Price-Brent heads to the supplemental draft

The supplemental draft pool has grown by 50 percent.

Joining running back Harvey Unga and tight end/H-back Vaness Emokpae is former Illinois defensive tackle Joshua Price-Brent.

Brent-Price opted to head to the NFL after being declared academically ineligible.  In 2009, he was suspended after a DUI incident.  (J.T. of CFT points out that Price-Brent also spent 28 days making Plates-License.)

Early projections have him pegged as a fourth-round pick in next month’s supplemental draft.

6 responses to “Price-Brent heads to the supplemental draft

  1. Price-Brent sounds like the kind of player no teams needs or should even want. He’ll be trouble sooner-or-later if he gets picked up by anyone. You can see the handwriting on the wall already. Why to owners keep bringing these kinds of headaches-in-the-making into the NFL? Why didn’t Dan Snyder take a closer look at Albert Haynesworth personality over the previous three-or-four seasons before he signed him to that monumental contract? Insane!
    JackDiesel, I agree with you 100% with regards to proof-reading. I see spelling and grammatical errors all over the Net now. I found four spelling errors in an article in the New York Times a few days ago in a story about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. There are all different kinds of spell-checks out there for general public use. Of course, someone still has to actually use one of them.

  2. It was an attempt at humor (a play on the kid’s name). Not a Grade A attempt, but it was obviously intentional. Not a grammar error at all.

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