On Haynesworth, Redskins have to choose between team's short-term and long-term interests

The Washington Redskins have a problem.  Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth wants out.  But he knows that, in order to keep his $26 million in bonus money, he needs to show up for training camp and for every game. 

So he’ll be there, but he won’t he happy.  And he possibly will behave that way in the hopes of being traded or cut.

The Redskins have to make a choice.  Do they dump him now in the hopes of avoiding a major distraction to the first year of the Mike Shanahan regime, or do they hold Haynesworth’s lead feet to the fire in the hopes of teaching all current and future players that they won’t be able to talk their way out of town?

Getting rid of him helps the team’s short-term interests, while at the same time creating a possible blueprint for other unhappy players.  Making an example out of Haynesworth advances the long-term interests, while likely undermining the “win now” vibe that has arisen from the decisions to acquire veterans like Donovan McNabb, Larry Johnson, and most recently Jammal Brown.

If the team forces Haynesworth to show up for training camp, he could behave in a manner similar to a certain wide receiver who disrupted significantly the Eagles’ 2005 season.  And, in the end, what did they gain by forcing Terrell Owens to continue to show up when he wanted out?

Coincidentally, the quarterback who endured the T.O. saga now faces another similar mess, with A.H. (a fitting set of initials, observes M.F.) poised to behave in similar fashion.  So we suspect that Donovan McNabb to make known quickly and clearly, but hopefully discreetly, his desire to avoid another situation of that nature, lobbying for the team to get rid of Haynesworth before he can screw up the interests of a team that has a chance to compete right away in the relatively wide-open NFC East.

46 responses to “On Haynesworth, Redskins have to choose between team's short-term and long-term interests

  1. i think A.H. a fitting set of initials he is reffering to ass hole. You know what….. albert haynesworth is and ass hole and i can’t wait till he gets traded to the Giants, where all defensive lineman go to die…….skins= NFC East champs 2010-11……

  2. I say keep him and some how torture him into quitting or voiding his contract with conduct detrimental to the team.

  3. No way would I cut him or trade him. And no way would I allow him around any players.
    Going on the assumption he’ll show for TC as to not give the Skins ammunition for recouping his money:
    During TC and preseason when the other players are on the practice field I would have Haynesworth in the weight room. Or the class room studying the playbook and watching film.
    If the players are in the class room, Haynesworth would be in the weight room. Or on the field hitting the blocking sled, tackling the dummies, running, etc.
    If the players are in the weight room, well you get the idea.
    And I would document his participation, or lack thereof along the way.
    I would suspend him for the 1st 4 games of the season. That’s all that is allowed by NFL rules since the T.O. fiasco.
    I would probably go as far as building a separate quarter for him to shower and dress.
    As much as I would like to have him dress on gameday and just have him sit on the sidelines and take crap from the fans, that wouldn’t be wise. It would take up a gameday roster spot, and be a distraction to the team. So I would have him doing just like in TC and preseason and de-activate him on gameday.
    And I would probably hire an ex-drill sargeant for his weight room and field activities. And tell the Mr. Drill Sargeant to do what he does best.

  4. You really think we’re going to win the division after being 4-12 last year? Put down the pipe.

  5. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    You made the milk come out my nose!!!

  6. I’d let him play, eventually he’ll claim injury. Then to IR he goes. He will then eat himself out of the league.
    Ten years from now he’ll be police blotter material.
    He’s the worst and hopefully last in the Snyder era.

  7. I read daskeenz comments out loud to my girlfriend and she asked if I needed to go back to the 3rd grade to learn English again.

  8. compete right away only implies showing up for all the games, right? because if it means something else, please explain how they accomplish this feat with the current cast of players…..
    daskeenz: you must be dannyboy snyder’s favorite customer. keep buying that merchandise baby. joe gibbs will soon be back for act III……..
    but for running backs you have the best crew… slow willie parker, diaper boy larry johnson, and janky spanky.
    get those expectations high, just like last summer when you got haynesworth. i listened to d.c. radio last summer and the consensus was if they didn’t go deep in the playoffs it would mean they gave up too much for haynesworth. now you pin your hopes on don “either too late or too low” mcnabb. good luck and buy another redskins flag to fly down 95 on gameday…

  9. to the person with the first comment about the Giants D-line that same D-line won the championship for us two years ago the Redskins are the bottom of NFC East every year and its not about change anytime soon hahahahahaha

  10. oh poor mcnabb,its always poor mcnabb,whatabout the fact that he cant deal with bigger personalities than himself and doesnt have the fortitude to come through in the clutch,too much is made of what mcnabb had to deal with in TO, not enough is made of how he lacks the toughness needed,and know he is not always gonna be top man on totum

  11. daskeenz says: June 20, 2010 7:52 AM
    Skins= NFC East champs 2010-11……
    Whether it’s politicians or Skins’ fans, the nation’s capital is never short on empty promises and delusional thinking.

