Sam Bradford "very comfortable" with Rams' playbook

The Rams had first overall pick Sam Bradford working with the first string at this week’s organized team activities, and although they won’t declare him the starter yet, all indications are that he’ll take the first snap of the season in September.

So it’s good news for Rams fans that Bradford says he’s already got a good handle on the offense.

I feel very comfortable with everything we have in right now,” Bradford told reporters Thursday. “I’ve said every time I’ve talked to you guys, the more I do it, the more comfortable I feel. Obviously having 13 or 14 practices and the minicamp, I’ve got a lot of reps, I’ve got a lot of experience with the plays. I feel good with everything we have, and I feel like the more I continue to do it, the more I study it, the more comfortable I’ll become.”

The Rams have concluded all their OTAs and minicamps, but Bradford says he won’t be taking it easy until the start of training camp.

“I’m not going home for another two weeks,” Bradford said. “We’ll be around here, working out doing stuff. I don’t have a break yet, but it will be nice to be able to slow things down a little bit, be able to look at film a little more detailed, get in the playbook and just talk through some things that we can spend some more time on.”

The one thing that could get in the way of Bradford starting for the Rams in Week One is a lengthy training camp holdout. Bradford says he doesn’t see that happening.

“I’m not concerned about it,” Bradford said. “That’s why I hired an agent [Tom Condon]. He’s very good at what he does and I’m sure him and the Rams will come to an agreement before training camp and I expect to be here on time.”

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  1. I think he should go to the Jones Dome and get himself “very comfortable” with the feeling of lying flat on his back on the turf. Because that’s where he is going to spend the majority of his time this season.

  2. Haters!!! Dude is gonna be a stud!!! He’s better than Sanchez and Stafford right now.

  3. The guy’s a good QB, no doubt, but this situation is awfully close to David Carr’s. Carr threw for over 2500 yards while getting sacked 68 times in ’05. I think we’re gonna see similar numbers out of Bradford once he’s the full-time starter, because he’s not gonna get any protection.

  4. Tre-nitty says:
    June 18, 2010 9:57 AM
    Haters!!! Dude is gonna be a stud!!! He’s better than Sanchez and Stafford right now.
    That’s a pretty dumb comment, since none of us said he wasn’t going to be good.
    If you take the time to slow down and sound out all the words, you will see that we were criticizing other parts of the Rams offense and suggesting that he might struggle behind a weak O-line and sub-par recievers. You know, like Payton Manning did when he set the rookie interception record.

  5. As a RAMS fan (yeah, I said it!), I’m still not completely sold on Bradford, however, I gotta admit one thing: I do like his work ethic. And the fact that he really wants to play.

  6. The playbook wasn’t that hard to learn. It only had six pages, four of which said “hand off”. One said “get sacked” and the other said “interception”.

  7. I personally think bradford will be alright if they dont start him right away. if they ease him in i think he’ll do alright

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