Trying to figure out Jarrad Page's absence

Meet Chiefs safety Jarrad Page, the unsigned restricted free agent whose absence doesn’t make much sense.

Page has skipped the entire offseason since the Chiefs originally tendered him a one-year, $1.759 million contract.  That doesn’t sound like huge money, but Page missed most of last season with a torn calf muscle and isn’t expected to start in Kansas City.

In fact, the Kansas City Star writes that Page’s chances of making the team look “remote at best.”

It’s unclear if the Chiefs reduced Page’s tender offer on Tuesday, but they were expected to do so.  (They can “only” reduce his deal $64,000 if our math is right.)  Both sides of the issue haven’t talked all offseason, including Page’s agent/brother.

We can only surmise Page is hoping to get released; the player and team were apparently at odds last year. 

Perhaps Page thinks he can be like his old running mate Bernard Pollard, discarded by the Chiefs before finding salvation elsewhere.

9 responses to “Trying to figure out Jarrad Page's absence

  1. I don’t know what the guy is expecting. He’s coming off a year where he missed half the season due to injury and was on the verge of being demoted before it happened. Nobody is going to give him a lucrative long term deal coming off the year he had, even if he’s released and hits the open market. Teams weren’t exactly knocking down OJ Atogwe’s door with bags of money, and he’s not half as Atogwe. This is what happens when you make your brother your agent.

  2. “Both sides of the issue haven’t talked all offseason, including Page’s agent/brother.”
    3G’s, you are the worst writer in the history of words.

  3. this guy was a 7th round pick that has started since a rookie in KC. his perspective is off. yes he earned those starts, but he is not the hot commodity he thinks he is. take the deal, mentor berry, get a good rep and then next year (or the next) teams will be more willing to sign and let compete for a starting spot if he handles himself better. for a guy who tries to tackle by keeping his arms at his side while ramming with his shoulder, is slow as hell and has been injured lately, things have gone pretty well for him.

  4. SwiperBoy says “Eric Berry…ain’t he scarry?”
    Bye Bye Jarrad……EB is the man now.

  5. As a lifelong Chiefs fan I say: “Stick you to your guns Jarrad Page” Former KC teammate Bernard Pollard proved/made egoli & hailme look clueless last season- they’ve obviously learned notthing in the time since.
    Pollard is now an all-star caliber player for Houston. Meanwhile egoli & hailme – architects of 16 losses in 2009 – are well on their way to another double-digit loss disaster 2010 if their ineptitud’is any indication.
    Until the owner Hunt gets a competent GM & Head Coach in KC, I’ll continue to laugh at the folly be the Chiefs.
    Good luck Jarrad & keep it up Pollard!

  6. “Both sides of the issue haven’t talked all offseason, including Page’s agent/brother.”
    C’mon Jarrad, grow the f$#@ up. Your brother? Seriously? Was your Mommy to busy? And Icon I know you need PFT to rejuvenate after visiting all the great homoerotic websites but why don’t you STFU and we’ll talk again in January and see what you have to say.

  7. WORST first year in KC franchise history courtesy egoli & hailme… EPIC FAIL with part 2 to follow in 2010.

  8. “Icon”, you’re a moron….and probably a Broncos fan. Jarrad Page SUCKS- who cares if he resigns here. Pioli and Haley (correct spellings, idiot) spent ’09 taking out the Carl/Herm trash, and this season they will be much improved.

  9. Another 16-20 losses appends in 2010 for the not so dynamic duo egoli & hailme… both will deservedly be TERMINTAED aft 2010.

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