Shanahan says that Haynesworth "news could happen soon"

Veteran Redskins beat writer David Elfin reports that coach Mike Shanahan has indicated that “news could happen soon” regarding no-show defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

Elfin speculates that he wouldn’t be shocked if the Redskins cut Haynesworth.

If that happens, the Redskins will have a much harder time recovering bonus money from Haynesworth.  At this point, however, they may not care.

Elfin also notes that Haynesworth has been blasted not only by teammate London Fletcher, but also by Phillip Daniels and Casey Rabach.

If Haynesworth is cut, we hope that the fans of every other team will be prepared to get out the torches and pitchforks if their favorite team signs this guy.

59 responses to “Shanahan says that Haynesworth "news could happen soon"

  1. I would be PISSED if my team signed him. With the parity in the NFL these days, you never know when a new coach, system, etc. could be coming in. Knowing that he’s publicly protesting that he “wouldn’t have considered playing for the current organization” means you can bank on him pulling that crap anywhere he goes.

  2. An incentive-laden contract would be the route to go with Albert…Just ask the Titans.

  3. If I am getting paid 100 million dollars, I will say “yes sir” and “no ma’am” and play whatever position they asked me to.

  4. screw that DONT CUT HIM…make him sit out the year and fine his ass all the money you can and then try to recover some of the bonus money…screw this guy anyway you can!!!

  5. With the bonus money already paid, how in the world is this guy with his current contract structure not worth anything in trade value?

  6. The Cowboys & Raiders are the only 2 teams stupid enough to give him a contract.
    I wouldn’t touch him.

  7. The Redskins should contact the league about the possibility of trading Haynesworth to the Omaha Nighthawks for a chili dog.
    If they’re just going to cut him and get nothing in return, what’s wrong with rubbing a little salt in the wound for all the strife he’s caused the organization?

  8. Florio,
    I strongly recommend you read the Washington Post article from the one-liners this morning about Haynesworth if you have not.
    That is how you blast someone while maintaining journalistic integrity. The article is clearly negative towards Haynesworth without losing its objectivity. Whereas you come across as a whiny bitch with an axe to grind, like you’re his x-wife or something. You’re clearly “in the tank” on this story.

  9. He’s done. He’ll never play in the NFL again… but that’s probably what he wanted anyway.

  10. I hope Shanahan keeps him (it will cost the same as cutting him) but inactivates him before every game so that they don’t have to pay his fat arse. Let him sit there, stew, and get a taste of his own medicine. Then release him next year after he’s gone a whole year without playing.

  11. The first persone that says Dallas is going to get an internet tough guy punch in the groin

  12. Florio, have you really gotten that stupid that fast? You more than anyone knows the NFL is a business, and that some team is going to sign Haynesworth, no matter what his past says. And if you think the fans are going to have any say in this matter, well, you’ve gotten even more delusional. See: Michael Vick

  13. I would love if they traded him to another 3-4 team somehow…
    Although it won’t happen.
    Maybe we can just let him rot on the inactives list for three years.

  14. Elfin *speculates* that he wouldn’t be *shocked* …. so now there’s speculation about somebody being shocked about it lol

  15. right……….
    I think most fans would be happy to get the guy even if he is a turd.
    I think the Fredskins trade him, just to make sure they can place him with a poor or distant team.
    cut him, and he’s a Cowboy or Eagle by morning

  16. I have believed since the day Haynesworth’s contract was reported that he would be cut this year, I figured it would come sooner than now though.

  17. I can think of 1000 reasons to enjoy football, AH represents the sole reason to hate it…

  18. Surely being cut would be contingent on his paying back the bonus money – no? Otherwise, they would be looking for something, anything, in return. Even a conditional 7th rounder!

  19. well he isnt going to Dallass because they run a 3-4 as well. He can go to Philthy if he wants..

  20. It’s not like he raped anybody. Or stabbed anybody. Or got beat up by a McDonalds bag.

  21. Yeah…pay him 30+ million dollars in one year and cut him, THAT will show him…
    Just got on the phone with the Raiders and ask for a 7th round pick.
    THAT will show him.

  22. $10 million here…..$21 million there…..before you know it, you’re talking about real money.
    Really though, if Haynesworth is willing to come in, I’d give him an $8 mil/yr contract, made up of 16 500k roster bonuses (or as close to that as you can get), each coming prior to a game.

  23. So if it’s true Washington lost it’s $20 MM game of chicken with Haynesworth.
    Presumably Washington thought that epic pay package would influence Haynesworth; amazing stubbornness on his part. However, just as teams don’t pay players for past performance, we clearly see that some players don’t perform for past pay.

  24. Is that a good precedent to set? While and complain enough and teams will dumb you? Then he gets to keep his $20 million and seek another new contract?
    Keep fining him all season long if he doesn’t show and continues to not want to play his position. That would be more deserving.

