Report: Jets are willing to offer $100 million to Revis

darrelle_revis--300x300.jpgThough Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis and coach Rex Ryan got together Wednesday in an effort to get on the same page regarding the player’s recent in-practice protest as to his contractual situation, the fundamental problem remains.

Ryan has declared that Revis is the best defensive player in the game, and Revis wants to be paid accordingly.

Bob Glauber of Newsday reports that the Jets are willing to add six years to Revis’ existing deal, which pays out more than $21 million over the next three seasons.  The end result could average $12 million per year and the total value would “approach $100 million or more.”

In turn, Revis reportedly wants a randomly specific average of $16.2 million, considerably more than the $15.1 million annual average paid to Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

Though we don’t like the manner in which Revis has been handling the situation of late, the Jets remain solely responsible for creating this monster.  By heaping public and private superlatives on Revis, who has only three NFL seasons under his belt, and then approaching him regarding the possibility of tearing up the last three years of the deal, what did they expect him to request?  Less than what the highest-paid defensive player in the game gets?

Finally, here’s something to tuck away for future reference.  If the Jets struggle this year, look for Ryan to commence the process of trying to get G.M. Mike Tannenbaum run out of town, by blaming Tannenbaum’s handling of the “Core Four” for screwing up the chemistry in the locker room.

Two years ago, someone had to take the fall when the Jets imploded down the stretch.  That time, it was coach Eric Mangini.  This time around, if someone has to take the fall it won’t be the head coach.

73 responses to “Report: Jets are willing to offer $100 million to Revis

  1. Same Old Jets – they overpay to appease one star player and then wonder where their team depth went because they can’t pay other players to beef up their overall roster.

  2. I called that days/weeks ago…
    Said Revis wants 16-17 mil/year and the Jets are offering 12-14 mil/year
    If I was Schefter, my common sense would be an “insider source” with “intimate knowledge” of the situation.
    All those “insiders” are jokers.

  3. Ryan would be a fool to try and run Tannenbaum out of town. Only Tannenbaum was foolish enough to hire Rex in the first place, any new GM that’s brought into town will take one look at Ryan and want to hire his own coach.

  4. Thanks for pointing that out Florio about how its the Jets fault. It is! Ryan has done nothing but spout out about Revis being God in cleats, and Revis’ management is doing the right thing by holding him accountable for his boasts and making him pay accordingly.
    Although he’s only been head coach for one year, is there a bigger blowhard coach in NFL history?

  5. We aren’t even in training camp and their season and payroll are already becoming messy.
    This will be a soap opera as much as a playoff campaign.

  6. “Finally, here’s something to tuck away for future reference. If the Jets struggle this year, look for Ryan to commence the process of trying to get G.M. Mike Tannenbaum run out of town, by blaming Tannenbaum’s handling of the “Core Four” for screwing up the chemistry in the locker room.”
    Florio, pull yourself together. Rex would never go there and Mr. T is going anywhere.
    p.s. I saw you on SNY last week. Fix your face.

  7. Im a huge Jets fan and I even think thats to much money. This could hurt us big time if the cap comes back.

  8. The only players in the NFL worth $100M right now is Manning, Brees, and Brady. Any team that pays someone else, not to mention a CB is an idiot. See Albert Haynesworth. Dumb.

  9. Bring in Buddy to GM… that would be the best reality show on TV.. “Hey Buddy what about Revis’ contract”.. who… All I’m focused on is making 24 happy..
    Reggie and Randall may be the only player names he’s ever referred to.

  10. Its really only the Core Three. David Harris is an above average LB but any LB is replacable. Especially in the Jets system.
    The best CB and C aren’t. The LT is top 5 too. They are top priority.

  11. Darrelle Revis, you’re no Nnamdi Asomugha.
    Teams don’t even throw to his side of the field. You should be paid, no doubt, but maybe a two year extension to see if you’re the real deal or not.

  12. Take the money Darrelle, $100 million is more than you ‘ll know what to do with. Most professional athletes will never see that kind of cash.

