Reggie Bush "devastated" and "depressed" over USC sanctions

Thumbnail image for nfl_bush3.jpgFor vague, likely bogus reasons, Reggie Bush still won’t discuss the specific details of the NCAA case that resulted in severe sanctions against USC.

But Bush did open up about how the punishment has affected him personally for the first time on Wednesday.

“This thing regarding USC and the NCAA is to me the closest thing to death
without dying,” Bush said. “Because I have
such a great love and respect for the University of [Southern]
California, this has been one of the toughest things I’ve had to deal
with in my life.”

Bush admitted no wrongdoing, but did “accept responsibility.”  (The whole transcript is worth a read.)  He also said he plans to aid the school as much as possible with an appeal.  (That sounds nice, but Bush is radioactive to the school now.  He’s likely on his own.)  

Privately, Bush’s friends tell Yahoo’s Charles Robinson the Saints running back is “devastated” and “depressed.”  He may move out of L.A.

“[Bush] thinks that most people in Los Angeles hate
him right now
. He doesn’t know what to do to fix it.”

He’s tried to “lean on” influential locals like actors and musicians to help “repair his image.”  Image matters to Bush, perhaps too much.  But if he really wants to improve his image, he should copy another L.A. icon — Kobe Bryant.

Become the best at what you do, live up to the hype, and you’ll be amazed what people can forgive and forget.

57 responses to “Reggie Bush "devastated" and "depressed" over USC sanctions

  1. Thats your fault dumbass. You weren’t worried about it when you were accepting things you shouldnt have.

  2. I knew he was going to take it hard. People who said he wouldn’t care because he won a Superbowl were flat out wrong. As usual, Jib is correct again.

  3. I’m sure sleeping on that pile of cash from USC regents will cheer you up, Reg.
    University of Spoiled Cheaters.

  4. Well at least you can see he learned something from Pete. I hope it doesn’t cause him to lose to much sleep. Turds of a feather.

  5. The Problem is he isn’t the best at What he does, He hasn’t lived up the Hype, and no one is amazed by what he can do……Plus no one cares what he thinks because he got paid to play at USC. Reggie Bush is not even the 10th best runningback inthe NFL and he gets paid liek he’s number 1. Too much money for a punt returner if you ask me. Let see what he will get paid when his contract is up.

  6. I can understand Reggie being depressed. However he would have been even more depressed if he and family did not get money under the table.

  7. Reggie Bush says he “respects and loves” USC. Haha, what a joke, he treated them like a whore and took whatever he could, denied, got caught, the school got caught and he is now a millionaire.
    Reggie, just take your money, shut up, and go about your business.

  8. Hey Reggie I have a suggestion for you that might help you.
    Why not consider coming clean with EVERYTHING that happened? Then figure out how much this is going to cost USC and get with Pete Carroll and you two pool your money and start paying back USC for the damage the two of you did.
    Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? Of course this is what got you into this mess in the first place isn’t it?
    Was it worth it Reggie?

  9. Everyone shed crocodile tears for reggie……funny how much it bothers him now but he didn’t give it a second thought when the money, cars and cash were being thrown at him.

  10. The NCAA is being way to hard on USC. That’s even coming from a UCLA fan.

  11. What a fVcking egotistical, selfish tool this guy is. He knew what he was doing was wrong, he knew if he got caught it would cause this carnage to the university, yet he did it anyway. Now he’s devastated at what the NCAA did to USC. God what a POS this guy is.

  12. How about not do bad $hit in the first place Bush. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about people, that you don’t know, hating you.

  13. I am sure they do hate him. He quite possibly made USC chances of a national title at risk for 10 years or more. He won’t be allowed back on USC campus ever, no College football hall of fame, no USC records, and probably no chance of get welcomed to any college. With a very modest NFL career, the only thing he has now and forever, from football, is cash.

  14. Reggie Bush is devastated? BooHoo. Him and his parents couldn’t wait to tap the cookie jar and he’s just upset cuz he got the hammer dropped on him and the school.
    What about all his teammates that worked so hard for those wins and championship that are now wiped off the books. Where’s justice for them? He should let them line up and all kick him in the nuts.

