Singletary untroubled by absences for Aubrayo Franklin, Manny Lawson

The 49ers wrap up their offseason program over the next three days with mandatory minicamp, but there will be at least one notable absence.

Franchise player Aubrayo Franklin remains unsigned and won’t show up.  Coach Mike Singletary indicated on Wednesday he didn’t expect linebacker Manny Lawson to be there either.

It’s unclear if the 49ers will fine Lawson for possibly missing mandatory work, but Singletary doesn’t sound worried.

“I have heard that Aubrayo
will not be here, which does not bother me one bit,” Singletary said
Wednesday. “Manny is not here — does not bother me one bit. Those guys
are working. They are doing what they need to do. I’ll see them when I
see them.”

Singletary remains a disciplinarian, but this is a good example of being a “player’s coach.”  As a former player that once staged his own holdout, he won’t waste calories complaining about missing players.

10 responses to “Singletary untroubled by absences for Aubrayo Franklin, Manny Lawson

  1. That is a bad example of being a players coach. What are you talking about Greg. Where does it stop? Is it okay for everyone else to miss mandatory minicamp? I’m sure if others would miss he’d be all over them. If not, why make it mandatory?

  2. I could have sworn contracts were contracts for a reason
    i’m not blaming the players here, more so the system itself
    its unreal

  3. Franklin is a key piece to their Defense and “MAY” hold some leverage, BUT……Manny Lawson??????
    This guy was and has been over hyped since they wasted a 1st rd pick on him in 2006 (#22 overall!!!!) and he has never lived or played up to the over hype! Do yourself a favor manny, get your ass to camp you are no where near as good as YOU think you are.
    What a joke!

  4. Wow raidertg, I’m sure you are the first one to ever use that joke before. It’s always funny when a Raider fan rips on anything to do with the 49ers. Might want to focus on your own franchise a little bit!

  5. HAHA!! raiders have 1 decent draft and all the sudden according to them they are going to the playoff. what a giggle! We wasted a first round on lawson who yes, over hyped but has done a decent job just not the pass rusher he was supposed to be, still a good player..
    lets talk about wasting 1st round picks..
    Russel, heyward-bey, mcfadden, washington, huff, brayton, and the list goes on and on.

  6. @radiertg
    Yeah, I don’t think one decent first round pick makes up for a decade of horrible moves. Oakland could be good in the future, but you are an idiot if you think that change will happen instantly. I like Jason Campbell but its not like he is going to take you to a Super Bowl. DHB could improve, but its not hard to improve from 7 catches. You better hope that this year’s first round pick plays great because your team was 27th in run defense last year, and your front line just got another year older. Enjoy watching Louis Murphy. He will be your best offensive player by a long shot.

  7. Niner Dynasty – Huff had a good year last year but you would know nothing about that. The jury is still out on McFadden and Bey. I will give you Russell
    Sucks – When is the last time the niners made it to the superbowl. I love the the niner fans act like there team is great and mighty and your run has been just as dry!!

  8. Franklin has not signed his franchise tag…which means he is not obligated to attend OTA’s, or training camp until he does decide to sign.
    Lawson is a good all-around LB, but not the pass-rusher the Niners thought he was when he was drafted. Sing most likely doesn’t care about Lawson possibly being absent due to the fact that the Niners are loaded at LB. The reps go to people who can use them…and let us not forget that this will be the last year that Lawson is a Niner. In the end…it really doesn’t matter if he skips a three day mini-camp.

  9. raidertg- You’re 100% correct, Huff played very well last year. It’s disappointing that certain players don’t get the credit they deserve just because they happen to be playing on a losing team.
    I think it’s ridiculous how many people have already written off DHB because of one bad year. It wasn’t too long ago that everyone knew you had to wait roughly three years before you could judge a player…but apparently everyone has kicked that idea to the curb.
    As for McFadden…he really needs to show something this year or he very well could be a bust. He just seemed to go down too easily last year. Now Bush, that’s a steal, I love Michael Bush and even if McFadden can just be the change-of-pace back to Bush, Oakland could have a hell of a RB tandem.
    One thing to keep in mind, if you’re a fan who likes to shit-talk other teams for their drafting ability, is that your team has it’s own share of drafting blunders…I mean…the Niners have royally screwed the pooch in past drafts. As far as the Raiders go…until the DHB, and Mike Mitchell pick, everyone loved their previous drafts(including Russell)…hindsight is 20/20.

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