  12. McNabb will never enter that fray. Expect to sit back, watch and smile that smile of his, while sidestepping the controversy. He avoid any direct conflict with TO and wouldn’t expect him to do it on a team where he is a new comer, not a long term veteran. No, don’t expect McNabb to take any leadership role. He’ll just grin, and the fans will have to bear it.

  13. Since when did the Skins become a team that has a chance in the “wide-open” NFC East? The Eagles didn’t think enough of McGroundball (0-3 vs Romo last year) to keep him over the unproven Kolb, and the lowly Chiefs didn’t bother keeping LJ around either. Where’s the O-line and receivers upgrade?
    4th in the East 2010-2016 minimum, HAIL!

  14. If he gave back the $21 mill, I’d let him go. Otherwise, I’d expect him to play. As M.F. (which, is an appropriate set of initials too…….) would say, that is advance compensation.

  15. McNabb’s comment will be:
    ” Well you know there are complete professionals on MY side of the ball. I can’t speak about the defense as that’s someone elses responsibility. BUT I AM THE LEADER OF THIS TEAM!”

  16. Skins fan, give no heed to these naysayers. Saints went worst to first in 06 3-13 to 10-6 winning the NFC South.

  17. The Redskins should trade him to the Raiders. Given Al Davis’s history of recycling malcontents, Haynesworth would fit right in. With the addition of DT John Henderson, the Raiders have a surplus of veteran DTs.

  18. My bet is the Skins will be dumb enough to let Al destroy the team. Snyder is one of the worst owners in all of sports, here’s another great move for your legecy Dan…You will never learn that money doesn’t by championships. Anybody who thinks the Skins have a chance needs to be checked in to rehab immediatley.

  19. If Shanahan is really a good coach, he should be able to get something out of Mr. Buttersworth.
    & if he can’t, they should make his fat ass ride the bench. He shouldn’t be rewarded for being lazy. & yes, being cut would be a reward.

  20. the redskins screwed themselves by not releasing him before april 1. the only way they can get what they want (make haynesworth miserable) is to keep him on the team where he won’t be wanted, to be in that locker room for the next 3 years where teammates won’t talk to him, and to keep him at the position he doesnt want to play in. he has the money and the leverage. the only leverage the skins has are his rights and they should use it to make him miserable.

  21. daskeenz says: June 20, 2010 7:52 AM
    skins= NFC East champs 2010-11……

  22. daskeenz says: June 20, 2010 7:52 AM
    i think A.H. a fitting set of initials he is reffering to ass hole. You know what….. albert haynesworth is and ass hole and i can’t wait till he gets traded to the Giants, where all defensive lineman go to die…….skins= NFC East champs 2010-11……
    Giants Lineman may go there to die, but they still kick the Redskins ass pretty frequently.
    As for Skins = NFC East Champs, you bozo’s inDC say that every year. Your last NFC East title was in another Century

  23. I’m no Haynesworth fan by any stretch, but this situation is being blown out of ALL proportion during the ‘silly-season’.
    You have a veteran player on a club going through a transition in coaching, systems, personnel – and management of the football side of the franchise.
    For all his warts, Haynesworth obviously believes he has a legitimate issue with the position he’s being asked to play. Shanahan is being a hard-ass about it too. If he wants the guy, he’ll find a way to work it out. This is neither rocket science nor melodrama – and shouldn’t be.

  24. Skins have the most delusional fans in the world. Just go to their extremeskins website. Half the people or more are mentally retarded.

