Goodell hints at changes to the offseason program under "enhanced season"

Perhaps in an effort to get more players to support the idea of growing the regular season by more than 10 percent via the addition of two regular-season games, Commissioner Roger Goodell said on Thursday that such an enhancement to the season likely would be accompanied by changes to the offseason program.

“Obviously there’s a lot of pressure from teammates and coaches,”
Goodell said after a high school event in Queens, “so I think we’re going to have to have some guidelines
and restrictions
on what can be done and can’t be done in the

That said, the CBA already contains “some guidelines and restrictions” regarding offseason workouts that, until this year, routinely had been ignored by teams — and unenforced by the union and the league.

Besides, we’re not yet convinced that reducing the amount of work in the offseason will make it safer to play two more full-contact, all-out regular-season games.  If anything, the offseason program helps to prepare bodies for the grind of the season, and to give players enough low-impact reps to help them do their jobs properly when the real games begin.

Actually, we believe that “some guidelines and restrictions” will be needed at training camp under a schedule featuring 18 games in the regular season and two in the preseason, since coaches will be forced to determine the 53-man roster and the depth chart with the benefit of half of the current exhibition reps.

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  1. Rodger Goodell is bad for the NFL.
    18 game season = playoffs played with 2nd and 3rd string.
    Suspensions based on his personal feeling towards players… Ben gets suspended quickly, what about Rey Maualuga, Erik Foster, Braylon Edwards, Shaun Rodgers……etc.
    This guy has essentially said that it is ok for NFL players to break the law 1 time without getting in trouble.
    All Goodell cares about is money football is not important.

  2. It’s a lousy idea, Mr. Goodell. The NFL isn’t broken so stop trying to fix it. Not all your ideas are good ones. Actually, I’d say you’ve been hitting around 50/50.
    The politically correct fine committee that fines players because a hit looks bad. No!
    The pacification of football as a sport. Fine the players when it’s intentional not when they’re making a play. If the referees don’t know the difference then they shouldn’t be referees. No!
    Protecting defenseless receivers? When are they defenseless? When they’re making a catch or when they are getting ready to make a catch? Or is it only when the camera is on them and the hit looks bad? More Politically Correct Football. No!
    And the players are human beings that should have some time away from the incredible burden of playing in the NFL. Yes!

  3. Sounds like the Powers That Be (owners & networks) are going to make it an 18 game schedule regardless of the toll it will take on the players. Can’t they up the roster and play the first two with 2nd stringers or something? Bad idea I know, but they’ve got to maximize the entire roster if they expect these guys to be alive after an 18 game season and potentially 4 more playoff games.

  4. Well the USFL played 18 Game seasons w/o byes if I recall and the WFL in 1974 played a 20 game season so this can be done.
    Give teams 2 bye weeks and expand rosters to 60 players and it may work.
    That said I think the 16 game season fits perfectly with the divisions and alignment of the league, there is a sense of order to it.

  5. I honestly don’t think the NFL even wants an 18 game season. I think this is a bargaining chip in labor negotiations. So when the NFLPA negotiates it back down to 16 regular season games, they’ll feel like they won something.

  6. That’s Roger Goodell… Mr. Corporate all the way. He really needs to concentrate solely on making the players look like choir boys. I agree with Klytus. The NFL’s not broke, it doesn’t need fixing.

  7. Goodell has been a horrible commissioner- the guy is a weasel. The NFL is all about the greed under his leadership
    this 18 games season is a bunch of BS- NO ONE WANTS IT-

  8. @ Slow Joe:
    I was thinking the same exact thing. Great point. It’s negotiating 101. You never tip your hand & you try to mislead the other side with what you want. There is no better engine for this false support than the NFL’s own NFL Network. The NFL will push for an 18-game season with a decreased salary cap, the NFLPA will push for 16 games with an increased cap. The final deal will contain a 16-game schedule, a decreased salary cap, and draft salary slots with rookie maximum contracts. The NFLPA thinks they won, but the owners actually will because this 18-game schedule is just smoke & mirrors.

