Authorities won't reopen Steve McNair murder case

Last month, former Nashville police officer Vincent Hill filed a 32-page complaint seeking to reopen the Steve McNair murder case.  On Thursday, a three-member grand jury panel opted not to do so.

Elizabeth Merrill of reports that the panel concluded that insufficient evidence exists to present Hill’s theory to a full grand jury.

“Win, lose or draw, it’s historic to just get it at that stage,” Hill told Merrill.  “Obviously, they thought there was something worth hearing just
to even listen to the case.

“I would say that it’s not over at
this point.”

We would say that it is over.

But that doesn’t mean that we think it should be.  We’ve long been troubled by the notion that Sahel Kazemi, a 20-year-old woman calmly pumped multiple bullets into the body of a sleeping McNair, especially after Armen Keteyian of CBS reported that the man who sold Kazemi the gun is himself a convicted murderer who traded 49 calls and text messages with Kazemi on the day before the incident, even though he claimed initially that he barely knew Kazemi.

11 responses to “Authorities won't reopen Steve McNair murder case

  1. sad day. I personally never thought McNair was better than a top 1/3rd qb, but everyone deserves justice, even cheating dogs.

  2. I guess this is punishment for his seasons with Baltimore. I wish I could say this was a joke, but it’s not.

  3. Never say to a crazy girlfriend that you hope to die in your sleep when it’s your time to go.

  4. So what is the grand jury’s motivation for this horrible cover-up? What possible motivation could these random people have to deny justice to McNair and his family?
    Is it possible that since they saw the “evidence” that this grandstanding, book publishing, attention hound presented and you didn’t, that we should respect their findings?
    Naw, of course not, what fun would that be?

  5. We are left, after sampling this world, only with the hope that there is a life beyond it. And that perhaps there is justice, true justice, in that one.

  6. When a group of people can say “This is the last word about this because we say so” and they have the supreme court backing them up,you have just experienced an un-American effort to force feed the final word. There is more to this story and i think we all know that and the bad thing is we are powerless to do anything about it. I think the Nashville police should understand stand karma can be hell and every dog has it’s day regardless of POWER! I hope the people that are behind this are drug through the streets and dethroned with huge embarrassment! If this leads to another killer and the police were not involved, shame on them for hiding the evidence because they did not like McNair . The FBI from another state should have been brought in on this one.
    This case reeks cover-up!

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