  25. As a Skins fan I’m not one to make bold predictions based on off-season moves. Been burned before. But for Giants, Eagles, or Crackboy fans to state the NFC East is not wide open this year is laughable.
    Giants = Best WR in jail, and a D-line that is getting old and injury prone. Don’t forget LiL Eli. Winning a SB has done little for his confidence it appears.
    Eagles = Unproven, apparently hot-headed, QB in a town full of shitheads that will turn on, and throw batteries at, anyone they feel like. Kolb needs to prove he can take the heat that will be applied by a fan base that is less than intelligent. Oh and don’t forget the second coming of TO at WR in Jackson. He did great for my fantasy team last year, but it appears his mouth is gonna start writing checks his girly frame can’t cash. Defense is young as well, but might be the only brite spot.
    Crackboys = High expectations followed by excuses as to why they didn’t meet them. Romo still has to prove he can deliver in December and January. RB position is a ? with Barber feeling the heat from a RB in Felix Jones that hasn’t proven he can hold up carrying the ball all season. Tashard Choice is the answer IMO, but he won’t play much and as a Skins fan thats good for me. WR position = joke. Defense is the only brite spot and its getting older by the year.
    Skins = Low expectations (by me), but is finally led by a front office and coaching staff that gets it. Veteran QB and RB’s, but the O-line is anything but settled. WR are filled with under performing recent draft pics, and re-tread older WR’s. The defense has talent, but its switching to a scheme that that talent might not fit right. So long as Synder has patience with Allen/Shanahan the Skins are on the up-swing, but I see them at least 2-3 years away.
    Thats my take on the NFC East. Not a lock by any stretch.

  26. they might can wiggle their way into the playoffs in 2011. but not as a division champ.
    too many new pieces this year even if they are 100 percent improved.
    wr and ol are short of talent and the defense just doesnt make enough big plays. if they keep games tight they have a chance. 10 points down and they wont be coming back to win.

  27. @Ray
    Uh dude, the NFC East ain’t the NFC South. Additionally, the ‘Skins have the worst collection of WRs in the East and a broken down collection of RBs to go with them. While Jamal Brown may improve the OL, he doesn’t fix it.

  28. They do not have to talk their way out of town. Big Albert could show up and play his way out of town. Only lesson that will be taught if Washington trys to hang onto him will be to themselves. Let him go and move on and next time write a better contract and do not be so stupid.

  29. @Wethog. Wide receiver a joke? Defense getting older? RB position a question mark! I’ll take all those compared to your pathetic team any day!!

  30. @WetHog
    “WR position = joke” Oh really? Tell me Mr. Hog, exactly how many of the Cowboys’ “joke” WRs could start for Washington? At least 4.

  31. Everything I’ve read about the Redskins indicate that they want to move him. The Lions and Seahawks have been mentioned as possible landing spots for Fat Albert.

  32. WetHog,
    “WR position = joke.”
    Dude! Seriously?
    The only “joke” in their receiving corps is none other than Roy ‘Un-real McCoy’ Williams.
    It is painfully obvious that you don’t dabble in a little fantasy football. This is fitting, as you would be completely dismantled by the most casual-ist of contestants?

  33. It is mind-boggling how little many of you people know about football. Nobody picked the Saints or Jets to make the NFC or AFC Championship games last year.
    Nobody knows who will come out of the NFC East, not just because some of you nerdish dip$h*ts know nothing of what you speak, but because so many other factors that nobody knows come into play. Injuries, and other unexpected factors.
    The Skins have just as good of a chance to win the NFC East as do the Giants, Cowboys, or Eagles. It’s pretty clear that delusional fans of these teams are the ones posting here about the rosters of the other teams – and know NOTHING.

  34. Shanahan and Allen are smart, they’ll do the right thing, so far they been making all the right moves for the TEAM, especially for the O-Line

  35. there are so many delusional 4skin fans on this site. 4-12 and did not win an nfc east game last yr and predicting nfc east champions. roll another one mther fers….how about winning 1 nfc east game which I think will not happen. the giants, eagles and my boys are head and shoulders talentwise over this over the hill underachieving assisted living team.
    they have aging players and have no long term plan again. Once they fail for the next yr or two and mcchoke retires they are right back to rebuilding again.
    worst run org in the NFL if you ask me and they have not won anything in 30 yrs. remember losers we won the nfc east 2 of the last 3 yrs and 3 sb’s in the 90’s mther fers….take that!!!!
    come with some facts to back your position up to ya bunch of losers….

  36. Hey boysroll, the skins won the superbowl in 91 you jizz rag. The o-line will be better because of the scheme and added players. QB obviously got an upgrade. And I predict a stand out season for Portis. He’s getting his stuff together this season. HAIL!

