For Giants, return of Kenny Phillips would be unexpected bonus

Giants safety Kenny Phillips followed up a promising rookie season in 2008 by earning a job in the starting lineup in 2009. But Phillips suffered a season-ending knee injury in Week Two, and now, nine months later, it’s still not clear when — or if — he’ll get back to full speed.

Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that Phillips coming back and being everything the Giants thought he’d be when they took him in the first round of the 2008 draft would have to be considered an unexpected bonus, not something the Giants can count on.

A month ago Phillips was reportedly running and cutting, but not practicing. Vacchiano reports, however, that Phillips still isn’t cutting much.

And the Giants’ actions — signing free agent safeties Antrel Rolle and Deon Grant, drafting safety Chad Jones — indicate that they view safety as a position of need. If they were confident their 2008 first-round pick would return to form, safety probably wouldn’t have been such a high offseason priority.

It’s still possible that Phillips could surprise everyone and get back onto the field. But nine months after his injury, it still appears that he’s a long way from returning.

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  1. This is a stupid post. The Giants signed Antrel because they needed ANOTHER safety to play opposite Kenny Phillips. DUH. The other safeties signed were called “depth”. Do you know what that is? The Giants also signed Jim Sorgi. Does that mean they think Eli Manning isnt coming back to play next year? NO. Where’s Florio. You suck.

  2. It’s really too bad. I really thought he was going to be a huge playmaker for this Giants D. I hope he has a speedy recovery and returns to form for his and the Giants sake….
    But..Most people don’t recover from an injury that bad.
    GL K.Phillips.

  3. Take your time Kenny – I would rather have you playing for the next 8 years then this season!
    Deon and Antrel were awesome signings – plus drafting Jones!!! Huge makeover in the secondary which will give the D-line more time to get to the QB. Solid moves all around!

  4. I think when the Giants made most of their moves at Safety it was a 50/50 proposition that Phillips would come back. Sure he isn’t cutting because they will bring him along very slowly. Odds favor him returning though.

  5. Sucks, this kid was a solid safety. That secondary let the Giants down bad last year. I know a lot was because of injuries to key players, so the Giants might bounce back OK this season… but damn. That defense was struggling last season without this dude. They needed to sign a safety or two, they got three and addressed the need. It’s only a good thing to be honest, if they don’t need all those safeties they can just choose the one or two they definitely feel that they need to keep and trade the others for max value.

  6. @Dre
    Chad Jones was a third rounder. That’s really high for just depth. Especially when the Giants needed LB depth. You can’t pretend that Phillips’ injury is a stinger. His injury was potentially career threatening and it will be difficult for him to get back to full speed. The Giants are obviously worried. Nothing wrong with this post. As an Eagles fan I hope that Phillips recovers. Sucks to see a talented player get screwed by injuries

  7. If there was one player, you could root for to make a full recovery, KP would have to be at the top! No, not because he’s a top pick, no not because he’s a great talent {he is} but because he
    is an example of personal strength, belief in himself, and doing the work needed as prescribed
    by his Dr’s and trainers, with a great attitude. He
    will pull this off, because he listens, isn’t pushing the envelope, but will return,when he is ready.
    Aug. 1st camp starts, that’s 43 days, so it gives him all the time he needs and he’s already proven
    running, that he’s ahead of schedule. KP your an inspiration and I wish you no less, the Full recovery! See you in Albany,

  8. i would truely like him to sit out the season and recover completely rather than he be a bad imitation of his true potential.
    i want this guy to have a great career,but not at the expense of his long term health.

  9. Week 6, starting lineup. The kid has the biggest heart on the East Coast. He’ll be in there. Horrible injury and lesser men would call it a career. Not Phillips. He will be back and at top form. Giants were wise to cover their ass, however. If that knee goes again, it will be over. Not even Phillips could win that battle twice.

  10. I hate to say it guys but the likelihood of him coming back to 100% is slim to none. I’m just hoping at this point he can be some kind of contributor by the middle to end of this season.
    it’s such a shame, he had soo much potential and such drive. I hope I’m wrong but we’ve seen a lot of football players go down after this injury.

  11. So many times over the years I have read about the prospects of a team’s up-coming season. Everything looks solid on paper at least. Then in steps the “injury bug” and the whole deal is changed to one degree or another because of it.
    I am a life-long fan of the Big Blue(56 years) and would, of course, love to see Kenny up to full speed. He may well be the one of the few players who beats the odds on this injury and returns at or just about 100%. But in the meantime he should take all the time he needs to heal completely. HANG TOUGH, KP!!!
    Love the Giants, but I never, ever felt good knowing a player from the opposing side got hurt in a game or in camp. Worst sight there is to see is one of any player on any team after the play lying on the field and not moving.

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