  13. There are a few players in the league I can’t even hate on… Darrelle Revis is one of them.

  14. Nnamdi Asomugha is way better than Revis!
    Put Revis on an Island without ANY pass rush, and watch how exposed he is!
    The Jets will find a way to F this up. They always do.
    Seems to be a lot of ex jets saying how management blatently lied to them.
    PS Rex STFU and you wouldn’t be in such a mess. Go back to the Buffet line with JaBustus!@

  15. Pay him Pay him. Screw up the salary cap, break up the locker room just good old Jests management. We’ll see what he’s worth after Marshall has played him twice this year.

  16. It probably won’t be the head coach — you’re right — but he’s the one who started the Revis monster after all.

  17. Nnamdi Asomugha is better and proven. Revis has only had what, one good season? Come on now. Why do you think Tenn hasnt gave CJ his big contract, you cannot just go off of one year performance. Revis will get the money and then do a Russell on them and suck it up. Nnamdi Asomugha has been good his whole career so far that is why he gets big money. I say give Revis another year or two to prove he is worth the money. Also I dont think Revis will be shutting down Marshall this year, he is gonna be doing work on him.

  18. I wish I had the ability to say that 14 million bucks a year isn’t enough. The audacity!

  19. That will seem like a lot of money for nothing when the Jets don’t make the playoffs this year.

  20. This should make Mangold and all the other Jets waiting on a new contract THRILLED. I would bet the farm this will kill the team chemistry.
    All the rest will say..OK…Revis, you win the game.

  21. 100m means nothing, what’s the guaranteed dollars? Everyone knows he wouldnt see age 33 under a new contract, he’d be cut at 30 once he loses a step

  22. 15 or 16 million – it doesnt make a difference. way too much money for anyone not brady or manning.
    i dont think revis would pull a haynesworth and lay down after he gets paid. corners and DE’s are huge, but not best qb in the league huge.

  23. ” If” the Jets struggle this year, look for Ryan to commence the process of trying to get G.M. Mike Tannenbaum run out of town, by blaming Tannenbaum’s handling of the “Core Four” for screwing up the chemistry in the locker room” whaa!
    ————————————————-Not “IF” but “WHEN”– some thing just don’t change.

  24. @420 fan and tinbender
    They did that last year? The Jets didn’t have a pass rush and he was on an Island everydown while they just brought an obscene amount of people. People throw at Revis because he’s always in 1 on 1. They then rolled their safties over the top and were essentially covering the slot and other WR with 4 guys. Only Oakland fans truly believe Aso is better than Revis. It’s absurd. Revis constantly follows the other teams #1, while Aso only covers one side of the field, regardless of which WR lines up over there. Watch a game, you’d realize Revis is better. Check the WRs stats against him last year and he constantly went up against the best. To question whether or not he’s the real deal is a joke. He’s been in the league 3 years, probowl twice already and cover skills don’t just go away. It’s not like he’s going to forget how to cover. He’s the best in coverage since Deion. Do you realize the Jets are considered in a mess because they have TOO MUCH talent? I’m not even a fan and I realize that’s a great problem to have. I think everything will get resolved, they may lose Harris but as someone mentioned before you can replace a LB. Anyone remember Ed Hartwell on the Ravens? Look him up if you don’t.

  25. Give me a break I’m so tired of these guys crying. I can see it Revis walks in the GM’s office and says, “Only $100 M I wanted to buy my own Island and once I do that I won’t have much play money.” The man is good but he is not as good as they think he is. He has a good cast around him on D and as stated before the pressure his line gets goes a long way to help him look better. I still think the telling fact is no QB is affraid to throw this way!

  26. Revis wants his money now before Brandon Marshall torches him times two.
    OK, I really can’t say that with a straight face. Revis is good and deserves to get paid. I simply *hope* he gets torched by Brandon Marshall times two.

  27. Florio you are an idiot. Just because one senile old owner completely overpays for one CB doesn’t mean everybody else in the league should do the same. I hope he doesn’t take it. What do you think he is going to do sit out the next three years because that is exactly how much longer the Jets own him. Better yet, let him stay out of camp past August 10th and that they will have him for even longer.

  28. This is why they need to get rid of the union and impose a rookie and veteran salary cap.
    Give Payton Manning $1 million a year and scale everyone else accordingly.

