Cerrato: Haynesworth signed with Redskins, not 4-3 defense

The Redskins hosted roughly 60 franchise legends on Thursday at the team’s mandatory minicamp.  They also invited Vinny Cerrato.

The deposed former Redskins head honcho was asked about Albert Haynesworth, who Cerrato was largely responsible for bringing to Washington.

Cerrato told Jason Reid of the Washington Post that Haynesworth “should stop thinking only about himself.”  (Instead, think of the legacies you are further tainting.) 

“When [Haynesworth] signed, he said he wanted to prove everybody wrong,” Cerrato said.  “He said he wanted to show everybody that
it’s not about the money. He said he wanted to be the best that ever
played. He said he wanted to be like Reggie White.”

Cerrato strongly believed in Haynesworth, and doesn’t buy his current excuses.

“To me, he signed with the Washington Redskins and not the 4-3 defense
when he signed that contract,” Cerrato said.

We don’t hold Cerrato fully accountable for Haynesworth’s actions, but Cerrato remains largely culpable for the mess in Washington.  Haynesworth was miserable last year and Cerrato didn’t see that coming. 

Some of the alumni in attendance voiced happiness that Cerrato was out of the building, because new G.M. Bruce Allen is so welcoming.

The Vinny guy was the exact opposite,” former “Hog” George Starke told DC Sports Bog.  “He wanted to do it himself and he
didn’t know how to do it.”

28 responses to “Cerrato: Haynesworth signed with Redskins, not 4-3 defense

  1. I don’t care if they asked him to dress up in a clown costume and makes balloons. Either give the money back or do what they want. No doubt Haynesworth would be a fry cook if he wasn’t born with that size. He obviously didn’t get there based on work ethic.

  2. Vinny’s record speaks for itself. He shouldn’t be in the business of football. At least not picking players. I wish he was in in fantasy league.

  3. after reading this article, i am wondering who’s the BIGGEST jackass: CERRATO or HAYNESWORTH?

  4. Haynesworth signed with the Redskins indeed and now they employ a coach who uses a 4-3 hmm sounds to me like he should do his job.

  5. Be fair: WASHINGTON was miserable last year. That organization is doomed to wallow in failure until Dan Snyder figures out that he needs to be less like 1980s George Steinbrenner and more like 1990s George Steinbrenner. With Shanny, he might be on the right track, but only if he gives his coach some extra leash.

  6. Cerrato is clueless. He must be the only person on earth who didn’t see this coming.

  7. Haynesworth was miserable last year and Cerrato didn’t see that coming.
    how was haynesworth “miserable”?
    he freed up guys like brian orakpo to have double digit sacks. just because you can’t stand the guy and like to write about him a dozen times a day doesn’t mean he had a miserable season. still a force to be reckoned with

  8. So this comes from the guy that paid Fat Albert over $800,000 per tackle and Brandon Lloyd around $500,000 per catch? How Danny boy could have ever thought this guy was a good GM is a mystery.

  9. Haynesworth should serve as the biggest lesson to NFL franchises ever. Dude cashes a check for twenty one million and then goes to Disney World. Forever. LMFAO. The Skins were pathetic last year…and there are twenty one million reasons why Albert doesn’t need to take part in that abortion ever again.

  10. If you sign a guy to $100 million, you should tailor the defense around him…not make him tailor his game around the defensive scheme you want.

  11. I have not heard one athlete come out in support of this bum.. When you can’t even cover your own – thats a huge problem..
    And some one made a comment about The Daniel having to take a lot of this heat – I agree 100%. That guy has been signing big name free agents, 80% of which have stunk it up due to being system players.. He’s basically a rich fan trying to sign his favorite players from his fantasy league from the year before. If Fat Albert were smart, he’d shut up and get on board with the new regime.. These guys are gonna win, suck it up.. If you don’t like it, go home everyday and cry yourself to sleep in your bank statements. You signed – now deliver fat man..

