Agent elaborates on 2009 promises made to Haynesworth

A specific portion of the statement issued on Tuesday night by don’t-wanna-be-Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth caused some to wonder about the manner in which his recruitment unfolded.

“When I signed here after meeting all day with the staff and top
executives, and talked about the defense that we would run and what my
role would be, I was assured I would have the freedom to play to my
and I was excited about the future,” Haynesworth said.

Given that widespread reports of Haynesworth’s agreement to join the Redskins circulated in the early post-dawn hours of February 27, 2009, the first day of the new league year, some wondered whether Haynesworth essentially was admitting that the Redskins had met with him before the free agency period opened.  In contrast, we wondered whether Haynesworth had actually conducted the meetings after re-creating his moment of infamy, with a pen serving as the cleat and a contract serving as Andre Gurode’s forehead.

Agent Chad Speck has explained to us the manner in which the events transpired.

“Albert signed his contract after 5:00 pm on the first day of free agency,” Speck told us via e-mail.  “He met with the staff for a long period of time after arriving at Redskins Park that morning.  The press conference actually started late for this reason.  Our approach was my job was to negotiate the money (which occurred all night long and into the morning and during the day in Ashburn) and he would decide if the football made sense after visiting with the staff and ownership (which occurred over the phone that night and then most of the day in Ashburn).  After all of this is when the contract was signed.”

So there you have it — Haynesworth had the ability (without tampering) to meet with team officials before signing the contract.  And in those meetings he was “assured” that he would “have the freedom to play to my strengths.”

Of course, Haynesworth and Speck wouldn’t be able to enforce any such promises because they weren’t reduced to writing.  If, however, what they’re saying is true, Haynesworth wouldn’t be completely in the wrong for making it known that he has no desire to play nose tackle in a 3-4 defense.

That said, coach Mike Shanahan now claims that Haynesworth received an opportunity to leave the Redskins before accepting a $21 million bonus payment on April 1.  We’ve got a feeling that we’ll be hearing more about this specific contention from Haynesworth’s camp eventually.

47 responses to “Agent elaborates on 2009 promises made to Haynesworth

  1. It doesn’t matter what promises were made to him by the previous regime. Anyone who signs a contract for more than that day should know the situation could change at anytime. He just needs to suck it up and play. Not that his attitude is a big surprise to a Titans fan. I am so glad the Titans had the good sense not to overpay him. Obviously, they knew from experience that Albert plays when he feels like it, which is not near as often as it should be. I wouldn’t give 100 million to a part time player–glad the Redskins did so he is gone from Tennessee.

  2. lol…this is hilarious.
    Albert, you went to a team that everybody in the country knew was one of, if not the most unstable in the league. The Redskins have had what…7 different coaches in the past 11 years. The current Head Coach was on the hot seat. Yet you want to complain about promises made by guys who everybody knew probably weren’t going to be there the following year?
    Your fatass went to the Redskins because they backed up the Brinks truck to your door. Spare me the “we met with the coaches and that is what delayed the signing of the contract” BS. It was delayed because of final touches to the contract.
    I hope the Skins recover as much of that bonus money as they can, and no NFL team signs him. Go to the UFL and “play to your strengths there.

  3. About time the Teams have to ante up after years of telling players to take a cut in salary or get cut from the team.Atta boy Albert!!!

  4. Even if the Redskins made those promises both the redskins and Haynesworth should have realized that those are unrealistic promises to keep. Especially knowing that Zorn was on the hot seat. Coaches get fired all the time so it would be ludicrous to think that they can guarantee they’ll be playing the same system for seven years. Maybe they could make that promise for one year but no more than that.

  5. Regardless of what Fat Albert was promised before he signed his deal, he was told “If you accept this 20+ million bonus then we expect you to play where we want and when”. Or something to that affect. He took the money, now he needs to shut up and show up. Seems pretty simple to me.

  6. It does not matter what he was promised in 2009. Coaching changes happen all the f…ing time in the NFL. Especially here in DC. So now that there has been a coaching change your fat ass should play where the tell you to play. Its not like the skins are telling you to play QB or even on the O line. Come to think of it that is exactly where that fat lazy pos should go. Put him at guard.