  29. Every year a new player is dubbed “The Best Defender in the League,” and every year that player wants to be the highest paid player. My solution? Stop verbally praising the incredible performances of these players. If your star makes a phenomenal play on the field, don’t gush about it. Instead, give him a nod of recognition and mutter, “That’ll do, pig.”

  30. It’s an uncapped year – you could throw all the bonus money you wanted into a player’s contract for THIS YEAR and never have to worry about it again.
    I’m shocked more players aren’t coming out making these demands to be honest.

  31. What about my man Braylon? He going to have a break out season. Here’s 10 reasons why….
    1.His luck is improving. Going into last week’s OTA’s he successfully caught a bus two days in a row. That was a career high.
    2.Further showing that his ability to catch is improving last weekend he took his friend Donte out for a drink. After downing a quart of Tequila, both caught cabs to go home!
    3.His hand transplant seems to be working. Feeling is slowly returning to both arms and right now is just slightly below the elbows.
    4.His mental state is improving. Both lobotomies seem to be working.
    5.His blocking and route running have improved. Mighty Rex said the improvement is mighty. “Today Braylon runs like a bee, has the agility of a water buffalo and blocks like a dear (deer). We couldn’t tell if Rex was saying he blocked like a four legged deer or a two legged one!
    6.Braylon’s attitude has improved to the point where he is seriously considering opening up and reading the playbook.
    7.He is oiling his hands regularly.
    8.For the first time in his life he caught a cold.
    9.Building on his success, last week he caught a fish.
    10.As Rex said.. “He ain’t droppin anything anymore, which is unfortunate, because that include his pants when he goes potty.”

  32. “Same Old Jets – they overpay to appease one star player and then wonder where their team depth went because they can’t pay other players to beef up their overall roster.”
    Ahem, then there is Logan Mankins. Same old Pats : about to lose a key vet because they are too cheap to pay him what he is worth.

  33. hahaha – what a joke! Revis’ numbers were notable, however opposing teams will just throw away from him. He’s way overated.

  34. #1 D has added better players at crucial positions for the D they run. LT for TJ at running back. Holmes at WR( Edwards had a decent season BTW and only had 4 drops, so stop saying he led the league in drops.) Sanchez was very good in the playoffs when the pressure was on. Whats not to like. Obviously the Jets have improved their team. I did not like dropping Feeley. The Faneca drop won’t make a difference in O line performance. And the one move no one talks about is adding Poole at safety.
    Every team this off season is having contract issues due to the present situation, no sense worrying about that. The players will play, if for no other reason than to increase their negotiating value for next season.
    Oh and seeing JT sign a Jets ball for a Jets fan while wearing his Jets jersey in the new stadium was priceless. Phins fans must be steaming.
    Jets 13 and 3 and Super Bowl bound. (Maybe)

  35. No man is an island. 16mm for a corner is absurd. Maybe Revis can hire Dr. Evil as an agent and demand a ransom of 1 billion. Fat Rex says he deserves it, so it must be so. Good luck to the loudmouth jet fans who are making their superbowl plans. Third in the division at best.

  36. Mike having only three NFL seasons under one’s belt is a plus in a league that one can get a career ending injury during training camp. The NFL is a young man’s sport and the three year duration should put Revis in his prime.

  37. I loved the moves the Jets made in the beginning.
    Signing Cromartie.
    Stealing Holmes from the Steelers.
    But then they started making moves I hated. Signing Tomlinson? Why not just keep Thomas Jones? At the WORST… he’s even with Tomlinson. And he was already on the team.
    And then they hit panic-mode when the Patriots looked like they were willing to hold on to Adalius until right before the season just to make sure Jets didn’t get him. So they made the stupid move of getting Jason Taylor.
    Revis can’t afford to hold out this year. He’s only had ONE amazing season, and that was courtesy of Rex Ryan’s defense.
    I’m still hoping they sign Adalius Thomas. But it’s probably going to take an injury to do that. Hey Jason, can you please just retire because you don’t want to play anywhere but Miami and we know it.

