14 teams and counting will attend Harvey Unga's Pro Day workout

On Wednesday, we reported that former BYU running back Harvey Unga will enter the supplemental draft.

We’re now told that he’ll be working out for scouts on July 8.  Already, 14 teams plan to attend.  More are expected to show up.

Unga, despite having a year of eligibility remaining, holds the school’s all-time leading rushing record.  He was kicked out of school for having relations with his girlfriend, another former BYU student.

38 responses to “14 teams and counting will attend Harvey Unga's Pro Day workout

  1. Sounds like a Steeler already. “Having relations”? Let’s grab him, Rooneys. We can work on putting together the “all-relations-violations backfield”.

  2. So…. Genius, who the fu(k are the teams attending? Kind of pointless to click this link to see this turd was booted for liftin up the denim dress his skanky mormon girlfriend was waring a banged her one off, again!

  3. I hope he becomes an amazing player for a long time and doesn’t give the “university” a dime.

  4. wait wait did he just get kicked out because Mormons only go to BYU and they cant have sex before marriage??? can anyone shed some light on this ,we dont get many Mormons here in Australia 😛

  5. it wasnt a student, i thought it was a woman basketball coach or something. I think some substance is missing here. Or Not, Finals are about to start.

  6. Way to go the extra mile for your readers, Florio. The list of the fourteen teams attending was really eye opening. Some of teams you listed are really shocking given their current RB situation. Oh, wait, I forgot, all you do nowadays is pontificate about how much better the NFL would be if they just did things exactly the way you say they should. You can give us 80 plus posts, six videos, and three Sporting News columns about how the world will end if they play a cold weather Super Bowl, but you can’t spend 60 seconds listing the the 14 teams that are interested. Oh, that’s right, facts don’t generate huge amounts of comments so you can go back to your Lord and Master NBC and say “see how edgy I am!!!! 250 comments!!”.

  7. There is no way that Jim McMahon wasn’t banging chicks when he was at BYU.
    That’s solid theory. I’d guess Marc Wilson and Ty Detmer banged chicks, too. But they were all white guys.

  8. Steward, BYU is a private university owned by the LDS church. When attending you agree to follow their “honor code”. The honor code is a bunch of rules the church feels you should live by. Most students are mormons but non mormons attend as well and are expected to live by the standards of the church. Usually they look the other way for football players (Jim McMahon), not sure why they hit this kid with it. Just google BYU honor code and you can see some of the crap thats on there.
    I googled it and on the front page of BYU’s honor code page. One of the three FAQ on there is “What is the process for obtaining a beard exception?”

  9. OMG!!! A football player who had sex in college?! Heck, even the marching band does that…

  10. @ Italian army guy…… WTF kind of Mormon are you? You seem to be gay being that you have a problem with hetro sexual relations bewteen adults? Good luck to the young man and here’s to no players going to BYU.

  11. Q: Why don’t Mormons have relations standing up?
    A: Because it might lead to dancing.

  12. Another one of the Mormons who took a couple prime years out of their college career for the church. He is probably so old by now that they call him Unga Harvey.

  13. Here’s part of BYU’s Honor Code
    Be honest
    Live a chaste and virtuous life
    Obey the law and all campus policies
    Use clean language
    Respect others
    Abstain from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee, and substance abuse
    Participate regularly in church services
    Observe the Dress and Grooming Standards
    Encourage others in their commitment to comply with the Honor Code
    Sorry, but I draw the line at tea! hahaha

  14. Wow, Kicked out of shool for sex.
    If thats the case I think the big 10/12now wouldn’t get a dime in tuition. I would probably say the same forthe rest of the NCAA. I see the point for wanting kids to receive an education before they potentially conceive, but lets be realistic. I hope the kid does well in the Nfl, then goes back for his degree at a school that has better things to do than looking into what adults do with their genitals.
    I mean really “relations?” does Bill Clinton work at BYU now?

  15. Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story. Based on the following Harvey Unga was NOT kicked out of BYU. Your inaccuracy paints a distorted view of the school.
    “BYU star running back Harvey Unga has voluntarily withdrawn from school because of an undisclosed honor code violation.
    Women’s basketball player Keilani Moeaki, reportedly Unga’s girlfriend of three years, also has withdrawn from school. “

  16. LDS has a tough time, they can’t have sex unless they’re married and they have to pretend they don’t believe in polygamy anymore.
    Jim McMahon got snookered into to going to BYU, he thought they said it was the Church of LSD.