  7. “Of course, Haynesworth and Speck wouldn’t be able to enforce any such promises because they weren’t reduced to writing. If, however, what they’re saying is true, Haynesworth wouldn’t be completely in the wrong for making it known that he has no desire to play nose tackle in a 3-4 defense.”
    Are you serious Florio? Players sign contracts to play for a team. Players don’t get to decide what capacity they will be used in. He is completely, unequivocally, 100% percent wrong for doing what he is doing to his team, the coaching staff, and his boss. That fat slob is being paid to play for the Redskins, if they want to move him to fullback it’s his job to shut the hell up and play.

  8. typical 4skin bs. management/coaches promise one thing but do another. How many players there have been disgruntled for whatver reason? worst run team in the NFL. LMFAO.

  9. Making it known is one thing Florio,
    not showing up for work is another. This guy is a turd.

  10. Viper2000 says:
    June 17, 2010 12:36 PM
    Just man up and play you cry baby!! All that money and fatty is being a selfish pussy. Hey Haynesworthlessness. ..i hear the WAAAAAAAAMbulance pulling up outside to pick your fat ass up to ship you to the AFL.========================================
    You tell him, Chesty McToughguy

  11. Haynesworth knew the Skins were switching to a 3-4 before his money came due. HMMMMMM I wonder what kept him from offering Snyder to tear up his contract and cutting him? Instead he goes to the NFLPA and asks if he can collect his money and not play. And he’s told, “yes he can.”

  12. Haynesworth would have some leverage with this, if he had actually turned up so that people could see how the team intended to use him.
    The fact is all we’ve got is supposition. Haynesworth has got no idea how well he might have played in the new scheme. He has never given it a chance.

  13. skigimp, you ridiculous union-kissing Marxist, owners rule the league…NOT the players. Get over it.

  14. This happens all the time in real life jobs. You get hired to do a particular job and assurances are made by your boss. Then your boss gets replaced, the company gets bought out, or just money gets tight and everything changes. Suddenly promises like frequency of travel get thrown out the window because of business needs. “I know we promised you that you would not have to travel on sales calls, but we needed to cut down and the sales staff no longer includes any engineers. We need you to travel with a salesperson about 3 days a month on sales calls. That’s is what we need you to do, because you are our best engineer.”
    So you suck it up, because you are paid the big bucks and that is what they need, even if you think it is a waste of your time for them to send their top engineer on a sales call. You accept the money, so you stay loyal to them. If you feel strongly about it, you quit and find another job.
    Alternatively, you can be a whiny bitch and complain and refuse to go and cause trouble for your company and your new boss. Haynesworth took the alternative approach. Because he has a guaranteed contract with future pay already paid, Haynesworth is doing the most disreputable thing: Taking the employer’s money, but refusing to do the work or be loyal.

  15. Albert isn’t as good as he thinks he is or as good as the Redskins thought he would be. If he wanted to stay in the same system he should have stayed with the Titans. He signed a $100 Million contract with the Redskins to play football. He didn’t sign with them because they are good or because of their system. He got greedy and took the money so suck it up and play. The Redskins don’t want you, the Eagles didn’t want you. Give the money back or shut it. You had 29 tackles and 4 sacks last year in a 4-3.

  16. Why should he leave before receiving the 21 million dollar bonus payment. That was the deal that was done when they brought him in to play in their 4-3 D.
    Now you trade the player that you lied to to get him to sign with you. You decided to bring him in knowing he wanted no part of the 3-4 and it was your choice to switch over to the 3-4 this year.
    You would not have been able to trade him prior to making that payment anyway, what team would take on that contract. You can trade him now that you have made the payment.
    Just write the money you spent 30,000 million dollars for 1 year of play off as a lesson learned as what happens to idiots.
    Let the man walk, I would not want to play at a place that lied to me. Plus he has let all that do not have mud in their ears that he will not play in a 3-4 as a stump and all that wanted to hear that could hear it loud and clear before Washington ever signed him.
    You want to get on someone get on Washington, Big Albert is just standing by his word.

  17. snnyjobs,
    When he accepted the 21 mil, he knew he would be playing in the 3-4. He should either give the money back and go on your merry way, our shut up and play.

