B.J. Raji promises to create "havoc" at nose tackle

nfl_ap_bjraji1_576.jpgUnlike a certain reluctant defensive lineman who chooses not to earn his money in D.C., Packers defensive lineman B.J. Raji has no qualms about being the man in the middle of Green Bay’s three-man line.

Asked what he’ll do if he lands the starting spot at nose tackle, Raji said, “What can I do?  Just cause havoc.”

Last year, a holdout, an ankle injury, and a rotation between end and nose tackle limited his development.  This year, Raji apparently will be playing nose tackle only.

“Sky’s the limit for me, I believe,” Raji said, per the Green Bay Press-Gazette.  “When I come in and wreak
havoc, it will change a lot. It makes the lives of Nick [Barnett] and [Brandon Chillar] and A.J. [Hawk] a lot easier.  That’s what the 3-4 is
designed to do, get our linebackers running free and making plays.  And when the opportunity presents itself,
I’ll make the plays myself.”

It’s a healthy attitude, but opportunities to “make plays” for defensive lineman in the 3-4 come only rarely.  The main job, as Raji realizes, consists of clogging up the line and occupying blockers so that the linebackers can get to the ball.

But since Raji has yet to cash in with a $100 million contract, he has no choice but to do the dirty work — and to wait for the occasional opportunity to fall on a running back or the quarterback.

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  1. Pickett was so good in the 3-4 at nose last year. If BJ can play as well as him, the Pack will be all right for the next couple of years.

  2. This guy has a great attitude and this is not the first time he has demonstrated it. Unlike running backs and wide receivers (positions that can oftentimes have a first-year impact,) the NFL D-line is something different and it can take 2-3 years to be truly effective. When this guy was healthy he was pushing the O-line guys right into the backfield. Another plus + sign towards the resurgence of the Pack.

  3. FOF,
    Try hiding your disdain for the Packers and Ted Thompson for telling your messiah to take a hike. I clearly see you still have an open scab over that.

  4. I wonder if haynsworth would have went to a 3-4 team if they had offered him Washington money last year?

  5. This will be a fun year for him now that he is healthy. A full offseason at the Packers training facility getting stronger and plenty of film study and hands drills.
    Now with the fantastic depth the Packers have the D-line rotation will keep all those guys fresh.
    The Packers slipped to #2 on defense last season. This year with all the improvements and health they should be back to #1.
    Turnovers win games (The Packers were #1 in 09)
    Defense wins Championships.
    Raji is part of the reason so many pundits have the Packers as early favorites.

  6. He did next to nothing his rookie year. Talking before producing is something that we have come to expect from Viking fans, not Packer players.

  7. i like the “if” he lands at starting NT… he is playing only one position in the base D this year. he will be the “starting” NT. and will also play inside in the nickle.
    the packers sturggles with sacking the QB last year stemmed NOT from the OLB position, but from not getting consistant push up the middle. simple as that, and that is what raji was drafted for. if he lives up to expectations, they truly, “the sky is the limit”

  8. I like how the picture in this article has the Buffalo lineman completely holding on the play! Gotta love it.
    Look for big things from Raji. This was a solid pick and not even a compareable deal to Justin Harrell.

  9. “Try breaking the starting lineup first there tough guy. ”
    Try that thing called reading smart guy and you’d find that he is the starting NT.

  10. If you had a chance to watch Raji at all in the second half of the season, you know he’s capable of doing super-human things. DLs rarely dominate as rookies; I think Raji will be an anchor this season.
    I mean, they only led the league in rush defense last year……. he had absolutely *nothing* to do with it.

  11. J Dub,
    Not sure how you got that out of my statement. Your overreaction to that statement proves just goes to opposite, that you’re the one with the open wound. Now entertain us with more lies on how you saw Favre out in the late 90s in your trailer park redkneck bar.

  12. Raji seems like a class act. I think he can be the new “Grave Digger” too. Here’s hoping.

  13. FoF says:
    June 17, 2010 11:20 AM
    J Dub, Not sure how you got that out of my statement. Your overreaction to that statement proves just goes to opposite, that you’re the one with the open wound. Now entertain us with more lies on how you saw Favre out in the late 90s in your trailer park redkneck bar.
    You know you hear you Viking idiots telling us to get over it yet when I really think about it the only people that arent over Favre being gone are the ones that jumped ship. Majik, FOF etc. We have the better QB. We have the better staff. We have equal talent as Minnesota and our QB is in camp helping our team improve from within. the only proven method of improvement. Free Agency???? only football idiots use big money free agency to improve. Haynesworth…LMAO!!!

  14. nose tackles like jay ratliff, just don’t get the stats, because as football expert journalists tell us, all they do is clog the hole.

  15. FoF, wtf are you talking about? Raji played a ton last year and was rotated between a couple starting positions.
    Pack Rat, that’s not considered holding anymore.
    Bob Nelson, the Green Bay media don’t count as pundits and if you really believe we have the best or 2nd best D in the league you’re kidding yourself. We got those stats last year in crap games against crap opponents and when the tough games came (cards, steelers, vikes, and even bucs) our D failed us and our dc went to sleep.
    Raji will be an ass kicker though…mark my words.

  16. “We have the better QB. We have the better staff. We have equal talent as Minnesota and our QB is in camp helping our team improve from within”
    Funny, with all that said that When Favre went to Minnesota that they became the MUCH MUCH MUCH better team than the Packers. It wasn’t even close. Wow, what a player that Favre is, eh? Even at 40!
    Favre>>>>>>Rodgers, even at 40. And if Favre ever got a chance to play in the pass first/ignore the run offense Pack has morphed into the last 2 years, he would have gotten 5000 yards 40 TDs easily.

  17. Hey “fan” there are like 10 other articles on pro football.com..yet your dumbass remarks are ALWAYS on the Packer page. Where are your comments regarding the other issues in pro football? I don’t think you can call yourself a fan of anything. If you were truly a fan you’d be unbiased in your statements, you’d be educated, you’d have quality resources on where you get your LMAO “information”..on you’d be on other team articles besides the pack. You really have a hard on for Green Bay. Have you ever really left the trailer in Forest Lake yet? Do you have a job, a girlfreind/boyfreind? A life? Perhaps you should find one and stop your 12 year old blabbering on a website about a team, it’s fans, and the state in which it resides, in which, by your moronic and misinformed statements you know NOTHING about. But then again maybe you do..they say Minni -scrotum is the mirror image of Wisconsin.. Fan of Football..my ass..futbol maybe.

  18. RC IV says: Top 10 Pick last year. Top 10 in the biggest flops of the draft. TT strikes again!!
    How can you possibly call anybody a flop after one season. Especially when that season was limited.

  19. “We have equal talent as Minnesota” hee hee. The scoreboard, Pro Bowl and All Pro selectors disagree. TT is too cheap to ever sign free agents like Hutchinson, Williams, Winfield, etc. or trade for someone like Jarred Allen, plus he keeps drafting busts like Harrell, Hawk and Raji instead of ROYs like Peterson and Harvin. If the Packers were smart they’d hire a real GM who isn’t terrified of free agents, trades and women, and is better at the draft. If you did that you might actually win the division or a playoff game someday in the post-Favre era.

  20. FOF, no redneck trailer parks here in GB. Plenty of bars though.
    I can’t figure it out….are you so scourned because everyone hammered you on the JSONLine forum, or because your mom grounded you becasue you pissed the bed again….at the age of 35? Please tell us.
    Raji is a stud. A 300+ lb. person with an ankle injury throughout much of the season is going to be hampered. Think of it this way…if you take the bottom row off your Lego fortress you just built…it will collapse.

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