  17. Omega….try reading between the lines. He “voluntarily” withdrawn as did his lady….LMMFAO…you buy that? Simple religious sophistry is what you’re quoting. Both of them were told behind doors that if they withdrew from school it would look better than being thrown out. If you scratch this it smells like PR to me.
    Simply put, if they “voluntarily withdrew” then they wouldn’t be thrown out. Repayment of scholarship may have been mentioned with the suggestion they withdraw. BYU didn’t want to get the very exposure this story has brought. The fact they are a fringe religion who pushes thier religious veiws and thoughts on ANYONE that lives in Utah and just didn’t want the extra scrutiny.

  18. These folks claim that god lives on a planet called who knows what and that the Indians are the lost descendants of the Jews, and that Josheph Smith was sent to America to convert them. Is it really a surprise when they do crazy things like kick a college kid out for banging his girlfriend? (Or to cover both possibilities, to force a kid out behind the scenes based on a violation of an “honor code”)? No

  19. bugslayer, you may be right, and you probably are. But the fact remains that Unga “voluntarily” withdrew. He was not dismissed or “kicked-out”
    BYU may have given Unga an out to save face and to save themselves from the type of backlash that they are receiving on this board. But that is why these things “voluntary” options are given.
    My point stands, it is irresponsible journalism to write that someone was “kicked out” of school when they “voluntarily withdrew”.

  20. Fonetik says:
    June 17, 2010 9:36 PM
    Wow, who the hell goes to a college that kicks you out for getting laid??
    Best question ever asked

  21. PatsFan0615 says:
    June 18, 2010 2:04 PM
    Fonetik says:
    June 17, 2010 9:36 PM
    Wow, who the hell goes to a college that kicks you out for getting laid??
    ——————– ——————– ———-Best question ever asked
    Pats and Fonetik, About 30,000 students compete to get to go to BYU. Most are LDS. Most want to attend BYU with 30,00 students who share the same lifestyle which in part includes not sleeping with people unless you’re married. There are other standards like not drinking or binge drinking, being honest, not looking like a slob, etc.
    It’s not a lifestyle for everyone. But it’s a lifestyle that is followed by most active Mormons throughout their lives. We think it relates directly with the reputation that Mormons have of having strong marriages and families that last .
    When Students break the rules they are not immediately expelled. If they repeatedly break major rules they withdraw on their own or are required to leave if their rule breaking is known.
    Unga was the best runningback ever for BYU. He was the only major senior returning. He would be “the face” of BYU football with his picture and name on all the posters and interviews. I suspect he and his fiancee got into the habit of doing what many do before marriage. He had a choice of living the lie as the BYU football poster-child or withdrawing from school . He withdrew.
    If students want to return to school after major violations they can reapply. Unga was told he could reapply in January 2011. That is after his eligibility ends.
    I have heard from one source that Unga and his fiancee are getting married this month in the Chicago area where her family lives.
    Non-Mormon athletes recruited by BYU are commonly members of other Christian faiths who have been living similar standards in their high school lives. The attend BYU and attend their local Catholic, Baptist or other church. They often express their delight in attending a campus with their standards.
    That’s who goes to BYU. ACT average is about 28. Cost is about that of a typical State university because Church tithing funds subsidize the school.

  22. Stewart,
    Actually there are about 123,000 Mormons in Austrailia in over 300 congregations. You’d see them listed under the actual name of the Church — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Torah Bright one of your Olympians just married another Austrailian Mormon. And one of your pro rugby players is soon to leave on a two year voluntary, unpaid, mission for the Church.
    I went to BYU about 40 years ago when BYU had 25,000 students and the Church had about 1,000,000 members. Now there are about 30,000 students there but the Church has grown to 13.000,000. There’s a lot of competition to get in.
    The standards of behavior for Mormons young and old have not changed as the World embraced contraception and the sexual revolution. Mormons are taught from their youth to only have sex with their marriage partner; not to drink or use illegal drugs; be honest and hard working etc. That makes for some nice healthy folks. We’ll take that and the critics.
    Think of a major college football team where most of them have served two year missions, about 1/4 are married. Several have children and are married to their child’s mom. About 50 of them are not only literal Boy Scouts but Eagle Scouts. And where the great majority of the unmarried on the team have not had sex yet and will only have sex with their wife for the rest of their life. Strange! Last year we beat Oklahoma.

  23. I thought Mormans where supposed to have relations like rabbits, with many woman?

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