  18. Dear Albert,
    Your crying because you don’t want to play in a 3-4 defense. The job of a nose tackle in a 3-4 is pretty much just to fall down and clog up the middle. You don’t even need to make plays. This seems right up your alley.
    Your making Larry Johnson and DeAngelo Hall look like Kings right now..and that’s hard to do.
    While your sitting at room doing absolutely nothing…pop in some tapes and watch Jay Ratliff play…this is why we switched to a 3-4…So you could make plays like he does.
    Rot in hell!
    Mike Shanahan/Bruce Allen

  19. Why would he play NT? Ma’ake should play NT and let the big baby play DE so he can not try.

  20. Haynesworth is right…the Redskins are not designed for a 3-4 defense. Haynesworth can not play nose or end in a 3-4, London Fletcher is too small for a 3-4 LB, Andre Carter could not stand up in San Francisco in the 3-4, MeAngelo Hall was horrible playing man coverage in Oakland which he will have to play in the 3-4…Don’t get me started on their offense with a horrible offensive line that lost their best player and replaced him with a rookie. Then they replace a mobile QB with McNabb who can’t play when pressured. Then they are collecting old former Pro Bowl running backs. The only receiving threat they have is their tight end…at least they can draft Jake Locker with the number one pick next year…wait let me tell you about Shanarat…he never won much after Elway retired…how about Bruce Allen, he left behind Tampa Bay in shambles…Redskins did not win this offseason no matter what the press says!

  21. I had a job once that didnt turn out the way I wanted it to after the person who hired me moved on. I disliked my new role and left for less money. I wasnt fortunate to have millions to fall back on, but I figured that salary reduction was only temporary because I had moved into a job that I enjoyed. As a result, I worked better and earned subsequent promotions, thus making a lot more money.
    In my current roll, I have some requirements that I dont enjoy, but I just suck it up. Majority of what I do is something that I enjoy doing day in and day out.
    That’s how the world works AH.

  22. Blackbeard: I completely agree with you. The quicker Redskin fans realize this the better off they will be. These were the ones who were cheering the Fat Albert signing (of which I questioned paying all of that money to a guy in his contract year), and then were shocked when he pulled this stunt. I’m not surprised. I’m glad he’s off the team. I just hope people won’t be surprised when Shanahan/Allen don’t get higher than 8-8.

  23. He was told he could be released, or take the $21 million to play. He took the check and then didnt show up. Thats despicable, and I hope the Redskins can find a way to recoup that money. What would be more sickening is if some team is stupid enough to sign this guy after he is released. If it was my team, Id stop rooting for them. this guy is the biggest turd the league has ever seen

  24. Coach Parseghian promised Rudy he’d dress for one game his senior year!!! He promised!!!! lol

  25. i still gotta open say arms wide open, we would welcome you in a hearbeat in Oakland.
    How much fun it would be for a rookie’s like McClain and Houston to have guys like Henderson, Kelly, Haynesworth, and Seymour on your d-line

  26. Pretty sure Fat Albert spent all $21 million on cheeseburgers and milkshakes..good luck getting the money back Danny Boy. You loser!

  27. Come on Mike… “what they’re saying is true, Haynesworth wouldn’t be completely in the wrong.”
    Unless Albert has no brain at all (which seems plausible) he realizes that coaching changes and scheme changes happen all the time. Were the ‘Skin’s supposed to keep Zorn and/or the DC in order to accomodate AH? Of course not. If all he wants is to play to his strengths, then he shouldn’t have cashed that $21m check recently. I’m sure WASH would’ve gladly released him if he had waived it. In arbitration court Albert would lose his argument since the whole “I was told I’d be in a 4-3” is a) unproveable and b) not a stipulation in his contract.

  28. …did those “promises” not include – if you play you’ll get paid a STUPID amt of money???…or did the contract include that he could also be the friggin’ defensive coordinator???!!!

  29. chc4… Fat Albert cashed the check because his fat ego thought he would get traded. What he didnt realize is that he is a toxic asset now and nobody wants to pay the Redskins the $21 mil.

  30. Blackbeard- WHAT?!?!?!? Fletcher to small to play linebacker in a 3-4? He is 5-10 250 pounds. Meangelo Hall has had 7 picks in 1 in a half years playing on the Redskins(Oakland is not Washingtons top 10 defense like every year we are in) Carter I will agree wasn’t great standing up in Sanfran as he only had 5 sacks his final year there(I think he is the oddman out)But Alexander could be a suprise this year at OLB. They addressed the defensive line with Holliday a 3-4 end who had 5 sacks with Broncos last season. Carriker who now gets to play end instead of tackle (a better fit). Maake Kemeotu was added to play nose. We didn’t have Samuels much of last year and he retired on the line. So adding a top left tackle from the draft makes sense. Mcnabb not a better option than Campbell PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Portis was injured and since your obviously not a fan and must just like to comment on other teams not knowing jack. Portis rushed for 1500 in 2008. He only hasnt rushed for like 1300 yards twice in his career both years he was injured. Johnson a back-up. Don’t hate! Oh and who are the most winningest coaches in the NFL right now? Oh thats right… But, his winning record doesnt count right? I guess him having 3 superbowl rings he has doesnt mean crap either?

