Redskins will have a very hard time getting Haynesworth's bonus money

We’ve finally gotten our hands on the full contract between the Redskins and defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.  And it appears based on the language of the contract and the relevant terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement that the Redskins have little or no chance of recovering any of Haynesworth’s bonus money in the wake of his decision to skip this week’s mandatory minicamp.

Based on the terms of the contract itself, the Redskins have the right to recover not only the $21 million in signing bonus money paid on April 1 but also $4,285,716 of the $5 million paid to him in 2009.  But the contract ignores specific language in the 2006 CBA, which dramatically limits the forfeiture of cash money from signing bonuses to two specific circumstances.

Here’s the relevant language, from Article XIV, Section 9(a) of the CBA:  “No forfeitures of signing bonuses shall be permitted, except that players and Clubs may agree: (i) to proportionate forfeitures of a signing bonus if a player voluntarily retires or willfully withholds his services from one or more regular season games; and/or (ii) that if a player willfully takes action that has the effect of substantially undermining his ability to fully participate and contribute in either preseason training camp or the regular season (including by willfully withholding his services in either preseason training camp or during the regular season or willfully missing one or more games), the player may forfeit the greater of: (a) 25% of the prorated portion of his signing bonus for the applicable League Year for the first time such conduct occurs after the beginning of training camp until the end of the season for his Club, and the remaining 75% prorated portion of his signing bonus for the applicable year for the second time such conduct occurs during that period that year; or (b) the proportionate amount of his signing bonus allocation for each week missed (1/17th for each regular season week or game missed).”

In English, this means that skipping a mandatory minicamp places none of the signing bonus in jeopardy.  Ever. 

If Haynesworth fails to show up for even one day of training camp, the Redskins then can pursue 25 percent of the 2010 allocation of the initial $5 million signing bonus, and 25 percent of the 2010 allocation of the $21 million signing bonus paid this year.  But if he shows up for training camp (and he reportedly plans to do) and for every game, he gets to keep his money.

And the Plaxico Burress grievance from 2009 means that Haynesworth keeps the money even if the team eventually suspends Haynesworth for conduct detrimental to the team.  Basically, unless he holds out or retires, he keeps the money.

The only tangible consequence at this point arises with respect to the guaranteed nature of Haynesworth’s $3.6 million base salary in 2010 and his $5.4 million base salary in 2011.  By ditching the mandatory minicamps, the guarantees have been voided.  This means that, if they cut him, the Redskins most likely won’t have to pay him $9 million in future guaranteed money.

Still, as far as we can tell, Haynesworth and the NFLPA are right on this one.  He gets to keep his money, even if he doesn’t really deserve to do so.  

39 responses to “Redskins will have a very hard time getting Haynesworth's bonus money

  1. that tells me they are going to keep him around until at least the end of camp to see if they can sucker him in to screwing up.
    fatty better get comfortable then because he is here for a while.

  2. isn’t there a stipulation of good faith in contracts?
    with haynesworth taking 21 million and refusing to participate in the ota’s,i think it reeks of bad faith.
    any one with an answer?

  3. terrible contract on the Redskins part not protecting themselves in any way shape or form

  4. I am a redskins fan but honestly I could care less about the money. It’s not mine. And don’t throw out the “your money goes to them” speech. I don’t have season tickets or buy anything from the team (hooray ebay), but even if I did I’m choosing to spend that money on entertainment. I was entertained. The only time I care about the money is when dead beat players got paid by danny, they didn’t perform, and they hindered the team from getting another player for cap reasons. Well, in case you all didn’t know, it’s an uncapped year. I don’t give a F about dan snyder’s money. Cut Haynesworth for all I care; doesn’t hurt my pocket one bit.
    And touching on the “increased ticket prices/beer at the games blah blah”: just stop. If a “fan” can’t afford the goods (tickets/apparel) then they will choose to spend their money another way. People still buy everything at increased price so why stop raising the price to “market value”. If you disagree I bet you think the gas companies should lower their prices because “they make enough money” and “they need to consider the consumer”.
    2010: Punt Haynesworth, get a line working as a unit, keep McNabb alive through the season, come in swinging in 2011 (if that season happens *sigh*)

  5. Honestly, he may be a turd.
    But the Redskins are to blame for this. This is ridiculous. Well, it’s not Allen’s money, and he’ll surely avoid the blame for this one.
    Sometimes I wonder how these guys got rich (Snyder – must be a decent business man). Probably they don’t understand the difference between employees which are easy to replace (workforce) and those who are not easy to replace (football players).

  6. If I were Snyder the attorney that drew up this contract or agreed that the Skins should sign it, would have to roll down his socks to take a crap.

  7. The Redskins are not going to let this 41 Mil dollar cry baby walk away.
    Albert rest up…come July 29 when training camp starts…you’ll be doing 2 a days by yourself.

  8. The last f$%# up from dumb and dumber. Thank god they are gone. Too bad Shanahan has to deal with the mess those two donks created.

  9. How is that possible? Please oh please Shanny run his fat ass until he pukes when he does finally show. I hope Fletch and the boys f with him until he cries like the big fat baby tubolard that he is. Redskins fans we must let him know how we feel when he shows. Go to camp and yell and scream at him.

  10. This guy is a TURD! Another smart Redskin free agent acquisition. At least this orginization is good for something…..comic relief!!!!

  11. When he shows up to camp I would have him running wind sprints all day and competing in full contact drills against the guys battling for the last few roster spots. I would make sure that he had the worst month of his life.

