Darwin Walker considers a return to the NFL

Veteran defensive tackle Darwin Walker last played pro football in 2008.  He’s now considering a comeback.

Walker, who played college football at Tennessee, told GoVolsXtra.com that he could still play — and that teams have shown interest.

“I haven’t ruled out the possibility of playing still,” Walker said.  “I’ve had a couple of offers.  I turned
them all down.”

Walker spent nine years in the NFL, with Arizona, Philly, Chicago, and Carolina.

He’s still haunted by making it to the Super Bowl as a member of the Eagles in 2004, but not winning the game.  “I’ve played in it and I lost it; I never got over that feeling,” Walker
said.  “If I could just get one, I’d be happy.”

Tell it to Dan Marino, Darwin.

7 responses to “Darwin Walker considers a return to the NFL

  1. Boss Hog says:
    June 20, 2010 10:06 PM
    wasn’t this p.o.s. traded to the bills when he quit? would that mean the bills still own his rights?
    Bills gave him to Chicago.

  2. he was traded to the bills and then wanted a new contract and they both could not come to terms so the bills traded him to the bears for like a 5th round pick

  3. Actually Boss he was with Carolina when he was released in the 09 off season following being involved in a Car Accident if I recall. and Vox it’s easy for an arm chair QB to call someone a scrub when they probably don’t have the skills to play themselves. I myself, would prefer to reserve judgement when the guy could very well kick your ass then see if you call him a scrub.

  4. Walker should have gone to the bills when he had a chance. No one wants him now, especially with all these good UFA and drafted DTs in the last 2 years.
    The NFL has passed you by, dude.
    Dude is a successful businessman…he should just stick with that. Then in a few years, he’ll be able to say “I was in the NFL fo’ a minute!”

  5. @Boss Hog:
    He was traded to the Bills between the Eagles and Bears but never reported because the Bills wouldn’t give him a new deal.

  6. The game has evolved passed the point of Darwin being able to compete. His inability to adapt has directly led to his extinction.
    Seriously, I don’t even remember the guy. I just thought some of you were starting a Biology and/or Anthropology discussion.

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