Theismann jumps aboard the anti-Haynesworth bandwagon

Former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann has joined the growing chorus of voices ripping Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth for skipping a mandatory minicamp 15 months after signing a $100 million contract.

“He really offers nothing as a person, as a player, as a teammate,” Theismann said of Haynesworth on Sirius NFL Radio, per Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “The only thing this big man has is a big bank account, and good for him, I guess. . . . If you’re a selfish individual — which Albert has proven to be — he played this thing absolutely perfect for him. Take the money, so what if I play, so what if I don’t play, I really don’t care any more? And truthfully, he doesn’t really care about playing football.”

Theismann said Haynesworth was motivated to play well in 2008 because he was in a contract year, but that once he got his money, he stopped caring.

“He’s not a team player,” Theismann said. “He doesn’t give a damn about anybody but himself, which has become painfully obvious. And you know what, Albert doesn’t care what anybody says. He’s pocketed 21 million dollars. If anybody would look at this situation, you’d have to say it’s all about the money, its not about the love of the game. He pulled the classic wool over peoples’ eyes: play really well in your final year of a contract as a free agent, get somebody to pony up a lot of money that needs you in the system that they’re running — which the Redskins did in a 4-3 — and then show us really what kind of character and individual you are.”

The vast majority of Redskins fans no doubt agree with Theismann’s tough talk. But if what Theismann says is true, Redskins fans should be angry not only with Haynesworth, but also with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, who was the one who allowed Haynesworth to pull the wool over the Redskins’ eyes.

45 responses to “Theismann jumps aboard the anti-Haynesworth bandwagon

  1. Big Ben, Vince Young, maybe Santana Moss- all guys that could/will be facing suspension from Roger Goddell’s office. But Haynesworth, if cut by the Redskins, would be in a position to shop himself around. I guess Fat Albert is good for the league, right Roger?

  2. As a Redskins fan….I say make his ass stay on the team!!…he wants a trade? Why should he get what he wants? He hasnt done anything for our team! He collected his payday and now he wants to whine? Oh well. It will hurt him more to stay and sit on the bench. I say MAKE HIS FAT ASS STAY IN WASHINGTON!!!

  3. There was a ton of speculation at the time that this fat dirtbag would take the money and basically quit.
    First JaMarcus Russell and now Haynesworth, two thieves in the night.
    The REALLY sad part is that there will be allot more of these bastards in the future.

  4. Shame on the Redskins, any football fan who followed the game knew what this guy was all about.
    The rest of the league should follow the Patriots/Colts business model.
    Character assessment as well is upbringing should be weighed as evenly as talent level. There is definitely a reason for their longstanding success…..

  5. Im not angry at Danny. Dude went out hired a GM a winning coach and turned his keys in. Redskin fans are stoked. It’s not our 21 million he just paid. Snyder will bounce back. So he only makes 100 million last year and not the 135 they say. Big deal. His spending was going to catch up with him eventually. Danny, hopefully, learned his final lesson. Snyder is in a great position to win back D.C. Back? Sorry. typo. All he needs to do is enjoy his team and the season like us fans as a fan.
    I, personally want to keep haynesworth. Lets see how that fat son of a bitch does at the end of the bench eating doughnuts for the next 3 years. Lets see how close to greatness he really comes. Reggie White? Reggie White wouldnt let this f%#@er shine his shoes. This team will rally behind the leadership of fletcher and daniels. This may be a good thing.

  6. …..illustrating perfectly why owners are reluctant to re-do contracts in the middle of the contract term … I got mine – now I can coast and live the ‘good life’

  7. that last part in last paragraph rings the truest,the skins sure were happy when they signed him at one minute past 12 on the eve of free agency,they are the ones who jumped the gun,now they can deal with the mess

  8. Don’t worry, Redskins fans have been steaming at Dan Snyder for years now for this kind of signing each offseason. in case you haven’t read a single thing anyone’s ever written on here………….
    But Theismann better be careful or Haynesworth will eat some more Krispy Kremes and sit on his other femur

  9. Just how high is a “bandwagon” anyway? I only ask because I’m amazed that Theisman could jump up on a curb, let alone something higher.

  10. Gautam says: June 17, 2010 7:45 AM is there anybody on the pro-AH bandwagon ?
    I am. I really appreciate what he’s done for the Redskins. Of course, I’m a Cowboys fan.

