JaMarcus Russell isn't interested in the UFL, yet

The UFL’s Nighthawks want quarterback JaMarcus Russell.  So will Russell be able to resist the “we’ve got steaks . . . all you want” siren song of the Omaha franchise?

For now, yes.

A source close to Russell tells us that the No. 1 pick in the 2007 draft “will not be in the UFL,” and that Russell instead will continue to refine his mechanics in Arizona and discuss opportunities with a couple of interested teams. 

NFL teams.  Not UFL teams.

For now.

33 responses to “JaMarcus Russell isn't interested in the UFL, yet

  1. Jabustus should be a damn comedian!! He sure has me rolling on the floor!!

  2. I love how agents and the such always mention interested teams but can never seem to mention which teams are interested.

  3. The UFL probably isn’t interested in him either. His food budget would bankrupt the league in a matter of hours.

  4. …”a couple of interested teams”…could that be any more vague?
    Who would want to bring that kind of lazy, “I’d rather eat pastries that work out” , mentality into their locker room?

  5. I was in Omaha once. Didn’t find any good buffet restaurants.
    So I don’t blame him.

  6. There you guys go again. So quick to jump the gun. Only to write another article about a nobody.

  7. why do we keep talking about Jabustus? He will NEVER play another down of professional football. The freaking guy can barely speak english and he just rolled the raiders for 32 million.

  8. So, what was this story saying? Nothing new about a fat *ss too dumb to get himself in shape. Wow!
    Yah, mechanics, that’s his problem…ha, ha, ha! College graduate? Oh, wait it was LSU…never mind.

  9. Ya, I bet the teams are camping outside his home just hoping that he will consider joining their team lol. There is an old saying that you cannot fix stupid. I bet all those flunkys he carried around with him while playing do not look at him in the same way any longer.

  10. Wonder how long before we read a story about JaMuffcus being financially strapped?
    /he’ll be broke in 5 years

  11. Marvin Berry says:
    June 18, 2010 1:37 PM
    Wonder how long before we read a story about JaMuffcus being financially strapped?
    /he’ll be broke in 5 years
    You think he’ll make it 5 years? With his penchant for bling. buffets and crapola tables…(oops, I mean ‘craps’ tables….thought we were talking about his abilities as a QB)…

  12. even if a team did sign him whether it be the UFL, CFL, NFL, AFL, USAFL, BBL, FATFL, how can he honestly look any of his potential teammates in the face?
    what a joke

  13. While attending the local Home Town Buffet last night JaMarcus Russell suffered another unfortunate setback when he sprained his elbow attempting to lift a tray of meatloaf out of the buffet line.
    A sourse close to the former number one pick said “that although it looked like he was in a large amount of pain it did not stop him from taking the rest of the mashed potatoes moments later.”
    It has been largely speculated that Russell is trying to work on his mechanics to hopefully land a job back in the NFL. This latest incident has general managers scratching their heads, wondering if JaMarcus Russell is really capable of redemption.

  14. Discussions with “interested” teams:
    Agent: Please let JaMarcus come to your training camp.
    GM: No chance.
    Agent: He’ll play for the minimum.
    GM: Not interested.
    Agent: Trust me. All he needs is a second chance.
    GM: Not here.
    Agent: PLEEASE!!!!!
    GM: (silence)
    Agent: OK, I see you need more time to think it over. I’ll call again next week.
    …discussions are continuing.

  15. the BUST better get interested in playing any where, if he wants to get paid to play ball, because it won’t be in the NFL!!!

  16. This has got to be the lamest thread ever. I’ll bet each and every one of you slack-jawed yokels don’t have anywhere near the talent this guy has, and you certainly don’t have the $$$.
    Suck it whiners, go back to D&D.

  17. There are a lot of interested teams if?
    a) He weighs under 250lbs.
    b) He can read more than a Dick and Jane book.
    c) He stops throwing the ball crickett style.

  18. Aww…….Looks like Buzzy Bitch HAS some sand in his crotch……………..it will go away sweetheart……..In the meantime, since you are talking about money you will never make, and then telling people you w0nt make this money, you have made yourself just as dumb…………way to go big guy…………..freakin genius i tell ya

  19. How many Big Mac’s do they have there for the “hamburglar?” Maybe he’s counting

  20. @TryTheVeal
    Uh…yeah…what did you say? Your 7th level palladin has what armor class?

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