Chris Johnson knows what he wants

To this point, Chris Johnson hasn’t squeezed a single contract offer out of the Titans. 

But he has a number in mind.

Johnson spoke with (and raced) Michael Smith of ESPN 60 recently, and said he wants $30-40 million guaranteed in a new contract. 

It doesn’t shock us Johnson wants quarterback/left tackle money, but he’s not going to get it. Three years remain on the running back’s current deal.  Any renegotiation that happens this year (or next) will reflect that the Titans don’t have to do anything.

Perhaps Johnson could earn that much on the open market, but he’s years away from that.

35 responses to “Chris Johnson knows what he wants

  1. I would think he could get what he wants quite easily. Report to camp, report his mysterious, reoccuring problem in his back and sit out like there is no tomorrow. Either the Titans try to get something for him or they put him on injured reserve. The latter will let hiim get paid for the year and get him one year closer to free agency. The former will probably be best for both teams if the titans have no intention of giving him a new contract

  2. After all is said and done, I’d let him walk.
    Lots of people forget that he’s in the AFC South which is geared to stop Peyton Manning, he has a superb run blocking line, and runningbacks are cheap now.
    Trade him or let him walk at the end of his contract and laugh at the team that gives him QB money.

  3. Chris Johnson need to be reminded that he plays the most fungible position on offense. The Titans should squat on his rights and draft another.

  4. I will say this much… Teams should ante up for players like him & Vincent Jackson….. But, with guys like Mankins & others who keep mouthin’ in public, they will be viewed as Haynesworth types and likely will have a rough season or two trying to get money!
    On some ends of the spectrum, I can see a players point, especially a guy like Chris Johnson who is worth the money and could suffer a career ending injury with the load he carries. Others, they are just greedy bastards following their agents personality which consists of nothing but $$$$$$$.

  5. Only Al Davis pays his players..
    Revis, Johnson or Heynesworth would all be happy money wise in Oakland.. or 4-3wise for some

  6. I don’t think it’s that unlikely he could get a 5 yr deal worth 30 mil plus incentives. but he won’t get it sitting at the house. he’ll show up for tc, because he doesn’t want to be fined.
    either way, i’m pretty sick of these guys whining for extra MILLIONS
    and dont give me that “they could injure themselves” crap…. so what, they are football players. toughin up whining ass bitches.

  7. This is just a suggestion but couldn’t he just
    honor the contract that he has and cash in
    like all great name players do. Nah, I didn’t
    think so….

  8. Dude’s not right in his head.
    Chris, nobody –nobody guarantees $30M to a Running Back! The average life of a RB in the NFL is something like three years. You are very exciting to watch, but you might be gone by October. For good!
    And RBs are a product of their offensive line, anyway. They block well, you get yards. They don’t, you don’t.
    You are replaceable.

  9. I’m not sick of hearing millionaires whine about potential pay, and as for CJ, McNeill and Jackson, I don’t understand why their teams don’t get it. You become a pro bowl caliber player, but you don’t get the pay that comes with that, and an injury takes out your security. If Philly can pony up for its qb, SF for its linebacker, Colts for their safety, then these teams that want these elite athletes shouldn’t be shy or bashful about paying them. If management couldn’t rip up CJ’s contract if he underperformed, I would join the lot of you and say, CJ you signed a contract . . . but the fact is an owner can tear up your contract and not pay you a dime more (just as Jamarcus Russell) . . .

  10. CJ is a beast and has outplayed his contract imo. I can see why he wants a new deal…I’m sure I’d want one, too if I put up the numbers he has over his first 2 seasons in the league. I don’t think he’s going to get a deal with 30-40 mil guaranteed but he is a guy who should have his deal redone. for those of you who are saying that the Titans should let him walk and draft another are you smoking crack? I agree that RBs can be replaced but CJ is a special player and you just don’t replace 2000 yard rushers. Considering who is behind center for the Titans, they should try to work something out with CJ unless they want to suck even more this year with Uncle Rico throwing footballs over moutains and possibly having Javon Ringer(who?) running the ball. Just my opinion…doesn’t meant it’s right.

