Another AFL team is poised to return

In the same week that the Philadelphia Soul and the San Jose SaberCats announced a return to the AFL after a two-year absence, another former AFL team has laid the foundation for a return.

Terez A. Paylor of the Kansas City Star reports that the Kansas City Brigade has paid the necessary application and franchise fees to come back to the AFL.  The Brigade previously had membership in the AFL from 2006 through 2008.

The Brigade’s return gives the AFL 18 teams for 2011.

The official announcement reportedly will be made during Friday night’s game between Orlando and Jacksonville, which will be televised by NFL Network.

11 responses to “Another AFL team is poised to return

  1. Good to see the league coming back. We had an AFL2 team locally and those games were a blast to watch live.

  2. “The Brigade’s return gives the AFL 18 teams for 2011.”
    As with any minor league, I think a few teams might fold. While Arizona, Jacksonville, Orlando, Spokane and Tampa are averaging over 10k, teams in Milwaukee and Shreveport (really?) are struggling to get above 5k.

  3. Thanks for letting me know there is football on tonight. That way I won’t have to decide between soccer or golf.

  4. The Shreveport Steamer (really)
    Not to be confused with a Cleveland Steamer or Boston Steamer

  5. except that that teams that actually formed this new league (Tulsa, OKC, Shrieveport, Spokane, and a few of the other former AF2 teams) were only averaging 5k in attendance before, and weren’t really expecting that attendance to increase that much… so i don’t see too many of the teams folding unless they just really can’t keep themselves solvent

  6. I said it before with af2 and I’ll repeat it: go slowly. They need to stop at 18 and give it a couple of years to let the people know that they’re here to stay. Milwaukee, for example, is a team that is struggling with attendance BUT the city actually was among the best in attendance for a pure AFL city before they stopped playing after 2001. If they can generate the same kind of enthusiasm that they did back then it wouldn’t be hard to imagine the team averaging 10,000+. OKC could do the same thing but they have to start winning.
    Tulsa, I’m sorry to say will be around for a while because it’s the league headquarters BUT as long as they keep pricing their fans out of the seats, they’re going to top at a 7,900 AT BEST and only when OKC shows up.

  7. # jedicurt says:
    so i don’t see too many of the teams folding unless they just really can’t keep themselves solvent
    I don’t think that they’d fold BUT I wouldn’t be surprised to see a revival of af2 in a few years and for the weaker teams to drop to af2 rather than fold.

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