  9. pretty good point there slow joe… just keep it 16… give us a D-league that we wil actually watch after draft til training camp… i sill wanna see the elite come fall .

  10. Preseason football is totally useless and boring. Please get rid of it or cut it to a couple of games.

  11. @slow Joe interesting theory
    I am hedging bets that we see no 3 point stance and no take down tackling in the preseason soon. Players and fans will hate it. But those cupcake preseason games will still be full price on season tickets!

  12. this whole extended season concept seems a bit sketchy and could turn into a disaster. players can only take so much of a beating each year, and to ask them to go a few extra weeks could be begging for more injuries. i would suggest that the rosters be expanded by at least 10 players, and let all of them dress for games; also the practice squad would need to be made larger, so that there is an influx of people that know the system and can get stuck in there and execute if/when the starter (or the 2nd stringer) gets laid-out. make sure that “the ones” aren’t the only people getting reps each week. this would be a hefty cost for ownership just so that they could get their 2 extra games, and thus, i do not see it happening. i remember a couple years ago the guy who was coaching the Lions said after a Thanksgiving day game, “Where do you get the guys? . . . No, seriously . . . where do you get the guys?” just wait until early January. is the NFL too big to fail?

  13. As a fan I love the idea of 18 games, the preseason is garbage. As a season ticket holder I feel violated overtime I am forced to pay full price for two preseason games. That is one of the biggest rip offs in sports, no other league to pay the regular season price for a pre season ticket. Granted I will still have to pay full price for one preseason game, it will save $150.00 from be pissed away on a meaningless game. 18 game schedule can’t start soon enough. I am sure the players will receive compensation with every new contract that is signed. Plus if coaches wanted they could play their starters 60 minutes of every pre season game, the players are already getting paid to play 20 games. Should they have to play 20 games.

  14. Love this idea. This is how the NFL will grow in Europe, Mexico, and Canada. The increase in revenue will allow the owners to increase the salary cap. An increase in the size of game day rosters will allow coaches to keep skill players off of special teams. Start the season a week earlier at the end of August, and go to two bye weeks. This is win win for players and fans.

  15. I agree Goodell has made very questionable decisions. The new overtime rules are convoluted and detract from the game. Now this. The NFL before Goodell took over was about as perfect as a professional sport could get. His decisions have been hurting the sport.

  16. Maybe this is why the NFL has cracked down on OTA violations. It’s possible the Union hasn’t been complaining, but that the NFL set out to police the programs closely this year so that they can point to the penalties and say that they really are serious about decreasing the off-season workload.
    BTW – does Vince Young’s almost suicide count for the personal conduct policy at all? It was definitely a crazy situation, even if he didn’t get arrested.

  17. 16 games for 32 teams. Seems like 18 games warrants 36 teams. Time for another expansion. 4 new teams anybody. Donald Trump, Ed Debartolo Jr., Rush Limbaugh, who else??? How bout a team of nothing but prisoners with “Ho” cheerleaders? That’s the ticket.

  18. Hopefully, this is just a negotiating ploy. The 16 game schedule already fades down the stretch. If anything, this league needs to go back to a 14 game schedule. The depths that executives would go to destroy their own product will never surprise me, but somebody with common sense or the NFLPA should cut this one off at the knees anytime it comes up. It’ll only lead to more watered down football the later the season gets, a situation which has only been exasperated by free agency. Yes, this would be a bad idea, or maybe the NFL really is interested in blundering it’s way into being a joke like the NBA, MLB, and the NHL.

  19. It could be a negotiating ploy for the CBA, but it’s also a money maker for the League too. If they shorten the Season to 14 games, then the League, Teams, and so on, will lose potential dollars. I don’t care for the Pre-Season, but I understand why coaches like the 4 game Pre-Season set. It’s for evaluation of guys who are close to making these teams. I’d rather they put in the time in Pre-season to put the best combination of players on these teams. Cutting it to 2 games will force the Coaches into rushing their decisions on Players. Extending the Season to 18 Games will increase the injury probability… It’s Goodell though. He’s not concerned with Players’ safety, or the quality of the game itself. His only concern is the almighty Dollars…

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