  38. The Jets created this bad situation? He has three years left on his contract and they approached him thinking Revis deserves a new deal. They didn’t have to do that. To blame them them for wanting to take care of there own player when they didn’t have is ridiculous.
    Secondly, Florio your anti-Jets bias is so hysterically obvious. So you are predicting how Ryan will throw Tannenbaum under the bus with no facts or info. You are just going to spew this garbage, predicting how someone is going to act down the road due to a hypothetical situation you’ve created? Rex has no rep for ever throwing someone under the bus like that, but you have such little class and journalistic integrity that you would post something totally hypothetical and far-fetched…you’ve once again embarassed yourself.
    Once again, Mike Daly and the rest of the Jets haters, please try and present facts before saying stuff that makes you look stupid. Name me Mike, one player the Jets overpaid that caused them to let one of their own star players leave? Please find one. Just because you want to believe it doesn’t make it true. Mike Tannenbaum was brough to the Jets by Bill Parcells because he was a CAP EXPERT, and has grown into the GM, so one thing you can’t ever say is the Jets don’t know how to balance the money on the roster because that’s what Tannenbaum has done for 15 years in this league. Some of you people are so dumb, I wonder if there are words to clearly define your stupidity.

  39. SJU Hawk, you should watch a few games yourself! Nnamdi Asomugha is a better tackler and has been this good for 3 years now. Revis has one year and thinks HE’S the BEST! I’m not saying Revis isn’t good, but he’s definately not Nmamdi! Jets blitz a lot more than the Raiders and he gets a lot more help with the safety’s over the top. the stats are insanely ridiculous. almost fake looking.
    106 CB’s in the entire NFL last year were thrown at more than nnamdi. thats not a typo. 106!!!
    07: thrown at 23 times for 12 catches, 142 yards, 1 TD
    08: thrown at 30 times for 16 catches, 161 yards, 0 TD
    09: thrown at 28 times for 21 catches, 246 yards, 1 TD
    just to compare, last year…
    darrelle revis: thrown at 111 times
    champ bailey: thrown at 92 times
    charles woodson: thrown at 76 times
    all this in the most pass-happy era in history. the fear nnamdi commands is lawrence taylor level.

  40. If you actually read the Newsday article to Florio it kinda destroys your entire “The Jets don’t take care of their own players” B.S. argument. It says the Jets are expected to re-sign Brick, will most likely sign Harris after the season, and is willing to offer Revis $100 mill. They will also franchise Mangold that will ultimately lead to a new deal.
    So when they sign their best DRAFTED players like they ALWAYS have, what garbage are you going to spew about them next?

  41. I would be so disappointed if the Jets wasted +$16mm p/ year on this guy. Use the money to re-sign Mangold, Brick, Harris, either Holmes or Braylon, etc… and trade Revis for a pile of 1st round picks while he’s got top market value. (1) CB doesn’t make the defense… the defense makes the CB!

  42. You Bozos that don’t watch the Jets need to shut it. The Jets blitz to get to the QB. They didn’t have a conventional pass rush last year. Revis is imperative to Rex’s scheme because he takes away WR1. That allows an extra blitzer to attack instead of double teaming WR1. Got that? Probably not but hey, I tried.

  43. habib, Tomlinson is a lot more versatile than Jones. With the question marks of Leon coming back, they wanted someone who could catch passes on 3rd down. Jones caught 1 pass all year. Greene is much better, but still is not a great pass-catching running back.
    Also, Jones broke down last year. He was terrible in the playoffs. The FO (and me) believe that Tomlinson’s slow-down was a product of the system he was playing in — a pass-first, QB-centered offense, with terrible run blocking. Saved a couple bucks too. We’ll see this year if Tomlinson really has anything left in the tank. If not, it was a bad move. If so, it was a great move.

  44. Since when do Corner Backs make more than Quarter Backs???? O yeah Al The Crypt Keeper Davis, and for everyone who is expecting a season next year, no way these players are out of control with their demands on their salary’s, it’s a game they shouldn’t be making more money than a small country’s budget!!!!!!

