wasn’t supposed to partake in premarital sex when he came to BYU. He reported an honor code violation HIMSELF. That is why the school has the right to boot him. And no, he can’t transfer. He doesn’t have any eligibility left.

  12. clavette says: June 16, 2010 11:42 AM I alwayys thought you had to have sex before getting married. Once you say I do they stop puttinnng out
    Comment of the year 2010!!!!

  13. Sean Martin- You should be more careful with how you word things…your little post makes you look like a whiny bitch.
    Ok people, here’s the deal with BYU…when you go to school there, you have to follow the rules set forth by the school. There is an ‘Honor Code’ that must be signed before you can attend. It states all kinds of rules(no drinking, no sex…you get the picture), and if you break them(and are caught), you will most likely get booted. In this case, the gf was the first to report the ‘incident’, and then Unga followed suit hoping to remain in school by seeming contrite. However, BYU can’t be perceived as playing favorites with their hot-shot RB, so they followed protocol and removed him from the school.
    Lets not kid ourselves, there are other schools out there with the same ‘Honor Code’, Notre Dame, for one, and I’m sure we can all agree that not all kids who break the rules get in trouble…it’s just the ones that get caught. In this case, the information came out, and now Unga is entering the Supplemental Draft.
    Best of luck to you Harvey, hope you end up with a team I don’t hate.

  14. Help clear this up for me Utah, premarital sex=bad, child brides=good? Also I know not all of you utards are FLDS but you have a long history or tolerating the likes of child rapists such as Warren Jeffs, so go gather up your 14 wives, 85 kids and all your magic underwear and go away. Also don’t give me any of that honor code crap until you clean up your own church and quit allowing 14 year olds to marry 60 year olds, wear is the honor in that, at least these two were consenting ADULTS.

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