SaberCats return to the AFL, too

On the same day that the Philadelphia Soul announced its return to the AFL, the team the Soul beat in the 2008 title game has announced its return, too.

The San Jose SaberCats are back.

Previously, the AFL had avoided a return to California due to the workers’ compensation system

The development gives the 15-team league a total of 17 for 2011.

And if Silva were writing this one, he’d finish by saying that the SaberCats instantly become the second-best football team in the Bay Area.

14 responses to “SaberCats return to the AFL, too

  1. brin back the voodoo. you cannot tell me they were losing money. led the league in attendance for two years straight, and 2 consecutive sellout arena bowls

  2. It may be close but I don’t personally think the Sabercats are better than the Niners.
    Cat Scratch Fever!!

  3. The return of the Soul and Sabercats is welcome – both proved their championship mettle in their Arena Bowl showdown.
    The AFL needs at least one team in the New England area, preferably two – the Manchester Wolves (NH) were a superb team in AF2 and the MA Marauders and New England Surge (CIFL) in Worcester, MA were superb teams as well. I attended games for both and miss both – I’m still miffed at Manchester’s mid-season trade of James Pinkney to the Vipers; it took the return of Brian Jones to get the Wolves back on a wining keel. I also can’t forget the Surge, with Marc Eddy, Dallas Mall, Tyler Grogan, and Harold Shaw – they had some breathtaking wins over the Flint Phantoms and Chesapeake Tide and 2007’s bitter 49-40 loss to the Rochester Raiders still sticks in my craw.
    I want the Wolves and Surge back.

  4. 2nd best team in the bay area?? try fifth.
    1. 49ers
    2. Cal
    3. Stanford
    4. De La Salle
    5. SaberCats
    6. San Jose State
    7. Raiders

  5. The four class organizations, Arizona, Orlando, San Jose and Tampa are together again.
    Too bad that the rest of the league has no class. FYI, I’m still banned for making fun of the league’s TV deal. I’m not going to grovel to get back in but it seems that every time that I make an inquiry, NO ONE gets back to me. Either it’s one of the moderators or it’s one of the owners but someone doesn’t want me back.

  6. Sweet, I can watch a team that has a chance of winning a championship in San Jose. Lord knows the Sharks won’t do it.

  7. silva sleeps with a raiders blanket at night, which means hes an undercover raiders fan, gfy mayne

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