Redskins fine Haynesworth for skipping minicamp

Though, by all appearances, his bonus money remains safe unless and until he holds out of training camp, Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth may be fined for skipping the team’s mandatory minicamp.

And, according to Jason Reid of the Washington Post, the team has fined him.

Though it’s only $10,000, it’s the most that the Redskins can do unless and until Haynesworth fails to report for training camp.

Reid also has confirmed our report that Haynesworth’s decision to skip the mandatory minicamp has voided the guarantees applicable to his $3.6 million base salary in 2010 and his $5.4 million base salary in 2011.  It’s relevant only if the Redskins cut him.  It also makes him somewhat more attractive (or, as the case may be, somewhat less unattractive) on the trade market, since any team that takes him on could choose after 2010 to dump him and in turn avoid $5.4 million in money that, before he failed to report for the mandatory minicamp, would have been fully guaranteed.

25 responses to “Redskins fine Haynesworth for skipping minicamp

  1. Fat Al is a turd, thats been settled. The only real question at this point is he the type of turd that has corn or peanuts in it? Since I feel he lacks testicular fortitude I’d say he’s the corn type.

  2. That $10,000’s gonna hurt real bad from the ~35 mil he got paid in a year and a couple months…

  3. I must be the only one who thinks that Haynesworth kind of has a point. The guy is NOT a nose tackle. He was signed to play DT in a 4-3, and that’s how he’s been successful. He’s a 3 technique guy. Asking him to switch to nose is a huge change. I’ve never been much of a Shanahan fan, and this nonsense just reinforces my disdain for Shanahan. Successful coaches coach to the strengths of their players. Unsucessful coaches get stuck on a system and try to force players into their system, regardless of the player’s skill set. In my opinion, Shanahan was hugely overrated in Denver, Snyder was stupid to sign him, and now he’s pissed off the most highly paid player on the team by forcing him into a position switch for which his skills are not suited. Way to go Redskins.

  4. Haynesworth is just plain lazy, he will show up for training camp, lonely and outcast but he dont wanna get sued.

  5. I love every minute of this fiasco….
    Dumb asses get exactly what they deserve for givin that lazy fool all that money.
    How bout em….

  6. In the long run, his actions could really hurt all league players in the new CBA and in way new contracts are written.

  7. Whatever teaches Snyder a lesson… The man was stupid to sign such a bonehead contract (and before the free agent period by some accounts) just because he wanted to sign him before anyone else did. I hope for the day he starts acting more like an owner and less like a spoiled brat who wants a shiny toy.

  8. Danphxariz- He is an employee of that team and should be more than accomidating to WORK towards WHATEVER they need him to do. Plain and simple, he’s a perfect example of money & entitlement = opionated, lazy bastard- Skins unfortunately got what they paid for-
    Thanks again –
    Titans Fan

  9. Stop Blaming Big Al for taking the money– Dan made another stupid acquisition.. evryone in TN foresaw this… and talke in detail.. TN had $60 mill on the table and all anyone talked about was him getting the $$$ and being worthless…and the Skins decided to give him $40 mil more.. dont balme a CBA for a notoriously bad owner

  10. The ball is in his court according to the Redskins. They stated pretty firmly that if he wants out, return the money. Since he will certainly realize that the whole NFL thinks his an a$$hat and will not pay him anything more than the Skins did – he will likely show up to training camp and act like a baby – take plays off – pout etc. Oh yea, he did that last year.

  11. Lets clear up the misconception here – AH would have played most of his snaps at either DE spot and a few at NT. We didn’t sign Kemo to sit on the bench.

  12. @danphxariz
    “Asking him to switch to nose is a huge change.”
    Speaking of “huge change”, $100 million contracts are “huge change”. The $21 million check Albert cashed April 1st was “huge change”. The decision makers aren’t the guys with their names in the middle of the check. Their the guys with their names in the lower right hand corner of the check. Shanahan’s responsibilty is NOT to do what’s best for Albert. It’s to do what’s best for the franchise over all. They are not mutually inclusive events.

  13. Let’s see….
    Haynesworth will be fined $10,000.
    That means he will keep $38,990,000.00
    Seems fair.

  14. It’s just like hiring a kid to clean your yard. You pay him 20 bucks, then he changes his mind. “Well your blower won’t start, & I’m not going to use a rake”.
    Or how about the famous “I have three years left on my contract, but I want more money now” story.
    Such big money in the NFL, yet it’s too easy for players to breach their contracts. It’s become all too common. It appears that an NFL contract holds no legal value; these players are simply doing what they want and getting away with it.

  15. $38,990,000 is pretty good pay for taking 4 games and 150 plays off for “mystery injuries”.
    After 2nd down, see Lazy Albert on all fours suckin’ wind.
    After 3rd down, team wastes a timeout to bring out the crane and lift his fat ass off the field. See Lazy Albert ride the pine and suck oxygen and pretend he’s hurt.

  16. I don’t know how the rest of Redskins fans feel, but Haynesworth needs to hear it from us this season and whenever he shows up. There is nothing he could do to make me like him again. I would love to see him come on the field this year and everytime hear everyone boo him the entire season.

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