  11. I’m not sure if you were serious Spiny Norman, but the average life of an NFL RB is around 6-7 years, not 3 years.
    And Chris Johnson is not replaceable. He had more total yards last year than anyone in NFL history. That doesn’t happen by just having a good O-line. You have to be a pretty awesome RB to do that too. If you watched any of the Titans games last year you would have saw that he made most of his huge runs on his own.
    I still don’t think he should get a new contract though. It’s so easy for him to forget all that guaranteed money he got two years ago.

  12. This guy isn’t playin cornerback like Darelle Revis, he’s the best RB in the NFL right now…hands down. For the most part, cornerbacks stay alive in this league, running backs on the other hand…they take such a beating that their careers are seldom lengthy. CJ is smart for pursuing the contract he deserves, the Titans are the irrelevant team of tomorrow without him. They are such an awful team that I wouldn’t mind sitting out this year, holdin out, and stayin fresh if i were Johnson. Get this kid on a real contending team before his career is in the rearview mirror.

  13. Unless Chris Johnson has a long career like Emmitt Smith this is his only real chance for a big payday and he knows that. He will be productive for probably five more years at most. Pay him for those years and then see if he has earned a new contract. He doesn’t deserve QB/LT/Haynesworth money but a deal with 20 million guaranteed works.

  14. 2 yrs in , and he want 30-40 mill gaurented ? cmon , live out your contract.after all only 1200 yards his 1st season , so he got lucky and broke 2000 yrds ” with 358 carries “. means nothing unless he can break 2000 again next year. THEN AND ONLY THEN SHOULD THEY THINK ABOUT REDOING HIS CONTRACT

  15. He NEEDS Hooked On Phonics because he has to be one of the dumbest people alive.

  16. Pay the man! I mean give him something at least more than $550K for the season. 550k + 165k (30% rule) = 715K for the man plus a 6-8 million in signing bonus + add 30% to the other two seasons on his contract and that sounds about right maybe more with escalators like if he ever puts up 2000+ again. But 30-40million are you kidding me CJ your not an elite QB and running backs are replaced a whole lot easier then most other position.

  17. To the guys that say he should hold out for the whole year, you do realize that if Johnson doesn’t report for camp before August 10 he gets zero credit for this season?
    That means 2011 is 2010 again. Johnson will be playing for $550K in 2011 and still only be in his third year.
    Johnson has no leverage in holding out except to stick it to the Titans who can then stick it back to Johnson.

  18. Chris Johnson should be drug tested for thinking he can get $30 M to $40 M guaranteed! Plus a salary too. Look at Edgerrin James. He got franchised twice before becoming a free agent. He can holdout and then dog it. The Titans should give him more money without more years just like the Eagles did with McNabb.

  19. This guy deserves nothing more than what he agreed to play for. What’s his argument? “When I signed this contract for this amount of money, I wasn’t planning to perform very well or ever reach my potential.”
    Or perhaps, “Now that it appears as though I’m giving 100%, which is what I know you expected of me as an employee, I expect 10X my current salary to just keep doing what I already promised to do for the current amount.”
    Anyone who supports this dummy is a jackass. And how many times must you be reminded his deal actually pays him $2.4M per year average, NOT $550K.

  20. I’m starting to really dislike Chris Johnson and I hope the Titans don’t cave in and pay him. I hope he sits out or gets cut or traded. After that, I hope the Titans show CJ how replaceable he is by having another 2,000 yard rusher.

