Bears still missing Brandon Manumaleuna

He arrived as a member of a trio of Day One free-agency signings, throwing Adam Schefter’s tongue into knots as ESPN’s day-to-day info whiz tried like hell to spit out the name properly.

Brandon Manumaleuna.

Grossly overpaid (in our view) by the Bears because he fits the Mike Martz offensive scheme, Manumaleuna quietly has been absent for all of the team’s on-field offseason practices, after undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery a week before the draft.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that Manumaleuna expects to be back in action by the start of training camp.

“It’s frustrating because it’s a new team,” Manumaleuna said.  “You want to win the trust of
your teammates.  So it is frustrating not to be out there with them
trying to grow with the offense.  But it’s just one of the things you’ve
got to deal with.”

The bigger question is whether the Bears fully understood when handing Manumaleuna a bag of moolah that he’d soon be having his knee pierced open and surgically repaired.  At a minimum, that should have driven down the price tag a bit.
But, hey, when you’re desperate to win games and save jobs, details like impending medical procedures often can get overlooked.

9 responses to “Bears still missing Brandon Manumaleuna

  1. Desperate is right… They will be lucky to win 6 games and Lucky if Manumaleuna plays the whole season… Paying this guy was and is a joke.

  2. Lovie Dovie Smith and Jerry Angelo will be selling peanuts IN FRONT of Soldier Field next year no matter what Manueemamallaammaa does. Jay Cutler is clueless.

  3. dont count the bears out yet..
    dark horse for the NFC if Cutler returns to form.. then agian, he cant throw to marshall 20x’s a game anymore.

  4. ROFL Schefter… yea that was great. I know its so long, but what’s so hard about his name anyhow? It’s pronounced exactly as its spelled: Ma-noo-ma-ley-oo-na. We’re not talking about Dustin Byfuglien here.
    Yea I remember thinking they overpaid for a #2 or #3 TE, but what was his contract again? I didn’t think it was as egregious as you’re making it sound.
    They’ll run a lot of double TE set with him on the right side to fortify protection and create an outside lane.

  5. Bears are not a dark horse. 8 wins tops and that is being generous. Oline is a a major weak spot, running game will be inconsistent because of it (yeah, it was not all Forte’s fault), and can Cutler cut down on the interceptions. And who knows if Urlacher will be the same player or if Julius Peppers will play hard every game now that he has his money. Can Tommy Harris stay healthy? Will the safeties hold up in pass coverage? Too many questions and not enough answers. Bears will be 3rd place in that division at best.

  6. He’ll be fine and the Bears will be fine. They just need to consistently execute and not turn the ball over this season. They have the personnel to win, it’s all on the coaching staff now.

  7. you know it would be 1 thing had the bears not done anything to improve after last year,but they made several moves and yet you continue to bash for it being a make or break year for the coaching staff and front office of coarse it is but that does not make the moves for over paying players aren’t you the guy who calls players making millions and under contract under paid whenever they whine,but a guy who gets all he can while being a free agent is overpaid because you don’t like the team he signed with? the bears will be better than you think this year but thanks for saving me whatever it is your charging for that magazine, since you have made your opinon of what you think about the bears very clear already no need to waste money to read you think they will suck.

  8. @Lucky5927
    Uh, that would be exactly why they’re a dark horse. They have questions, but potential. They improve the o-line by moving Williams to LT and getting rid of Turnstyles Pace, and now the line will be able to come back after having worked a full season and full offseason together. Taylor comes in and takes a load off of Forte, and Peppers does make the pass rush better.
    You’re right, they have a lot of questions, but if they’re all answered, the team can win 10. That’s why they’re a dark horse (a team not likely to win but one who can) and not a favorite.

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