  11. Funny how all of the Skins fans who rebuked me for trashing the signing are strangely quiet now. And yes we already are angry at Snyder. He’s turned a once-great organization into a joke and the Haynesworth drama is another example of how we fans are paying for the sins of the father. Thanks for destroying my football team, Danny.

  12. If there is onenthing I know about Shanahan, as a Broncos fan, it’s that he’ll make damn sure fat Albert hates life when he comes back to the team. I hope he embarrasses the hell out of fat Albert, because he deserves it.

  13. is there anybody on the pro-AH bandwagon ?
    I wouldn’t say I’m on the pro-Haynesworth bandwagon (and how appropriate we use the term “bandwagon” for the Foreskins and their “fans”), but I do have a question:
    All these posts imply that Haynesworth is ruining the Redskins. Did you ever think that maybe the Redskins have ruined Haynesworth?
    This is an organization where most players go to die. They love to sign high-priced free agents, pound their chests and say they’ll win the Super Bowl, and then fade into obscurity. I honestly think that Snyder (who would charge his mother for oxygen) will sign a dead guy to play for Washington before its all said and done (oh, wait, they already signed Jason Taylor!).
    With that said, dude signed a contract…he should honor it.

  14. @Gautam
    It’s hard to back Haynesworth on this and I definately understand the ill will towards him.
    However, it’s funny that I haven’t seen anyone bagging on the Skins for pulling a bait-and-switch on the guy. They lure in the big free agent, tell him he’s the greatest, pay him a ton of money, and then switch defensive schemes the next year.
    Haynesworth may have some issues, but the Skins created this one.

  15. Times will be changing as a result of Haynesworth’s antics. Contracts in the future will, no doubt, include language to prevent future 21 million dollar mistakes.

  16. This is all Snyder’s fault, who sucks by the way. For over ten years this retard has put his ego in front of every poor offseason free-agent signing. John Riggins was right for calling him “a bad guy”.

  17. Best case scenario: Fat Albert kills and eats Theesman, then on the last bite Haynesworth chokes on Joes left nut and dies. Very Romeo and Juliet
    What a pair of douches.

  18. Theezeman is right but everyone except Dan Snyder and his lapdog Vinnie knew what he was doing in 2008 and they fell for it.
    Dmac – the NFL changes year to year. Good players play, average players need certain systems to keep them happy. Haynesworth is just looking for an excuse to be lazy after he got his coin. And if he knew anything about Snyder – there’s a history there – he’d have known Snyder changes schemes about every two years.

  19. @Black QB White RB, I’m pretty sure Theisman didn’t break his femur but his shin. Oh and yeah Haynesworth is a douche, of course I’m not saying anything anyone else hasn’t said.

  20. Hey Buckowski did you forget the Patriots have Randy Moss he hasn’t always been the model citizen and neither have the Patriots been a model organization just in the past 8 years give or take…and neither have the Colts did you forget Jim Mora’s meltdown and their drunken kicker running his mouth as Manning put it. And even when the Skins were winning Super Bowls Jack Kent Cooke was no different then Danny boy he was lucky he had Beathard and Gibbs…

  21. Honestly, if someone couldn’t see this coming from this guy through his career they are an idiot.
    He has always been a POS and that didn’t change in his one good year of playing.
    Just goes to show that teams need to be very careful about landing the latest flavor of the day with big contracts despite it happening every year.

  22. Florio, when did you become a sellout? Get on your writters and address the prick as Joey Sunshine.. or did you loose your pair since you partnered with NBC and I know Sunshine did some broadcast work for them last year with Gibbs, which was the worst ever… and you didn’t even comment on it..
    Grow a pair!

  23. Dmacattack, none of this takes away the fact that Snyder had a terrible way of running the team. Fans in rest of the NFL cry about their owners not spending enough. Here we cringed at the thought of our owner bringing in another overpriced free agent.

  24. Joe Theisman is one of the greatest Quarterbacks to play professional football, he is still to this day not given the credit he deserves, now having said this let me say he has called this Haynesworth mess exactly right !!! God bless you Mr. Theisman !!! !!! !!! True REDSKIN forever !!! !!! !!!