  45. Spygate Operative #1 says:
    June 17, 2010 11:44 AM
    LT for TJ at running back.
    And the one move no one talks about is adding Poole at safety.
    Jets get worse….and…..Jets got worse.
    Thomas Jones is actually still a productive player and was a locker room leader, according to all reports. Tomlinson is a joke and just a bad, pouty, whiny guy.
    Also, Kerry Rhodes > Brodney Poole or whoever else the Jets are throwing back there.
    At the safety position and the RB position, the Jets are now weaker than they were last year.

  46. If you actually read the Newsday article to Florio it kinda destroys your entire “The Jets don’t take care of their own players” B.S. argument. It says the Jets are expected to re-sign Brick, will most likely sign Harris after the season, and is willing to offer Revis $100 mill. They will also franchise Mangold that will ultimately lead to a new deal.
    So when they sign their best DRAFTED players like they ALWAYS have, what garbage are you going to spew about them next?

  47. as a bills fan, i love Revis as a player and as a person he seems very repsectable… however, 13 million is a lot to tie up into a cb. wait 3 years when Shonn Greene and Sanchez want to get paid. there will be another 18 – 20 million per season between them…. alot of money tied up between 3 players albeit very good or potentially very good players at that

  48. @habibfromnewdelhi
    I agree that they should have kept Thomas Jones, he did have 14 TD’s last year, but I do think Tomlinson will be good with the Jets. He has never had a line like the Jets have, even though he is running out of gas. He’ll have a decent year. But they want Shonn Greene to be the guy in NY.
    Last year Revis had a great year, the year before, he did good as well. Just because he was starting to make noise this past year doesn’t mean that was his only good year. He’s been good since his rookie year. He only had three picks his first year, but he had almost 80 tackles. And last year he was noticed, but the year before last was just as good.
    He deserves a better deal, he isn’t “complaining”. He only wants what the Jets said they’d give him. The Jets ownership should have shut their mouths when they thought it’d be a good idea to tell Revis he’s getting a new deal.

  49. the only guys worth that kind of money are people like Manning, Brady, Brees – you know the type that actually works hard every season instead of one spectacular season ?
    and you have to wonder how much of Revis’ success comes from being in the system that Rex Ryan has installed

  50. Now we see the wisdom of Bill Belichick’s restraint in comments about his players, and letting go of the ones who ask for too much dough.
    Paying $100M to Revis would be the beginning of the end of the Jests. Needless to say, I am all for it.


    What is the difference between Revis’ “only spectacular year” and the year before that? One INT???

  52. So is there any evidence AT ALL that Rex Ryan would ever try to push Tannenbaum out the door, or are you just making things up for hits?
    Jim Leonhard, Bart Scott, Marquis Daniels…basically everybody who Ryan’s ever asked for, Tannenbaum’s gotten for him. I don’t see him trying to push the guy out any time soon.

  53. 1 – What does “randomly specific” mean?
    2 – Couldn’t this turn into another Haynesworth-type mess?
    3 – Darrelle makes it hard to pull for him. Love his play, support his big payday as long as he keeps his mouth shut, but every time he opens it, I find myself backing him less.
    4 – No matter what Revis deserves based on his performance thus far, I see him as an electrifying a player who is still in the teenage years of his career. The first 3 years are enough to show what talent you’ve got when you’ve got a LOT, but it’s not enough time for the intangibles, among the critical determinants of longevity, to mature. If that process is ignored, a team can end up with a brilliant pain-in-the-!@#, somebody who ALWAYS has a burr under his saddle – the Defense, the Coach, the Town, the Rules, the Fans, the Contract – is ALWAYS bringing drama and difficulty to the team. Somebody who ultimately costs his team, teammates, and fans way more than he’s worth.
    5. Seems to me the offer is great, but I don’t know much about that kind of money. It’d be hard to get my mind around someone offering me $12 million a year for several years, and me standing there saying no, I want more. Me? Guy puts a new roof on my house, $3,500, and I go into shock when they plug the generator into my power for 4 hours because it’s gonna cost a few dollars more and mine are all accounted for.
    6. No matter what happens with DR, Jets better get more adept at handling hot situations inadvertently generated by King Rex. ’cause it’s gonna keep happening.

