Mike Singletary: "We are going to do the nutcracker"

During last year’s training camp, several 49ers players were injured during the “nutcracker” drill, in which two players go head-to-head and see which one can drive the other backward — or flat on his back.

But if you think those injuries will stop the 49ers from doing the nutcracker drill in this year’s training camp, then you don’t know 49ers coach Mike Singletary, who got excited talking to reporters this week about using the drill again.

“I know you guys don’t like the nutcracker,” Singletary said. “I know that. I understand. We are going to do the nutcracker drill. Everybody knows it, they’ll be prepared for it.”

Singletary did, however, allow for the possibility that the nutcracker could be modified to make it more about learning proper technique and less about, in Singletary’s works, “knocking the crap out of each other.”

“I really had the coaches get together and look at the nutcracker and instead of just one guy getting on one side and the other guy getting on the other side and just knocking the crap out of each other, we’re trying to get more out of it,” he said.

But this is Mike Singletary we’re talking about, and so it’s no surprise that he says, “It definitely will be in our camp.”

38 responses to “Mike Singletary: "We are going to do the nutcracker"

  1. I remember that scumbag, Jeremy Stevens, doing his version of the nutcracker on Tyler Brayton a few years ago.

  2. What football team doesn’t use that drill? In the 7 years I played football, I don’t recall a single camp without it.

  3. If Shanahan wasn’t in DC, I’d want Singletary there. I bet Haynesworth wouldn’t pull this shit if Singletary was in his ass.

  4. Maybe Singletary can drop trow for the players that get hurt? This guy is way to unstable to be a NFL head coach. Good luck with that 49er fans.

  5. Sounds like Mike is trying to prove he’s still got the Biggest Pair on the field instead of actually teaching his players something useful. Enjoy reading the injury report, chumps.

  6. There’s got to be a joke about a guy who drops his pants to motivate his players using a drill called the nutcracker, I just can’t think of it right now.

  7. The Nutcracker is what football is all about. 1 against 1. Will against will. The the kind of football drill that determines who can bring the heat……

  8. I think this quote is important, unless you’re just trying to sensationalize things…
    “We’re always trying to talk to the players about leverage – a point of emphasis and where the helmet needs to be and where their leverage is in strong points,” Singletary said. “When you do the nutcracker, a player has a chance to understand it firsthand.”

  9. Bunch of millionare pussies. We did nutcarckers 40 years ago and kids rarely got hurt unless they “turtled”. Start outting flags on your belts then and play on the beach. Crybabies

  10. Every play is a “nutcracker” unless you are a wide receiver or corner back.
    Simply a tackling drill.

  11. We called it the “Oklahoma” drill. That’s what football is, in a nutshell.

  12. # joetoronto says: June 19, 2010 9:28 AM
    I remember that scumbag, Jeremy Stevens, doing his version of the nutcracker on Tyler Brayton a few years ago.
    Actually it was Tyler Brayton doing the nutcracker on Stevens. You are right though, Stevens is a scumbag.

  13. Mike Singletary is “stoooopid”.
    This drill is not necessary, and puts at risk team’s valuable players for the sake of a stupid drill.
    And for those of you who claim to have done this drill before, wake up and stop living in the past. It’s different in the NFL. The guys doing this drill are in better shape and stronger than you’ve ever dreamt.
    When your team loses a key player over a drill like this, you will be singing a different tune. Or maybe in your cases “toon”.

  14. To theredbengal, exactly.
    I always knew this as Oklahoma’s when I was playing in high school. Fun days were when I was on the freshman team going against the varsity guys.
    Even more fun was being on the varsity and going against the freshman.

  15. The drill separates the men from the boys. This is football in the trenches. If you want to win you have to know how to fight. Amazing to see how many whinny pussies there are posting here. San Fran boys?
    “No more hitting in football! It is just too mean! They should just play touch football.”
    I am not homo-prejudiced, but come on already.

  16. @ bbillsfan01: ( and all you other “tough guys” who got as far as pop warner ball
    youre kidding, right?

  17. I gotta say, ever since this guy has become a head coach, I laugh at a lot of things he says. Not even in a bad way like oh what a joke, but its like damn… this guy wants his players to abuse everybody they run into. I find that funny. I thought it was great what he said after the draft, something like “We got a lot of guys who can hit really hard, and I’m excited about that.” That stuff just makes me laugh hahahahaha.

  18. @joetoronto
    Is this the date rape fan Jerramy Stevens? Or am I thinking of someone else

  19. God forbid football players are exposed to a little contact. I wish we could put all these World Cup cry babies in a nutcracker drill for 30 seconds and show them what real contact is all about.

  20. Good for you Mike. If he stays tough on these guys the niners are gonna be a quality hard nosed football squad. Nothin but respect for you mr singletary.

  21. What I wonder is why he felt the drill was so important in the past if he’s just figuring out how to get something of value from it NOW? The guy’s got passion for the game but I question his intelligence.

  22. Jack Del Rio started a tradition at Jaguars camp a few years ago. The very first event on the very first night of camp (which is open to the public) is an Oklahoma Drill. This is similar to what Singletary is doing, except they add the running back into the mix. It’s a simple task: the defender has to break the block and get the runner, or the O-lineman has to block the defender and free the runner.
    The players take a particular pride in participating, and in recent years, it’s been fun to see vets match up against other vets, and the rookies line up against each other as well. The drill is one of the most highly anticipated parts of camp, and always draws thousands of people for the opening of camp. It means football season is almost here.
    This is about playing football.

  23. That’s a coincidence. My ex-girlfriend did the nutcracker too.
    Kidding aside, we called it the “Bull in the Ring” when I played. It was the same drill, but all the players formed a circle with one guy in the middle, and that player pointed to the one player to take him on. The winner stayed in circle and picked the next player. I remember loving it and hating it at the same time.

  24. This guy is building a winning team. He knows what hes doing. The media can shut it.
    That reminds me of when my dad coached for me in football and all the other boys parents complained becuase they thought he was too hard on me and working me too hard. We laughed at them as I continued runnign miles after practice was over. I ended up being the best running back and Linebacker that year

  25. I’d love to see pictures of all the tough talking guys in here. Just because you have a scraggly goatee, a beer-belly, and wear cargo shorts and a cap backwards doesn’t make you a Badass. Most probably get their exercise opening a new bag of Cheetos and would go into cardiac arrest if they ran more than ten yards.

  26. @ GordoWFMontana Glancing at the usernames of people crying about the drill I don’t think it’s us San Franciscans who are saying the drill shouldn’t be used. The general sentiment on Niner message boards is that the drill is valuable, but the main problem doesn’t have to do with guys getting hurt – rather, last year the team came out of the gate very strong, but fizzled after a tough loss to Minnesota and couldn’t get things back together until it was too late. I’d like to see more consistency throughout the season as opposed to a strong first couple weeks.

  27. VoxVagina says: June 19, 2010 1:28 PM
    Is this the date rape fan Jerramy Stevens? Or am I thinking of someone else
    It’s him alright, the POS.
    boknowsvt: Stevens kneed him first, watch carefully. Brayton just did a much better job in retaliation.

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