Bulluck views Lions as last resort: "How many wins did they have?"

The Lions have shown interest in free agent linebacker Keith Bulluck this offseason, but Bulluck sounds like he’s only interested in playing in Detroit if he runs out of options to play elsewhere.

“I’ll tell you, man, [the Lions] are one of those teams that’s up-and-coming,” Bulluck said on Sirius NFL Radio, via the Detroit News. “But honestly, to be 100-percent honest, I want to play for a championship, you know what I’m saying? If it comes down to it, if my option is to go to Detroit, yeah, all right, that’s what we gotta do. Because I’m gonna play football, regardless.

Bulluck would seem like a good fit for the Lions because he previously played for head coach Jim Schwartz, defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham and linebackers coach Matt Burke in Tennessee. But while acknowledging the familiarity with the Lions’ coaches, Bulluck said he doesn’t know much about the team — other than it stunk in 2009, and stunk even worse in 2008.

“Yeah, definitely Schwartz and Gunther and Matt Burke, I’m very familiar with their system and very familiar with those people,” Bulluck said. “That coaching staff, I know they’re working to go in the right direction at Detroit. How many wins did they have last year? I know they had more than they did the year before.”

For the record, they had two wins last year and zero the year before. That’s progress, but if Bulluck wants to play for a championship, that’s probably not enough progress to make Detroit a place he wants to play.

Bulluck, who tore his ACL on December 20, said he expects to be ready to play by Week One of the regular season. He just needs to find a team that wants him — and he’s hoping that team will have won more than two games over the last two years.

31 responses to “Bulluck views Lions as last resort: "How many wins did they have?"

  1. Us Lion fans are heartbroken. You mean a 30+ year old LB coming off an ACL tear in the twilight of his career doesn’t want to play for us??…. say it isn’t so! Douche.

  2. Nothing wrong with a little honesty….. At least he is not being delusional about the future like those silly Queen fans…..

  3. I hope the Lions don’t take him – let him sit out the season. Bulluck – people aren’t knocking door your door to get you to play – you know what I’m saying…

  4. Oh yeah, Kieth Bullock.
    The LB that didn’t show up to LP field when the Ravens came to town and showed the world how much of a ONE AND DONE they were in the playoffs.
    Stick to punking your teammates that happen to on overrated CB’s [C.Finnegan] during games

  5. I’m guessing Bulluck now has one less team that wants him. Nice going. I can understand his position but it’s not like people are beating down the doors of a beat up player.

  6. Cue the Lions fans with their typical comments about… um… er… are there any Lions fans?

  7. Boy! I’ll bet that Bulluck’s agent was underwhelmed by his client’s remarks.
    Earth to Bullucks: Those “Contenders” of which you speak DO NOT WANT YOU!!!
    Suck it up, or find a job in the UFL. You can blitz Daunte Culpepper.

  8. I am a Lions fan. You dopes won’t be laughing for long. Everyone knows there are two things you need to win the NFL consistently.
    1. Bad ass QB. Check
    2. Good Coach Check
    Detroit hasn’t had either of these let alone both of them on the same team for decades. Lions being the laughingstock won’t be the case after this season is done with for at least another 10 years.
    Unless FORD dies and puts in his will that Stafford Calvin and Swartz all have to go because he refuses to let them win while he is watching from He………. (You can choose the last letters).

  9. What’s that saying ?
    Something like ( I can’t remember ) you and the horse you rode in on .

  10. What else would you expect from an ex-Titan? Really, what do they feed these assholes in Tennessee? First Fat Albert is too good to play in the 3-4, now Bulluck is too good to play for the only team that might want to take his sorry over-the-hill ass? What a joke.

  11. He really didn’t need to put down Motor City like that, much love to Detroit from the folks across the river.

  12. Lions on the rise Bulluck baby. Screw you just retire we don’t want you. Lions in a Superbowl by 2015!

  13. Hey, Keith Bulluck, give me a call, we’ll hang out together this year.
    -LenDale White

  14. So I guess you don’t want to play for the Titans either then, seeing as you want a championship, hey Keith. Lions are going to win well before your garbage team does.

  15. I am sure Keith Bulluck did not say anything bad about the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the UFL so he might get a interview with them!

  16. I hear that TO, Lendale, and Keith are starting up their own Fantasy League. After all, they’ve got the time now…..

  17. We dont need his sorry ass. Let him worry about not winning a playoff game since ’04. He might have been on the ’00 Titans Super bowl team but he never started a game that year. So he needs to pipe down like he’s Tedy Bruschi or LT. Please let your ass rot at home. Beggars cant be choosers.
    At least Larry foote came for a year before he left begging Steelers to put him on the 3rd string and then started talking trash.

  18. uh, did any of you guys actually read the article, or did you just base your uninformed comments on the misleading title?

  19. Yeah Bullock, goto the Giants LOL. The Lion’s don’t need you, only the media says so. Follett, Levy, Dizon. Killers.

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