  12. If Albert claims it wasn’t about the money, then give it back. For 100Mill he can kick footballs if they ask him to. The sense of entitlement he has is astonishing.

  13. I remember when this guy said Tampa offered him more money but he signed with Washington because “huge media outlet and it can be life beyond football”….wow…I wonder what he is thinking now….and a big WHEW for buc fans.

  14. IF this were the Raiders, it wouldn’t be Cerrato’s fault, it would be Al’s. Why does the dumb shit owner of the Redskins get a free pass all of the time? He knows nothing about the game and continues to meddle in every decision with the end result of screwing things up and you continue to give him a free pass.

  15. Haynesworth is a fat ass worthless piece of sh*t. Cut him. Forget about the money.

  16. DieHardSkinsFan21- Totally agree! But even though its not my money and I just buy jerseys and go to about 3 games year and such. I cant stand the fact he took 21 million dollars from my hometown franchise. I would hate to see that lard a$$ walk away with all that money for 12 games playing average. I would rather him sit on the sidelines for 1 entire season and do nothing but complain and get fined occasionally when he has an outburst, than let this guy just act like he deserves that kind of money than request a trade. I hope they dont give in to the fat man who doesnt want to come to camp because he knows he cant pass the physical! Guys like AH are ruining the National Football League. If he wasnt blessed with size and didnt play football he would be a thief. I still think what he is doing if he wasnt an “athlete” and such morons backing his actions saying Ill take him on my team blah blah. He would be punished for trying to steal 22 million dollars from an organization and trust me when I say lots of owners are not going to be interested in Albert Haynesworth after what he just did.

  17. WCRaider, from what I hear around town Snyder gets CRUSHED in the District. And deservedly so. Cerrato is a boob, and he got beat up as well, but Snyder gets it worse. In fact one of the biggest gripes against Cerrato during his tenure was that he was nothing more than a mindless puppet catering to Snyder’s every whim.


  19. Heres what it comes down to guys. Shanahan told fatso that he was switching to a 3-4 defense. He told Haynseworth that he could either take the $21 million, or become a free agent. Albert chose to take the $21 million. To still cause a problem and not show up makes him in the wrong 100%. For $100 million, does it really matter what defense they play? This guy is the biggest turd of all time, hands down

  20. MagicMan407 – you hit the nail on the head brutha! His agent is basically saying “trade him or he’ll cause locker room problems”. He might be a big bitch, but Phillip Daniels and London Fletcher will keep things in check. As for a trade – unless it’s a 1st rounder I’d rather him rot on the bench…keep his ass inactive. Hopefully his insubordination will cost him the $21 mill or more….and he never plays another down in the NFL – any team that signs him after this BS is contributing to everything that’s wrong with free agency.

  21. These so called “professional” athletes need to quit being a bunch of bitches. They get paid to play a game. Albert Haynesworth is a thief. The biggest reason he doesn’t want to play in the 3-4, he knows he will never succeed in that system. Breaking news: he wasn’t really ever that good. But as we all know, hype gets you more money than stats.

  22. @burntorangehorn:
    well said sir, this Skins fan couldn’t agree more.
    I too am amazed at how many people call AH a failure last year. Sure he only got 4 sacks, but our other guys on D benefited from AH drawing a double team on every play. AH was a force to be reckoned with…that is when he didn’t tear his labia on the field and need to be taken off between plays.
    yall were smart not to sign him, but to say that yall were smart from day one is idiotic. NYG were offering him upwards of $80 million, so in no way were the NYG above dealing with this P.O.S.
    while i agree with your philosophy, this is football, and your head needs to be on a swivel. if ur getting paid $21 million to accept whatever scheme comes your way, then you honor it…or show that you are a big P.O.S which is what AH has done

  23. Vinny Cerrato should not be allowed within 10 miles of Fed Ex Field and Redskins Park. Douchebag was Grima Wormtounge to Snyder.

  24. LOL Vinny will be back in a couple of years once Shanny and Allen prove to be busts too, count on it!

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