  54. Why is everyone so worried about the Jets & there “Core Four”? Evrybody knows Goddell is a Jets fan anyways, he’ll make sure this works out for them…

  55. Next year Nnamdi Asougmha will be making about 16.8 million for the year. Nnamdi also had ALL 3 years of his 45 million dollar deal guaranteed.
    Most players that sign these 8 year type deals end up very sorry just a few years in. Lets look at the receiver playing for the Texans as a example.
    I think Revis would rather have say a 5 year deal valued at 80 million with say 50 million guaranteed. Big trouble in Jets land, they will never be able to sign these 4 main players they need to sign.

  56. All of the commenters need to stop comparing themselves to NFL players.
    Statements like, “$100M and he doesn’t want to practice?!?! I’d do it for half that” are as insightful as a homeless man saying, “Accountants make $100K a year?!?!?! I’d do it for half that”.
    You can’t play football, and no one wants a homeless man doing their taxes.

  57. Go ahead pay the man! Pay them all. Tear up Sanchez’s contract like Chris said and pay him 20 million a year. One million for every interception he threw last season.
    Good luck when the new CBA is finalized and a cap is put in place.
    And if any of you think there will not be a CAP in the new CBA,then I ask who is being dumb ?

  58. @420fan
    The tackler debate is completely opinion. Revis is absolutely a fantastic tackler. I don’t care what the passes throw at Aso say. If you’re a qb and you’re being blitzed you’re going to look to go to your number 1 guy, ESPECIALLY if he has 1 on 1 coverage. You have to trust the WR to make a play and Revis stops that. To each is own I guess. Its an argument thats going nowhere. I have Revis 1 Aso 1a but I can completely see the other side of the argument. The fact you essentially said its not even close is a joke though, Revis was 2 in DPOY and he didn’t finish behind Aso. You can absolutely make a case either way.

  59. they dont want to give him a new deal just add 6 years on top of for next three years he will average 7 mill thats almost half of what he wants.

  60. Hahaha PLEASE do it Jets….PLEASE!!! Based on what the Colts did to the Jets secondary, including Revis, in the AFC title game you can see hes “obviously” worth that kind of money!!
    Speaking of 100 mil contracts for defensive players, how are the Skins doin with Gluebert Haynesworth??? Hahaha

  61. A_MAC,
    Do you read or just post comments? Revis does not want to play for 7 million a year that is owed to him. They are proposing adding 6 years to his contract bringing the grand total to over 100 million or about 12 million a year, which is still not what Revis wants, he wants MORE.
    Ask the Eagle fans how paying Mesante Samuel close to 10 million a year is working out?
    Pay the man,
    AFC EAST TEAMS not from Newark

  62. Over Rated..clap clap..clap clap clap…Over Rated…clap clap..clap clap clap. I think the Jets are about to go full retard!

  63. i enoy reading that posts where these idiots say Nmandi is MUCH better. get a clue and watch some football…see the ball might get thrown at revis more, but when the ball is thrown at revis..its either intercepted, batted down, or a play is made in the vicinity…
    revis is better than nmandi

  64. As a Raider fan, I would love to have both Revis and Asomugha in Silver and Black, but personally, I don’t care if one is a bit better than the other. They are both really, really good, and anyone that isn’t a Jet or Raider fan would love to have either one on their roster.

  65. The Jets have not been cheap as of late. They have the money and need to pay the man. They also need to pay D’Brick and Mangold. I don’t think Tennenbaum has spent the time and effort to put this team together just to lose to the Colts the way we did last season. I was once the prototypical pessimistic Jets fan, but I’m starting to believe these guys know what they are doing and are willing to put up the cash to get it done. Ferguson is being rewarded right now for being a team player an keeping his business inside the organization. The Jets will get this done. The players want to win and so does the front office. Just wait…the J-E-T-S are going to the SB.

  66. HellRelle24 says:
    June 17, 2010 5:14 PM
    i enoy reading that posts where these idiots say Nmandi is MUCH better. get a clue and watch some football…see the ball might get thrown at revis more, but when the ball is thrown at revis..its either intercepted, batted down, or a play is made in the vicinity…
    C’mon HellRelle, did you really mean to throw in “intercepted”? He had six INTs last season. That was tied with seven other players for FIFTH place.

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