Gailey hopes Schobel keeps playing for the Bills

Bills defensive end Aaron Schobel said last week that he doesn’t think he’s going to play again, but he’s not ready to announce his retirement. Bills coach Chan Gailey hopes that wiggle room means Schobel will end up playing this season.

“It’s up to him,” Gailey said. “He’s a good football player and has been a good football player in this league and in Buffalo for many years. I’d like for him to be on the football team but I understand his situation, too. I really do. That’s part of life.”

Schobel hasn’t completely explained why he’s considering retirement, and the Bills haven’t said whether they’ll try to recoup any bonus money if Schobel does retire. But this sounds like a situation that will continue to be fluid for the rest of the summer.

The 32-year-old Schobel started all 16 games for the Bills last season and recorded 10 sacks.

14 responses to “Gailey hopes Schobel keeps playing for the Bills

  1. Who cares ? Take your pick of reasons nobody cares about an aging, undersized DE threatening to retire…..
    A) The Bills arent going to win the Super Bowl without Schobel.
    B) The Bills arent going to win the Super Bowl WITH Schobel.
    So really, who the eff cares if he retires ?

  2. can we just end the charade – the word on the mean streets of orchard park is that schobel’s back is a total mess, would be black and blue after every game, needed injections just to play, plus his family doesnt really like it in buffalo, so he sold his house and moved them all back to texas or wherever he is from. the guy is done physically and mentally. maybe if he was traded to a contender where he could be used as a third down pass-rusher, he’d probably keep playing. but his time in buffalo is over.

  3. Strahan missed all of training camp came back and was apart of a superbowl team. OH! Jinxed it!

  4. Schobel never got paid the bonus money. It was agreed between him and the team that he would not be paid the bonus until he rejoined the team.

  5. BY SCHOBEL……u suck we don’t want u. And we aren’t releasing u so u can play for the Texans. Boy of boy between this and Haynesworth I’m gonna go into work today at my bank and tell my boss I want to be relocated to Bermuda because I like it better there, collect a years salary without doing anything, not care about what any of my co-workers say or think, and still have a job and get paid
    seeya in the unemployment line

  6. Schobel has explained clearly why he is likely to retire. His children need to spend the entire school year in one school, rather than half the year in a Buffalo school and half in a school in Texas. This is important for them to make friends, to participate in school activities, to have a consistent learning environment, etc. As a result, his family will remain in Texas and if he plays in Buffalo, then he will be separated from them for most of the six months of training camp, the exhibition season and the regular season. He does not want to be away from his family this much, so unless Buffalo can allow him to make frequent trips to Texas during the football season (or trade him to a team near his home, like Houston), he will retire.
    Contrary to the comments of certain illiterate fools, Schobel is still a great DE, but his family is just more important than football.
    On the basis of new ways to evaluate D-line players, involving the frequency of making big plays (sacks, forced fumbles, etc.) and stopping the opponent (e.g., on third down preventing a first down), Aaron Schobel was rated as the best DE in the entire NFL.

  7. You guys have got it all wrong. Gailey wants Schobel back on the team to play QUARTERBACK. He’s the best option on the roster right now.

  8. On the basis of new ways to evaluate D-line players, involving the frequency of making big plays (sacks, forced fumbles, etc.) and stopping the opponent (e.g., on third down preventing a first down), Aaron Schobel was rated as the best DE in the entire NFL. ?
    WOW- that is reaching!!

  9. bobinpuertorico:
    keep commenting on grammar errors in blog posts because where would we be without u? u must have a lot of time on ur hands loser

  10. gailey hopes he plays, but 99% of bills fans hope he dont. and gailey is probly just saying that not to piss off other veterans on the team. bottom line- schobel is overrated and hasn’t earned the leverage he is trying to use against the bills. HE SUCKS

  11. We are straight bitter people in Western NY…so much so that we fail to show respect for the one defensive player our organization hasn’t dumped. Even if his back is a mess the guy still went out and played 16 games and recorded 10 sacks playing in the AFC East. A lot better than our first round pick from 2009, Aaron Maybin, whose only impact was getting more jacked up than anyone in the stadium for kick off’s. Bring Schobel back, show him the respect he deserves and maybe that will show other vet’s around the league there is a place for them to be respected leaders in Buffalo.

  12. All you Bills haters kill me. You are the same guys who probably beat their wives too? Lots of sport in that too, I bet, idiots!
    So the Bills are down, but they are far from out. They are a good young team that will finish 6-10 this year. All you guys who need to dump on them to show how tough your team is, well move along, that roadshow passed long ago. Buffalo is not going to feel any worse because you slapdicks pile it on a little deeper.
    It’s like all you guys who dump on Florio. I am sure your really hurting his feelings. Wow! He is crying cuz you guys keep coming here very day and drive his ratings way up, but get to say your big nasty words to him.
    Yo Dookie, save it and go Hijack someone else’s bandwagon. Me AND Florio won’t miss you.

  13. He’s been one of the brighter spots on the team for several years. I get the idea he wants to have his family in one area and an area that they enjoy, but come on man. You’re a professional athelete. You have to make sacrifices to earn that seven-figure salary. If he honestly is only doing this for his family I can sort of see it, but take that into consideration before signing a lengthy contract. On the other hand, if he is just too beat up to play, make up your mind and let this young team move on without you. Either way he’s been a great player for the past decade..Good luck to him…

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