  37. Haynesworth isn’t worth a dollar now. It’s all about him, and no concept of being a team player. If he does play any games this year, I can see guys going at his knees. I’ll bet there’s alot of players that want a shot at him now just for what he’s doing.

  38. Haynesworth is a jackass. His diva attitude has drastically affected his marketability. After seeing this meltdown, who the hell would want to deal with him?
    He knew he wanted out of DC before he took the 21 mil check. His ass should go to jail for theft. Wants a big paycheck for nothing in return & thinks the whole world of football is oblivious to that. F’ing loser.

  39. They made their bed and have to lay in it.
    Nobody will give much for him and not many will want his idiotic, baby attitude to start with.
    The Skins need him gone, PERIOD….he is just killing the news with negative press when it should be positive with all the good changes for them

  40. Skins have the most delusional fans in the world. Just go to their extremeskins website. Half the people or more are mentally retarded.
    As a Redskin fan, I have to agree with this statement. It’s becoming harder and harder to stay a Redskin fan.
    A) because of $nyder
    B) the younger fans are delusional (30 and younger)
    C) Dave McKenna speaks the truth, but Extremeskins hates him.

  41. Boysroll is an idiot ignore his comments as hes just a kid.
    I hope the younger recievers make an impact this year. There is no excuse for Mcnabb getting sacked as the line is transformed now. It seems they have been upgrading the team like crazy. Really good offseason for the Redskins. On offensive line Drafted Trent Williams, picked up Artis Hicks who I think might be slotted at right guard, then signed a probowl caliber tackle to play right tackle. They also drafted 2 other offensive lineman. They got a probowl caliber QB in Mcnabb added Larry Johnson as Portis back-up. Defensive line they added Carriker for 3-4 end and Vonnie Holliday 3-4 end and Kemuotu for nose tackle. They added Buchanon for 3rd corner spot. Just mentioning these few moves has significantly upgraded the Redskins team as a whole.

  42. @Hogster
    Your absolutely right. No one can say with any certainty who will be where in January. Notwithstanding injuries, do you really believe the Cowboy’s receiver position is a question mark? Would you rather have our running backs or Portis and Johnson? Since your so gifted and were all dip**its, then maybe you should slap Wethog upside the head, because he’s the one who is delusional!

  43. Crackboys WR’s aren’t a question mark?
    Roy Williams, yeah he’s a keeper.
    Miles Austin, he’s pissed he hasn’t gotten a new contract right? His head will be in the right place for sure.
    Patrick Crayton, first he wants to be traded, now who knows.
    Dez Bryant, second coming of Michael Irving? How? Is he a coke head who likes to wear fur coats? That might be all he has in common besides wearing 88 because apparently he can’t run routes to save his life.
    I don’t pretend to be a football expert, but I seriously doubt some of the trolls on here talking shit about me know more than me. I call it like I see it. The NFC East isn’t a sure thing this year for any team. All 4 have question marks, we’ll just have to see when the season starts.

  44. What restricted free agent ISN’T pissed they haven’t received a contract? Did he miss any OTA’s? Roy Williams sucked last year and we still won the East! Crayton wants to be traded for obvious reasons, so that makes him a question mark! He won’t be a distraction like Fat Albert! If he’s here, he’s good!! Dez Bryant will be good, if you had him you’d be wetting your pants! And you know damn well this kids only knock was not drug related! No rap sheet! Nothing! Your showing your immaturity with that remark! Sunday night game to start the season, we shall see who has the question marks!

  45. @WetHog
    How many Redskins WRs had better years last year than Roy Williams? One.
    How many Redskins WRs had better years last year than Patrick Crayton? One.
    How many Redskins WRs have had an 11 TD season like Austin? One. I’d imagine you could get some huge odds on soon to be 39 year-old Joey Galloway repeating that 12 years after the fact.
    The Cowboys would like for Dez Bryant to sharpen his route-running. Washington would like Devin Thomas to figure out what the hell he’s doing.
    How many Redskin WRs could make the Dallas roster? One.
    How many Dallas WRs could make Washington’s roster? 4? 5? Better yet, would Washington trade their WR corps for Dallas’ head up? In a New York minute. Would Dallas make that trade? About the same time that pigs fly.
    Looks like the joke’s on you.

  46. Your right, enough said! Your attempt at humor was just that, a sorry attempt like Campbell’s passes! McNabb should be an upgrade, when he’s not throwing at their feet! See you fools in September…

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