  15. This is the same Reggie Bush that was on the cover of Dubs magazine with a tricked out Impala,an authentic Steelers jersey and some Air Jordans before he was even drafted!! He is the main reason this all took place.

  16. I’m still not sure how a scumbag taking money to LEAVE college early helps a program. If it was USC paying him to stay or play there it’s one thing. But to come down on a whole program because of a guy getting paid to LEAVE the program. Doesnt add up.
    Either way Reggie Bush is being as honest and beleivable about the whole mess as Roger Clemons is with Steroids, or Tiger Woods with “ladies of the nite”. Just own it. If you have nothing to hide come out and talk about it.

  17. “This thing regarding USC and the NCAA is to me the closest thing to death without dying,” Bush said.
    Geez. When did Roger Corman start directing Reggie Bush’s Public Relations???

  18. Boo, hoo. I loved USC so much I violated NCAA rules by taking gifts and money. And now I am really, really upset about it. It’s like dying. But not. Because I’m alive, sinking my beak into any girl I can get my hands on and don’t forget the part about me being filthy rich. Oh yeah, I have a SB ring too. But boo, hoo, I really, really am upset about all of this because I really cared for USC.
    What a bunch of hooey.

  19. Were you devastated and depressed when you accepted improper benefits?

  20. Lay off the vicodin , Reggie, it can really get you down. Maybe he should pick up Crystal Methamphetamine like the rest of the Ain’ts fanbase.

  21. He has raped anybody yet, at least. I mean, that’s better than LA hatin’ on you–right?

  22. Wow. I hope his mood doesn’t affect his performance this season.
    I think he was in line for a solid 400 yards on the ground.

  23. I get it – If you aren’t cheating you aren’t trying… But if you do cheat, and you get caught, you better come clean.. People will forgive the truth, but no one will ever look past a blatant lie..
    Admit that you did something wrong, work with the NCAA to help prevent it from happening in the future, and become the player everyone thought you would be coming out of college… Do those 3 things, get another hot girlfriend thats not a complete hooker taking in on camera, and everyone will go back to embracing you.. Its America buddy, we all love to cheer for the underdog and the comeback…

  24. @ Rosenthal
    “But if he really wants to improve his image, he should copy another L.A. icon — Kobe Bryant.”
    Yes… great advice… copy a RAPIST!

  25. USC haters lets get 1 thing clear. USC did not cheat, they did not pay Bush 2 play for them, this was a deal between Bush and these 2 guys who had a marketing company who had an agreement with Bush, that said when he turned pro he would sign with them, & when he didn’t they wanted their money back. SC had nothing 2 do with it period. The NCAA is corrupt themselves.

  26. At Wing T:
    Bush and Carrol generated far more $$ for USC than it will cost due to the sanctions. They will still sell out every game and still be on TV.
    The loss of scholarships actually saves $$. Also, unless its a BCS bowl, most bowl games cost more than they get for playing.

  27. I bet you he cares about his name more than O.J. Mayo. That dude is a straight up thuggster.

  28. Oh don’t worry after Reggie is done being depressed and devistated, he will find god. Then he will Dion and Michael Irvin will be there to church him up. Plus I think all those millions Reggie has made will sooth his tortured soul.

  29. Depressed and devestated, huh Reggie?
    So much so that you’ll give back the thousands and thousands of dollars and the gifts you received illegally? I doubt it.

  30. “But if he really wants to improve his image, he should copy another L.A. icon — Kobe Bryant.”
    Right, but first he needs a wife to put that 25 carat diamond ring on as she forgives him in front of the country.

  31. THe difference is Kobe was accused of raping an individual…Reggie raped the entire university.

  32. the problem is with the ncaa, those athletes bring so much money to the schools, they should have a stipend or something..