  12. # Cut Da Jokes says: June 18, 2010 3:57 PM
    The Redskins are not going to let this 41 Mil dollar cry baby walk away.
    Albert rest up…come July 29 when training camp starts…you’ll be doing 2 a days by yourself.
    Nice thought but it won’t happen. I predict that Haynesworth will indeed show up for TC,

  13. # Cut Da Jokes says: June 18, 2010 3:57 PM
    The Redskins are not going to let this 41 Mil dollar cry baby walk away.
    Albert rest up…come July 29 when training camp starts…you’ll be doing 2 a days by yourself.
    Nice thought but it won’t happen. I predict that Haynesworth will indeed show up for TC, but, he’ll have a ‘mystery’ back injury that will keep him sidelined until the Redskins trade or cut him. Back injuries are vary hard to diagnose and very hard to establish as legit or not.

  14. So he gets fined $20K for not showing up for a 2 day mini-camp. Not much money, but not much practice missed either. If he doesn’t show for actual training camp, then they can go after bigger $.

  15. Its to bad he not a real MAN, and we all knew that from what he did in TENN, the Skins have no body to blame except themselves, as some say ” crap in, crap out ” Bill

  16. Look for Lamesworth to engage in conduct detrimental to the team to push for a release and keep the money.

  17. Unless the rules say he has to be there why would he?
    Why would he all of a sudden become a team leader and hard working guy just because they gave him all that money? Next time, make sure the player is a team leader and hard working guy before you give them the money.
    No one in the NFL makes what they “deserve” they make what they can get.

  18. I say do like we did in boot camp with screw ups…throw him a nice old fashion blanket party…just to be fair though I would let just the defense administer it…so when training camp gets here and the lights go out at night beat the crap out of him till u think he’s got the message and unless someone snitches he’ll have no proof who did it…

  19. just one more reason the players will be locked out from playing next year.
    this time it is the opposite ..the owners will laugh all the way to the bank, while the players are out in the cold when it comes to the cash

  20. I’m no legal genius, but I think this article could not be more wrong. The quoted language of the CBA says, “except that players and Clubs may agree”. I believe the contract would be a separate agreement between the club and the player and therefore the terms of the contract would supercede the quoted language of the CBA

  21. Well its clear that the language in that clause will change in the next CBA. After what Fat Scumbag Albert has done the union will not be able to defend that language at all.

  22. Aaahhh! The Curse of Vinny Cerrato! Little Danny has one last pile of crap to roll in from his racquetball partner.
    Let Fletcher and his teammates handle him. Run his ass off in camp. Nose tackle reps all day, every day. Punt coverage teams. Kick coverage teams.
    Maybe the crybaby, who has already sacrificed the last two years of guaranteed money, will break and not show one day. Then, maybe he’ll break again. Get the money if you can.
    But, what I really want to see is the Redskins hold firm and not give him what he wants. He either plays for the Redskins (the term playing being used loosely), or he retires. Do NOT accomodate him via trade or release. If he is the biggest crybaby ever – let that 4 sack season in 2009 be his last!!! Hail!

  23. With Snyder’s lawyers,Allen,and Shanahan they will figure someway to get value for him, and I wouldn’t be shocked if all of this is to escape training camp and then end up playing. But the logical thing is to let the rest of the league know you plan to keep him unless someone gives up a first or second or a starter. Someone will get an injury on their line and be willing to pick up his contract which is only 9 mil over two years.I like what they have done loading up on backs,receivers,and defensive linemen. They will sort out the best and upgrade and move on. There is no rush with Haynesworth moneywise,playerwise, or any other wise so we are in the catbird seat

  24. NFLPA must be very happy for the standard they are setting and the players they have to represent.
    Parasonic is right. Its not our money, who gives a shit. i bust my ass for a very small fraction of what dude just walked with.
    Keep Haynesworth and make his life miserable. Fatten him up nice and good because I am willing to bet his money is dam near gone. He will need more. Make that son-of-a-bitch come crawling begging to be cut. Make dude clean cleats when its raining and fetch coats when its cold.

  25. “Still, as far as we can tell, Haynesworth and the NFLPA are right on this one. He gets to keep his money, even if he doesn’t really deserve to do so.”
    Yeah! That’s why the NFL broke away from the CBA that was in place. Look how JaPorkchop got over on the Raiders, and now Haynesworth. The owners want what they pay for just like the there are players who wanna be paid for what they play for. I’m sure Chris Johnson doesn’t like getting a little money for the performance he’s had.

  26. Sit his fat ass on the bench and feed him twinkies every game.
    He will be 400+ next offseason and unable to play after he gets cut.

  27. Bill In DC sounds like he has it figured out. Al fakes a back injury, they cant diagnose it and he gets to sit out.

  28. Haynesworth is the biggest D-bag POS on the face of the planet. I hope he gets hit by a car and cant play football anymore.

  29. Hey Florio
    Great site from one with WV roots.
    One question…….
    Isn’t fraud grounds to void a contract?
    What Haynesworth did is fraud isn’t it?
    The Skins said you can be released before April 1 or you get $21 million on April 1 to play any position. By not attending minicamp(when the new defense is being installed) isn’t Haynesworth effectively, not playing any position because he is refusing to learn the new system. Basically, Haynesworth is doing everything he can NOT to be effective.
    It would seem that the CBA should not be able to protect a player who simply chooses not to do what everyone in the league knows that he must do to perform. One could argue that if Hayesworth has a great season that he would say that he missed nothing from the minicamp. However, if he does not have at least an average season, the Skins should be able to say that fraud on Haynesworth’s part resulted in him being given $21 million. Any comments?

  30. Florio, why are you making a big deal out of getting and reading Haynesworth’s contract… if you then go on to say that the CBA negates any penalty clauses in the contract?
    You didn’t need to read the contract to assert that the CBA has dominion over all player contracts.

  31. “He gets to keep his money, even if he doesn’t really deserve to do so.”
    He will be the worst kind of locker room cancer!

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