Report: Tramon Williams signs his tender

As Packers fans began to fear an extended holdout from cornerback Tramon Williams, Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Williams has signed his tender offer.

Thus, Williams is now under contract at $3.168 million for 2010.

Williams faced a steep reduction in his base salary if the Packers had followed through on a threat to reduce the tender to 110 percent of the player’s 2009 base salary.  Apparently, however, the threat fell into the “I’m turning this car around right now!” category.

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  1. The Pack will give Tramon an extension around mid-season if he continues to play well for them. They take care of their own. (As long as their own doesn’t mess with them, ala Bert Favrah.)

  2. He will get a big money contact extension before the season is over… this guy opposite Woodson is going to be fun to watch. Harris will be back mid-season, but I think TW keeps the starting job regardless.

  3. Smart move. Look at the deals Jennings, Chillar, Collins, and Pickett got. Packers reward the players that shut up and play. May be egotistical of TT, but the precedent it sets is better than the alternative.

  4. I would think Afternmath is right. Collins, Jennings, Chillar and Pickett got big deals because they were (in MM’s words) Packer People. Shut up, focus, work hard, do your job well and you’ll be rewarded.

  5. He’ll be even better this year with more starting experience. Al Harris is done. Williams is the future and will get paid.

  6. @bluestree
    They’re pretty high on Burnett and the move to Blackmon at safety makes me think Bigby’s days are numbered. Every once in a while he looks like the Bigby of 07, but more often last year he looked the Bigby of 08. Out of position or hurt.

  7. Bigby doesn’t stand to lose much. He isn’t signing because the financial incentive is not there. His Salary drops from something like 1,750,000 to 1,700,000.

  8. Oh Atari, you had better get the pen to the paper. Cuz if ya don’t, you’re gonna lose your starting job, if you haven’t already.

  9. I don’t think Bigby is going to lose his starting spot just yet. Burnett has looked good in OTAs but that doesn’t guarantee anything. If either Martin or Burnett aren’t playing well at S, the Packers would be jumping to get Bigby back.

  10. Al Harris was (is) overrated and is done. He consistently got beat in big games (for the last few years,) and played like a Pro Bowler when the Packers were already winning by big margins. Somebody has to step up and fill that role. This is where relative unknowns can get their chance and be the next big thing.

  11. Yeah Royale2k100, shorts and t shirts isn’t football. Invariably a few guys disappear when the hitting starts.
    Don’t agree with ‘brose about Harris. Throw out the ’07 championship game, and he’s been solid. Some of what he gave up can be blamed partly on lack of consistent pass rush, and inside lb’s that don’t get the deepest drops on crossing stuff.
    And I thought he was doing a pretty good job of adjusting to a complete change from man to zone coverage last year before he went down. Of course, after Ahmad Carroll every corner on the team looks pretty good to me. Whether or not Al comes back, this is the year for Tramon to take the next step.

  12. This is a good signing. Harris was a liability BEFORE he got hurt. Williams played fairly well last year, no reason he couldn’t continue to start at corner.
    Now, if Ted would just man up, actually admit he made a mistake, and (finally) get rid of Bush, our secondary would be in be in far better shape than the rest of our division. Hey, a guy can hope, right?

  13. Wow contra. For once you and I agree on something. Can someone tell me one game where Harris hasn’t been burned forbid plays after the ahmad Carroll era?

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