  25. At this point the Skins should stop commenting about him and state that he is not available. Fine his ass the whole year if need be but don’t cave or grant a guy you paid 30 million to his release to go fleece some other team out of millions. Fining him would at least give you some of the money back and it would send him a message. Only trade him if you can get something significant like a 2nd or 3rd rounder but thats not gonna happen. Fine him and suspend him!

  26. Hey, Florio. Can Snyder sue Haynesworth for breach of contract?
    If he can, must Haynesworth remain on the roster? Snyder can hardly argue that Haynesworth didn’t show up for work if he has no work to show up for (cutting him).
    If Haynesworth is cut, and no other team picks him up, Snyder’s still on the ropes for the remaining $9 million guaranteed.

  27. This guy’s a waste of life. He should buy an industrial size blender at a store that sells industrial size blenders, and put his head in it. If I’m Dan Snyder, I spend 10 million to make sure he never plays in the NFL again. Whatever that may ential. (Elbow to the ribs)

  28. Haynesworth is a spoiled, petulant child. Or an a$$hat – either way. Unfortunately somebody will sign him.

  29. Sit him on the bench as long as it takes…deprive him of the honor to play a proffesional sport!

  30. Trade him to Buffalo for a slightly used practice ball and a bottle of Gatorade.

  31. Welcome to the BLACK HOLE.
    DT Albert Haynesworth and John Henderson
    DE Richard Seymour And Lamar Houston

  32. This is terrible news for Packer fans; look for fat Albert to land on any of the other 3 NFC north teams who run the 4-3 and all of whom have more than enough motive for a move like this;
    he’s gonna end up in the NFC north or back in Nashville.

  33. This is terrible news for Packer fans; look for fat Albert to land on any of the other 3 NFC north teams who run the 4-3 and all of whom have more than enough motive for a move like this;
    he’s gonna end up in the NFC north or back in Nashville.

  34. BenRapistberger says: June 16, 2010 12:41 PM With the bonus money already paid, how in the world is this guy with his current contract structure not worth anything in trade value?
    Would you want him on your team?

  35. If he gets cut, any team playing the 4-3 signs him for a year with an incentive laden contract. Win-win-win. Team that signs him gets big man to clog the line, Haynesworth gets out of Washington, and both the team and the player screw the Skins. If the team that signs him plays this the right way, he could be an absolute steal.

  36. Boysroll- worry bout your team. Shanahan is not as predictable as Zorn. We only have 1 player who is a hold out and that is AH. Hopefully Albert Haynesworth will ride the bench this ENTIRE year. He played 12 games and got paid over 30 mil for 12 games? It’s sad that it is possible for these NFL ghetto trash bags to be greedy, rip teams off, lie to the fans, get paid and then back out of thier end of the deal. He knows how the NFL works and for him to act like this knowing that coaches change and so do systems. He is just out of shape and knows it.

  37. Would be nice to see him playing for Jim Swartz again. Just think, Jared DeVries, Ndamukong Suh, Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vandren Bosch. Pretty good front four. Let him prove he still is one of the best 4-3 tackles in Pro Football. Let him help teach the young Lions defence how to play in the NFL. Come on Lions swing the deal.

  38. myspaceyourface says:
    June 16, 2010 12:40 PM
    If I am getting paid 100 million dollars, I will say “yes sir” and “no ma’am” and play whatever position they asked me to.
    For that money, I’d even play Center for the Steelers!

  39. I’d be shocked if Chicago isn’t in the mix. Perfect guy to keep OL off of Urlacher, Briggs & co. and great insurance if Tommie Harris gets injured- again.
    As long as they don’t overpay and the contract is incentive laden, go for it.

  40. Would be great if he takes the 21 Mio, signs with a 3-4 team and plays nose:)
    Classic Chainsaw Dan throwing his money out of the window.

  41. yeah, the fat asshole just ate at red lobster…..
    Only $29,999,864.23 of Danny boys money to spend!!

  42. I would get out the welcome wagon and welcome him with open arms. So sad that all these people have had their feelings hurt.
    HHe could not have been MORE CLEAR prior to the trade to Washington that he would not play for a 3-4 team, period. Washington signed him knowing this and has made the jump to the 3-4.
    From the time that happened he said he did not want to change positions which is what it would be like. They should have traded him long ago and they are to blame for this mess.
    Way to hold to your guns Big Guy, my hope is you bring that power to my team and I will have my fingers crossed.
    And they laughed at Al Davis for paying Russell almost 40 million for 3 years of garbage play. Washington breaks that record with paing a dude some 30 million for 1 year of play. That is a record that will never be broken.

  43. boysroll- You are a PU$$Y hillbilly! Most the time you type something about the Redskins it’s like talking about your team and your owner. You even feel the need to make additional names and you comment on your own posts, your a loser dude. GET A LIFE!

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