  25. Joe is right. This guy not only gave his word he would do what is best for the team he talked like he was motivated to be great. I don’t care what team signed this guy, you can’t prevent someone from being a liar and a thief. We gave him a chance to be great player (and paid like one) and he ends up playing his little baby games. Okie dokie…….you’re not getting traded dope. Remember….you chose this route…not the Redskins. You might as well retire. Hail!!

  26. an nfl player under contract refusing to play because he is upset? The NFL would NEVER allow that happen! Nobody ever does that! This is a league of morals!!!!!
    the anger everybody has over this is very hypocritical.

  27. Something has to be done with these contracts.
    there has to be alot more agreements of what a player can do. before he signs he tells you what a nice guy he is and you believe him.
    Then he turns into Ben the pig

  28. Theismann is a total idiot that should keep his trap shut. Regardless if Haynesworth is a greedy pig.

  29. Heres what should happen. Albert repays the 21 mil and then is released upon giving it back. However you couldnt pry 21 million from my fingers so I dont think he will do the same either…..

  30. I believe that even if he was “forced” to return he would be like a virus in the locker room and very disrupted. What other team would touch him now? Maybe he ruined his chances of ever playing again and if the money is returned, then he messed himself up!

  31. I heard this yesterday on the radio. Joe- I couldn’t really tell how you felt, can you be more specific next time. If you are still a voice for the Redskins it’s no wonder he doesn’t want to play for you.
    Joe reminds me of the A-Hole dad that always hangs around the kids practice and yells at the kids and meets the coach immediately after to tell him why he sucks as a coach.

  32. Redskins are in a bad spot. No one in their right mind, not even Al Davis, would trade for this guy. On top of that, if you keep him and let him rot on the bench, hes going to keep collecting a ton of money. It also sucks to cut him after you just gave him a $20 million check

  33. Fat Albert and JaMarcus are partners in crime. They are both investing in a new fast food stealership.
    “Fatmarcus Fries and Thunder Thighs”.
    Can’t wait to see them eat their own profits.

  34. @ Bob Bukowski
    “Character assessments” to be on the Patriots?!?!? Is you crazy? Exactly what are they assessing? Tendancy to use PEDs? To flop? To hit dirty? To wipe your ass on the goal posts? To video tape the other teams calls? I could go on for days…

  35. Haynesworth is right…the Redskins are not designed for a 3-4 defense. Haynesworth can not play nose or end in a 3-4, London Fletcher is too small for a 3-4 LB, Andre Carter could not stand up in San Francisco in the 3-4, MeAngelo Hall was horrible playing man coverage in Oakland which he will have to play in the 3-4…Don’t get me started on their offense with a horrible offensive line that lost their best player and replaced him with a rookie. Then they replace a mobile QB with McNabb who can’t play when pressured. Then they are collecting old former Pro Bowl running backs. The only receiving threat they have is their tight end…at least they can draft Jake Locker with the number one pick next year…wait let me tell you about Shanarat…he never won much after Elway retired…how about Bruce Allen, he left behind Tampa Bay in shambles…Redskins did not win this offseason no matter what the press says!

  36. Can we just start making contracts mean what they say, in specific terms like “$$$” and “time of service?’ We could enforce rules such as “Contract Law in the United States of America” that everyone has to go by, perhaps? This would only fix EVERY CONTRACT GRIPE EVER in the NFL. But I’m no rocket scientist…

  37. I don’t claim to be any sort of genius, nor do I have a PhD in Finance, but wouldn’t it be common sense to have contracts that prevent $10-$30 million dollar mistakes. Russell and Haynesworth are what’s wrong with the NFL financial model. These rediculus player salaries and stupid contracts are the reason why ticket prices have escalated tremendously over the last decade. When you pay a turd like Haynesworth that much money, he sets the bar for the next round of free agents. In turn, dumb ass decisions in Oakland, DC, and Dallas affects the whole league. That Haynesworth deal probably just raised all of our ticket prices by about $5/game. This past decade we had the dot com bubble, the real estate bubble, next up, the pro-sports bubble. It’s no wonder a work stoppage in 2011 is imminant.
    Greed is good. But greed unchecked + stupidity will debacle the NFL.

  38. Danny White was pretty good. And if Theismann doesn’t get raped by LT, he’s in the hall bro.

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