  31. 1nationraidernation- And the guys mentioned aren’t all that scary. Henderson had 30 tackles and 3 sacks last season 2 sacks the previous 2 seasons before (REAL SCARY), Tommy Kelly’s 1 sack, and your best player and leading the list semour who is 31 leading the way with his 4 sacks. Even though Haynesworth had 4 sacks last year he would make your team worse. You would want a guy who cant be coached on your football team? A guy who will tell the coaches how he wants to play and when? Your team is trying to get better and bringing a virus to your Football team will not help.

  32. I thought good coaching played to a team’s strengths. You have the best 4-3 lineman in the game and you switch to a 3-4? The goal is to win games not win a power struggle with your players. If Sean Payton retired tomorrow and the Saints brought in a new coach, do you think that coach would install a power running game? That being said, Haynesworth is still a fat, lazy, head-stomping turd.

  33. thats alright magic man…lie I said I would love to have haynesworth on the team……i would love to have that virus….bring it on…… right now ….today if possible….get me sick.

  34. MagicMan407 The Redskins defense has been on the decline since Gregg Willams left. 3-4 linebackers are bigger than Fletcher (and usually faster also). DeAngelo Hall can not mirror a receiver he is much better playing in space in a zone with help deep allowing him to gamble on picks. Adding a top tackle from the draft makes sense, but doesn’t make that poor line improve any, it just plugs a hole. Portis was injured, Johnson is psycho, Parker is no longer fast…McNabb did not know how good he had it in Philly with the team built around him with a great line, playmakers at receiver and a running back in his prime. Maybe they can add Westbrook to the nostalgia backfield…

  35. Redskins are saying, no one would trade for you with this ridiculous $21 million we owe you because we are fools. So if we are stupid enough to give you the $21 million you will come in and do what we want, right…
    So Albert says give me the money and find out…wrong…now teams might trade for me because now my contract is reasonable…
    and the Redskins say, but we just paid you $21 million and you won’t play for us?
    A: Not unless I have to, you guys are fools…
    R: Can we get our $21 million back?
    A: Not a chance, I will pay the thousand dollar fines out of the $21 million…

  36. Blackbeard- The Redskins defense on the decline? With Williams they were in the top 10 and the past two seasons in the top 10. Not quite getting the decline, keeping reaching. Fletcher is actually pretty average size and not all that slow. Hes a middle linebacker who has led every team hes played for in tackles from his 2nd year in the league, he is a profesional and been on top at linebacker since forever I am sure his transition will be fine, he would be the least of my worries. Adding Trent Williams is better than what we had last year with Heyer or Jones. Right tackle is better because its not Stephon Heyer. Towards the end of last year the Redskins had 11 different combinations on the offensive line mostly due to guys being put on IR. I havent even heard of some of the guys playing on the line at the end of the season because they had to find guys from the practice squad. The Redskins drafted 3 offensive lineman in this years draft (I believe in the zone blocking scheme) also added Artis Hicks. I also know what it means to have depth in the backfield regardless of age as all the backs in the backfield that you mentioned have atleast proved there worth in this league unlike McCoy who had like 600 yards rushing last season(but in his PRIME I think your meaning young) and you are talking about a team that is pass first and runs the ball about 30% of the time. When they run the ball teams dont expect it. Also, Willie Parker? He likely won’t even make the team. Westbrook would be a better 3rd down back than Parker as Westbrook is a better reciever out of the backfield.

  37. Hey Fat Albert, didn’t you promise the Redskins the playoffs?! How’d that work out? You didn’t produce, now there’s a new regime and you don’t get to dictate terms. If you wanted it your way, you shoulda made Zorn look good. Oh well.

  38. And Deangelo Hall (not a great tackler) But, sure hasn’t allowed but 1 TD since hes been a Redskin.

  39. Magicman,
    McNabb has been injured 4 out of the last 5 years, and with the Redskins line you can just make it 5 out of 6, and your offense will be led by Grossman or Brennan.
    Wasn’t the Defense 1st with Williams, then 4th then 8th isn’t that decline?
    The 3-4 switch makes no sense for their personnel, and Haslett has coached a 4-3 defense plenty of times, not sure why they are switching in the first place.

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