Seahawks shoot down Atogwe visit

O. Atogwe.jpgO.J. Atogwe may plan to visit Seattle next week, but the Seahawks don’t sound that interested in meeting him while he’s there. 

ESPN’s Mike Sando reports via a team source that no visit is planned from Seattle’s end.  What we have here appears to be a failure from Atogwe’s camp to drum up interest for the safety.  (Not to mention some ESPN-on-ESPN crime.)

All along, the Rams have pushed the hardest of any team to sign Atogwe.  But he’s needed another team in the mix to help raise his price tag.  Apparently, he floated the wrong team publicly.

It’s unclear if Atogwe still plans to make the journey to the Northwest. If so, we recommend a trip to Safeco Field and the cafe/bookstore that inspired one of the sets on Frasier.

14 responses to “Seahawks shoot down Atogwe visit

  1. What is the deal with this? Something doesn’t make a lot of sense that this guy has virtually no interest from any team.

  2. Bwa Ha Ha
    I couldn’t agree more… This is a perfect fit in Cincy and I guess we’re just to cheap to bite the bullet..

  3. Atogwe is asking for too much money thats why there is no interest in him. Now if he were to lower his asking price I bet more teams would step up and bring him in for a look. Odds are he will be back with the Rams.
    But I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Detroit but Delmas is the FS and a rising star on the team but if Atogwe can play SS make the move and Detroit’s secondary will look much improved.

  4. “What is the deal with this? Something doesn’t make a lot of sense that this guy has virtually no interest from any team.”
    The deal is that he’s been asking for way more than his play has dictated he is worth. He has a much higher opinion of his own play than every other team in the NFL. That should clue him in.

  5. Man… is this guy made of kryptonite or something? I have been hoping that Undead Al would pursue him, but maybe he (by “he,” I’m referring to his agent, of course) has unrealistic expectations about the dead presidents. Atogwe would be a significant upgrade over Michael Huff at free safety. Huff flashes big-game potential, but not often enough. Maybe he’ll be a late bloomer like Asomugha was, but I’m not counting on it. He could be a perennial tease until his athletic skills start to fade.
    If Undead signed O.J., he could then include Huff in a trade package for a disgruntled veteran DT or OT veteran.
    BTW, I love all the Haynesworth bashing going on today. By the time this pissing contest is over, the asking price for him will likely be no higher than a fourth rounder. I’m sure there are plenty of teams willing to meet that price.

  6. He got hurt and had a down year last year in his contract year. When he is healthy he is a turnover machine.

  7. Frasier sucked, why would you visit that crap.
    Seems to me a lot of DBs this year are over valuing their worth. Go back to SL or go to Miami, just do sumpin.

  8. Miami would be a good fit. But Parcells put out enough cash for one off season.

  9. HAHAHA your a joke florio! why not mention a coffee shop or microsoft or the rain or any of the other bull**** before you bring up fraiser. Nobody with any self respect watches fraiser especially in seattle.

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