T.O. gets sued in Alabama

Though he’s having a hard time finding a new team, receiver Terrell Owens continues to attract attention.

But not in a good way.

Per the Associated Press, an Alabama business has sued Owens and his cousin for failing to pay expenses arising from a lease termination agreement at their martini bar.

Walker Partners Ltd. allegedly entered into a lease agreement with Minnifield Owens Lounges in May 2005.  The company claims that, when the lease was terminated, Minnifield Owens Lounges agreed to pay past due rent, utility costs, and other operating expenses.

Owens and his cousin allegedly failed to do so, and so Walker Partners Ltd seeks $12,000 in damages and $3,000 in attorneys’ fees.

Given the amount in controversy and the fact that Owens currently is trying to distance himself from any suggestion that he’s not a great guy, it’s amazing that he didn’t ensure that this situation was taken care of.

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  1. Of course, this could all be the cousin’s fault but why left facts get in the way of a rant, right?

  2. edgy1957 says:
    June 18, 2010 11:13 PM
    Of course, this could all be the cousin’s fault but why left facts get in the way of a rant, right?
    I agree 100%. Why let 15 seconds of proof-reading get in the way either, right?

  3. Florio,
    I’m surprised that you, as a lawyer, would just assume that TO is guilty simply because someone else says so.
    Damn, I’m glad you don’t work for my business. I’ve been sued 12 times and 10 were dismissed and the other 2 we won…. In both the cases that actually had a ‘day in court’ not only did I win, but I was able to receive my legal fees back.
    I’ll bet all 12 of the other parties thought if they just sued me they would win, too.
    Hey TO, wanna hire my Lawyer?
    Fight it TO…

  4. # edgy1957 says: June 18, 2010 11:13 PM
    Of course, this could all be the cousin’s fault but why left facts get in the way of a rant, right?
    In that context, why ‘left’ spelling get in the way of making your point.

  5. Somehow this comprises as news???
    Seriously this is totally away from football. There may be a fair reason he’s withholding the 12 grand, but then again who cares????
    Now I wanna take back my comment this piddling issue did not deserve, Mr. Pettifogger.

  6. edgy1957 says:
    June 18, 2010 11:13 PM
    “Of course, this could all be the cousin’s fault but why left facts get in the way of a rant, right?” Hate to break it to you, but your speculation that this COULD all be the cousin’s fault is not a fact. The lawsuit contends Owens and Antonio Minnifield failed to pay…now that’s a fact. Owens is a free agent and, to date, he’s been unable to find a new employer – also a fact. Given TO’s history, I think Florio makes a fair point in his last paragraph (I assume that’s the “rant” you’re referring to).

  7. Ugh…how do you let your self get in this situation? I would imagine 15 grand is not a problem for him.
    But if Ocho was late on his car payments…

  8. Lions need them some T.O.(Marshawn Lynch&Flozell Adams too!)… T.O. and the Lions would help each other…The Lions could use the attention he brings on and off the field…T.O. needs an arm like Stafford’s to prove he still brings it…after all the WRs they drafted in the not so distant past, sure didn’t notice them much on 3rd and long(well any down ) last year…GoLions!

  9. the last sentence assumes t.o. isn’t as dumb as a doorknob. faulty assumption.
    same clear thinking that would lead a sophisticate like t.o. to attempt to open a martini bar in the first place. same brain that sincerely believes his next career will be as an actor. same brain that believes he made a good career move by blowing up the eagles after having already blown up the niners. same brain that thinks he is still a premier player.
    personally, i believe t.o. could have made money in the martini business, but he kept dropping them before he could get them to the customer’s table.

  10. Anyone ever see TO in public with a woman, outside of that one who gave the disastrous press conference? Like TO says, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…
    (come on dude, if you open a martini bar in Alabama what do you think people are going to think, idiot).

  11. Snooze….T.O. obviously doesn’t have a drinking problem. Emotional problems? Yes. Physical problems? Nah

  12. since I highly doubt that Owens did anything other than give his cousin some money to start a martini bar….I’ll assume it was his cousins failure to deal with the problem. Owens name was probably on the contract…..but had nothing to do with the place.

  13. 1. First off, left is a word so my spell checker wouldn’t’ flag it and if any of you guys claim that it hasn’t happened to you, I say — liar.
    2. To the other genius, you might try reading instead of being so quick on the draw. Florio’s post CLEARLY stated that the guy entered into the agreement in 2005 (That’s TWO THOUSAND AND FIVE for the numerically challenged) and I would speculate that TO probably had no real idea of how good or bad things were going and he wouldn’t be the first athlete to be blind sided by something that a friend or relative did in their name. For that matter, how many of you were blind sided when a friend of yours declared bankruptcy or filed for divorce and you never saw it coming?
    From personal experience, I started a computer business several years back with two other guys but I decided to leave when I found out that one of the guys was stealing and the other wasn’t willing to prosecute him because he was his friend. As part of our agreement to sever ties, I got the name of the business, which was named after my bulletin board and they were to make it clear that I wasn’t associated with the business. I put that chapter behind me but six months later I got a call from an irate customer, who was told by the guy who was stealing that I was the one that would fix his problem because he wouldn’t. I explained to him that I was no longer part of the business and hadn’t been for a while but that I’d get his problem solved. I called the other guy up and told him that I’d take them to court over this breach of our agreement and that I’d follow up on the embezzling charges and name him as an accomplice if he didn’t make this go away and stop his friend from trying to trade on my name – problem solved.

  14. TFBuckFutter says:
    June 19, 2010 7:45 AM
    There is a martini bar….owned by two black men….somewhere in Alabama?
    —haha, seriously. I’m sure the place was packed to the max. I’m surprised there wasn’t anyone shot out front, “yo homey, you ain’t eat your olive son”.

  15. Hey Edgy, you’re actually that indolent and lazy to have to use a spell checker on a simple two sentence post. Are the words “of” and “all” and “the” that hard to spell. Wow the 21st century is making ppl fat, lazy, and stupid!
    (p.s. I didn’t have to use a spell checker to write this.)

  16. edgy1957,
    “I would speculate that TO probably had no real idea of how good or bad things were going and blah blah blah…”
    Of course, this could all be TO’s fault, but why let facts get in the way of a rant (and I mean a RANT), right?

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