  21. If he got 30 to 40 million, 3 yrs from now he would say it’s not enough & he wants a new contract.

  22. SterilizeTHenry:
    First of all, I dig the name.
    Second: “I’m not sure if you were serious Spiny Norman, but the average life of an NFL RB is around 6-7 years, not 3 years.”
    You are wrong! The average career span for an average RB is actually less than 3 years, according several different research sources.
    Now, if you are talking about elite RBs, the ones that are famous, I ask you this: how do they get famous? By lasting more than 2.5 years, that’s how.
    And I ask you again: how many years of top production should we expect to see from such a RB? Consider…
    Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson, Brian Westbrook, Willie Parker, Shaun Alexander, Stephen Davis, Deuce McAllister, Terrell Davis, Jamaal Anderson, and your very own Travis Henry.
    What guarantees that little Chris Johnson will last any longer than these great stars who flashed and vanished as top RBs? Nothing.
    The guy is simply not worth a large guaranteed commitment by the Titans. Clubs that shell out to RBs as if they were more than NFL cannon fodder will not be contenders.

  23. How DUMB there are to many players wanting money for shitty play. He is one of the best players in the NFL how about you pay him or you can piss him of and he will not resign with you.

  24. I like his comment earlier on griping about how owners don’t have to live up to the contract but the players do. News flash bud – it’s called being the boss. In the real world, you tell your boss what to do, you get fired. That’s how it works. They tell you what to do, you do it. That’s what happens when you sign a contract. That’s the perk of being the boss. When you own a team Chris Johnson, you can tell the players what to do. Go to work and stop your moaning. You get endorsements. You’re set for life right now if you knew how to spend money.

  25. The Titans have no need to give him big bucks. He’s only done 2 years. Let him do it for a 3rd. Any way, he’s one or 2 hits away from replaced. Go talk to Brian Westbook. He went from the top all around back, to two big hits and free agent. The Titans aren’t going to give this guy a huge contract just to see his knee fold up and him never have that burst again.

  26. Now watch him run this year like he’s paid $550,000…Pay the man….He’s outgrown/outplayed the contract…if he only got 100 yds last year, the team would cut him(you can stuff your team loyalty in a sack Mr.!) so when he does well reward him with(incentive ladden contract) what you can this year..granted he did sign a contract…Maybe he should stick to it true,(N.F.L. stands for “not for long”) but then he is not required to out(run) it neither too…Maybe after 3-5 carries he can decide to shut it down…hard to run with wreckless abandon now when the future(next contract) is where the money is (Contango!?)…I mean whats the question here? Is he not helping win games? Is he not putting asses(that pay everyone’s salary GMs too) in the seats?

  27. Just change positions to WR or better yet CB. It really does not make sense for a guy with his speed and agility to be playing RB anyway. Play a money position if you want the big money. The injury risk at RB is ridicuouls. It would be foolish for a guy like him who has established that kind of value to play RB for 600k.
    Pat Willis had 3 years left on his “contract” and so did Roddy White, but they are not running backs.
    CJ could be the best DB in the NFL. I can not imagine a WR able to shake the guy. FS or CB should be a pretty easy transition for a RB like him, who is faster than anyone in the NFL but still very physical and agile.

  28. His agent also gets paid good coin and if they can’t get the deal done, that might be the problem for Johnson…bottom line Chris Johnson does what he does for a living very very well(anybody better?) for what he’s paid…

  29. What a punk straight up.
    That kind of money is unreal in your third year.
    Get your grillz out and your massive diamond chain off your neck, save some of your money and honor your contract.
    These type of players that wont play for any less than 10-15 a year is just ridiculous.

  30. If the Titans hadn’t drafted CJ at the tail-end of the 1st round, who knows where he would’ve been drafted…2nd round money isn’t quite as good CJ… Odds are, the teams that would’ve drafted you wouldn’t have had an “O-line” that would enable you to run for 2,000 last season…Suck it up and honor your contract…then get paid.

  31. The Titans are idiots for not giving CJ what he wants NOW when he will continue producing at his age
    He knows that if he isn’t paid now, he might have a bad season and see his value plummet
    Get paid now…I get it

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