Oregon's Masoli could be the next entry into the supplemental draft

1ecf5a_masoli.jpgLast week, we were the first to report (I smell a Pulitzer) the three names of the men who’ll enter the July supplemental draft:  Harvey Unga, Vaness Emakpoe, and Joshua Price-Brent.

The pool could expand to four, according to ESPN.com’s Len Pasquarelli.  The next man in could be Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli

Dismissed by the Ducks on June 9, Masoli reportedly is weighing his options.  With one year of eligibility remaining, Masoli could opt for a transfer instead.

In March, Masoli received a sentence of 12 months’ probation after pleading guilty to the January 24 burglary of two laptop computers and a guitar. 

25 responses to “Oregon's Masoli could be the next entry into the supplemental draft

  1. he wont get selected, and i would be surprised to even see him on a training camp roster. if he is, it sure wont be as a quarterback. masoli couldnt carry Dennis Dixon’s helmet.

  2. He’s a lousy spread offense QB, weak and inaccurate arm, maybe a wildcat option. A HUGE project for a team willing to give him a job. And that is an understatement

  3. Might as well figure out which CFL or UFL team you want to contact, Masoli. You’ve played yourself out of the last season of major football you’ll ever have a chance to play. It’s not like you were NFL material anyway.

  4. Why? Masoli isn’t a very talented football player, and even less so when you look at him as a QB. He isn’t even a legitimate UFL or CFL QB. Garbage.

  5. yeah. I bet teams can’t wait to blow a pick on this guy. To get booted off of the UofO team is really saying something.

  6. “Last week, we were the first to report (I smell a Pulitzer)” – Weird. When I read that sentence, all I could smell was a little douchebag..

  7. If he stole two laptops and a guitar, the NFL should ban him from the league. No Criminals Allowed. The NFL has to start letting athletes know that crime doesn’t fly, in this league. There have been too many examples of bad behavior by NFL players. Time to draw the line.

  8. just the kind of guy you want leading your team …
    on neighborhood grab ‘n go missions ….

  9. He’ll fit right in with the NFL mentallity.
    “Hey, I’m a football player, darn it! I deserve to be treated better that the common folk.”

  10. He’s an option QB, who’s known more for his running than his passing, and he has character issues. He’s like Tim Tebow’s evil twin. He even has the facial hair.
    He should stay in school.

  11. No one picks him, thus he can sign.
    Best part of this whole story is the frat boy who ran down the wide receiver.

  12. Why the heck would he steal two laptops and a guitar? He is either just stupid or he needed drug money. I’m sure a ton of NFL teams will be jumping through hoops to get him.

  13. You guys are all piling on him but I would like to see this guy turn his life around like Colt Brennan but actually get a chance to play.

  14. Kid needs to stay in school, he still has one full year of stealing left on the college level. Enjoy these days Masoli, they go fast.

  15. this guy had a real chance to possibly win the heisman before it was all said and done. That being said at this stage in his career he is nowhere close to an NFL QB.

  16. There is no, none, zero, chance that this guy will go in the supplemental draft, and he knows it. No team is going to give up a pick in next year’s draft to take a flyer on an undeveloped QB with major character issues.
    The reason he submits his name for the draft is that once he goes undrafted, he becomes a FA, and someone might invite him to camp.
    In my opinion though, this guy has UFL written all over him.

  17. Still shake my head at some of the decisions this guy has made and others like him.
    DOLT comes to mind.

  18. When it’s all said and done…the DUCKS would of NEVER made it to the 2010 Rose Bowl without J. Masoli….so STOP all the negative comments about the kid! He’s made mistakes, he knows that ….and he’s trying to correct them. Give him a break! If he transfers out…so be it! If he goes to the supplemental draft….that’s his decision. The Ducks have moved on…..and he should be allowed to move on without all the wise cracks!
    Good luck J. Masoli with your future endeavors & thanks for the awesome memories on the football field!

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