  33. Would Reggie give back his Trophy to fix the situation at USC if it were possible?
    How about those student athletes that selected USC to compete for a National Championship and won’t be eligible for that honor? Those kids are the one’s that lose.
    Reggie Bush plays for the Saints and his big contract. It’s water under the bridge for Reggie.

  34. Don’t feel bad for Reggie Bush
    He F’ed the Trojans
    He F’ed the Trojan fans
    And he F’ed (numerous times) Kim Kardashian.
    I’ll never forgive him.

  35. He must’ve found out his ex wasn’t really a star and he’s not either when he “leaned on” celebs and no one cared.
    Be happy with what you have and be prepared to give back your trophy dooshlip.

  36. Paulitik says
    “Lay off the vicodin , Reggie, it can really get you down. Maybe he should pick up Crystal Methamphetamine like the rest of the Ain’ts fanbase. ”
    Yeah, we could be like your Senator in Minnesota, Mr. Franken, and snort some coke, drop some acid, and then have you idiots elect one of us for office.

  37. “breesbush0925 says:
    June 16, 2010 5:56 PM
    Oh so shocking, Florio bashing Saints and Reggie Bush. ”
    LOL at seriously delusional fans who think Florio and PFT are picking on their NFL teams. Uh, Florio didn’t even mention the Saints other than state the depressed cheater is a running back for them.
    PS, LOL at athletes who have a massive sense of entitlement and then have the rug pulled out from under them.

  38. I get why everyone is bitching but you act like he’s the only one!
    Obviously he got caught, so he’s the scapegoat but damn.
    You mad at John Wall? Guaranteed he’s gettin kick backs. You mad at Michael Crabtree? Tell me he wasnt gettin paid. Granted, these are not factual accusations… But the movie Blue Chips was not written by pulling random ideas out of the air.
    Ya’ll are just salty. Lets see you turn down a car at 19 when everyone in the country is on your jock. Mistakes are made, move on.

  39. He is so depressed I think he’ll be unable to accept the Superbowl rings there giving out tonight for the team….lol….he doesn’t lose an ounce of sleep over this!!!

  40. Hey, Jib:
    we don’t need any jive-assed, third-person talking a-hole, claiming to be right. We just don’t.
    Reggie: kill yourself. Go ahead, pal. You personally ruined a collegiate football program. Think it’s funny? Cute? Eat it, a-hole and take that flake Carroll with you, too.

  41. I find it hilarious that the swampbilge think I’m a Vikes fan. I have to admit, I’d take Al Franken over David Vitter any day. He has been one of the more effective Senators of late. Figures that Ain’ts fans are of the Teabagger ilk. They don’t have a effing clue.
    Prepare to get “Iced” on 9/26 Ain’ts.

  42. “I did nothing wrong but I accept full responsibility” is a phrase that needs to be removed from the English language.
    Either you did something you shouldn’t have or you HAVE nothing to accept responsibility for.

  43. @ scomibord
    Jesus Christ, can you tw*ts read? I’m not a Vike fan, and 9/26 AIN’T the first game of the season. It’s called the Google. Check it out idiot. You are the loser who can’t even figure out my loyalties.

  44. Well, he’s in a good place. I would bet you that the majority of Louisiana loves him for f’ing over USC! LOL! Geaux Tigers, Geaux Saints and Geaux Reggie!!!! LOL!!!

  45. Thank God they caught the one guy that accepted improper benefits for playing ball at a major university. Now we can put it all behind us because the NCAA has done a tremendous job investigating this scandal and brought down the hammer. Now that the NCAA has cleaned up the game and MLB has cleaned up the steroid issue, we can all enjoy sports in their purest form again. Hey… here’s a suggestion, stop making kids go to college and return the concept of freedom to pursue a career path when and if ready to do so. If you’re gonna make superstars go to school so you can grow your television revenues, then don’t bitch when people from outside the university meddle.

  46. “Bush admitted no wrongdoing, but did “accept responsibility.”
    LOL. That’s nto accepting responsibility then. :banghead:
    I guess he didn’t get an education at USC either.

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